Classy girl tied up and drilled hard

Classy girl tied up and drilled hard
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Ch2 She stormed down the stairs and out of the house. Robby following her all the way out. It was hard, but it had to be done, she realized that now. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOEN LARAIN?!†He was screaming at her cause he couldn’t understand why she no longer wanted to clean his house cook his food wash his cloths and, probably fisnet freak loves suck cock coast to coast most important part, expected her to wait for him to want her again, with him showing no sign of interest!

Not for a full year. All he wanted to do was hunt. Why was she supposed to sit around and wait to be loved when there were people who already wanted to love her now? She had realized as she had put on her sweat pants and t-shirt that she didn’t have to. Nor did she want to. “At least tell me were your going†Robby said as she hit the bottom of the stairs.

“WHY are you doing this ,what did I do to you?†Suddenly she stopped. She was mad as hell She wanted to physically hurt this man. Give him the pain he had given her. “Nothing.†She turned to look at him “Absolutely nothing Robby.†She put her bags down at the foot of the stairs. “And that would be my problem, †She was walking toward him now, why? She wanted to get away.

But she couldn’t shut up now that her mouth was opening. Like the first word gave her permission for her entire body to take over. “You don’t love mehold meyell at me, or even LOOK at me anymore, and you know what I’M SICK OF IT!†she stopped were she was five steps from him.

He looked shocked she thought. Good. She turned on her heels, grabbed her bags ,her keys by the door, and walked out to her car. She threw her bags in the back seat and climbed into the front and started the car.

Robby was now walking out of the house. He looked mad as she put the car in reverse. He was screaming something at her but she didn’t hear it. She slammed the car into drive and screeched down the dirt road.

It was her last chance at getting away. She had to get away. Just to get her head on straight. A couple minuets later she pulled up into Sarah’s yard.

She got out of the care and all but ran to the door, her flip flops barely holding onto her feet as she got to the door.

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Pounding vigorously she looked almost half crazed when her friend opened the door, “Larain,†Sarah said opening the door. She looked at her friends frantic look and knew something had to be wrong, her first thought was Robby. “Oh my god, what happened to Robby?†She pulled her friend into the house before she crumbled on her front porch.

Larain sat on the foyer bench as her friend closed the door. “I did it. I left him.†She started shaking, “I need somewhere to stay a couple of days till I can get myself together†Sarah nodded in agreement. They spent the rest of the morning talking about what was happening. She helped her make up the guest room and then get her bags out of the car.

Larain told Sarah about Aaron then. She told her every detail. Blushing at some of the more intimate parts. “I loved it Sarah, I know it’s wrong but he never looks at me anymore and I just wanna be loved.

Aaron gives me that. He’s been so supportive all this time and now he’s helped me make this step too.†Sarah looked at Larain in total shock. Robby and her had always seemed to be such a good couple. Holding it together, from apparently, with only a thread. She listened to Larain’s story and offered comfort and getting wet herself in the process.

When Adam gets home, she thought, I’m fucking his brains out. Larain slept that day, the events of the night surpassing any energy reserve she may have had yesterday. She 245 krasotka s bolshoj grudyu poziruet na kuxnehtml down and tried to process what she had just done.

She was now a product of divorce. She fell asleep and dreamed of Aaron. Of running her tongue up and down his shaft. Kissing his balls, Then making mad passionate love to him till the moon set and the sun started to rise in the morning sky. She woke hugging her pillow and wishing it were Aaron. She decided to go into town that morning to go job hunting she looked through the cloths she had brought with her.

She picked up a skirt that just covered the thigh highs stockings. Deciding against panties for the time being. She put on a white long sleeve blouse with a lace bra underneath. To finish her outfit she put on 3 blonde mature sex bomb with huge tits in heels and walked into the bathroom to do her hair.

The result being stunning. Done with her preparing she walked out the door and drove into town, letting Sarah know she’d be gone for the day job hunting and wouldn’t be back till around supper. She was gonna need a job if she was gonna make it on her own and she had some experience in being a secretary. So she went form office to office putting in applications and getting in a few on the spot interviews.

At noon she decided to stop in at one of the towns many café’s for a bite to eat. Looking out the window and thinking of what to do next and the end of the week when she would go to Aaron as he had asked. The memory feed back into her mind … "Not tonight.

Anybunny full force kareena kapoor will finish, and I will give you exactly what you want and need. But you will come to me." as she moved to get off the bed he held up his hand stopping her, "Not now. You will have a few days to think on it first. A week to be precise.

You will NOT play with yourself but you may think of tonight. You are allowed no more orgasms unless I give you permission to have them. And you will do this because I will give you everything your body needs and more. " Her eyes lit up with confusion and wonder at his words. She loved playing with herself and it would be hard not to for the next week. A whole week with no sex. Not even to herself made her wonder if she would go mad.

. “Larain, Larain?†She looked up and out of her day dream to see the real thing standing in front of her. “Aaron†She was suddenly breathless at the sight of him, and wet. She wanted to devour ripgal hot sex sex stories mobi. “What are you doing here?†She smiled and melted as he gave her one of his own in return only moistening the already fresh memories and reassuring her that she would need new underwear by the time this talk was done.

“I’m here for their eggs, but I can’t help but pose the same question of you my pet. Why are you here and not home with Robby?†His face went from soft to serious. “I left this morning. I’m looking for a job so I can support myself†She looked down at her fork as he sat across from her in the booth she was sitting in.

“Were are you staying Larain?†She kinky strap on fun with two lusty lassies up at him.

His face serious and worried. “Sarah’s for now. But I have to find…†“Come on,†He got up and started walking. After a few steps he turned and waited for her. She got up following him out of the establishment laying the money for her food and tip on the table on her way out.

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Waving at the waitress to let her know the money was on the table. As she walked out of the restaurant he was standing by his Truck with the door open for her.

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“I brought my own car ya’ know.†She blushed at the chivalrous act. She tried to keep the fact that she was thinking of the night before from her face. Aaron stood with the door open watching her ,waiting for her to get in the car before going around to the drivers side of the car.

Finally giving in she walked over cute asian secretary aki yatou blows co workers small dick the truck and got in. Closing the door behind her, he ran round to the other side jumping into the driver seat. Starting the truck he pulled out and started down the road. They sat quietly for a few moments letting the radio fill up the space between them. After they reached the edge of town Aaron reached over and pushed her skirt up revealing the stockings lacy top and the garter belt.

He looked at her questionably pulling her legs apart and pushing her skirt up more. She was already wet, and she was starting to run just form him touching her. She knew if he didn’t stop she would be soaked by the time they reached Sarah’s.

Looking down he saw she wasn’t wearing the matching thong to this outfit, and again he looked at her questioningly.

“Were you expecting me Larain?†She blushed at his question and shook her head knowing she wouldn’t be able to speak while he was touching her. “Scoot to the middle seat Larain,†Aaron said. She removed her seatbelt and scooted to the middle seat realizing her mistake as soon as her butt hit the middle seat.

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Her skirt was pushed up around her hips leaving her completely exposed. He pulled on her leg pulling her toward the dash board and her pelvis forward.

While he kept his eyes on the road he fingered her clit. Rubbing a rough finger over the sensitive nub, picking up speed as he continued to play with the sensitive nub. Larain leaned her head back, needing that relies he offered. Just before she got their though he stopped rubbing, licking and sucking her off his fingers as he started to slow down. She looked up ,whining at him for the loss of his masterful hands on her body.

She looked up out of the window to see they were in the driveway just in front of Sarah’s house. She scrambled to get her skirt back down feeling herself soak the back as she did so.

“Stay here,†he commanded her, pointing his finger as he climbed out of t he truck. She stared at him dumbfounded for a moment as he walked up to Sarah’s front door.

She opened the door as he raised his hands and they started talking. He pointed at the truck and explained something to her while she looked over at Larain. She wanted to sink down in her seat as Sarah gave her a knowing look from the porch.

Standing aside from the door she allowed him to walk past her and she said something pointing at the truck as he entered the house. Sarah walked over ,smiling reassuringly at her as she came. She opened the driver door and looked at her. “Your sure you wanna do this, you can stay with me as long as you want.†Larain looked at her for a moment and then, figuring Aaron had told her she was going to move in with him cursed under her breath. “I don’t think I have much of a choice.†She was mad.

He hadn’t asked just took liberty. But that was one of the anal booties jessica rex kendra spade kat dior and ashley adams she was becoming so fond of. She never had to wonder were she stood with Aaron. She just had to sit back and wait. And even that wasn’t just always a saying.

She continued to talk to Sarah a few moments getting directions to Aarons house just in case she needed to come get her or anything happened. She gave her a couple of phone numbers to add to her list. Larain was leaning out of the truck on her knees giving her friend a hug when Aaron walked out with all of her bags. He stopped enjoying the view of her ass sticking up in the air, wondering if he could get her to eat Sarah out while he watched from a chair, maybe to later join in the fun.

He shook the thought from himself as he walked toward the car. “Careful Sarah,†he grinned, “I’ll have to take you with us if you keep hugging her like that.†Sarah looked over at Aaron giving him a menacing smile that implied so much more then he knew. “Just keep my girl happy and you won’t need me there, Aaron†Larain laughed at the two sitting down in the truck her garter belt showing again.

Aaron scooted past her laying a hand on her ass as he did and whispered “Your just jealous cause you can’t have me now that Larain’s got me.†He bust out laughing as she a shocked look spread across her face.

Then she busted out laughing retorting, “Don’t flatter yourself Aaron. Adam’s 3 inches longer and 1 ½ inches wider then caprice capone sucks and fucks bbc pov style interracial smalltits Aaron gloomed at hersnorting his nostrils “How’s a man supposed to compete with that fucking iguana he got stuffed down his pants!†Sarah giggled at him and turned to walk back into the house, shaking her ass the whole way there.

Aaron rolled his eyes and put the truck in reverse. Pulling out of the driveway he drove out of the suburbs and into the countryside, on the other side of the county were her husbands house was. Aaron had twice the land though, almost a 600 acre horse ranch with over 100 horses. Aaron pulled up to silicon tited sex symbol cali carter house huge as it was and pulled the truck into one of the garages. Getting out he opened the door for her, and slid her out of the car.

Effortlessly picking her up and putting her back on the ground behind him. Taking her hand he walks toward the house and opens the door to a huge kitchen. The chef at the stove suturing a pot with a heavenly sent coming from it. He stopped and waived smiling wide as he spotted Larain at Aarons arm, “Just the two tonight Mr. Bullock?†Aaron nodded and jerked his head back toward the garage. “Have Linda pull the bags from the car and then tell her she can go to her room for the night if she’s done with her work for the day.†They walked out of the kitchen and down the hall, Larain noticing the chef oggiling her on their way out.

He walked past what seemed like thirty rooms before he opened one right before reaching the foyer in front of the stairs. It was a room lined with books a stool, a fainting couch, and a small dresser. He walked in closed the door behind them and then started to undo Larain’s shirt. She tried to back away but he garbed her by her lower arms and pulled her back to were she has standing again.

He reached for the side zipper on her skirt and she stepped back. “Shouldn’t we get to a more comfortable room first,†she asked. Aaron stepped forward and, still looking her in the eye and pulled her skit off. “Turn.†he said and when she did he pulled out a pocket knife and cut off her bra. She gasped turning back toward him, looking at him in shock as her bra fell to the floor.

“You’ll not wear anything else,†he said, “Not unless I give you permission. This is so I can have access to you any were at any time. Do you understand, If so nod.†She nodded once. “If I do find you in anything but heels and stockings I will cut it from you and then you will be punished, Do you understand?†She nodded again. He put a hand on her shoulder pushing her backwards.

Forcing her to walk backwards to keep from falling. Her legs caught on couch and she fell backwards, sitting hard on the chair with her legs open ,Aaron got down and started kissing her pussy, as though she had a mouth instead of a wet pussy. Spreading her lips he flicked his tongue across her clit teasing her with kisses and blowing on it every now and then.

She started to get wet her spread lips allowing the excesses juice to flow down her lips over her ass and onto the couch.

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She moaned in pleasure leaning back on her elbows so she could push her ass father down and allow him better access. She ran one of her hands thought his hair and pulled him closer, whining at the pleasure, trying to push his head into her pussy, needing more of him. But just before she could cum, he pulled back sitting down on his legs and watch her wine. “Why’d you stop?!

That felt so good.†the look in his eyes said he found something humorous but his mouth was completely serious. “I want you to be mine.†He said simply. She looked at him strangely. It was a simple enough request, but she didn’t know what he meant.

“I want to love you every second of every day, I’ll give you anything you want. All you’ll ever have to do is ask. But I want you. I want to take care of you.†She looked at him dumbfounded.

She had never asked to be taken care of doing things for herself. Now here was Aaron, asking her to be ,well, her and all she had to do was say yes. “What’s the catch?†she askedwatching him closely.

“Just say yes†he said. “I want you. Only you. To love and take care of you.†She nodded slowly and as she did he slipped a finger inside of her again and started to work on her exotic lesbians love their bodies and pussies spot. She leaned back, enjoying the pleasure feeling herself build up to a climax.

He leaned forward slurping and licking her juice up. She started trembling as his tongue worked over her clit, toying with the small pleasure buttons, making her shake and writhe in the process.

With one more lap she was over the edge and rising to the heavens, feeling pure bliss as she worked around her hips, dry humming her face. As she finished her climax she felt something brush her lips and opened expecting him to kiss her. Instead the huge head of his cock was pushed into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around him greedily sucking as she set up on her elbows to get better access. Putting her hands on his cock base she sucked like it would be her last meal. She didn’t have long to wait till he was shooting her mouth full and down her throat.

Sperm spilled out the sides of her mouth and dripped down to her breast. Standing up he wiped the sides of his mouth with her finger, he offered it to her and she gladly accepted, licking till there was no more to give. The evening ended quietly with a small dinner in the dinning room.

Servants staring at her as she ate and the male servants finding excuses to touch her. Even ending up standing while a female servant spilled wine on her and with no towel, proceeding to clean it up the best way she knew how. With her tongue.

Larain objected at first until the woman found her clit, licking and sucking wildly, reducing Larain to a moaning writhing withering puddle in her chair. Once the woman had sucked the last of her juice she got up leaving smiling at Aaron on his way out. He got up carrying her off to bed. Knowing tomorrow would be couple walking in the park entertainment and fucked everywhere hard on her.

She was after all now his to do with what he pleased. Even if that meant watching her being eaten sucked fucked and drained dry all day till she couldn’t stand any more.