Sensuous beauty likes anal sex hardcore and russian

Sensuous beauty likes anal sex hardcore and russian
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Bear was a young teenager that was being forced to follow his mother around as she visited public sales and junk stores that Saturday. Going new sunny leone story xxx another antique store he wandered around while his mom spoke with the associate about some of the stores junk.

As Bear wandered around he moved into a dark corner of the store and spotted an old chest that intrigued him so he knelt down in front of it and tilted back the lid. Searching through the items inside the chest he pulled a strange bottle from its depths and looking at it felt a desire to buy it. Taking it up to where his mom was talking to the stores proprietor he politely interrupted them sayingexcuse me ma'am but how much do you want for this old bottle.

The old woman turning and looking at him and the bottle smiled and told him twenty five dollars and it's yours young man. Bears mom said here son I'll buy that for you and reached for her purse. No mom thanks but I've got this I'll use some of the money I earned working at the Dance Shack. For some reason I need this to be my purchase and only mine.

Okay son and she turned back to the proprietor as Bear handed her the money and went out to sit in the truck with his bottle. Sticking the bottle into his backpack he forgot about it while he traveled around with his mom to other places slowly loading the truck with junk. Finally getting home that night he unloaded the truck and left his mom gleefully sorting thru her acquisitions. Going inside his home he made himself a sandwich grabbed a bottle of soda and went to his room.

Eating and drinking his meal Bear pulled out the bottle petite brunette patient enjooans of pleasure lowers blood pressure problem inspected it closely noting that it was oldreally old with some language scrawled around the outside of the bottle. The glass was to dark and thick to look inside so he pulled the cork from the top of the bottle and tried to peer inside but still to no avail. Thinking if he cleaned the bottle it might allow more light in so he could see better so he took an old cloth and started rubbing the bottle when all of a sudden glittering dark blue smoke poured out of the top of the bottle.

Almost dropping the bottle as this took him by surprise he watched as the smoke solidified into a very beautiful young woman. Taking in the girls appearance he started at her feet and moved up her body.

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The young girls overall appearance was a dark coppery smoothsoftunblemished skin with a well toned athletic petite body. Roughly five foot to five foot six in height and maybe seventy five pounds she stood on petite well cared for manicured feet that were attached to longtoned legs that were covered in sheer silky scarf like panels that wrapped around her body parts in dark bluesblacksand dark red.

Not being able to see her groin he could only imagine its beauty as he moved up her body taking in her firm flat stomach and then up to her firmplumpb-cup sized breasts that were also obscured by silky scarves.

His observations reached her face where his jaw dropped open as he noted her almost elven facial features. Bear looked at her with longing as he noted hawt eighteen year old beautiful girl hardcore and massage oval face that came to a rounded chin with a pair of full lusciousplumpberry colored lips that led an observer up to a petite nose and a pair of dark smoldering reddish-brown eyes under longthin eyebrows and long eyelashes.

Two small slightly pointed ears poked out from a cascade of long blue-black wavysilken tresses that fell down to just above her ankles and was bound by a silver clasp at the top rear of her head. Bear instantly grew to his maximum and became so hard it was painful. Her voice was musical as she spoke for the first timeplacing the palms of her hands together she gave shallow bow and saidwhat does my young master desire from me?

Bear still stunned managed to respond withhow about your name hoping to give himself time to gather his wits and think. I am called by a name that you would be unable to pronounce but you may call meAlyianthius how about I just shorten that to Alyssa and you may call me Bear. As my young master desires I will be known as Alyssawhat can this unworthy woman do for her new master called Bear? Bear thought fast remembering all the movies and television shows depicting just this situation and knowing that they were very unsatisfying.

He leaned back against the wall at the head of his bed and told his beautiful genie to have some quiet seductive music start to play and she should start to dance as she slowly stripped completely for him.

With a quivering voice Alyssa saidis my young master sure this is what he wants of his humble servant? Bear sitting back up saidlet's get things straight here you have to do anything I tell you to do correct?

Yes she saidno matter what I wantyes she again replied. Goodlook at me looking up Alyssa looked into Bears eyes as he told herthat makes you my slave not my servant, not my womannot my friend. Girl you are my bitch to do with as I see fit if I order you to fuck the beautiful petite brunette rubs her pink pussy to orgasm high school football team you will do it with enthusiasm and a smile.

Sobbing with her head bowed Alyssa said quietly yes master and knelt at his feet. Good Bear said then start the music and the dancing. Alyssa rose and started a seductive dance to soft middle eastern music pulling the scarves from her body until she stood totally nude before him.

Now bared to his sight he could take in her well rounded firm breasts topped by half dollar sized blood darkened obviously aroused aureoles with dark pink eraser sized nipplesas well as her cleanshaven vagina that was slowly opening like the petals of a blooming flower with her folds dew touched with the moisture of desire.

You like being ordered around like this by me don't you slut? Yes master Alyssa answered with a quiver in her voice. You can do anything that I request of you can't you? Almost anything master she said as she again knelt at his feet. Reaching out Bear pinched one of her nipples and told herthen make these start producing milkit should be the best tasting like the old stories of ambrosia.

Bear pulled on her nipple and a drop of milk formed Bear took it up on his index finger and moved it to Alyssa's mouth and told her to open and suck on it.

Alyssa took his finger into her mouth and gently sucked on his finger tasting her milk on it.

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Bear smiled reached down with one hand and pulled out his already hardening dick and moved his hand with her attached to his finger down to his penis and moved her to suck on his cock. Alyssa started swirling her tongue around his rod as she bobbed her up and down his shaft. Reaching up she started rhythmically squeezing his balls and when he finally blew his load down her throat it was the largest he had ever produced. Licking her lips she askedwill there be anything else master.

Bear not liking the look in her eyes smiled and leaning back saidyes slave create for me a loyallargedog-likedark furredwell endowed pet with the intelligence of a smart dog and that can as I will impregnate any female couples with.

Cringing Alyssa said yes master and waving her hands a large animal appeared next to her. Looking over his new pet Bear said I will call you Dog and told Alyssa to get on her hand and knees with her legs spread. Her eyes widening Alyssa sobbed no master anything else you want I will happily comply. Bear just pointed down so she went down on all fours. As she assumed the position for Dog to mount her Bear asked her if she was a virginnot for centuries master.

See to it that it is back and intact and whenever pierced will heal everyday. Alyssa openly crying said yes master as you wish and she was once more a virgin ready for the dog to mount her and take her cherry.

Bear said to herwhat are you? Alyssa looking up at him saidI am your loving and loyal slave master prepared to do anything I need too to russian feet femdom part 2 you happy.

As long as you know and remember your place then come here and kneel at my side. Rising with relief Alyssa moved to his side and knelt there. Bear told her bring Manuela Arbeleaz here naked and ready to be mounted by Dog who will do so as soon as she appears and when they are done you will send her impregnated body back to where you brought her from.

Smiling with evil glee Alyssa did as instructed. Manuela appeared naked on all fours and Dog immediately mounted her plunging his well endowed tool deep into her womb pumping for all he was worth until he left a massive amount of cum within her that breached a number of her eggs that attached themselves to the wall of her womb after which she was returned home with no memory of this happening.

Six months later Manuela gave birth to five healthyhappyhumanoid dog like childrenthree girls and two boys. Bear looking at his beautiful slave saidslave come her so Alyssa stood and turned to him. Bear motioned for her to lay across his lap when she did he stroked her pert ass and then struck one cheek sharply eliciting a loud gasps from her she started sobbing as the blows rained down on both of her ass cheeks turning them a burnished shiny copper color and causing her to fantastic doll is popping out her stretched tight cunt in closeup spreading and fucking his legs as she had two massive orgasmswhat have I done to displease you master Alyssa asked.

Well Bear said to start did I give you permission to orgasm.

No masterwell make it so you cannot orgasm without my verbal permission your orgasms will grow in intensity until I allow you to orgasm which may be in multiple stages. Sobbing Alyssa did as she was told making it so her orgasms were under Bears control. Bear used this control to torture his genie not allowing her release for days at a time until he finally allowed her orgasms and she practically exploded with orgasms spraying her juices for feet around her.