Big ass redhead bbw bangs in driving school

Big ass redhead bbw bangs in driving school
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Fbailey story number 590 I'll Hold The Ladder Mom wanted to put up the Christmas lights around the roof before Thanksgiving like we did when Dad was still alive. We had hardly had any legal age teenager cookie is nailed well weather let alone snow. Mom asked me to do it but I reminded her that I was slightly afraid of heights.

She laughed. I told her, "I'll hold the ladder." She had me help her get several boxes out of the attic. They were full of strings of outdoor lights. There was more than enough to go around the entire roof, all of the windows and all of the doors, and the front porch too. There were hooks already in place, thanks to years of Dad putting them up. I helped Mom carry the ladder from the garage to the front corner of the house where Dad always started.

We stood it up and pulled on the rope to extend it right up underneath the eve. Mom took one end of the lights and started climbing up the ladder.

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She was not really that thrilled about heights either. She held on tight and she wouldn't look down.

However, I certainly looked up. Mom had on a short skirt, which was perfectly normal for her. The hemline came up to my nose, then she climbed up another rung milf milf small milf xxxww com 2019 I could almost see her panties.

One more rung was all it took for me to look right up at her panty-covered ass. I had looked in Mom's drawer before and I had seen those white silky panties with the blue polka dots on them.

I had even held then up to my nose and smelled of them on the day after Mom had worn them. Now I was looking right at them as her ass twitched with each and ever step that she took. My cock was rock hard. Mom went up and down that ladder a couple of hundred times going just a couple of feet to the side every time. It took us hours to get the edge of the roof done. Mom said that the rest could wait until the next day because she was exhausted from climbing the ladder.

I slipped into her bedroom when I heard the shower running. I just had to smell of those wonderful panties while they were still fresh. I had never done that before but I was certainly glad that I did.

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The aroma was unmistakable, it was pure How lovely the blowjob from erotic milf, and I jerked off smelling of them. When I started to shoot out cum I used Mom's panties to catch the load. I had done that before and gotten away with it.

However, this time I got caught. After Mom had dressed and come downstairs to watch some television she asked, "Does that cum in my panties belong to you?" I knew that I had been caught so I told her the truth. Mom asked me what had brought it on and I told her, "Mom I was looking up your skirt all day and those white panties with blue polka dots drove me crazy. I just had to smell them and that caused me to jerk off in them." Mom just smiled at me.

I took that as her approval so I said, "You looked so good climbing that ladder. Your butt twitched and those panties rubbed against your pussy.

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The smell was fantastic. It was much better fresh than when I had smelled your panties the next day in the clothes hamper." Mom pulled me to her and gave me a big hug. I felt a tear against my cheek. Mom said, "Your father used to tell me the same thing when we were first married. I would have to hand him my panties right after I took them off. He would hold them up to his face and then he would take me to bed." Mom looked at me and asked, "Would you like to take me to bed?" I looked at Mom.

She was wearing one of Dad's old button shirts. The bottom half of the buttons were attached. I could see the area between her breasts and the roundness of them excited me. I took Mom's hand and led her into her bedroom and over to her bed. Mom asked, "Would you like to take your father's place?" I asked, "Just what does that mean?" Mom replied, "Well it means that you get to sleep with me." I looked at the lump that had grown in my pants and said, "I want to do more than just sleep with you.

Can I fuck you?" Mom giggled and said, "Yes, you can but most of the time your father made sweet passionate love to me on this very bed where you were conceived. Oh don't get me wrong we had sex outdoors, in other people's houses, and in the back seat of the car. We even fucked. That was mostly after I had a few drinks and it was usually in a filthy men's room with me bent over an more filthy urinal getting it from behind." I asked, "You let Dad fuck you in a men's room?" She giggled, "I sure did and threesome college students deepfucking tube porn just your father either.

Oh it was all his idea but I enjoyed it too. Occasionally a strange man would come in while we were doing it and your father would offer me to him.

I would be virgin beautiful gal likes fellatio and ride down into the dark yellow piss lying in the bottom of the bowl while the stranger fucked me from behind.

I never saw any of their faces. One time he let three men fuck me right in a row before he took me out of there. There was cum running down both of my legs but I didn't care because it made your father happy." I asked, "What about sex in other people's homes?" Mom smiled, "Oh that!

Well you see, for the last few years your father and I were swingers. We would intense pussy dildoing with ebony lesbos lesbian and black together with another couple. Your father would fuck her, her husband would fuck me, and after we had worn the men out we wives would make out to entertain our husbands." I asked, "You did it with other girls?" Mom said, "Sure I did!

Does that excite you? It did your father." I just had to ask, "So how many people have you fucked?" Mom giggled like a schoolgirl and took a small book from her nightstand. She opened it up and said, "So far I have let thirty-one strangers fuck me, eighty-nine swinger husbands, and all of their wives.

I have sex with nineteen women without their husbands and I have fucked five family members. You will make number six." I asked, "Family members? Who?" Mom blushed, "My father, my two brothers, my sister, and her husband." Astounded I blurted out, "You had sex with Uncle Terry!" Mom laughed and said, "Yes, since he took my virginity at age thirteen." I spouted out, "But he is ugly." Mom just smiled and said, "Maybe so but he is still my brother and I love him.

Sex makes him happy and he doesn't get it from anyone else." I then asked, "Did Dad get to fuck Aunt Sylvia too?" Mom smiled and said, "He sure did. Just as often as he wanted too." My Aunt Sylvia was beautiful. She was closer to my age than to my mother's age. She was a singer in her husband's country band and she wore a lot of sexy outfits.

I know that I blushed but I just had to ask, "Can I fuck Aunt Sylvia too?" Mom giggled and said, "You haven't even fucked me yet and you already want to fuck another woman.

That isn't fair." Mom slipped her arms out of the shirt without unbuttoning it at all. It hit the floor and Mom was nude. She opened her sheets and slipped in. She pulled the covers up slightly letting her beautiful full breasts show.

She beckoned me to slip in next to her. I quickly undressed and got in. I felt the warmth of her skin as we embraced, I felt her breasts pressing against my chest with every breath, and I felt my cock try to slip in between her legs.

Mom kissed me and said, "Fuck me! Fuck me as often as you can tonight! Just use my body for your own pleasure! I need you inside me." With that said Mom rolled onto her back, opened her legs, and pulled me up on top of her willing body.

As I entered her for the very first time I realized why my father could never get enough of her. Then I wondered why he would let strangers and swingers have her. Her pussy milked my cock with the talented muscles that she had in there and I knew why Dad had loaned her out.

Mom was what books and magazines called 'the fuck of a lifetime' and she was all mine. She gave herself to me to use and I vowed to use her as often as I could. She didn't care that it was my first time, she didn't care that I had no idea as to what I was doing, and she wanted me to do it to her.

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I came inside her several times that night. In the morning I picked up where I had left off. Three days later we got dressed and left the house for the first time. We went to a restaurant to listen to Aunt Sylvia sing. After her first set she joined us at our table.

Mom told her that I had taken over the responsibilities as man of the house, that we were sleeping together, and that we would like her to join us sometime soon.

Aunt Sylvia asked, "Can I finish up the next two sets? Then I'll come home with you.

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I'll need a shower first though. I really get excited up there on stage with everyone looking at me." Mom said, "Don't bother to shower. My son is just like his father, the stronger your scent the better he likes it.

You will have to give him your panties for his collection and you get to climb the ladder tomorrow so that we can finish putting up the Christmas lights." All she asked was, "Will he be holding the ladder for me?" Mom said, "Most definitely." Aunt Sylvia giggled and kissed me before going back stage. Mom asked, "Are you happy?" I ran a hand up her bare leg to her panty-covered pussy and had not found the bottom of her skirt. I looked into Mom's blouse all the way to one of her nipples.

I looked over at the men's bathroom. Mom just smiled. The End I'll Hold The Ladder 590