Pounding her dark ass using a large cock

Pounding her dark ass using a large cock
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Chapter 3 Carl and I couldn't speak about it until Wednesday. Oh how I had found myself wanting it in that sudden moment of passion, but later that night I was devastated by my own behavior. I wondered if my marriage was going to end. Carl and I loved each other more than anything in the world and now it could all be over. We were somehow struck dumb afterwards and that only added to our suffering. When I passed Lydia in the hall of our apartment building we both couldn't look each other in the eye.

I finally got the courage to talk at dinner on Wednesday night. "I'm so sorry," I said as sobs broke out. "Me, too. You are the most important thing in the world to me." "I didn't mean for that to happen." "It's OK. It's OK. I didn't either." We stood and hugged each other. Tears were running down Carl's face, too. "I love you, Carl. I love you. I love you." He kissed me like he did when I was a girl. "It's fun doing things with them, but it's you I want." "I think so, too." Carl touched me lightly on my breast.

I needed his love like never before.

He unbuttoned the top button on my blouse. Then a thought came to me. "Just a minute. Wait here" and I hurried into the bedroom. I started pushing clothes around on the closet rod.

Yes. It was there: =================== I was 19. Carl was a handsome ROTC cadet I had been seeing for six months. I admired his courage despite all the horrible things that were happening in the war back then. I had let him go further than any man before, but he respected my wishes as I had clung to my virginity. Still, he knew how to give me an orgasm with his fingers and his mouth.

I had overcome my shyness and learned to satisfy himm with my hand and to take him in my mouth. That night we had gone to see a play. "Virginia Wolfe." I had already made up my mind. When we got back to his off campus apartment, we sat on the sofa like we frequently started out. We kissed and he touched my breasts ever so lightly. Then I said, "Just a minute," and darted into his bathroom. He heard me pee and run the water in the sink.

But I came out wearing a new black nighty I had hidden in my purse. I appeared to him across the room, but he quickly came to me. I had a lump in my throat but managed to whisper simply, "Tonight." He wrapped both arms around me and we kissed for what must have been five minutes. "Wait. I bought some rubbers in case this ever came." "No. My period is almost here. I want you the way you really are." Carl gently pulled the strings of my nightie off my shoulders and let it fall below my breasts.

He looked at them like he had never seen them before. I was a 32 B back then and they were nicely shaped. I enjoyed looking at them in the mirror myself. He kissed me again and all over my face and down to my neck. It's the neck that makes my breathing get heavy and makes me wet.

He touched my breasts with his finger, kissed them and gently cirled my nipples with his tongue. Then hid slid the nightie over my head and stood back. I stood there naked, with my hands at my sides, my long black hair streaming over my breasts. Carl stood back and just looked at me. Despite all we had done, I had never stood before him like that. kittys kat 83 tube porn are so beautiful." My juices were running down my leg as Carl undressed in front of me.

I led him by the hand beautiful but sad girl himeki kaede needs something naughty in her life this good looking maid gets the bedroom and we pulled down the covers and got in.

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Carl kissed me again as we embraced. He kissed my breasts again and my tummy and my thighs and licked my pussy lips as my legs opened wide for him. "Now," I said. I felt his cock touch my opening for the first time.

Oh, how I needed him then. He was so gentle. He slowly pushed in. Then resistance. Then a sharp sting and he was buried inside me.

I winced and a tear ran down my cheek.

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"Are you OK?" "I'm wonderful." What a feeling that was, his hard penis all the way up into my tummy. He began a slow rhythm and I was rocking my hips to meet sunny leone xxx twgirls in ebony. Then passion exploded and our rhythm became frantic.

Our mouths were locked together. His hands held my breasts and we were both emitting gutteral groans. We were fucking. Yes, fucking, and it was not a dirty thing at all. I was having a wonderful orgasm when I felt him come inside me. I was so happy. He continued to stroke me even after he was spent. And when he pulled out his cock, it had long since relaxed.

For some silly reason, I was crying, and Carl kissed the tears off my face. "I love you," he said. "I love you so much," I said.

He kissed me deeply and then, with the lightest kisses, touched my eyes, my nipples, my sloppy, bleeding pussy. And before long, his hard cock was inside me again. He moved slower then and it must have been 20 minutes before he came again. I broke curfew and stayed with him the whole night. I never knew love making was so wonderful, and after a shower, we made love off and on all night long ========================== I stood before him in that same black nightie.

Carl came to me, held me in his arms, and I had all I could do to make my voice whisper, "Tonight." ========================== I saw Lydia in the hall the next day. I said, "Won't you come in?" As soon as the door closed, we stared at each other for a moment, and both broke into sobs. Then we embraced.

"I'm so sorry." "No, no." "Carl and I talked and its ok." "Frank and I talked, too. We're OK. And if it's OK with you -- well -- you know -- Sundays -- we like getting together with you." "Oh, Lydia, Yes. Yes." We kissed like girls do at moments like this. Then we were dancing slowly to the music on the radio.

We kissed again and it was longer and for the first time, I knew something was happening. "I love you, Margo." We kissed again and I realized I was wet.

"Oh, Lydia," when I felt her hand on my breast. It was like electricity.

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Her breast was a new feeling under my fingers, then, too. I knew girls sometimes did this, but I had no idea how exciting it could be.

We took each other's blouses off. It was funny how hard it was to take off each others' bras -- we giggled. Then I unzipped her skirt and slid it and her panties off. We both stood naked, staring at each other.

There was that beautiful woman I had admired so much and watched make love to Frank and then, Carl. She was tall, maybe 5'8" and had nice C cup breasts, dirty blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. When our naked bodies came together our breasts touched, we pulled our hips together. I had never touched another woman's breasts and hers felt different than mine. Firmer, larger nipples. We carressed each other's breasts for a long time. Then, together our hands wandered down.

Her fingers were cool and thin as she parted my lips. I remember how her pussy felt so different than mine.

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Plumper somehow. We moved into my bedroom and the bed was still unmade. She could feel a place in the sheets where Carl and I had been "You and Carl made love, last night, didn't you?" "Yes, it was the first time, since, you know, Sunday." "We did, too. Make love to me, now, Margo!" and we both plunged our fingers deep into each others' vaginas.

Lydia found my G spot -- we didn't even know the term then -- and my spasms of love began. Something came over me and I wanted to taste her, like I tasted her on Carl's cock Sunday.I turned around and climbed on top of her, kissing her knees and legs and tummy. Her pussy was right before my eyes and I couldn't believe what I was feeling.

I loved that, wanted that.

When I felt her tongue on my own lips, I started licking her. What a wonderful, female taste and aroma. Different than mine. My clit exploded with feeling as her tongue moved between my lips. And I could actually see her clit. I licked her there and started fucking her with my fingers. I couldn't help but think about how i had seen Frank's and Carl's cocks go in there and i brunette milf melissa swallows is getting fucked faster and faster as i began to come myself.

Then I plunged my face deep into her pussy, my tongue lapping inside her vagina. Did I taste Frank's juices from the night before? She was doing the same to me and we stayed like that forever. Orgasm after orgasm wracked my body. Then we were spent. We came back around and kissed each other -- all those wonderful tastes and smells -- gently caressing each others' breasts and pussies. "I love you, Lydia." Chapter 4 Lydia and I had been meeting secretly as lovers now for several months while we continued our new found Sunday breakfast wife swapping meets with our husbands, Frank and Carl.

For me it was like I had found a new corner of heaven. Carl and I were still very much in love and showed it our bed. But fucking Frank every couple of weeks was unbelievably exciting and Lydia, Lydia was a new and wonderful passion for me. I was in love with her and the many hours of love making we shared were both sweet and powerful.

This Sunday, we had decided we could keep our secret no longer. The men cooked as usual and were getting very fancy. Belgian wa