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From the desk of: Victoria Smithe Dear Mike, Here's another one of my fantasies. I hope you like this one better than the other. I've grown to love writing these stories, not just for the erotica, but it takes the edge off sometimes.

-------------------- "Harmony, I need you to get something from upstairs for me." Ms. Evans called out from the kitchen when she was making granny gets her body all cleaned up for the kids. "Yes ma'am. What is it?" "Lotion." "Oh, I have some in my purse I can give you." "I only use Jergens." Is she serious?

"Um, okay. Where is it?" "Upstairs on my dresser." "Okay. I'll be right back." I walked upstairs to her room and searched her dresser for the lotion.

I couldn't find it so I went back downstairs. "Did you get it?" "I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere." "Go check Chaun's room. Maybe he has it." My eyes immediately lit up. Chaun was my long time crush but the thing is, he's 21 and I'm 15. "Okay!" I said, trying to mask my excitement. I ran up the stairs and immediately slowed down my pace when I heard moaning coming from his room. I slowed to a tip toe until I reached his door. It was cracked a little so I peeked in. I couldn't believe my eyes!

Chaun was sprawled out on the bed with this massive cock standing at full attention and he was furiously fucking his hand. His dick was about 9.5-10" and curved. I knew he would be able to hit my G-Spot with the first thrust. "Holy shit!" I whispered. I had acquired a skill for knowing how long and wide a dick is. I've sucked my fair share of them, and some pussies. It was at a party a few months ago and I got drunk off my ass and experimented with a lot of people. And toys.

I know what you're thinking, I'm not a lesbian or bi-sexual. I was curious, but I never felt the same way for a girl like I did for a guy. I love me some dick! Chaun jacked off faster and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. His body started to spasm a little bit and he came all over his chest.

He bit his bottom lip and once he finished cumming, he collapsed back onto his pillow and was breathing heavily. I started to walk away from the door when he asked: "Did you enjoy the show?" I froze in my tracks. Fuck. Did he see me the entire time? "You can come in if you want." Shit.

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Shit. Shit. I slowly turned around and walked into his room where he lay on his bed grinning like he just won a million dollars. "So, you saw me the entire time?" "I didn't see you, but I knew you were there." "How?" "I heard you come up the first time, then when you came back upstairs, Tight teen pussy and anal banged by bbc heard walking down the hall." "Oh." I said and started to walk back out the door.

"No wait! Stay in here with me." "I can't. Your mom is going to come looking for me soon. I actually just came up here to get some lotion." "Oh here. I have it." "I kind of knew that when I saw you masturbating." I said while staring at his dick. He gave me lotion (after wiping the bottle off) and, for the third forced sex mia khalifa cry, I headed for the door. "Harmony, did you find it?" Ms.

Evans called from the bottom of the steps. "Yes ma'am." "Chaun, I want you to come downstairs and help Harmony watch the kids while I go to the grocery store." "Okay mom.

I'll be down in a minute." I looked back at him and he blew a fake kiss at me. I blushed and walked downstairs to play with the kids. A little bit later, Chaun came down the steps. The kids stopped playing with the toys and ran up to him. "What can I say? Kids love me." I always found it attractive when a guy is good with kids. Especially when they're good with babies. I guess he acquired the skill since his mom had started her daycare when he was 11. "Chaunny!

Where were you?" Ryan asked. "I was upstairs little buddie." "Oh otay!" he said and skipped back over to the toys. ----------- "Did they give you any trouble?" Chaun asked me when we were making PB & J sandwiches for lunch. "Mikayla spit up on me, but other than that, not really. Don't forget to make a jelly sandwich for Ryan. He's allergic to Peanut Butter." "Yea I know, and ew that's gross," He laughed.

"Where?" "My chest." I said and pointed to my left breast. "Looks like a little bit is still there." He started to "brush" the puke off my shirt, but it was more of a caress. A little moan slipped out my lips and I felt my panties get wet. "So you like it, huh?" "Umm, a little." I realized what was happening and pulled away.

"I, um, sexy cougar on the hunt for cocks to feed the kids." I felt weak in the knees and I almost fell when I walked over to the Mikayla's hi-chair.

He chuckled and finished cutting bananas for lunch. "Saw that." He said. "Shut up!" I laughed while I was feeding Mikayla. "Try not to throw up on me this time, okay sweetie?" I whispered to her and she giggled. I finished feeding Mikalya and went to wash out the bowl when Delaney came up behind me and "accidently" touched my butt. "My bad." He smiled. "You did that on purpose." "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." He shrugged and walked off.

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I rolled my eyes playfully and finished washing the dishes. "Kamille, your mom called, she said she'll have to pick you up tomorrow. An emergency at work came up, so you'll stay here tonight." To this day, I never heard of a "work emergency" when it came to her job. She ran her own website and baked in her free time. She probably went out with her friends or had a date and didn't want anyone (including her own daughter) in her business.

You could say I raised myself. If I didn't know how to cook, I wouldn't even be here. "Okay." I heard Chaun cough and looked in his direction. He smiled and imitated "fucking" with his hand.

I smiled and dried the last of the dishes. ------------------ Later that night, after all the kids left, Chaun and I helped Ms. Evans clean up the toys and make dinner for us. Mr. Evans was out on business so we had the house to ourselves. We cooked a chicken and cheese casserole with a Caesar salad on the side and for dessert, we had chocolate sundaes.

When I was tossing the salad, Ms. Evans went downstairs to get salad dressing. When she was out of sight, Chaun came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. "Easy there boy, don't let Mommy dearest see you doing that.

You'll get grounded." "Oh no!" he said in mock fear. "Maybe I should wait until tonight. Then we can really get down!" "Who said I would fuck you?" "Well for starters, you couldn't stop staring at my dick this morning, and when I massaged your tits, you damn near creamed in your panties." I blushed and he moved his hand up to tits and started massaging them.

My head fell on his shoulder and I closed my eyes. He took his right hand and slipped it under my skirt and rubbed my pussy through my panties. "You like this, baby?" "Mmm… yes." He kept massaging my tit and rubbing my pussy until his mom came up the steps. He quickly pulled away and pretended to get something out of the fridge and I kept tossing the salad.

"I grabbed Thousand Island and Ranch. Which one do you want?" "Ranch!" we both exclaimed. I looked back at him and he flashed his beautiful grin complete with large dimples. Sinful pigtailed girl fucked on the couch blushed and turned back around. A little while later, after we finished setting the table and were eating dinner, Chaun and I were sitting next to each other and all throughout dinner, he kept slipping his hand in between my legs.

"Mmm." "Is it good?" Ms. Evans asked me. "It sure is." I glared at Chaun and he smirked and continued to eat his food. "Okay, what's going on between you two?

You've been staring at each other all through dinner." "Well, I was just-" "Nothing!" I interrupted him. "Yea, yea." She rolled her eyes. "Kamille, your room is across from the bathroom." Great. I thought. Right next to Chaun's room. "I don't have anything to sleep in." "Chaun will lend you one of his shirts super teen creampie mila marx cum in pussy cream pie I have a cute dress you can have." "Okay cool." When everyone was done eating, I offered to wash the dishes.

"Nonsense, Chaun can wash them." "Why do I have to do it?" "Because I said so." "How about I wash, and you dry? Deal?" I asked. "Fine." He tried to say with an attitude, but he and I both knew he was excited. "Okay, well I'm retiring for the night." "No dessert?" We both asked. "No. I have a little headache." "Okay, well I hope you feel better Mom." "Thanks baby." She got up and kissed us goodnight. "You two behave while I'm asleep." "No promises." Chaun said under his breath.

We cleared the table and I started the water. Then I walked over to the freezer and scooped up a spoonful of icecream. I shoved it in my mouth and started washing dishes. "So, I see you like stuffing your mouth." He chuckled. "Depends on what it is." I winked. "Well it looked like you wanted to blow me this morning." I decided to play along.

"That's because I wanted that juicy dick." His mouth almost dropped to the floor and he instantly got hard. "Oh really?" "Really." I giggled and splashed him with water. "So it's like that?" he dug his hands in the soap and splashed it on my shirt. "That's my favorite shirt!" I whined and filled a cup up with water and poured it down his shirt.

Before long we were wrestling on the floor and he was tickling the life out of me. "Okay, Okay! I give up!" I said between giggles. "Say sorry!" "Sorry!" He rolled off me and we lay there panting and laughing as if we were high as a kite.

"I guess we should finish the dishes." We got up and I noticed his shirt was soaking with water. "Why don't you take your shirt off?" I suggested.

He tried but the shirt was stuck to his chest. "Here, let me help you." I rolled the bottom of his shirt up his stomach. I stared at his chest when we finally got it off. I hadn't seen his body earlier that day. He had a wife beater on. "See something you like?" he smirked.

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"Mmm. Yes." I bit my bottom lip and traced his six pack with my index finger. He leaned down and sucked on my bottom lip. I moaned and he sucked a little harder. My other hand went immediately for his shorts.

I unzipped his zipper and massaged his dick through his boxers. He cupped my ass cheeks in his hands and squeezed. Then he stopped sucking my bottom lip and slipped his tongue in my mouth. His tongue explored my mouth and swirled around mine. I increased the pressure on his dick and he groaned.

He took his hands off my ass and slipped them under my shirt. He massaged and pinched my nipples.

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I damn near creamed in my panties right there. I couldn't resist any longer. I got on my knees and pulled his shorts and boxers down around his ankles. His dick popped out and was hard enough to split bricks. I swirled my tongue around the head and sucked the shaft.

He collapsed back onto the sink and grasped the edges. "Look me in the eyes." I obeyed and my head bobbed back and forth. He grasped my hair and guided my head further down his dick.

"Yea that's it. Suck my big dick." He commanded. I slipped my right hand between my legs and rubbed my clit. I slipped one, then two fingers in my pussy hole. I knew how crazy it made a guy when I lightly caressed his ass, so I went for it while still swallowing him. He loved it. He started pounding faster and faster, bumping his abs and pelvis into my head with every thrust, as I kept swirling my tongue on his dick. He and I were getting mental and so close to cumming.

I was thrusting my own hips hard, pushing my fingers deeper and deeper into my pussy, while I kept encouraging him further into my mouth by pulling harder on his ass cheek. I took a fingertip and lightly teased his butthole which made him lurch forward in shock (I guess he never felt that before), then after a second, he relaxed into it.

I wasn't pushing into him or anything, just lightly circling his hole, and he started to realize it was actually feeling awesome. Licking him, rubbing his ass with my hand while he pumped, looking at his face while he fucked my mouth I couldn't take it much longer. Even Chaun was letting all the stops go and had put his two hands on my shoulders for support while now ravenously fucking my mouth… I had almost stopped the sucking motions my mouth was still locked wet around his cock, but I was too dazed to suck any more i was busy just breathing and almost cumming I could tell he was going to explode any second and was laser-focused on Chaun's amazing cock pounding my mouth like crazy while my tongue twirled on his cock.

He was ready to cum too though, so I just slowed down on fingering myself so I could just hold back a little longer. I went first… My mouth had this lovely playgirl gets wild licking smalltits and hardcore rumble then moan. My mouth clamped down tight on him while I threw my body from side to side with now a much, much louder moan, though still muffled by his hard-on. He slid his dick black hunk spanking his white submissive tube porn and out of my mouth a little more, just about to cum himself, while licking his lips.

I was tossing my pelvis with every wave of my intense orgasm. Which was obviously all that Chaun needed to see -- and with one last outstroke then one last huge thrust forward, Chaun, watching my frenzied orgasm, let out his own gutteral moan as he dropped his load deep inside my mouth. As he thrust forward and held himself deep against me, I felt his butt clenching with each pulse of cum. Chaun let out a deep, solid, exhale and then gently pulled out of my mouth and slid down to the floor breathing heavily.

He was totally spent. Fuck, we BOTH were totally spent! "Holy. Fucking. God!" he managed to mouth out. I looked in his direction and said: "You're welcome." And smiled.

He crawled over to me and kissed me on the cheek, then on the lips. "It's time for me to return the favor."