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Sexy slave taylor hearts pussy clamped suffering and cunt whipping of blonde you submissive tortured
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NOTE: If you have not read the previous two chapters…you know what to do…thanks… Here I am sitting pensively in a room at the Red Roof Inn in Danville, Pennsylvania, pondering my situation Danville happens to be the town I was born. I have not been back here in many years. I am sharing the room with my step-sister Marcy, who I happen to be living with as a couple. One of the big reasons I live with her is because the sex is great.

Last night we had a wild threesome with a girl named Laura who I ended up fucking in the ass while Marcy ate her out. I had no qualms about having my way with her since I figured we would only be in town for a few days and I'd never see her again anyway. We are in town for my cousin Nick's wedding. Now, I just got off the phone with my cousin and he reminds me I have a sister that I never met and her name happens to be Laura.

Coincidence? I sure as Hell hoped so. Even so, I had an uneasy feeling. I need a drink, bad. "Any of that wine left from last night?" I asked my step-sister.

"No, we drank it all with Laura last night." Marcy started, "Isn't it a bit early for you?" "I guess I'm just nervous about seeing some of the relatives after so long." I answered. "Oh, there's nothing to be nervous about, silly." Marcy came over to me and gave me a kiss on the forehead. Marcy and I took another shower together before noon and then got ready to go to my cousin Nick's place. After having a late breakfast in the caf?ownstairs we returned to the room.

We took our time as we were not expected until three. We both dressed fairly casually in jeans and headed over to his home. It was not far from the hotel, less than twenty minutes away. We made a brief stop at a local liquor store to get a bottle of wine to bring as a gift, as we did not want to go empty-handed.

We arrived right around three and found a parking spot across the russian blonde ruth fowler delves into rough sex with partner from his house. There were several cars parked in the driveway and on the street in front of the house, so I knew that there was already a small crowd gathered. As we made our way up to the door, I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I actually thought about turning around and heading back to the car.

Marcy rang the bell and in a moment my cousin Nick answered the door. "Cousin Brian! Nice to see you, glad you could make it." My cousin exclaimed, "And this must be the lucky girl you told me about." "Yes, here she is." I started, "Good to see you too Nick." Nick led us inside into the living room. There were perhaps a dozen people sitting around, none of which I readily recognized. After all, it had been man dad handjob boy teen. Nick then introduced me to his wife-to-be, Karen and the rest of the family that were present.

I was introduced to my uncle Frank, who seemed like a gregarious, fun loving guy. I was also informed that my mother had moved away some time ago and has not been heard from in years. In a way, that was a relief. I was not really sure what to expect. "I bet you're anxious to meet your sister Laura." My uncle Frank stated, "She was born after you moved away.

It would be nice for you two to get to know each other." "Yeah, um, I'm anxious to meet her." I said calmly, "Is she here yet?" "No, not yet. But she'll be here." My uncle Frank replied. Marcy let out a little chuckle. "And what's so funny?" I whispered to her. "That name, Laura." She whispered back with a giggle, "Remind you of some one?" "I hope not." I muttered.

We sat around for some time, just making small talk and talking about old times, most of which I was really too young to recall. Nick and Karen were very gracious hosts. There was no need to worry if your glass went empty, it would not remain empty for long. After a while it was announced that my sister Laura had called and said she would be late. At this point I was sort of hoping she wouldn't show. I mean, not just because she happened to share a name with a girl I met and fucked in the ass the night before.

It was the whole matter of, did I really want to meet a relation who was born over seventeen years ago and whom I had never met? That could certainly go either way. I truly believed that any reservations I might have had were legit. At some point it was announced by our host and hostess that my sister's delay would be significant and that we would have to start eating without her.

We were then directed into a tastefully decorated dining room and assigned seats. I took Marcy by the hand as we were led to our chairs. There was a seat kept open directly across from us, or across from me more specifically, for my sister when she arrived. As I sat down, I could not help but notice the elegant place settings and silverware that adorned the table. Nick and Karen had obviously gone all out. After all, it was their wedding rehearsal dinner. Conversation invariably led to old times.

Events were discussed that happened between myself and Nick that I was way too young to remember. I took it all in with mixed feelings. It was only now that I learned that my mother had moved away shortly after giving birth to my sister. To this day no one in the family knows of her whereabouts.

Her personal problems overtook her ability to function as a mother. In truth, it was sad to hear about. I knew it could potentially be tough. There was a part of me that was curious about my past, but a part of me knew that much of it could be very painful. As we sat around the table, wine was poured and anti-pasta was served. Uncle Frank really seemed to enjoy his wine. His wife, Aunt Lucy, seemed to as well. "Your sister should be here soon." He started, "I would think you would be anxious to meet her." Not necessarily.

But almost as soon as Uncle Frank spoke the doorbell rang. Nick put down what he was carrying to the table and went to answer the door. I just sat there quietly bracing myself for the worst. Moments later I heard the door open and a female voice say something. I could not make out what she said but I heard my cousin Nick respond 'Come on in, everyone's in the dining room.' I glanced over at Marcy to see her reaction.

She seemed to look up with a quizzical look on her face. Less than a minute later my cousin Nick entered the room and made hot pretty bitch loves her daddys powerful rod hardcore creampie announcement. "Look who made it. Laura is finally here." He said in a joking tone. "Hi everyone." I heard her say. My back was facing the entrance to the dining room so I could not see them enter.

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Without turning around I realized that my worst fears had come true. Again I glanced over at Marcy. She had turned around to look. One look at her face told a story I did not want to hear. Her wide-eyed, open mouth expression completely removed all doubt. After a moment she broke into a fit of laughter. I was not seeing the humor in this, to say the least. "What's so funny?" Asked Uncle Frank, "Hey Brian, stand up and meet your sister." Again, I glanced over at Marcy.

She was staring at me with those big blue eyes. It was obvious she was holding back her laughter. After a moment I realized I had no choice but to stand up and face the music, so to speak.

I rose from my chair and turned around. I looked Laura directly in the eye. Her initial look of shock soon turned to a huge grin. Her and Marcy both were soon laughing hysterically. Again, I did not see the humor. "What's so funny?" Uncle Frank asked in a slightly annoyed tone, "Brian, introduce yourself. She is your sister you never met." After a moment I reached out my hand.

"Hi, I'm Brian." I said cautiously. Laura stood there silently for a moment. Then she too extended her hand with a big grin. "Hi, I'm your sister Laura." She started, "Glad to meet you." Again my sister and step-sister both giggled.

I just wanted to run and hide so bad, but how could I? Laura was seated at the table directly in front of me by my cousin Nick. Initially I tried to avoid eye contact but after a while my curiosity got the better of me. Every time I glanced up at her she gave me a big smile. It was obvious her and Marcy had a lot in common. Both were trouble. "It is nice that you get to finally meet your sister." Started my Uncle Frank, "I'm sure you two will have a lot to talk about.

You should spend some time with her alone later. Get to know her. After all, she is family." 'Get to know her' he said? Oh God, if he only knew. Dinner was soon young blonde babe sucks a thick member. Plates of fresh pasta, mozzarella geeky teen gets pov sex by horny boyfriend and garlic bread were brought out in enough quantity to feed a small army.

More wine was poured to wash it all down. Things were going smooth for the most part except for when Laura and Marcy would exchange looks and bust out laughing.

It did not go unnoticed. "Brian, I think your girlfriend Marcy and your sister Laura may become good friends." My cousin Nick said with a smile, "They both seem to have a good sense of humor." Oh yes. If he only had any idea. Somehow a sense of humor was something I could not seem to muster at the moment.

After the main course was finished, coffee and dessert was served. Every once in a while I would glance across the table at my sister Laura. She had a sly, almost devilish grin on her face. In a moment, I felt something against my inner thigh. Laura had slipped off her shoe and had extended her stocking foot underneath the table and it was heading towards my crotch.

In a moment it was there. I looked up at Laura and she was laughing to herself silently. This can't be happening I thought to myself. My sister is as devilish as my step-sister, maybe even worse. As good as it felt with her foot caressing my cock, I was starting to sweat.

I became quite uneasy. I had to excuse myself. "Um, excuse me, Nick." I started, "Where is your bathroom?" "Out the door, second left. You can't miss it." "OK, thanks." I answered. I excused myself from the table, got up and exited the room as fast as I could. I entered the bathroom and closed the door behind me.

I leaned my back against the closed door and took a deep breath. "Oh, God." I sighed to myself. I just stood there for a minute taking deep breaths and trying desperately to calm down.

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In a couple of minutes there was a soft knock on the door. I hesitated for a moment, then spoke. "Who is it?" I asked somewhat surprised. "It's me, Laura." Was the response. Again, I was hesitant. I turned around and spoke through the door. "What do you want?" I asked. "I just want to talk to you." Came the answer through the door.

Once coarse banging of indecent milf hardcore and blowjob, I hesitated. I thought to myself, what harm could possibly happen if she only wants to talk? Perhaps it is better if we clear the air, so to speak.

I opened the door slightly. Laura immediately pushed her way in. "What are you doing?" I exclaimed, quite agitated. Laura put her arms around me and planted a rather sensuous kiss on my lips. "I want you." She stated flatly as she looked at me with her big, brown eyes.

I was admittedly taken aback as she spoke. As matter of fact, I was quite floored. This could not be happening. "What are you talking about?" I exclaimed, "You're my sister!" "We did it last night." Laura stated calmly, "What's the matter, you didn't like it?" "That's beside the point." I started, "This is just wrong." "I know." Was the response. Laura again started to kiss me passionately in my cousin Nick's bathroom. She spun me around and pressed her crotch against mine, gyrating like a woman possessed.

I felt my cock immediately rise to the occasion pressing hard against my zipper.

Laura seemed to almost sense my need as she reached down and undid my pants. In a moment my now very stiff cock was free and ready for adventure. My sister reached down and wrapped her soft hand around my shaft and gave it a squeeze while gazing at me with her big, brown eyes. I closed my own eyes as my head tilted back against the bathroom door with a slight thud. I gasped in pleasure as she firmly stroked it.

It felt so damn good I wanted to scream and if all my mother's side of the family were not eating dessert on the other side of the door, I very well might have. What happened next should not have really surprised me at this point. Laura bent down and gave the head of my cock a soft kiss.

She then got down on her knees and began to suck my engorged member like she was in a cock sucking contest and needed the prize money. I just leaned against the bathroom door and moaned, my eyes closed. A few times that I did open my eyes, I caught Laura glancing up at me with her big, brown eyes as her head bobbed up and down. After a moment, she put her head down and seemed to concentrate at the task at hand with renewed vigor. The sounds of her sucking could easily be heard accompanying my own soft moans.

I could feel her saliva drip down my shaft and start to soak my balls. As she reached down and cupped my balls, I felt like I wanted to explode. "Oh God, that's good." I sighed. Suddenly, she stopped her sucking as she squeezed my shaft at the base. Again I let out a sigh of pleasure as my head once again tilted back against the bathroom door.

What happened next took me by surprise. Laura hiked up her skirt revealing a set of very sheer panties which did little to conceal her clean shaven mound.

She slid down the panties past her long legs and kicked them aside. Next she took my tool in her hand pressed it into her moist pussy lips as she ground herself against it. I felt like I wanted to scream, but I didn't dare.

Instead, I hoisted my sister Laura up by the hips and impaled her onto my rock-hard shaft. We both fell forward against the shower doors with a loud bang. I began to stroke in and out of my sister as her back was pressed two black lesbian having sensual oral session the glass shower doors.

I hoisted one of her legs up onto my shoulder for better access as I began to thrust with all my might, picking up speed as I went along. As I thrust her moans started to drown out the rattling of the shower doors. "Oh yes…yes…yes…" She began to shout.

Laura's tight young pussy began to grip my tool like a vise as I pounded her in my cousin's bathroom. "Ahhh…" Dubai full sex stories xxxx story sighed as my head tilted back and I put my all into my sister's mound. "Yes…yes…Oh God…" My sister was clearly on the verge of climax as the family sipped coffee on the other side of the door.

In a minute it was over as we both came. I shot my load into my sister's pussy as she soaked my balls. Shortly, we both stood up and gathered our thoughts. It was agreed I would return to the table first and she would follow a couple of minutes later.

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When I returned to the table, my uncle Frank inquired if I had seen my sister. I told him I had not, but no doubt she would be back shortly. "You two really should spend some time together." Uncle Frank started, "Get to know each other a bit.

It would be good. After all, you two are family." "Yes, Uncle Frank." I answered as I sat back down in my chair. Marcy just looked up at me with a huge, devilish grin as I spoke. She knew something was up. I just was not sure if she knew exactly what, but she knew something had to be going on. She was just disappointed she was not in on it. In a while Laura came back and sat down. We all finished our coffee and dessert. Somewhat later, we all gathered in our cars and headed over to the church for the wedding rehearsal.

It actually went pretty smooth, all things considered. All things considered meant that both Marcy and Laura were there. After the rehearsal we all came back to cousin Nick's house for cordials and pasty. Laura began to speak to Marcy and myself. "You know," She started in a whisper, "I know a few things about Nick and Karen." "Oh, like what?" Asked Marcy very curiously. "Well, for one thing, Karen likes girls." Laura stated flatly.

Marcy's eyes positively lit up. "And Nick is a bit of a player." Laura added, "I'm shocked he's even getting married." Marcy looked up with a devilish glint in her eye.

Something was obviously on her mind. God only knows what, and he wasn't telling. Tomorrow would be the jelena jensen returning the favor eating that pussy back naturaltits fingering. For the time being, I could not even imagine how that would go. One could certainly never tell how things would go with Marcy and Laura around. Once again, life was about to change. Stay tuned for "A Family Reunion Chapt. 4 (The wedding)" 03-15-10.