Ideal teenie is geeting pissed on and squirts wet twat

Ideal teenie is geeting pissed on and squirts wet twat
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Ben is an everyday high school teen he is considered a weak and frail nerd who stands at 5 foot 5 inches.

Ben has an older brother and sister his brother's name is brian he is 4 years older and his sister is 2 years older they both like the rest of his family despise him, constantly abusing him. Today was just like any other except Ben discovers something that will change his life forever. In just a few days it will be my 18th birthday and some friends of mine are planning a gift that they say I won't forget.

My friends and I are all, as the daughterswap hot daughters get stretched fucked group sex beautiful call, nerds so who knows what they are planning. I bet they are going to do something big but who knows, guess i'll have to wait and see. Todays the big day and the guys have asked me to swing by Fred's house after school.

So after hours of painful trigonometry and algebra 2 along with AP classes I finally drive down to Fred's place. It was five in the afternoon and as soon as I arrived the guys come running out of the house.

Fred told me to get in the back and to put on the blindfold he was throwing at me. After I did we were on the road for about an hour until we stopped, I was then told to remove my blindfold. What I saw was a shock to say the least, we were at a strip club called The Midnight Howl. The Midnight Howl is one of the few strip clubs in Utah that allows eighteen year olds. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN!" they shouted nearly breaking my eardrums. "You guys are fucking morons, now shut up and lets go in." laughed Ben as he headed for the door.

When they entered the club they were to show their ID's and have a big "MH" stamped on their cheeks, the mark tells the bartender they are too young to drink. After they are cleared and let in they step through the curtain and find quite a sight. Strippers everywhere, the walls were covered in a fine violet colored wallpaper, and the stripper poles were a bright golden color. "Ben theres a free table over there, lets go sit down." says Fred over the loud music. I was going to follow but my eyes caught hold of one of the strippers dancing in the North West corner of the club.

she had silver hair, deep blue eyes, and I'd say a nice small c-cup. she probably stands around 6 feet tall even. This dancer has completely captivated me that I went weak in the knees, my friend Fred saw this and smirked as he came to help me stay on my feet. "So Ben I see one has caught your eye.

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Want to go see her dance up close?" asked Fred already knowing the answer as Ben could only nod. On their way to the girl Fred is stopped by another of the strippers with raven black hair in just a black thong with a red heart in the middle. She grabbed Fred's hand and pulled him away after I was settled into a nice comfy chair near the silver haired goddess. Fred was then taken into the back room while I got to keep ogling this vixen and after a few minutes of dancing she slowly reached behind her and undone her top.

She danced around a bit covering her nipples teasing all those in the audience, and I must say it worked, I was hard enough to smash boulders.

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When she finally uncovered her nipples I nearly poisonous penny sexy teen beauty masturbates on cam it her areolas were a good quarter and half in radius. Right then I just wanted to jump up on stage and suck on them and make her scream in orgasm, but my rational mind took over and I remained seated.

when she was finally done dancing I went and asked some of the people her name. I found out that her name was Aria and I must admit I liked it and went to schedule a private dance from her. Hopefully I can find out more about her while she dances. Aria came up to me five minutes later and tells me the to follow her to a room, I do as she asks. When we get to the door she turns and starts to tell me the rules.

"Ok first of all I will be behind a glass wall to do my dance, put up twenty dollars and I will come give you a lap dance. Second, only put your hands where I move them to and nowhere else. finally, you will remain seated until the dance is over, understood?" She finished and turned to walk in the room. Once we were in she went behind the wall and i took a seat. when I was nicely seated the music started to play and she started to dance.

After about five minutes into the dance I couldn't help myself and thrown a twenty down on the table and she eyed me then walked out from behind the wall. After reminding me of hand placement I gripped the sides of the chair because I knew that if I didn't I would be kicked out for molestation. She started off slow, turning around and bending over to grab her ankles.

"What's your name?" Came the question which pulled me out of the daze cumming between big tits my wife janine nice juicy ass seemed to have put me in. I swallowed all the nervousness I could and said. "Um.Ben." I ended up stuttering anyway because my cock was ready to break through my zipper to get free.

"Ben.nice name, mine is Aria nice to meet you." Arie seemed to say this as if she meant it but I knew it was most likely part of her job. What the hell I might as well play along. "Nice to meet you to." I replied. Moments later I smelt something familiar yet foreign. "Do you smell that?" I asked Aria. "Smell what?" Replied Aria with a bit of confusion written on her face.

"It sort of smells like dogs in here but not quite. It also has a slight hint of spices and honey." "Strange I don't smell anything." says Aria standing straight up again having been bored and feeling awkward just grabbing her ankles. "I've got to go see you another day." I said with rush sunny lxxxx 2019 new xxx my voice that spoke waves.

I get up and to leave and find my friends but Fred is nowhere to be found so we figured he took a cab home. I dropped everyone off and headed home myself. When I got I was hoping everyone was asleep so I wouldn't have to put up with them. My hopes were utterly crushed because my sister Jordan was awake watching a movie, it was two in the morning and she was dozing off but not yet asleep. I was praying I could just sneak by her and head down to my room.

Our house was decorated traditionally with a bunch of wooden furniture and decorations, we are a middle class family not rich and not poor. The house is a second story building with a basement, four bedrooms three upstairs and one in the basement, that is where I live in the basement.

The "family" made me have the basement because they didn't want a monster like me near them. It was fine with me I didn't want to be near them either.

My sister Jordan, she is not necessarily the punching and kicking type of abusive but the kind that ruins one's reputation and calls names. so basically a standard bitch like most girls nowadays. Now the real problem for me is my parents and older brother Brian.

Brian he, as well as our parents, physically abuse me and on more than one occasion have broken my bones. It's a miracle I can use my arm on account of it being broken more than three times. As I started to walk quietly by her I stubbed my toe on the couch and of course she heard me grunt in pain. "Welcome back booger breath, it's about time you got home dad said he will deal with you in the morning now go to your cell." she finished with a smirk that told me what dad would do.

"I already planned on it." I said under my breath a bit too loud. "WHAT did you say tick tack, I am not going to put up with you back talking me." said Jordan as she jumped up from her seat.

It was then that I noticed how good she looked in her white tank top that seemed a size too small, I could see her belly button.

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Not to mention her tits looked bigger but I knew from having to do silver haired beauty loves having sensual sex laundry that she was a nice medium b-cup. She was also in a pair of short black gym shorts, I swear I could see her camel toe. While she was calling me names like "tick tack or little dick" my heart started racing I couldn't control myself, not that I wanted to right now, and jumped at her and pinned her to the floor.

She tried to scream for help but I just covered her mouth with my hand and told her to shut up or I would really hurt her. She wouldn't stop struggling or trying to scream so I reached up and smacked her tits five times, she was in tears as I looked back up and told her to shut up and to not struggle or I would hurt her even more. "If you remain quiet I will uncover your mouth understood?" All she could do was nod so I removed my hand but kept her pinned down.

I reached up and started to grope her tit. "No Ben stop!"She nearly shouted and tried to squirm away. I uncovered her mouth and slapped her again but much harder and much more. "I said to be quiet and to not squirm or you would get hurt now be quiet for next time you will get more than just a few slaps, understood?" I whispered loud enough to cut through her panicked mind. I give her a few seconds to think before I remove my hand from her mouth and resume the groping with both tits this time.

"You can talk just don't be loud." I'm saying this as I grab and pinch both her nipples through her shirt. "Ben what are you going to do?" she asks with fear in her voice already knowing the answer before it is even said.

"Well Jordan I am going to fuck you." "Please Ben don't I'm a virgin I don't want to lose it." she wispers this with a slight soband even more tears but to her credit she ain't being loud so she is learning. "Don't worry I'm a virgin too because of you so we are taking each others virginities tonight." I said while I grabbed the neckline of her tank top. I ripped her top off and got a very nice view of her bare tits, she had a nice pair of pink nipples that I just had to suck.

I started with her right nipple sucking it gently seeing how she is a virgin too and decided to go easy on her. While I was sucking on her nipple I started to fondle her left nipple and pinching that gently. I could tell she was getting very hot now fore she was lightly moaning and her nipples were getting hard. I didn't stop till it was as hard as a pebble and then switched tits to repeat the process. I stopped as soon as her nipple was as hard as the other one and then I sat up and started to pull her shorts and panties down startling her.

she started to struggle a little with fear and I said soothingly into her ear. "Just relax I am not ready to fuck you yet I still want to play a little.

I want us both to enjoy this so relax and I'll tell you when I am ready to fuck you." She seemed to have relaxed a bit but was still nervous sexual and wild dick riding hardcore blowjob I had a little trouble removing her garments. Once they were off she flushed red and went to cover her face. I had a full view of her pink lips and I just had to have a taste, I dove in licking up and down side to side and lightly nibbling her clit earning a moan of ecstasy.

She had been moaning and writhing under me so much that I had thought she might throw me off but I held on and kept working. Her juices were pouring now and I swear I could hear her urging me on with encouragements of "yes right there deeper deeper." But the moment I lightly clapped my teeth on her clit she covered her mouth and screamed into her hand in orgasm, I too had to cover her mouth to keep the noise down.

Jordan ended up passing out laying there in the nude. As I started to clean up the mess I smelt something I never smelt before close but not the same as the one at the stip club, this one seemed to smell of cherries but no dog smell this time.

I followed the scent to my sisters naked form, I leaned down to her as the scent got stronger I was eventually smelling her around her pussy and I don't know why but I started to lick and smell her right leg and I began to nibble on it. I was in such a daze from the smell that I didn't notice anything until there was a strange warm liquid in my mouth that had a light taste of iron but was still rather good.

I stopped what I was doing and looked at what I was doing. I nearly had a heart attack I had just bitten my sisters leg and was drinking her blood. I hurry and dress her and carry her to her room and went to my own.I fell asleep the moment my head hit the pillow and let sleep take my over. Authors Note: I would like to thank one of the authors of this site that inspired me to write my own stories sunny lxxxx 2019 new xxx this site his profile is captius and it was his story defiance that inspired me the most.

His other stories are great and I believe him to be the best writer on this site and I hope he will continue to write and to hopefully finish his latest series so we all can enjoy it.

To tell the truth I really want to find out what happens next in the series.