Fantasyhd little blonde maddy rose has sweaty workout sex

Fantasyhd little blonde maddy rose has sweaty workout sex
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Marie dragged the broom across the Kitchen floor. Her father was at work and she wanted to make sure her house was clean when her father came home from work. Her mind was busy with her thoughts. She didn't know exactly what he did, but he knew he worked in a lab.

She may be naive with people but she was book cfnm mom and offspring jerking a dick and saw things other people didn't.

That's why she had graduated when she was just fifteen. She was sixteen now, actually she turned just three days ago. Her father Charlie worked long times he was already at work when she woke up and got home after she fell asleep. But she wasn't mad. That's something a mom takes care of but since she walked out before Marie could crawl. Marie shook her head pushing the "what if" I had a mom thoughts away.

The home phone rang. She set the broom against the counter. "Jones home" Marie said in a perky voice. "Hello Marie, My name is Burt Smith. I'm your father's boss and co-worker. I have some news" The man with the southern voice told the girl. "Is my daddy okay?" Marie asked and started to wring her fingers. "Yes. But we're afraid he will have to stay at home bed rest for week or two, but we will send you a check and if you ever need anything call this number?" He asked kindly.

"Of course, Of course" Bella told the man as she hung up. She went straight to her father's room and started to turn down his sheets and set on pajamas to make sure he got his needed rest. Charlie fittled with his lab coat as the blonde woman sat across from him.

"I can't believe it worked Charlie! I'm pregnant!" Rose cheered. "Well it is amazing my experiment turned out as planned" Charlie said rubbing his chin.

"I have to say when you told me a dog of all things would get me pregnant I thought you were insane. But I don't care if they come out cats. I'm just happy I can finally have babies" Rose told the doctor rubbing her huge belly.

"As am I" Charlie said. Yes people thought he was crazy, But he engineered dogs some of his own dna to fertel women.

Only side effect you had to have ten dogs in a 24 hour span. "Well I should get home to my daughter. I am taking a few sick weeks, I have saved up" Charlie told the blonde woman.

"Call me when she falls pregnant. I would love to see if her pregnancy is anything like mine" Rose spoke as they exited the office. "How about you finally give in and we have a round in the back of your car. I can help you practice for your daughter" Rose said grabbing Charlie's crouch. He grunted. "No thanks. You know only woman I love is my little girl and I just want to be with her like that.Charlie explained once again to blonde woman.

"Whatever you want" Rose stated walking away. Charlie only loved his daughter but Rosalie did have a fine ass. ______________ 3 days later _____________ Marie washed her dad's chicken soup bowl. She smiled when she was thinking how her dad had always been extra sweet when she had been sick and now she wanted to repay him. He would help her get herself washed taking baths together and he took extra care to wash her whole body fully. She could still remember when she had been younger and got her first period and she had been panicking, but her father had sat her down and explained how it was just the way her body shows that she is finally turning to grown woman.

After that they had taken bath together and he had made sure her body was clean inside out. It was the first time when her father had touched that tiny part between her legs that had made her feel amazing. She had tried to touch herself later from there but it didn't feel as good as it had when her father had touched there.

Some time after that she had realized that she had fallen for her own father and she wanted to do her everything to keep him happy. After she had finished her dishes Marie went up the stairs and quietly walked into her dad's room. He was sound asleep. Then she thought of a way to make it up to her dad.

She bent down softly and kissed his lips. Marie went to pull away but Charlie pulled her back down. She gasped. "Shh." Her dad hushed her and pulled her down and hovered over her. They kissed. His daughter's lips were so soft.

They tasted better than anyone he had ever kissed. He moved his hands against her small but curvy body making her moan and move against his leg, he could almost feel how wet her panties had already gotten. He stripped her clothes slowly and moving his fingers and lips against the bare body he was revealing until finally he sucked on her perfect breast. Her breathing had turned faster now and she was begging him for something, not really understanding what she was begging.

He latina on bigcock at recording studio hardcore and big dick his tongue big assed latina rimmed pornstars and big butt of her body and licked her belly causing her to laugh. He slowly moved his finger in her which made her scream as she came which caused him to smile.

He added another finger inside her while he felt her still having her first bigger orgasm and started to move them faster while Marie's hips rocked against his fingers.

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He removed his fingers and couldn't resist licking them clean while looking at his daughter's hooded eyes. "Dad-" "Shhh sweetie. Don't talk okay? Just let me take care first night marrage xxx story 2019 you, I love you baby girl" Charlie spoke. Marie was silent and smiled at him as his head went in between her legs spreading her tighs wide open. "Do all dads do this with their daughters?" She asked while trying to act truly curious.

She didn't want to let her father know that she had actually been reading taboo stories from internet for years about father daughter relationships.

She had always imagined how it would feel if characters in those stories actually were her and her father. "Yes, Marie.

All fathers who actually love their daughters as much I truly love you do this" Charlie told her daughter happily. He started to lick and bite causing her to giggle. "This is going to hurt Marie but I promise it's for the best" Charlie spoke to his daughter and removed his pants. "C-can I touch it?" Marie asked while looking at her father's huge erection. Charlie was about to let her but for the experiment to work he couldn't, because if he came first without him being deep inside of her it wouldn't work.

"Wait for a few minutes baby. I have to do this first" He told her.

He moved his erection against her tiny pussy moving his tip right to porn drds sister and bro opening before he entered her fast and deep breaking her hymen and started to thrust inside of her hard and fast as his baby girl screamed with tears streaming from her eyes, soon her tears started to dry and she started to rock with him wrapping her legs around his hips.

He loved how he could feel her tightness around his cock. He started to feel how his balls started to tighten and he moved his thump against her clit, which he had touched many times before while washing her, he could feel how she was close too and started to move even faster than before until he finally released his cum deep inside of her.

She moaned as she came too, feeling how her dad was filling her pussy with his thick cum. He stayed inside her sometime and kissed her deeply, while he could still feel his cock pulsing inside his little girl, filling her.

After some time he finally pulled out. "It's finished" Charlie said. "What is?" Marie asked. "Let me explain" He said as he cuddled his daughter. He explained how he had fallen in love with her over a time and he wanted to have a family with her, but he had known it would be impossible as he was her biological father. He had started to make experiments in the place he worked and found out that there could be a way to have his dreams come true, though it would be extremely unmoral for those who would found out.

He had injected himself same drug as he had to dogs they kept in their lab kennel and they had found out how his dna had unusual reaction to their tests. Plus he had known she had always wanted puppies plus loved children so this would be answer to her both dreams.

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Soon as Marie fell asleep Charlie watched as his daughter slept. He crept out of bed and got dressed while turning off the video camera and removed the tape to put it in his jean pocket and snuck out of the room. He wrote Marie a note and got in his car and went straight to his work. "Hello Charlie" The receptionist Angela greeted him while looking at his eyes seductively. "Burt. I need to see Burt" He pleaded frantically.

"He isn't busy go and head on up" Angela said as Charlie ran to the elevator and went to the 11th floor. The doors opened in Burt's office. "It worked!" He called to his boss excitement clear in his voice. "What did Charlie?" Burt asked. Charlie pulled out the projector and turned off the lights and put the tape in. After a few minutes Burt was hard from the naked girl in front of him.

He was sunny leone pron film storys with man and his 24 year-old fling wasn't fun anymore. Burt cleared his throat. "Bring her in straight away!" He told Charlie. Charlie nodded and ran out of the office.

He felt high. He was so happy. Burt sat with the large dogs and pet them. "Now really important girl is soon coming in. Make sure she's treated right" Burt told them like filthy schoolgirl cum scene japanese and hardcore could hear him.

Then the beautiful girl walked in. "Marie this is Burt, Burt this is my daughter Marie" Charlie said. Burt wasn't one to hide so Marie gasped and could feel how her face turned red when she saw the old man's huge boner. All because of her. "Well I will leave you to christy mack and dahlia sky share tonis cock He told them and left to go to the observer room.

Marie cooed at the dogs. She was excited to be help her dad with his research. Anything she could do to help her dad. Charlie started to nurse her neck and she started to moan.

He laid her down and started to kiss her again, which she responds eagerly. Charlie wasn't to sure if it was her horny or from the injections she still had inside her from his cum but he was a happy man. He ripped her top off and started to suck on her nipples and she grabbed his hair. "Daddy I can't wait. I need you. In me" Marie pleaded. "Call me daddy again,Marie" Charlie said putting his hand in her pants.

"Daddy. DADDY!" She screamed as his finger entered her. He removed her pants along with his. He was glad he made her not wear any underwear. Marie was dripping so badly that her fluids were staining the carpet. He entered her hard again and her back arched.

He thrusted Marie releasing all over him but he pulled out last minute and came all over himself. "Let the dogs out" He commanded. Marie couldn't wait she needed friction and started to rub herself. Burt removed his hand from his bare cock and pressed the button which released the dogs.

Charlie moved to sit down in the chair in the room as the dogs start to lick his naked daughter and he started to jerk himself. Marie giggled when one starts to lick her regions. "Daddy what do I do?" She called at her father. "Move to your hands and knees and Call on Cujo!" Charlie told her and she called the dog's name while she was waiting the dog on her knees and hands her hips up so the dog could enter her. The huge black great dane walked behind her giving his bitch couple licks before rising to her back trying to mount her.

He didn't succeed at the couple first time, but Marie was enjoying how the dog's huge cocks was rubbing against her labia. At the third try the dog finally found its mark and started to pound her much faster than Charlie had, each stroke reaching deep in her cervix. Marie was screaming from both pain and pleasure while moving her hips against the huge dogs. Both Charlie and Burt's eyes were locked on the spectacle front of them. They had never seen anything so amazing in their lives!

When the dogs had mated with Rose she had been crying a lot and saying how it felt like that the dogs were raping her even though she had agreed to let them fuck her so she could finally had her own children/puppies- But this wasn't the case with Marie, she was clearly enjoying herself with the dog fucking her fast and hard. Marie could feel how Cujo's dick was getting even bigger inside of her and when she looked between her legs, she could see his knot which was even bigger than tennis ball trying to enter her tiny pussy, she moved her legs wider to get that delicious morsel deep inside of her cunt and she turned her head to see her father and Burt both moving closer her their dicks in their hands.

Big titty blonde pornstar charisma capelli blows her fan with pornstar tube porn couldn't stop herself getting even more aroused seeing this and when both of them finally were front of her she screamed them to cum on her face. Charlie was actually surprised to hear her daughter say something like that and couldn't stop himself from spraying his thick cum straight to her smiling face and she kept her mouth open to get as much cum in her mouth as she could.

Burt moved closer her face too, and was soon spraying his thick seed in her face too, which made Charlie look at him a bit angry, he didn't want any other man close to his little girl who was the love of his life.

While two men moved away from Marie and the dog, they could see Cujo had finally succeed to knot Marie fully, and had slowed his pace, but Marie was still moving her hips restlessly to get more friction against her pussy while cumming again the dog's knot deep inside her. She could feel how his cum was spurting deep inside her womb, which caused her to have series of orgasms again. They had thrusted for almost an hour after Cujo finally removed his dick from his bitch and the other amara romani makes her pussy wet with her man dogs were ready to mate with this eager bitch too, it was a nine hour process but somehow his daughter kept going.

Dog after dog she got more hornier and her body was full of cum. She had lured one of the dogs close to her so she could suck his dick while another dog was deeply pounding inside her pussy.

Marie could feel how her whole pussy was tingling and her stomach had started to get more rounded with all the cum she had in her womb. After the final hour was almost at its end Marie begged to have her father inside of her mouth. Charlie moved his hips fast against her mouth while the dog was moving his daughter against him. After Charlie had finally shot his load inside his daughter's warm mouth 24 hours comes to its end and the whistle blows. The dogs ran away as Marie laid on the floor finally exhausted.

Charlie picked her up and carried her to his office Angela was sheeting a bed when they walked in she blushed when she saw the naked girl covered in cum and left as they crawled in bed.Both of them too tired to go to shower they soon fell asleep.

Marie woke the next morning with a tiny baby bump and she couldn't stop herself from touching it tenderly, knowing she had life in there now while she could feel them move against her hand while she touched.

"They grow faster than normal babies" Charlie says as he pets her tummy. "I'm glad that we can finally have babies together" Marie told her dad. "Me too" Charlie agreed and moved to kiss her daughter tenderly. Meanwhile Burt couldn't stop looking at the recording of Marie getting fucked by his dogs, he wanted to have Marie all for himself.