Old man pussy liking seen and fuck

Old man pussy liking seen and fuck
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My introduction to incest began very innocently. I was 12 and my sister, Annie was 10 and was just beginning to bud tits. Her pussy was bare but, her body was starting to form, her ass was nicely curved and her tits, while not large, were budding and her nipples could be made very hard with application of suction and thumb tweaking. Our day started as many others with breakfast and watching tv but, this day would move into territory I could only imagine prior to the "event".

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We were playing under mom's bed with Annie's dolls and the one I had just had to fuck the girl doll because that was what adults did right? Well her doll was a Barbie and the one I used was a Ken and she was doing the usual girl things - dancing, vamping and so forth and mine was cock of the walk and he told Barbie to get in the bedroom.

The Ken doll took Barbies dress off which made her naked because nobody had underwear for Barbie. They began to kiss and caress and Barbie laid down and of course Ken climbed on top of her. I innocently suggested to Annie that we should get naked like the dolls and we could play like they did. She was hesitant and I began an imitation of a baby - Dady and did the voice and facial expressions about being hungry and Annie got interested in playing this "game" with me.

She allowed me to pull her tshirt off and her shorts and panties and she was naked as the day she was born. I took my clothes off and even though we were under a big 4-poster bed we were a little scrunched for space. Good thing we were smaller than adults.

I had full access now to my sisters attributes and fully intended to enjoy this first experience. I told her first that we needed to take a nap and we need to do it like adults do. I told her that we should lay on our sides and she did so.

I spooned up behind her and of course you know I had a raging hard-on already. My little boy cock was only 6 inches long but, when we spooned it either had to go up her back or between her legs, caressing her ass crack.

I chose the ass crack route and slipped it in her crack. She giggled and said "What is that Georgie?" I replied "That is my cock" She asked "Is that your pecker?" I was kinda shocked that she would use that term but, I said "Yes, that is my pecker, my cock, my dick or my penis" She said "It is warm and very hard, do you pee through that?" I said "Yes I do and when a guy has to pee it gets hard like it is now" She asked "Do you have to pee now?" I said "No, but when I saw your titties and toogie (I know stoopid name for cunt) it made my dick hard and it almost hurts it is so hard.

It is bent where it is now but, it hurts more up your back so I put it in your ass crack - that feels very nice - it is warm and very soft." Now I went into the Dadie character - "Dadie is hungry and he needs some milk to make him happy n Dadie's fuck-rate is getting low" She said "Now Dadie, we cannot have you hungry" nintildeo pollon se folla a dos maduras de brunoymaria She offered me her tiny titties and I hungrily sucked her tiny nipples in my mouth.

I kneaded her nipples between my tongue and teeth and she squirmed and said "Now Dadie, don't bite Mommie, you must be gentle or Mommie will have to spank Dadie" I said "Dadie, is very hungry and my fuck-rate is low, Dadie needs to fuck Mommie" She told me "Do you want to fuck me?" I said "Dadie can fuck your ass and not hurt you Mommie" I, knowing where kids come from I didn't want to knock her up.

I began to slide my cock in her ass crack and it was dry and my skin against hers felt wonderful. This was the first time my dick had contact with anybody else and I think that added to the sensation. I enjoyed humping her ass for over 5 minutes and at the same time I played with her nipples while I dry fucked my sisters ass crack which felt wonderful.

It was so much more intense than jacking off and I took full advantage of it. It was not long before she said "This is not fun for me - I want to feel it too Dadie and if you were not my brother I would let you put it in me up front" I told her "Why would me being your brother matter?

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I would love to fuck you so bad" "Brothers are not supposed to fuck their Sister or Mother - it is just not right" I said "If it feels good, why does that matter?" She could not come up with a valid reason to that one. I implored her and moved my fingers slowly from her nipples down to her hairless cunt. My fingers traced the labia and parted them and caressed her inner lips and slid up to her clitoris.

As my thumb found her love button and brushed over it Annie moaned "OOOHHHH, that feels good Georgie, please do that some more" and I obliged being the good brother I am and I pinched her little nub between my thumb and index finger and did so until black guy aor laoki sec story shrieked with delight.

I stopped because while my Mother was outside in the garden, the windows were open and she could possibly hear us. This brought a "Why did you stop Georgie? I liked when you played with me there - what is that you are playing with?" "That is your clit and it makes you feel very good doesn't it? I just stopped so we don't bring Mom in here, if you keep the shrieking down I will do it some more - can I watch while I play with your pussy?" "Sure you can watch, I want to see you too - this feels so good I don't want to stop - I have played with myself before but, it never felt so good - your fingers make me feel so dizzy and I just can't get enough of it, please don't stop!!!" We both turned on our sides and could look each other in the eyes and I began to massage her clit again with marvelous results - the look of lust on her face made me very hard and I needed some relief.

After a couple of minutes of massage and slipping my fingers into her rapidly filling honeypot she began to moan louder and start to arch her back and she said "I don't know what is happening to me - it feels like I have to sneeze but, it is all over and I don't want it to end - ooohhhh that feels so goooodddddd!!!!!

Right there! Oh yes as my fingers slid into her wet cunt, my thumb rubbed her button-like clit and the result was amazing. It was the first time other than Mom and Dad (which didn't count as they were much older and not that much fun to watch) that I had ever seen a girl having an orgasm and it made me so hard that I started to jack off with my left hand while diddling her with my right.

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She was building to what may have been her first climax and I was doing it to her. That made me proud and at the same time horny as hell. She screamed and I took my hand off my dick and covered her mouth while she cummed all over my hand and the juice started to pour out of her quim and it was a wonderful sight to see my sister in ecstasy and coming down off her first orgasm. I had to get some of this for myself.

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I asked her "That felt good didn't it?" she said "I have never done that before George, I want to do it again and again - can we do that all day? I know big girls let boys put their cocks in their pussy but we aren't supposed to do that" "Why not" I asked "Cuz Mommie told me to not let boys put their thing in my toogie - but, your thing is so nice and you would not hurt me now would you Georgie?

I want you to do that to horniest amateur brunette teen with fuck machine on webcam - put your cock in my pussy and make me feel like that again" I was in seventh heaven, my plan was coming as I would be soon.

I moved my lips to hers and pressed my tongue into her mouth and tickled hers with mine and she hungrily probed my mouth. After caressing her tongue I moved my lips down her body to her nips and chewed on them with moans and groans - oooooh and uunnhhh from Annie's pretty mouth and I slid my tongue to my sisters warm cunt and traced her lips with it and she squealed with delight "OOOHHHH that feels so goood - please stick your tongue in me!!" So I did as requested and slipped my tongue in and moved up and down her tight, wet cunt.

My tongue briefly touched her clit and she almost had a convulsion and all at the same time drew in a deep breath, arched her back and gave the sexiest moan I have ever heard. To this day it gives me a rod. I lingered over her clit and she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me into her and the smell was so nice - not flowery but, it was salty and had a musky aroma that was intoxicating.

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I didn't seem to mind that all I could smell was her and it made my cock harder and I didn't realize it then but, it actually grew more. After several minutes of alternatively suffocating in her cunt and pressing my tongue into her tight cunt she was building to another orgasm. As it started to come she was groaning and moaning and telling me she loved me and that I was the best brother and she wanted me to do this forever and ooohhhh - it it it and she arched her back and squealed in joy.

We lay there in her bliss and I said "I want you to make me feel good too - would you do the same thing to me that I did to you? Would you suck my cock and make me feel good too?

I am so hot and my penis is so hard it hurts" She moved down to my awaiting cock and grabbed hold of it and felt it's hardness and was taken aback, "Is it like this all the time? Does it get this hard when you play with yourself?" "Yes, it gets hard and when I jackoff it gets better after I cum" "What is cum?" "That is like what you did when you felt so good and you screamed" "OOOOH, I want to make my big brother feel like that - what do I do?" "Just suck the tip of my dick and put it in your mouth and suck it - don't bite me - just suck it and it will make me feel very good" She began by kissing my glans and sucking the tip and it felt exquisite.

Her tongue wrapped around my cock and she began to lick up and down my entire length much to my pleasure! I began to pinch her nipples and she at first moaned and then began to suck me into her mouth with an intensity I had never seen from her. She was turning into a sex machine - her mouth was so tightly wrapped around me and she tried to take me all in but, was not able to deep throat - not that 6 inches is that much but, it filled her mouth completely and she had a little to spare.

I was in heaven and the feeling of having my cute little sister sucking me was so wonderful that I couldn't believe my plan had worked so well. I just laid there and my sister was sucking me off! It was so good and all I had to do was let it happen. Well, as you may know, young boys have little control of their sexual urges and even less over their orgasmic control and my climax was coming very quickly. I asked Annie if she wanted to taste me cuz I was cumming and I cannot stooooopppppppp and my balls surged the biggest load of spunk I had ever seen - I mean when I had jacked off in a tissue there was only a little bit in there - when I cummed in my sisters mouth it seemed like it would never stop - I just spasmed and spasmed and came and came and it surged out her mouth and down her chin onto the floor.

"What was that stuff? It tastes kinda salty but, good" "That was cum and it is what happens when a guy does what you did - I was cumming and freckly red head wife screwed by two horny pricks was a big load sister - I jack off in a tissue and it never makes that much - you are so good at that - can we do it more?" She said in a 10 year old sultry sexy voice "I want to do it more but, I want to have you put that in my front - would you put that in my pussy please?" "Yes I will fuck you and I want to do this a lot more" I moved my dick over her mound and rubbed it over her slit - it was wet and easily moved in her cunt juice.

I massaged her clit with my cock - not because I knew it would make gabriella paltrova enjoys their big hard cocks come but, because it felt good on the end of my dick.

I moaned and she groaned and asked me to "Put it in me - fuck me Georgie - fuck me and make me feel good like you did before" And I did as implored, I slowly pushed my throbbing member into her hot, wet cunt and pushed in and out because even though she was wet as could be, it was still a very tight virginal cunt I was fucking.

I pushed in about 3 inches and my sister said "That feels good - ooohh - ouch - slow down that hurts - ooohhh that is owwwwww!" and my cock had hit her hymen and I pushed harder and something seemed to give way and she shrieked "You fucker that hurts - goddammit - that hurts - ooohhhhh - that's better - please fuck me Georgie - make me feel good again Georgie - make me feel good" I pumped her cunt slowly and deliberately and began to fill her completely and my cock seemed to hit bottom and she grabbed my shoulders and sunk her nails into my skin and said "That is the bottom Georgie, you feel so good in me - please fuck me harder - harder - faster" I did as she asked and pumped her with all my might and speed.

I plowed her as deeply as I could and made her moan and breathe hard - so hard I thought she would pass out.

I could feel my orgasm building and I said "I am cumming - unnnnhhhhh - I am going to pump you full of come and fuck you hard" I plunged my cock in for one last deep thrust and her moaning was building - I felt my balls pump that wonderful love juice deep into my sisters cunt and as the hot come filled her she said "I am cumming too Georgie, I am cumming and oooohhhh it feels sooo gooood uh I am CUMMMMIIIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!" and she arched her back and her cuntal walls gripped my cock as to milk the last remnants of my semen from me and it worked because I pumped her full and I collapsed on top of her with my cock still deep in her hot pussy.

"That felt so good Georgie, is that fucking?" "Yes that is fucking and big people do it all the time" "I want you to fuck me all day Georgie, that felt so good - I like to cum with you - it feels so good and I feel so close to you big brother - you make me feel safe and warm - my pussy is so hot and I feel so sleepy I need to take a nap, would you sleep samantha ryan was supposed to only fuck men on camera me?" Of course I agreed to and we laid there for what seemed an eternity with my cock slowly returning to its flaccid state and it slipped ot her cunt and she giggled - "OOPS - you slipped out - why is is so tiny now?

Make it big again - I love to see that big, cock Georgie - Please make it big again" "You have to make it big honey, you have to suck it or jack me off and it will get big again" "I am sleepy and - I - need - a - nap" bang, she was asleep and I just laid there admiring my beautiful little sister's tits and cum dripping cunt.

What a sight and it was all mine to play with but that is for another story. Part 2 yet to cum