Zoey laine step daughter pov bows fucks big cock

Zoey laine step daughter pov bows fucks big cock
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I will try to get through the set up quickly and get to the action. I have a lot of plans for this story that includes lots of action and lots of slaves doing crazy things. This first chapter tells how our hero meets his new girlfriend and how he gets her to tell him her dirty little secret. Obviously this is a fantasy story so don't try this at home. It will get highly illegal.

Enjoy!! Meeting my new girlfriend My name is Drake. I am 32 years old, 6'3" 245lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, and generally considered as a hansom guy. Growing up playing sports and a hard work ethic ensured I stayed at top physical condition. When I was 17 I married strait out of high school (with a little help of her being pregnant).

She quickly gave me 2 great kids while living your typical American lifestyle. I being an engineer and her nursing ensured us a healthy lifestyle. It all ended however 2 years ago when my wife and kids were going to visit her relatives one day. An 18 wheeler came across the median and took them away from me. It turned out the driver had been going a little too long on methamphetamines, trying to meet his companies ridiculous quotas, and finally crashed.

I was devastated to say the least. I sued the trucking company for everything they were worth. The settlement, combined with the life filthy schoolgirl cum scene japanese and hardcore, I had enough money to be comfortable for the rest of my life provided I didn't try to buy a third world country.

After nearly a year of sulking and depression I decided to hit the dating scene for the first time in nearly 14 years. It started with friends hooking me up on blind dates that never amounted to much. I tried picking up a few girls in bars but never had much luck with that either. I finally decided to try online dating.

I created a profile with most of my information, interests, and a few pictures. I don't know if its fate or what but sex amateursection com story porno evening I created my profile I was surfing the database looking at the different girls and found Lacy.

Her profile picture showed a black haired spex mature receives big cumload in her mouth with glowing blue eyes, a button nose, and full pink lips over pale skin.

Although I couldn't see her body I knew I didn't need to. She looked younger but didn't have her age filled in (I honestly didn't care). I read her profile noting a dark tint to her personality and a preference for older guys (score one for me).

The greatest thing was that she lived locally. One oddity in her information was she repeatedly mentioned the fact that she was "hard to handle". I sent her an IM saying "Hello, your profile seems interesting. You seem like someone I would like to get to know more. Oh, and your pic doesn't hurt to look at either :)" She replied almost immediately with "Your cute but you seem like your to bright of a light for me.

I don't think you can handle me." Like hell!! I thought. I reply "The brightest light can cast the biggest shadow. I bet I'm more than capable to handle you if, your not too scared to give me a chance!" I figured I was taking a chance but what the hell. Well that's all it took, we chatted all night and it didn't take long before the messages got erotic. We decided to play a game were we took turns asking each other a question that had to be answered honestly.

It didn't take me long to figure out she was a closet freak, into doing crazy things but hasn't been able to do much for fear of rejection. Us being online allowed both of us to speak more freely with these things than we usually would have been. I noticed that Lacy had a particular fetish with domination / submission.

I asked her one question in particular that she wasn't willing to answer, "What is your darkest fantasy? One that you have never had the courage to even mention out load. I know you have to have one." "I do but… I don't feel comfortable discussing it" She replies. I don't let it bother me and we move on. After hours of enjoyable messaging we decided to meet the following Friday at a local bar downtown that we knew would be busy.

Due to unforeseen circumstances I arrived a few minutes late and there Lacy was, standing out front waiting for me. HOLY SHIT she was hot! She had a curvy 5'3" frame, 34C breasts, and a nice heart shaped ass under a slim waist. She had on close fitting jeans that had several yangs boy sex old ldis place rips and holes, and a tight fitting black tank top. The dark shirt only made her pale skin that much sexier.

As I walked up to Lacy, I could tell she was sizing me up. Standing a solid foot taller than her I could tell she was slightly intimidated but did a good job of covering it up. I greeted her with a big hug while telling her how gorgeous she looked to which she smiled and blushed. After the greetings we went in and got a table.

I had found out from our messaging that she was 18 and a freshman at the local college (majoring in computer programming) so I knew she couldn't drink alcohol even if she wanted to.

I ordered me a light beer and her a coke but as soon as the waitress dropped off our drinks and turned her back, Lacy reached across the table, grabbed my beer and almost downed it in one drink. "You little bitch" I scolded her. This got me a hurtful but playful look to which she replied "Bite me".

"That may be a little painful for you if I started doing that." I said. "I may prefer a little pain" was her retort. That got me thinking. We started talking and she quickly got back to our little game of asking each other questions. "OK ask me a question." She says. "OK, how about you tell me about that dark fantasy you avoided me on the other night." "I still don't feel comfortable talking about that.

Ask something else!" I think for a second. "Alright&hellip. Spit? Swallow? Our do you let it get that far?" I ask grinning mischievously. "…&hellip.OMG…&hellip.

I can't believe you asked that!" "HA! You have to answer it!" "OK OK&hellip.swallow" She whispers. I of course laugh out load at her embarrassment. "Its less messy that way" she says, face blood red. A few questions later and the question of anal gets asked. (I by the way love anal as you will soon come to know) She says, "I've always wanted to try anal with a guy but they always think its nasty" (with a guy??) "I don't mind a little nasty" I say, "To be honest, anal is pretty soft core compared to the things I'm thinking about doing to you" I swear I see a combination of excitement, lust, and fear pass across her eyes.

"Is that a promise?" she asked. "Absolutely!" I reply. We talked for quite a while longer were she stole a few more of my beers, the waitress had to know what was happening but didn't say anything. After a bit I excused myself to use the restroom and while heading there I gave my card to the waitress to pay for the drinks. Shortly after getting back to the table the waitress brought my card back with the copy of the receipts. Lacy looked disappointed that this evening was ending but I had different ideas.

Using the waitress's pen I wrote a note on the back of my receipt copy, folded it up and put it in my pocket. This earned me a strange look but I ignored it. I got up from the table, took her hand and walked her out to the parking lot. Asking her which car was hers I walked her to it. Once we got to her car I decided to risk it all. Grabbing her belt in one hand and throat with the other I roughly lifted her up to eye level with me and planted my mouth to hers so fast she didn't have time to react.

Using my body to pin her to her car at my level I slid my hand from her belt up to her breast taking her whole breast into my hand I squeezed her nipple rather roughly between my thumb and forefinger causing her to moan into my mouth. Removing my hand from her throat I reach into my shirt pocket and pull out my note.

I pulled away from our kiss but before she could say anything I squeezed her nipple as hard as I could. When she opened her mouth to scream I shoved the note into her mouth clamping my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet. I put my face to hers and as menacingly as I could I said, "Come to this address if you think you can handle me. But if you don't, I never want to hear from you again." Walking away I couldn't help but think of the fear and lust I saw in her eyes.

I knew she would come. Once home I got cleaned up and prepared a few things for her arrival. 45 minutes later I see the headlights pull into my front drive. I am surprisingly calm considering my excitement. I meet Lacy on my front porch as she walks up. I tell her "I'm glad you came" She smiles softly, "I want you to know, if you walk through that door I will unleash 15 years of sexual frustration on your body. I will not hold back nor take no for an answer".

Eyes burning with lust she says "Is that a promise?" I walk Lacy into my house going strait to my bedroom. Standing next to the bed I take a fist full of her shirt pulling her into a passionate if rough kiss. Snatching her shirt and bra over her head in one yank, I move to her belt and pants.

In no time she is standing naked in front of me. I take a second to admire her sexy pale body. Looking at her light pink eraser sized nipples surrounded by silver dollar sized areolas I quickly bend and take her nipple into my mouth sucking and biting hard.

"Oh God, Yes suck my nipples *squeal* OH GOD, yes bite them!" Standing back up I order Lacy to undress me as my cock is about to rip out of my pants. She rips off my shirt sending buttons everywhere then attacks my belt and pants. Now it should be noted that I'm a large guy overall and my cock is no exception. Standing fully erect at 10 inches and very thick. As soon as Lacy gets my belt undone squatting down she pulls my pants down revealing my fully engorged cock.

With eyes wide she says "OMG that's huge" (a guy can never hear that enough) Years ago I convinced myself that I was condemned to be with the same woman for the rest of my life. Now with the chance of having sex with a new woman sitting in front of me, I was in no mood for words.

I grabbed Lacy's head with both hands pulling it to my cock. Knowing it was coming she opened her mouth to accept it. I jammed my cock as deep as I could right from the start, only getting half of it in before hitting the back of her throat. I didn't let that stop me though, I kept pushing against that barrier, gagging her like crazy, trying to get into her throat. After blonde mature sex bomb with huge tits minute of this I thought she would be need to breath so I let up on the pressure Sister and brother joking 2019 was enforcing only to find it not let up a bit.

This girl was trying to force it down her throat too!! I just stood there stunned, watching her gag herself on my cock. After a minute of trying her hardest to swallow my cock she pulls back from it saying, "It's just too big, I can't go any deeper." "You just need a little more practice and a lot more encouragement." I tell her while grabbing a fist full of her raven hair.

She smiles real big and almost growls as I force my cock back into her mouth to the back of her throat. The next few minutes were spent with Lacy on her knees, gagging, trying to force my cock down her throat. I decided it was my turn to give big tits blonde loves giving blowjobs and jerking him off little oral attention. I grab Lacy by her shoulders and lift her up to me kissing her deeply. I can tell she was surprised by this but was also turned on.

I disengage from the kiss by throwing her back onto the bed. "My turn" I say as I crawl between her legs. I am met by the most amazing pussy I have ever seen. Completely shaven, pale skin meeting perfectly shaped pink pussy lips with a rock hard clit sticking out at the top. I grab her legs pushing them up and apart until her knees are beside her breast.

I look at her puckered asshole and like her pussy its pale white skin right up to a pink center. I cant help myself, I take my sexy babe gets double penetrated by bbc and lick her starting at her pink asshole all the way to the top of her clit in one long run.

"OOoohhh, wow that was nice" she moans. I immediately attack her pussy and clit moving back and forth licking and biting. Lacy grabs my head with both hands and grinds her pussy into my face like she was trying to rip it off.

She was really getting into it so I decided to add some fingers to the mix. Inserting two fingers into her pussy curling them up to get at the spongy tissue behind her clit, I start pumping them fast and hard.

"Yes, yes, oohh yes, harder! HARDER!!" Well yes ma'am, I think to myself and I start pumping into her pussy as fast as I can while devouring her clit. I could tell she was getting close to her first orgasm but needed a little help getting over the edge so I take my middle finger from my other hand and slowly work it into her tight forbidden back hole.

Her reaction is almost immediate as she gushes cum onto my face. "Holy shit yes! I'm cumming!! Ooohhhh god that's, OOHHHH SHIT!" As she's coming I am a beautiful babe named lisa was acquired by the gang for some action slacking off a bit on her pussy or her ass. I'm starting to think that the nastier I get the more she gets off.

"ooooh that was nice. Will you please come stick that huge dick into my pussy and fuck my brains out now." She almost begs. Crawling up her body I lick her navel stopping to lick and nibble on her nipples for a bit then move to her mouth taking her into a deep kiss.

I start rubbing my cock up and down her clit. I insert the head of my cock into her pussy and hold it there while I gather a leg in each arm pinning them back against her. Looking into her eyes I can tell she knows what's about to happen next and upon seeing the carnal lust in her eyes I come to a decision.

She wants it to hurt. "This sexy goddess want to be torn to pieces!" I think to myself. With this revelation I decide to go all out on this girl. I bury my cock in one fast thrust. "AAAEEEEHHHH YES WOW YES!!" she screams so loud I swear the neighbors have to hear but I don't let up one bit. I decided to pound this sexy raven haired goddess until one of us passed out. With her legs pinned back as far as I could bend them, I would pull my dick out till only the head was left in her and pound it back home.

Each time she would scream at the top of her lungs. Instead of slowing down I just went faster and harder for the next 15 minutes until she was gushing cum onto me again. Now at this point, after all this exertion I still had a way to go before cumming and there was still one hole I haven't tried out yet. As she was coming down from her orgasmic high, I roll her over and get her onto her knees.

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I have her to pull her knees into her body were her face is laying flat on the bed with her body on her knees and her ass is sticking strait out the back at perfect level with my cock.

At this angle there is nothing to stop me from burying my cock completely into Lacy's ass. From all the gushing she's done I know that lubrication won't be a problem and as I start rubbing my dick around her puckered hole she says, "I don't think we should do it there, you're too big." Smack!! I slapped her right on her ass cheek leaving a perfect red handprint in her pale skin. And just to make things even.

Smack!! I put a matching one on her other cheek causing her to moan deeply. I guess I was right about her. After working it around her ass for a bit I started to push it in. It took a little work but I got it through her tight ring with a "pop" and she is hollering, "oh god, oh god, oh god". Now I knew she had never done this before and I was not going to be overly cruel (I did want to do this again) I slowly pushed my cock all the way into her as far as I could go and held it there until she got used to the size.

Needless to say she was still screaming like a banshee. "Holy fuck it's all the way into my ass!! OMG it's so huge!! Don't move!! You're tearing me in half!!' It didn't take long before she was pushing back against me and I knew it was time to play. I started by pulling back till I could feel small girl xx first time rim of my head at her sphincter and rammed it back in.

"AAAEEEEHHHHYYYEEEAAAASSSS" That's all the encouragement I needed. I repeated this process again and again slowly picking up the pace. It was by far the tightest thing I have ever fucked in my life. It didn't take long until I was jack hammering into her ass and she was taking it like a pro. Of course she was still screaming bloody murder but the word "yes" was mixed in there over and over again so I didn't slow down. At this point I felt her shudder with what I think is a powerful orgasm and then I feel the confirmation running down the inside of my leg.

I know I'm getting close to cumming so I ask her, "Are you ready for me to cum baby?" "Ooo are you going to cum in my ass?" "NO" "Oh, then where are you going to cum?" "In your throat baby" "Oh you want to blow your hot load in my mouth huh?" "No baby, I'm going to force my cock down your throat and cum." Just hearing those words caused her to shudder with a mini orgasm. Knowing I'm close, I pull out of her ass, flip her onto her back and drag her over to the edge of the bed where just the back of her head is hanging off.

Now I have a strait shot down her throat and didn't waist a moment to take advantage of that fact.

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I quickly jammed my dick into her mouth ramming the back of her throat. Grabbing her body and yelling at her to swallow, I push and pull with all my strength breaking through that barrier and into her throat. Now this was an all new feeling, and let me tell girl in stockings masturbates with a dildo it was amazing. I was so close to cumming now I held my huge cock fully into her throat just using short thrusts.

I knew she couldn't breath but I didn't care at this moment as the most powerful orgasm I've ever had was about to explode down her throat. Lacy's entire body was red and she was slapping my arms wildly as I was still holding her body down and pulling her into me. As I started shooting rope after rope strait down her throat into her stomach I notice something further down her body. While she was frantically trying not to drown on my cum and grasping at me for air, her pussy is absolutely gushing cum!

"This girl is about to die from strangulation, and her body is cumming like never before!" I think to myself. Finally done, I pullout of her throat as her body has gone limp. I notice she is unconscious but can tell she is breathing. I just stand there for a moment admiring her pale curvy body. My cock is still rock hard, partly latina babe cameron canela gets all her holes poked to the scene in front of me and partly due to the little blue pill I took immediately after getting home from the bar.

Not wanting this night to end yet I get an idea. I clean Lacy up quickly, and then position her on the bed normally in the middle on her back with her head at the top. Using some rope I take each of her legs, pin them back and tie them to the head board by the ankles. Then taking her arms, inside her legs, I tie them to the corner posts at the bottom of the bed.

Leaving her unable to move and completely exposed. Looking at her spread open like this, I have to taste her sweet pussy again. I crawl between her legs and start tongue fucking her pussy.

Holly taylor is ready for some real action pornstar and knockers a few minutes of tonguing her pussy her body starts to respond to my stimulation.

I look into her eyes while licking her clit, to judge her reaction when as wakes up. When her eyes open, she looks around and upon realizing her situation I think at first I went too far. That is until she looks me in the eyes and lets out a vicious growl/moan and gushes all over my face.

I think to my self, "This girl just wakes up from being unconscious, and upon realizing she is tied up helpless with someone she barely knows, starts to spray like a fire hose!" Well at least I was right about her. As she comes down from her orgasm I ask "Damn Lacy how much cum do you have in you?" while smiling and wiping off my face.

"OMG, I've never been able to cum with a guy before, much less this many times. Holy fuck this has been the greatest night in my life" She says while trying to catch her breath. "So I take it this sort of stuff gets you a little excited?" I ask while moving up her body placing the head of my hard cock against her pussy lips and start stroking it up and down her clit.

"MMmmm yes I do like it a lot, especially when you went into my ass. It hurt like hell at first but OMG we are going to have to do that again" "Are you ready to go another round?" I ask.

"Ooohh yes I'm so ready." "Not before you answer my question." I say and stop rubbing her clit. Looking confused she asks "What question?" "Its time you tell me what your darkest fantasy is." "I can't!

It's to bad." "To bad? After what we just did. Look Lacy, I haven't known you long at all, but I think the world of you and I want to know what it is and if I can, I will make it happen." "Not this you can't. It's too much to ask and besides it's illegal." "I understand.

There are lots of things I would like to do that aren't exactly legal." I say. "Ok I'll tell you but you promise not to think bad of me?" "Of course I promise." I say really meaning it. 'You can tell me anything." "Ok" she whispers red faced, "I want a slave." "A slave? Like a sex slave that will do whatever you want?" I ask and resume rubbing her clit with my cock.

"No, like a slave that I can force to do whatever I want her to do. I want to take a girl and train her to be a fuck slave. I want to take a girl against her will and make her submit. I want to tie her up and do awful things to her." As she's saying these things I keep rubbing her clit harder and harder, I can tell that by just thinking about it she is getting excited. I tell her "I think that is an incredibly hot idea." "Really? You think that too?" "Absolutely" I say, "I would love to help your fantasy come true." "But how can we do it?" "By carefully planning each phase.

You let me worry about the logistics. I just want to know something." She asks "What?" "If I get some slaves, will you be my mistress of slaves? Helping me train them to be little fuck whores. Making them beg for cock in all their holes. Punishing them when they don't do as ordered." While saying this I am grinding the underside of my cock against her pussy.

"OMG yes I would love to help you!" She is squirming against her restraints at this point, trying to get my cock into her pussy.

"I don't think you understand. As my mistress, you will be MY slave too. Subject to mia malkova phone calls busy storys the same treatment they will be subject to. You will be my head slave, and will fuck me whenever and however I choose. Do you understand?" "Yes, yes I do!! Oooohhh God I do. Please do this!" She is about to explode at this point. "Lacy, Let me make this clear. From this point, will you be my slave and mistress?" "YES" "YES WHAT!!" I yell, grinding into her.

"Yes…M-Master!" She screams because as soon as she says it I plunge my cock into her pussy and immediately start filling it with my cum which pushes her over the edge causing her to shake uncontrollably while squirting cum everywhere. After we come down from our orgasmic high, I untie her bonds and pull her to me holding her tight. She yawns and asks "Where you serious just then?" I can hear the hopeful tone in her voice. "I am very serious about our agreement. Now you go to sleep and let me worry about how it gets done." She kisses me deeply and says "Thank you so much for tonight." I tell her "You're welcome.

And one more thing before you fall asleep." "Yes?" "When I wake up in the morning, if my cock is not in your mouth, I will be disappointed and have to punish you" "Yes Master!" End of Chapter 1 Let me know what you think. Good or bad comments welcome. Chapter 2 will cover setting up a new place, acquiring and training our first slave.

After that things will get pretty interesting. Chapter 3 will be amazing!