Throated chocolate tatooed skin diamond gets her facefuck hard

Throated chocolate tatooed skin diamond gets her facefuck hard
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Danielle who is now 15 lives with her mom and 19 year old sister. She spends some weekends and some summer time with her cousin a few miles away. Danny (as she is sometimes affectionately called) enjoys her time there because Ellyn, her cousin, is her age and they do a lot of things together. Danielle also likes Ellyn's dad who is about 35, and she thinks is cool and funny.

When she is there they would look at movies together and he and his wife, her mom's sister, would take them out sometimes. Danielle was very happy when school went out in July because she was going to be spending two weeks at Ellyn's house. They planned to go to the movies, the mall and most of all, to hang out at the pool. Danielle was a bit concerned because she thought she was putting on some weight and was getting fat.

Before she stepped in the shower she would look at herself in the mirror and wonder how much fatter she had gotten. She would look at her hips and her stomach and fret. She didn't think she was as beautiful as Jamie, her older sister. She was thinking about Jamie's big, beautiful breasts.

Not hers which were like knobs, as Jamie called them. But then she looked at them from the side and thought they were looked big and nice. She smiled. She also thought she had fat thighs and that she looked pudgy. "I guess I should lose some weight", she thought. Danielle arrived at her cousin's house and she was excited. She and Ellyn would share the same room. Both of them were excited because they were both out of school and were talking and giggling all night till about 2am, not having to worry about getting up early for la rubia se lo pasa teta con el mandingo. We were both sitting on the opposite beds in our tee shirts, legs crossed.

We were talking about boys. Ellyn asked me if I ever had sex and I told her no. I asked her and she had not either. We both thought we were the only virgins in our class and laughed out loudly.

Just at that moment Ellyn's dad knocked on the door and walked into the room and asked what the ruckus was about. He was in his boxer shorts and an armless shirt, dressed for bed.

Ellyn told him it was just girl talk. He said he knows what girls our age talk about all the time and we better not. He told us it was time for lights out. Ellyn threw her pillow at him and so did I as he left.

The next day, Monday was full of fun. There was a pool near the playground in Ellyn's complex and so we changed into our swimsuits at about 10am and went tout to the pool. We swam and played for about 3 hours and then came back home and showered.

While in the bathroom changing, I looked at Ellyn's body and thought that she was small teen drips with cum smalltits hardcore bigger than me in boobs and I felt a bit at loss like I was in a competition. I told her what I was thinking and told her that I thought everybody had bigger boobs than me. She looked at me and said, "girl, you are no smaller than any of us. Look at you. You are a B cup just like me; look how hot mom poran vide zabardast your breasts are?" She walked up to me and held them both from below and turned to the mirror and said, "look, look at them".

She let go of one of my breasts and cupped one of hers and lifted it and I looked at us in the mirror. And for some reason, the appeared to be the same size. We laughed and I said to her, "I guess you are right. They just seem to be so small sometimes and I wish they were bigger". Ellyn went into the shower and ran the water and got under it. I looked at her in there and found her so sexy while the water was running over her body.

I felt a little tingle in my pussy and looked away. She stepped out, grabbed her towel and told me to get in and hurry up. I got in and began washing the pool water off my body. As I was washing myself I got some soap and lathered it up and rubbed it over my chest and my hand passed over my nipple and I realized how hard it was.

I did it over and over and it made my pussy wet inside. I ran one hand down my stomach and looked over and saw that Ellyn was busy drying herself. The thought of masturbating myself with her in the room was a little exciting to me.

I ran my hand down lower and between my legs and rubbed a bit and felt myself getting more excited. I played there a little more and could feel inside my cunt really getting excited and wet. I was now rubbing my left breast and my cunt and could feel myself beginning to orgasm and at the same time hoping Ellyn would not see me.

As I began to cum and was holding back a moan, I looked over and saw her bending down but looking in my direction. I hoped the fogged up glass door did not reveal anything. I perfect honey is revealing her opened spread cunt in close range away my cum and turned off the water.

We dried up and got changed into some shorts and tee-shirt and went to look for something to eat. Trying to make myself feel sexy, I did not wear a bra I looked at myself in the mirror before going downstairs and thought I looked good. Ellyn said, "What's wrong with you?" "Oh, I just want to feel sexy, so I am not wearing a bra". And we both laughed. "Maybe you shouldn't wear a panty then", she said. And we both laughed and continued downstairs.

We got something to eat and decided on a movie after to just relax for the evening; or maybe play a board game or something. We heated up some food and went to check for a movie. HBO had some reruns and we decided on "murder by numbers".

After about 20 minutes into the movie Ellyn asked if I wanted a cooler. I asked her if she was crazy. "what if we get caught?" "Oh, stop," she said. "No ones going to be home for hours. And by that time we'll be alright".

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"Ok;" I said, "let it run". She came back with two wine coolers and we sipped away looking at the movie. Suddenly, I think we both got a little tipsy and were giggling at nothing in particular.

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"Hey El," I said. "Do you have any good sexy movies? I feel horny." "Are you crazy?" she said. "what if someone comes home and catches us." "But you said no one will be home for hours." And we both giggled.

"I do not have anything and I have not seen any videos, but I know there are that kind on cable In Demand", she said. "Ok, cool, let's find one". We were both giggling and I was getting horny and wet. I took another gulp of my cooler and looked at the bottle. El checked the schedule and found a movie about a sex spa. We sat nervously looking and a woman was being massaged by a guy. He was doing her back and it was obvious that she was being turned on.

The towel was moved revealing her entire back and butt. As the guy massaged her she was making sensual noises obviously being turned on. Then she turned over revealing her full breasts and we both looked at each other and giggled. This time I downed the rest of my cooler. I was really feeling tipsy now and I was really getting hot and wet between my legs. I was swallowing hard and feeling nervous. The guy poured some more oil in his hands and began on her shoulders and moved to her stomach, rubbing gently.

Her breasts jiggled and I so wished they were mine. Soon he was at her thighs and bare, shaved pussy was visible. Ellyn said, "Wow, do you see those melons on her?" "Yeah", I said. "I wish they were mine, and how I wish he was here too". "What?" She said. "I said I wish he was here, and I wish he would fuck me". "Danny!" She said. But now he moved to her legs and applied pressure. She was moaning again. The woman sat up and pulled him towards her and planted a kiss on his mouth. He pulled his shirt off and her pulled her back and kissed her again.

I was really getting worked up. Then he let go of her, turned and went straight between her legs, pulled them apart and began eating away. "Oh fuck!" Ellyn said. "Did you see that?" "Oh yeah, I see that, and I wish it was me. My cunt is on fire. He is making me feel like I could cum." With that I slipped one hand under my tee shirt and started playing with my breast and pulling at my nipple which was rock hard. I so wanted to cum, but I was a bit hesitant to openly masturbate in front of Ellyn.

I had never masturbated in front of any one before. But I was horny as sure wanted make myself cum. "Danny! Why do you talk like that?" Ellyn said. "I'm sorry, it's just how I feel. Don't you ever feel like your vagina is tickling you?" "Y. yeah" she said. "Well, that is because you are getting horny. Like now; does it feel like its tickling you?" "Well ……, I mean…… yeah." "That is what I mean, like my cunt is on fire." I said.

It's nothing gross. Girls talk like that all the time. And don't you masturbate when that happens?" "Well…… yeah, but its not like that". Ellyn replied. "Not like what? That's what it is; I masturbate too; and I am sure all the girls in school do. It's latina on bigcock at recording studio hardcore and big dick that I am talking loud about it.

And if I was here by myself, I'd probably be on the floor naked and masturbating". "Would you? Sexy photomodel having fun with an almost too huge bbc mean, really? Aren't you scared that you would get caught?" Ellyn asked.

"Oh come on El. I'd be home alone, and like we said before, no one would be home for a while. Remember?" Meanwhile the guy and the woman were at it. He had all his clothes off and she was now on her knees in front of him pulling on his cock (we couldn't see this of course) and then got it into her mouth. She had her hands on his hips and was sucking away while he was grunting.

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This was making me so hot I swear I would cum right there on the couch. By this time Ellyn was glued to the screen with her mouth open.

"It's hot isn't it? Seeing them go at it like this." I said. "Yeah. Do you think she has all of it in her mouth? I mean, that thing must be big. Have you ever seen one Danny?" My hand was now in my shorts and I was touching my clit with the tip of my finger. My stomach was boiling in part because I was a bit nervous and scared and in slutty blonde milf sets up a fuck session because my cunt was on fire. "Well, I have seen a boy's dick once, but from far.

I couldn't tell how big it really was. It was Jamie's boyfriend. I saw them in his car one night." "Really? She said. With that she turned to look at me and saw me with my hand in my crotch. "What the fff&hellip. Danny!! You must be out of your mind!" She said. "No, I am not. I am freaking horny and need to cum so badly." I pushed my hand down a little and started rubbing a little harder and I felt my legs tremble and tense up.

I was going to cum soon, and wished she would shut to fuck up. Ellyn was looking at me like I had lost her mind. Her hand was over her mouth and she was just looking at me. Suddenly, I realized that I was getting a little more excited as she was looking at me, and I was getting close to orgasm. "I am going to cum Ellyn; oh my goodness".

At the same time the woman got on the massage table and the guy spread her legs apart and shoved his cock inside of her and she held on to his shoulders.

I felt like his cock went inside of me too and my cunt exploded. My legs trembled and I was cumming. My cunt was wet and runny and I was soon out of breath. It felt great and I never thought this would ever happen. As soon as I caught my breath I said to Ellyn, "I am so sorry.

I don't know what happened. I guess it was the wine cooler. I have never done anything like this before." "Oh, don't worry about it. Who can I tell?" And she was giggling. Ellyn sat there staring at me and was fanning her legs in front of her. I could tell her pussy was trembling. Meanwhile the guy on the TV was still fucking the woman from behind and she was grunting as her breasts were bouncing in front of her. "Why don't you just masturbate and get over it?" I asked her.

"I am embarrassed", she said. "Oh, don't be. Who would I tell" I said as I giggled. "Come on, let's do it." I got up and took my shorts and panty off. I stepped out of them and stepped to the side. The guy was still fucking away and the woman pulled herself out of him and laid him down and got on top of sarisin taytli teyzesini spor yaparken sikiyor and straddled him as she took his cock inside of her again.

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I sat down on the floor and spread my legs and pressed my hand on my partly shaved pussy and pressed on it and felt the magic go up into my stomach. Soon Ellyn was pulling her shorts down and looking at the TV as the girl was riding the cock under her.

Her breasts were bouncing and were truly enticing. I felt my own nipples harden again and I looked over at El and smiled. She sat on the floor too and placed her hands between her legs and started rubbing on her cunt. Soon we were going faster and faster. I looked over and saw her eyes were closed and she was breathing hard. Soon she started to breathe harder and moan.

I knew she would cum soon. I slowly slipped two fingers into my moist warm pussy and pushed in and out wishing the cock was in xxx nughty amrica story hb bownload. I felt my orgasm building inside of me and I knew I would explode again. Now it was Ellyn's turn and I heard her started to make strange noises and she said to me, "Danny its hot, its gonna cum, its gonna cum." "Let it cum El." I felt mine cumming now and soon both of us were flat on the floor.

I rolled over on my stomach and humped my hand until I felt the tightening of my ass ease. It was wonderful. I looked over at Ellyn and she was smiling. We just laid there raunchy milf fucks a sexy teenage babe caught our breaths. When I looked at the TV the couple had orgasmed too and I didn't even know it. After a couple of minutes I told Ellyn we better get ourselves together.

No sooner than we said that the phone rang. It was her mother. "Aw mom!" I heard her say. "Do you have to? Really!" "Mom has to work late tonight till about 10" she whispered to me. "Great!" I said, "lets do it again." "Oh, ok!" she said and hung up the phone. "Dad is on his way home." We got ourselves together and went and washed up. Ellyn's dad pulled up at about 4:30 and he walked in looking tired and threw his briefcase on the table and called for Ellyn. We both ran out to him and he hugged her and kissed her on her forehead.

"Did mom tell you she was going to be late again today?" "Yeah, she did. Are you gonna eat something or want a beer?" She asked him. "I'll take a beer, thanks." "Can we have one too?" El asked him. "When you are of age, sure." He said. El and I went out back and sat on the deck and were just chilling out when he came out and asked what we were doing and how our day was.

We both shared how we went to the pool and swam a bit and then came home and got something to eat and looked at some TV. "I'll be on the computer for a while", he said.

"I'll be checking my email. I'll be back in a bit. Maybe we can order some pizza and look at a movie. How 'bout that?" "Great!" We both shouted together.

As soon as you are ready let us know, dad." About an hour later Ellyn's dad came around and said, "So what's for dinner." He was dressed in some boxers and a tee shirt. He called up the pizza shop and ordered a large with 2 toppings and a soda and we had pizza in about 45 minutes. We sat in front the TV and began eating. He asked what we wanted to watch and we told him anything he wanted to.

He picked an action movie and we settled down. Ellyn moved over and sat next to him on the floor and I scooted over closer to him as the movie began. I found the movie a bit boring and started to feel sleepy. Ellyn held on to his leg and rested her head on his leg. I could see her stroking his hairy leg as she gazed into the TV.

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"That must feel good on her hand", I said to myself and I moved down to the floor and after a few minutes began doing the same thing on the inside of his cab driver gets rimjob and blowjob european reality. The hairs did feel good in my hand and it reminded me of when I played with my pussy hair; and thinking about it made me feel a little hot. I moved closer to him and I could feel my breast pressing against him and it felt so sexy, if that is the word.

I looked over at her and she was still stroking his leg up and down, up and down. And so did I. I eventually laid my head against his leg and I was feeling the sleep coming on blonde slut deepthroats and then gets ravaged on the couch oriental japanese I moved back onto the couch and snuggled up.

I turned and rested my head on Uncle Dave's shoulder. "Hey sleepy head" he said, "come here". And he pulled me onto his lap. I rested my head tried to make myself comfortable but couldn't. I turned over and faced his stomach and reached my hand around him and pulled myself up onto him a bit. I was cozy now. Suddenly I could feel what I thought was his penis under my arm. I was a bit nervous and thought he may say something but he didn't. I tried to move myself a bit to avoid it but I felt I move a bit under my arm.

I was sure now that it was his dick; I could feel it roll. It was soft but I could not tell how big it was. I felt a bit guilty because this was Ellyn's dad and decided to forget it.

But I thought since he didn't do anything it was no big deal and did not bother him. So I tried to go off to sleep. I laid there on his lap and as he looked at the movie and laughed and moved so did his dick under me. Suddenly I started thinking all kinds of things; wondering what it looked like, how big it was and I imagined that he fucked auntie a lot too.

I laughed in my mind at the thoughts I was having. Then I heard him say to Ellyn, "Oh hun! Maybe you shouldn't be looking at this. This is adult stuff". I wonder what he was talking about because I couldn't see. But then Ellyn said, "Oh come on dad. It's not like they're showing every thing.

All you can see is her boobs and her butt. You can't even see his penis and they certainly are not showing them do it all the way." "I know," he said. "But this is adult stuff. I am a bit uncomfortable sitting here with you looking at this".

"Oh, stop dad." She said. "They show this stuff in a lot of movies. And it's nothing strange I am seeing. I have a female body too, you know". Suddenly I felt his dick make a little jerk under me and he turned his body a bit and rested his hand on my shoulder. I continued playing like I was asleep. And I felt his dick move again. I could feel like it was throbbing and I was thinking that he was enjoying it against my body, so I pressed down a little and felt my breast press down on his dick and I let it rest there a bit and I could feel his really hard dick on by boob.

Man! Did it feel exciting? And I could feel my pussy get wet and boy! Did I want to release it. Then I could feel his cock throbbing against me. Eventually I turned and played like I woke up and stretched and I could see his eyes gazing on my boobs. Then he said, "I guess I better bring a blanket for you kids so you could relax on the floor".

Soon he was up and heading for the bedrooms and was back with a blanket and two pillows for Ell and me. He threw it on the floor and we laid down and focused on the TV once again. We were lying with our heads toward the TV and our feet near the couch. He asked if we wanted anything, he was going to get a beer. Ell said, "Can we have one too, dad?" "What?" He shouted.

"You got to be out of your mind, know what could happen to me if the cops knew I was giving you two alcohol?" "Awww, come on dad. There are no cops here and we certainly are not going to tell". Ellyn said. He returned with two bottles of beer and gave one to Ellyn and said we could share it, but we should drink slowly.

Ellyn took a gulp and handed it to me and I gulped also. Soon we were finished with the beer in three quick gulps. "Wow!" he said; how did you all do that. Have you kids been in my beers?" and we just laughed. El and I returned to our positions and pulled the blanket up to our backs as we laid on the floor. Her dad sat on the floor too and I felt the blanket being pulled. He was on the floor against the couch and he pulled the blanket up to his waist and had his legs stretched out between us.

After a few minutes I slowly moved my legs over to his and I could feel him move one leg across mine, so we four teens one cock and brazilian lesbian ass pussy worship i should never have attempted one leg between each others. Suddenly I became very curious.

I wondered if I could touch his dick with my toes. My stomach was nervous but I was curious and I had a really good feeling that he would not say anything since he was poking me with his cock earlier.

I kept my eyes on Ellyn and I moved my feet closer to his crotch and I could feel his hairy leg. He didn't say anything. I waited a bit and moved closer again. I could feel his cock in his shorts. I let my toes stay there and wiggled hotties use feet during their fucking session a bit and could feel his cock.

It felt so soft. Suddenly this cock moved and I thought he didn't want to play and moved it away. Then it returned and this time I could actually feel his are cock so soft and rubbery on my toes. I let my foot rest against it and I could feel like t was moving. I realized then that it was getting hard. I moved my foot in some more and could feel it better.

It was longer now and my pussy was beginning to tremble or twitch. It became moist and felt warm. Then I almost jumped when I felt the cock moving against my foot. I thought Ellyn's dad must have been doing that but I realized it was moving up and down on the side of my foot.

My pussy could take it no more and I reached my hand down into my panty and rested my crotch on my hand. I parted my leg a bit and got my fingers square between my legs and touched my clit. I began to move two fingers against it and suddenly I was in heaven.

I could feel the orgasm coming and my breathing sped up. I had to fight to keep my butt down on the floor; it was acting like it wanted to move on its own. Then my legs began to tighten and the orgasm was coming.

I moved my both feet between his legs and held his cock with them. It was so hard and soft at the same time. I had never felt this. I moved my feet a bit and his cock was moving too. My orgasm was coming now. I wanted it to&hellip. I felt the warm gush between my legs. And I held his cock there for as long as forever until he moved his leg back between us. I wondered if he knew I orgasmd. I smiled. Ellyn didn't even know it.