Real slut party the after party the after party mofos

Real slut party the after party the after party mofos
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I woke up with the bright mid-day sun beating down on my face, my body in a complete state of relaxation. I could hear voices down stairs but I could not recognize shraddha kapoor x story sex stories bp, I took a look around a remembered I was not in my bed! I lay there for a moment collecting my thoughts, thinking back to what a pleasurable morning it had been, and to think.It had taken 8 months for us to meet up.

I could have felt this pleasure earlier if only I had the courage to meet him sooner. I looked around for some clothes to put on so I could go down stairs and see where George had gone. After looking endlessly around the room I came to the conclusion that my clothes must still be drying after being tossed into the pool so I decided to call down stairs to have George bring them up (I have never been one to strut my stuff naked, not that I had anything to be ashamed of I had a fairly good body according to my girlfriend, athletic build, 7inch cock) "George, do you have my clothes down there?" Yes!

C'mon down and get them I think there dry now" I debated for a moment whether or not to go down, then I remember that all the university students that he lived with were gone for the week (springbreak) At that thought I bolted down to the stairs to find him laying naked on the couch. "Good afternoon sleepy head! looks like you were pretty tired after our swim" "You have no idea, that was amazing" I replied. I asked the time, he said it was 1pm. "WHAT!

I need to be back in Burlington before people start to wonder what happened to me!" Not 10 seconds after I said that my Cell rang, "Oh shit thats my girlfriend, what do I do" "Answer it you goofball" said george. I talked to her for a good 10 minutes explaining to her that I had gone on a run this morning and that I had just got home (which I hadn't) I told her I would stop by a litte later on after I had something to eat and relaxed for a bit. When returned to the living room George was no longer in the room, so I made my self at home and plopped some pillows on the ground and lay on the floor and started watching TV not long after that I heard George return, "Alright, you ready to head back home?

he said staring down at my naked ass, I lifted my ass and arched my back replying "I'm ready for something, but its not home", with in seconds i could feel his tongue, licking up an down my ass, gently probing my anus, I was in pure heaven, the feeling of his tongue caused my cock to stiffen immediately.

Before he even had a chance to get his cock close to my ass I flipped over and kissed him shoving my tongue into his mouth, he grabbed my ass and pulled me close causing me to let out a slight moan.

As we kissed i reached down and slowly started bollywood bangs scene p interracial and boobs him off, pumping slowly and working it until his head was oozing precum, when I saw there was precum i dropped down and placed his cock into my mouth, licking up an down the shaft, twirling my tongue around the head and deep throating till I was almost choking, after about 2 minutes of this I could feel his body tensing up and without warning a massive wave of cum shot into my mouth, trying to swallow as much as I could keeping my mouth on his cock, cum oozing out the sides of my mouth and down my cheeks.

I swallowed his load and proceeded to get dressed while he lay there in complete amazement.

The ride home was pretty quiet no one saying much. When we got back to the plaza he picked me up at, I asked him if we could meet again. "Of course you can, Anytime your in need you just let me no and I'll be down in a heart beat" FEW MONTHS LATER George and I continued to chat after our meeting, atleast once a day usually. We continuously tried to meet up but something seemed to always come up. After awhile I just stopped making any attempts at trying to be with him. I had blocked and deleted him from my ICQ and never gave it another thought.

About 9 months later, just before christmas I decided to go out for a jog, to clear my head, from dealing with school and all of lifes other issues. I decided just to do a short 5km jog around the block. About halfway thru the jog I was passing the plaza where I had met up with him way back when. I decided to stop in the convinence store and grab a bottle of water cause I was pretty thirsty. To my surprise I ran into my friend Chris, we chatted for a bit and he told me that I should come over and hangout in his hot tub later on (We had been real good friend from about grade 6 until we got into highschool, then we both started hanging out with different crowds but still hungout every now and then) I hurried on home and showered up and got ready to go over to his place.

I couldn't find a bathing suit so Sensual and full of passion in her very essence alice is ready to open just grabbed a pair of old shorts and headed out the door.

When I got there I explained to him my bathsuit dilemma, he told me there was nothing to worry about, we could just go in naked, it was dark outside no one would see anything. So after a little convincing there we were naked in the hot tub sharing some laughs and catching up. After about 45 minutes, he came over and sat next to me. "Tim, I have something I need to talk to you about", naive me, not seeing what he was about to say coming."ok well what is it??" "I broke up with jenny (his g/f)" "what why did you do a thing like that?

I thought you guys were crazy about eachother?" He went on to tell me about how she just wasn't doing it for him, he need someone else.a guy!! I was shocked! to say the naughty asian in hot dp interracial threesome action, I mean I had always expected him to be the one to come out but I wasn't ready for it when he did.

He told me he had been talking to guys on the net and had be wanting to be with one (at this point he didn't no I had been with a guy) We got out of the hottub and went inside and to his room, he showed me his ICQ list and all the guys he had been talking to. He told me about this one guy who had wanted to meet up with him. He said he didn't want to cause he was afriad."What if I come along with you? just to meet the guy, the 3 of us can hangout and then if you want to be alone, I'll leave you guys?" "Thats a great Idea!!!

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would you be willing to right now?" About an hour later we were back at that plaza waiting for the mystery man (he was a mystery to me anyways)about 5 minutes after we arrived, a red truck pulled in.(I thought to myself, that looks like George).

The truck pulled up right next to us and Chris jumped up and opened the door. "You must be Chris", the man said nintildeo pollon se folla a dos maduras de brunoymaria sure am, I hope you don't mind but I brought my friend along.Just as a comfort thing for me" "Not a problem" he exclaimed and so we both jumped into the truck.

Before I even had the door closed "Tim, long time no see" "You guys know eachother!" After we all talked and we explained everything to Chris the comfort level between everyone was pretty high. George invited us back to his place and we both eagerly agreed, On the drive up we both phone our parents and told them we were spending the night and eachothers houses so they wouldn't wonder where we were.

When we arrived at his house the 3 of us went inside and decided to watch a movie. George an Chris shared a couch an I took the other couch to myself. As the movie went on I could hear slight moans coming from the other couch, not wanting them to stop I just listened to Chris moan as George stroked his cock. I started to play with myself rubbing my cock until it needed to be freed from my pants.

So there I was laying on the couch with my cock out stroking like crazy while my friend and George are making out, as i got close to cumming I stopped and went over to there couch and sat next to george. Chris had his face burried in Georges lap sucking him off.

I kissed George, sending my tongue probing his mouth, how I had longed for months to be with him!! He pulled me tight has our passion increased.

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he reached down and started to jerk me off, I was going crazy, in a state of pure enjoyment. Suddenly I could feel a tongue licking my head an working my shaft! i broke the kiss with George to see my friend Chris deep throating my cock.

I was about to cum an everyone knew it.chris suddenly stopped sucking and looked up and BAM i blew a massive load all over his face!

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