Playing with my girls tight wet pussy while she talks to her neice on the phone thight shaved

Playing with my girls tight wet pussy while she talks to her neice on the phone thight shaved
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She stood there for what seemed like hours, unable to move, like her legs were concrete, sad and alone.

The door open, the Bouncer waiting patiently outside, giving her privacy, as one of the other girls comes in, oblivious to Ambers current emotional state, with a client, eager to take over the room. Amber exits the room, taking the money brunette gets juicy pussy stuffed on the desk she leaves, not even making contact with Charlotte, her co-worker, she knew she had to work the rest of her shift, she needed this job badly, even if she had just made more cash than she's seen in one night ever.

The Bouncer sees shes out of sorts as she doesnt even make eye contact, and heads straight to the bar to get more drink orders that are up for her tables. The night seems to go forever, as she stays in a daze, making smalltalk with patrons, but her hearts no longer in it, her heart walked out the door 2 hours ago with John, the man she never stopped loving, who she was sure now despised her, or if he didn't, and had time to think, would by morning.

She finally walked home, straight to her tiny apartment, a long way from the swanky hotels she and John used to stay in, as she peels off her outfit, the corset feeling tighter and tighter as the night progressed, and spends 45 minutes under the hot shower water, thinking about John, about everything she's done to him, about why he has every right to never want to talk to her again.

Unable to stomach eating anything, she gets some water, and goes to her room, closing the door, and sliding under the sheets naked, laying on her back remembering how good it used to be to slide into Johns bed naked, and finally have some alone time together.

Making love for hours, until they both knew they had to get some sleep. Johns tongue sliding inside her pussy, making her arch her back in delight as she caressed her breasts, she let her mind drift off to another place as she found herself parting her legs a little, and bending her knees.

Amber let her right hand wander down to caress her stomach, her fingers lightly tickling as they slid down lower, to trail over her hairless pussy, moving over her slit in long, soft strokes as she closed her eyes and let her mind finally relax.

She wet her index finger and slowly moved it inside the fold, up and down, running over her outer lips. She pushed it inside her pussy now, sliding softly and slowly, working it in and out, sighing softly as she fingered herself and let her left hand move to her left breast to cup and squeeze it and college sluts filmed fucking frat boys dirty dare dorm with the nipple as she started to play with herself more intensely.

The sheet falling off her legs now, her naked body uncovered, legs parted as she moaned softly imagining it was Johns tongue inside her. "Oh John.mmm baby yes" she said as she kept her eyes closed, letting her mind stay drifted off to another place.

She let her index finger slide out of her as she pushed her middle finger into her pussy, it was longer and allowed her to then let the tip of her thumb run over her clit, as she fucked herself a little deeper and faster.

Mea melone fucked on the boardroom table soon as she made contact with her clit she felt a tingle "Mmm god yes babe, deeper, yes" she sighed as she was truly in another world now.

She ran her thumb in slow soft circles over her clit, trying to coax it out of its hood, as she felt herself arching now pushing her ass off the bed as the pleasure increased. Her feet pushing into the mattress as she arched herself up off the bed and pushed hard down on her clit as she rubbed harder and faster, her left hand gripping behind her head to the bedhead now. Like a woman possessed, she was fucking herself now, her pussy was insanely wet, she was so horny remembering all of their steamy sex sessions, Johns big cock pounding into her, taking no mercy, moaning loudly, her middle finger sliding deep to find her g spot as her thumb pressed down hard on her clit and made her shudder.

"Oh fuck.John.oh god." her mind drifting to another place now as her breathing deepened, and she clenched her asscheeks together off the bed as her pussy started to tingle, and her legs started to shake. "Ahhh.oh god.yesssssss John.yesssssssss" she screamed as she came hard, squirting onto her bed sheets as she slammed down onto the bed, unable to control her body, while gripping the bedhead with her left hand, her middle finger still deep in her pussy and her thumb on a very sensitive clit as she clenched her legs together to stop herself fingering or rubbing any further.

Barely able to breathe as she lay there, panting, normally she would be laying there looking down at her lover with a smile of ecstacy on her face, but right now it was sadness, looking down and seeing nothing but her hand between her legs, wishing it had been her lover there like old times.

She started to regain some control, her breathing slowly returning to normal, her hands under her head clasped as she thought.

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Amber knew she had to get John back now, she was just too stubborn to know how to make it happen. She missed him, and she knew she needed to be with him again.

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