Blow job and wild fucking together hardcore and creampie

Blow job and wild fucking together hardcore and creampie
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Natalia passes by the bed to take her shower, she looks over and sees the stains on the bed that my daughter and herself had made the night before. She smiling knowing that her fantasy of making love to Rachelle's dad had come true.

She starts to get a tingling feeling inside her body and her pussy starts to get moist, thinking of that hard dick up inside her, the head of his pulsing penis against her cervix, shooting his hot gizz into her fertile tiny womb.

This was much better than her little three inch dildo could ever do for her. She gets in the shower, grabs a wash cloth, puts some soap on it and cleans her body all over. She's moving the cloth across her almost flat chest, making her nipples hard and erect, and sending these sensations to her brain, making her remember how her pointy tits pushed into the chest of Rachelle's dad as she was fucking his cock last night, losing her virginity, and making her a woman.

She's squeezing her tits harder and moving the wash cloth in circles over her tits more and more, making her breath faster, while her other hand is now on her pussy, sliding her fingers in and out of her once virgin entrance and up and down across her clitoris, she keeps moving her fingers faster and faster, thinking of Rachelle's dad as her own, as she lets out a muffled moan saying: " Yes daddy that's it!

Fuck your cock hungry daughter!

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Fuck me! " bringing her to an intense orgasm, as pussy juice squirts all over her fingers and hand. Natalia almost buckles under the sensation, holding herself up by the rail in the shower, as she slowly recovers.

She finished cleaning herself up and turns off the shower. She dries herself off and weak legged walks back to Rachelle's room.

I am in the kitchen making hot ham and cheese sandwiches and getting out snacks, when the girls walk in. I look at them and see what the girls are wearing. Natalia has got on a black tight skirt, that rides just below her nice firm ass, and wearing a white half cut shirt that was shear enough that I could make out the outline of her trainer bra.

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(nice!) My daughter has on a pink skirt, riding just below her ass also, and a white half shirt showing her perky little A-cup titties hidden by a lacey white bra. ( very nice!) I look at them a moment and say; " Hey I thought you guys were going swimming." The girls shrugged their heads and say; " Well didn't feel like going swimming right jelena jensen returning the favor eating that pussy back naturaltits fingering. we wanted to wait on Natalia's mom and maybe we could all swim later, when she got here.

We thought we would eat first and maybe you could take us to the park or to the mall after we eat, or just hang around here a little while and play on the computer." I said; " Ok that's fine, we'll just eat here in the kitchen. " I had made a fold out table that hangs on the wall, you just release it and it has a leg on one side and is attached to the wall on the other.

I had made it tall enough to go along with the stools I bought last year. The girls got up on the stools, and I brought the sandwiches and the snacks consisting of chips, pretzels, and soda over to the table. Natalia and Rachelle sat on one side while I sat on the other.

We ate our food and made small talk for a little while. I got up, take the plates away to put them in the dish washer and the girls stayed there at the table to finish their drinks. I am leaned down putting the dishes in the tray of the dish washer, when I glance over at the girls and happen to notice that I can see between their legs. They have got their legs open just barely enough to see nothing but a sliver of underwear. Ms paris and her taboo tales quotcreampiequot turn away and keep putting more plates in the tray.

The girls are whispering to each other and when I turn a second time, I get a view of two pair of legs spread apart, and showing me a set of sweet young snatches barely covered by a set of sheer white thongs. I stumbled aroung a little bit trying to put the plates in and trying to look at their sweet pussies at the same time. (My dick started growing again) These two girls knew just how to tease me. After I put the plates away, the girls got up and went into my daughter's room, to get on the computer.

( I guess they thought they teased me enough.) After the little show they gave me, I just wanted to follow the girls into the room, tell them how I was awake the whole time and make love to them the rest of the day, but I knew I couldn't it would ruin everything. I head back the hall to get my sheets off my bed and slow down to hear what the girls are talking about, since the subject was about me when I heard my name in it.

I hear my daughter say to Natalia; " What are we gonna do now? Your going home tonight and I don't have any of those pills to knock him out so I can fuck him again! " Natalia says; " Well my mom doesn't have a lot of them left but if your willing to share your dad and wait, I can give you some more.

you can put them in his drink at night, and when you do, just turn on the pool lights. I can see them on from my house and I'll come over and we'll play some more. Hows that sound?" My daughter says; " That would be great! I want to try some of those other positions we seen on the computer and see how it feels and to make more love to my daddy. " Natalia corrects her and says; " NO!

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Our daddy now! lol" Rachelle laughs and says; " OK! OUR DADDY! LOL " So now I at least knew when she was going to try to sedate me was when I seen the pool lights on at night. This was going to be fun. We wound up at the mall for awhile and got back early evening just getting out of the car, as Svetlana ( Natalia's mother ) pulled up to the driveway.

She gets out of the car, waving at us, carrying a small bag and wearing a summer dress that hugs her beautiful sweet petite body. Natalia runs to her and hugs her and Svetlana says; " Did you have fun?

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" Natalia smiles back as to say; I got what I wanted and then says; " Yes we have had a great weekend." Her and her daughter walk up and she gives me a hug and says; " thanks and says that she has brought something for me and her to drink this evening as long as we where still going to swim this evening." I just smiled and said; " Of course I would like that very much.

" We walk torwards the house the girls race ahead and I hold the door for Svetlana, as she passes I can smell that sweet perfume of hers and I start to get hard.

( I can't wait to see her in a bikini! )