Nasty lesbos gets punished and fucked with dildos clip

Nasty lesbos gets punished and fucked with dildos clip
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This is my first story so only leave constructive criticism. Abi I was 25 years old and had never been short of women. I had owned the old family home since my parents decided to sell up and move to the seaside.

I didn't want to go as I had a good group of friends, and a great job. So the solution was to buy the place. I was friendly with the couple next door, not in each ravishing gianna michaels rides on a bbc brunette boobs pockets but friendly enough.Their only child was a girl and she was absolutely gorgeous.

She was tall for her age, with a beauty that made you bump into lampposts, and her name was Abigail. She preferred to be called Abi and had just turned 16 She had long mousy brown hair a couple of inches below her shoulders that cascaded down around a pretty face.

Her eyes were blue which made her whole face light up, a small button nose above an upturned mouth with oh so soft lips. She had a small dimple on both cheeks which got deeper when she smiled, and she always seemed to be smiling.

Her body had progressed from a stick figure into what can only de described as stunning, small breasts, a slim midriff and long, slender, tanned legs that most women would kill for. And last but not the least came her well defined ankles and pretty feet. She liked to wear clothes that showed off her attributes, and normally little or no footwear. but never looked slutty. I had watched her grow up from a baby into the beautiful young lady that she was now.

She had always been quiet, certainly compared to her younger sister, Amy, who was always more vocal in our quick chats across the fence.

Her parents had just put a trampoline in as Abi had taken it up as an interest at school. I loved watching both Abi and her sister enjoying the thrill of jumping as high as they could. Abi started teaching Amy more complicated stuff that she learned from her trainer. Abi was a joy to watch, both natural and graceful, but I loved to watch both of them.

One particular day, Amy wanted me to watch her do a trick, so as usual, I went to watch from my side of the fence. She normally got excited about showing me star jumps or sit downs, but Amy had shown her her to do a somersault.

She did one and I told her it was very good. Amy seemed to want to go one better than her sister, so she jumped and jumped, granny wife with amazing body fucked on cam higher and higher until she launched into a double somersault. She landed it but as she bounced again, I saw that she was getting closer to the edge nearest to me.

Too late to slow down, I saw that I would have to stop her from hitting the fence between us. As she got closer, I put up my hands. She too put her hands out to stop herself, and coming down, she managed to put her hands against my shoulders, and my hands ended up catching her hips, gently dropping to the ground as I let her go.

My first concern was that she was unharmed, which she said that she was Ok. My second concern was that I had never thought anything about young girls that may cause me to become aroused, but that short contact on a small amount of skin that I had touched was like a little shock. I shook off the feeling that I had had, but found that the next few times that I saw her, she would smile at me. Every time I saw her out with friends, she would wave to me.

I just passed it off as being friendly A warm spring was turning into a hot summer, allowing clothing to get less and less on everyone. That was all except Abi. She wasn't one to flaunt herself in public, but where a lot of the girls had resorted to bikini tops and tight hot pants, Abi stuck at slightly short t-shirts, friends mom fucked with me ebony dubbing you could see a glimpse of a belly button if you mom and son wrestling fuk lucky and baggy shorts.

The only difference was that she went nearly everywhere barefoot. It wouldn't have made any difference as you could have dressed her in old sack cloth, and she would have still looked good. I was working in the garden one hot day when I heard the patio doors open in Abi's house which was surprising as the whole family had gone out. I looked over the hedge and saw Abi with her best friend Sarah coming out of the house in bikini's.

They repositioned the sun beds from a position that was out of my sight to one where I couldn't fail to notice both of them. I didn't want to act like a pervert, so I called out hi to them. Abi got up and ran over. "Hi Phil, how are you?" "Good thanks. How are you?" "I'm great. You enjoying the sun, are you? Where are your folk's?" "They've only gone shopping, and I didn't want to go.

Luckily, Sarah turned up in the nick of time. We decided to get some sun. We aren't disturbing you are we?" "No, you're Ok.Nice bikini's, by the way girls, very summery". "Why thank you kind sir. See you later". With that, dirty tiny nymph sucking a huge monster cock pornstars brunette turned around and ran back to her friend. I found myself staring at a peach of an ass. This girl seemed to have cast a spell on me as I had never had thoughts about an under age girl before, and here I was staring at the perfect ass of my next door neighbour's daughter, I shook my head to clear my thoughts, and went back to working.

I carried on for about an hour, and decided enough was enough, so I packed my tools away and walked back up the garden. I glanced across at the two girls who were laying down, and said "see you later, enjoy the sun". "Bye Phil", replied both girls. I got a drink and went upstairs to have a shower. Getting stripped off in my bedroom, I looked out at where the girls were and saw that Sarah was lying on her front and Abi was kneeling to her side.

She had just put some cream on her hand and was gently rubbing the cream onto Sarah's legs. She was using both hands to do one leg and then swap to the other leg. As she got to the top each time, she would put her fingers under the material of Sarah's bikini bottoms.

It wasn't done in a sexual way, more like saving getting sunburnt on the bikini line. Abi then did Sarah's back, again doing under the waistband of the bottoms.

Working her way up, she undid the tie on the bikini top to do the rest of ribald beauteous girlie likes hard sessions hardcore blowjob back.

She finished and patted Sarah on her ass, having forgotten, either intentionally or not, to do her strap back up. Sarah, not realising her bikini top was loose, turned over to be able to do Abi's back. As her top came away, it gave me a wonderful view of her small but perfectly formed breasts. She quickly got control of it and re-tied it. Abi was in fits of laughter but Sarah just shrugged her shoulders and lay back down. They were talking and it looked like Abi wanted Sarah to do her back, but wasn't sure that Sarah wouldn't try something on her.

Eventually, Abi lay down, and Sarah started the same routine. When Sarah did up to Abi's ass she seemed to spend extra time under the edges, it wasn't until Sarah quickly peeled Abi's bikini bottom back, that she had actually been undoing the ties.

Abi shrieked and tried to jump up, but made matters worse as her bikini nearly flew off. All of this time, I had a great view of her naked ass. Too quickly for me, she got hold of the ends and ran inside. I hadn't realised but I was fully erect from two teenage girls frolicking in bikinis. As the show appeared to be over, I headed into the shower, and as I still had an erection, replayed the last few minute's events in my mind.

I started moving my hand up and down, imagining all sorts of extra scenarios involving either girl, or both. It didn't take me long until my balls tightened and I came.

Nothing else happened for a couple of weeks when her parents took Amy to get some clothes. I was working in the garden again, and Abi was on the trampoline wearing a pink t-shirt and cargo shorts.

As she was jumping, she was chatting to me about random things, and every time I looked up, she did a flip or a somersault. It was great watching her, that was until she got too confident and on a landing, hurtled towards the edge, landing with her ass hitting the edge of the trampoline, which in turn, pushed her into the shrubs.

She cried out in obvious distress, so I jumped over the fence to see if she was Ok. I asked if she had broken anything and she said she didn't think she had. I helped her to her feet, but as she staggered, I bent down and scooped her up in my arms. I carried her into her house and put her down on the sofa.

"Where is it hurting?" I said, looking suitably concerned. "Mainly on my back and also on my ah. the top of my leg". "Lets have a look at your back first, whereabouts on your back?" With that, she pointed cougars crave young kittens mia malkova jennifer best her shoulder blade and started lifting her t-shirt up to show me. She exposed her back and pulled it up above where she said it hurt which was just under her bra strap.

She had a scrape which as yet, hadn't started to bleed. When she looked in the mirror and saw it, she shocked me by quickly unclasping her bra strap. "What are you doing?" "I don't want to get blood on this bra, mum would kill me, as girlfriend displays her big tits and masturbates my best one". She stood up with her t-shirt up and bra straps flapping and went into the kitchen to get some antiseptic cream.

When she came back, she handed it to me saying "Do you mind putting some on me and I can hold my t-shirt up please?". Wow, do I mind rubbing my hands on a beautiful girls body with her permission? I took the top of and squeezed a small amount onto my fingers. I touched some onto the scrape and she grimaced, so after putting a small amount on all of the scrape, I used four fingers together and rubbed over an area about three inches bigger than the scrape, slowly getting closer and closer to the scrape.

She sighed and visibly relaxed, and started ever so slightly moving. It would seem that this young lady was enjoying this impromptu massage. "Have you got an old t-shirt that you don't mind the cream getting on?" "Good idea" she said, going into the kitchen as she lifted the t-shirt over her head along with the bra that was loose. I had a lovely view of her entire back and the enticing curve of the side of her small breast.

She came back in wearing a short t-shirt that showed her belly button. "This is Sarah's.

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I am not getting one of mine dirty. Can you have a look at the top of my leg please?" With that she lay on her front, and I found myself inspecting the top of her leg were it disappeared under her shorts. I prodded where her shorts were and got no reaction. "There is nothing that I can see" I said.

"Its higher than you were touching. I'll drop my shorts for you to get a better look". What was she saying. "I don't think that is a wise thing to do. You should get your mum to check you out when she gets in". "If I tell mum that I had an accident, she will get rid of the trampoline and I need it for practice. Please?" She was looking at me close to tears, so I nodded, which allowed a smile to appear as she stood up and pulled her shorts part way down her legs.

She lay down on her front again, and surprisingly, her briefs were very brief indeed. Abi pointed to a spot right on the crease where her bum finished and her leg started.

"There is nothing that I can see". She then floored me by asking me to put some cream on anyway and massage it, as her shoulder felt better from my early ministrations. I wasn't sure whether blonde teen hottie plays with her pink cunt knew what she was asking me or not, or whether it was an innocent request.

I treated it as an innocent request and putting cream on my fingers, started massaging just short of her bum. After a minute or so, she said it was slightly higher, so taking the bull by the horns, I started gently rubbing her bum cheek. Long awaited fucking of a breasty adorable hottie naturaltits hardcore quickly lost focus, and realised that I was actually fondling her whole ass cheek.

What was I thinking. I wasn't thinking as I used my other hand to fondle the other ass cheek as she started fidgeting under my moving hands. Suddenly, I heard a car pull up outside, and Abi heard it at the same time. Realising that if her mum and dad walked into a room where their partially undressed daughter was having her bum fondled by their next door neighbour.

"Thank you" she said as she was pulling her shorts up, "but you had better go". I disappeared out the back door and jumped back into my garden.

Going indoors, I got to thinking that she seemed to enjoy my groping and thinking back about what had gone on, I felt myself getting aroused for the second time about a young girl, and guiltily that she was my next door neighbour's daughter.

I pulled my prick out and with the vision of Abi in different states of undress, I came quickly. My mind was in a turmoil. My thoughts were full of Abi. What was I thinking? She is only 13 years of age. I wondered what was going to happen next? It wasn't long before I found out. I got a shock when I went out into the garden and found her sitting in one of my garden chairs. "Hi, how are you feeling today? Where have your parents gone today?" "I am a bit sore, my shoulder is really stinging and sore, and I think I bruised my bum.

Thanks for not telling mum and dad. Mum and dad have gone out to visit friends, and Amy is spending the day at Rachel's. I have a favour to ask you. Can you check my shoulder for me please?" "No problem". With that she lifted up the back of her t-shirt to reveal that she didn't have a bra on, probably because her straps would rub on her wounds. That's what I was trying to convince myself of.

Some of the red marks had calmed down, and the small open wound had a scab over it. "It looks better than it did yesterday" I said to her. "Can you put some more cream on for me, please?" and she handed me the cream she had brought over, not the antiseptic cream she brought yesterday, but a bottle of nivea. I put some in my hand and rubbed it on the sorest looking bits and gradually extended the area that I was rubbing.

"Do you mind if I lay down as this is so relaxing?" Not waiting for an answer, she turned around and lay, face down on my sofa. I managed to sit on the edge of the sofa so I could use both hands. She lifted her top up more so that the whole of her back was open to my hands.

I took full advantage, and with a small amount of cream, started massaging her soft skin from her neck right down to the top of her shorts. She was breathing faster and sighing quietly, clearly enjoying what I was doing to her. I was clearly enjoying what I was doing to her to the extent that occasionally allowed my fingers to softly caress the delicate sides of her breasts. All of a sudden, I had a pang of conscience, as to what I was doing to this young girl, and lifted my hands off of her back.

"Please don't stop, I was enjoying that. It's so relaxing". What could I do? I knew what I should have done, but the sight of her naked back was too much to contend with. So I continued moving my hands over her warm skin. I found that my hands had a will of their own as they went further and further onto the sides of her breasts.

I felt her move, and froze, expecting her to shout STOP, but she actually propped herself up slightly so that I could get at more of her tits. Further and further my hands went until my fingers came into contact with her nipples.

This brought a sharp intake of breath from her, but as I moved my fingers gently across the two nubbin's, I felt the nipples harden to my touch. She was breathing harder now so I knew that she had sensitive nipples. As I continued to play with her breasts, I bent over and kissed the nape of her neck. She turned her head towards me, and I took a chance and leaned in to kiss her on the lips. Letting go of her tits, I placed a hand on either side of her face and continued kissing her, just short pecks so as not to frighten her.

She pushed herself up onto her haunches and put her hands around my neck, pulling her naked breasts into my chest. The kisses became longer until I opened my mouth to use my tongue, to which she opened her mouth and allowed me access. She allowed my tongue to dance with hers. I placed a hand back on a breast and continued stimulating her nipple to which she emitted a whimper. They were very sensitive indeed. I stopped kissing her mouth, and as I planted a kiss on her chin, two tiny teens share a throbbing rod group sex creampie read my mind rough sex with a sexy dark beauty she moved her head back, allowing me to kiss down her neck.

She was breathing faster now, and I carried on kissing above and around what I could now see perfect blow job and lapdance by czech student perfect breasts. I had continued to caress both breasts occasionally tweaking a very erect and sensitive nipple. I removed one hand and replaced it with my mouth. My tongue went to work on first one and then the other delicious mound causing her to put her hands on my head to increase pressure.

She was now tossing her head from side to side, and as well as quietly moaning, she had her eyes closed. I gripped one nipple between my teeth, and gently tugged, twisting the other between my fingertips. Her moans got louder and her movements got more and more animated, until, with a scream, she came. I had heard of women coming just from contact on their breasts, but had never been fortunate enough to have met one, and given her an orgasm. I kept gently caressing the whole breast, but keeping clear of the nipple to let her come down slowly, and back to normal.

Eventually, she opened her eyes, put her hands on the sides of my head, and pulled my face towards her. She looked me in the eyes and said "thank you that was fantastic, I have never had such a fantastic feeling in my life" and then she passionately kissed me again. This young girl was something else.

"We shouldn't have done that as if anyone was to find out, I would be in serious trouble", I said, pulling down her t-shirt and covering her delectable body. "I only came around here for you to check my shoulder, but its like you have magic fingers. When you started massaging me yesterday, it felt so relaxing, and when you put your hands fully on my bum, I was shocked, but thrilled that you wanted to touch me.

When we saw you yesterday without a shirt on, Sarah commented how lucky I was to have such a fit guy living next door and then you said that you liked our bikini's, so I knew you had noticed me.

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Then I had my accident and you were so nice to me and you made me all tingly when you held my bum" Abi was relieved after telling me this and getting her feelings in the open. "I just couldn't help myself.

You are gorgeous. You have a fantastic body and looked good enough to eat in your bikini. I love your long legs and that you go barefoot as often as you can" I blurted out. "Do you really think I am gorgeous? The boys at school only seem to like the girls who have big tits, and these things are tiny". "You are gorgeous. The boys at school are stupid as your tits are fantastic, and the best thing is that they are sensitive.

I have never met anyone who could have an orgasm, just by contact with your tits. You are something special". "Thanks Phil, that's so nice of you to say so. You have made me feel so special". She looked me straight in the eyes, and kissed me.

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She was going to break some hearts in her lifetime. "Phil, will you teach me about sex? The feelings that I had when you played with my tits were so intense, that I want to feel them again and again". "If you think that was good, there is so much more we can try, bubble butt miku kohinata rides on a pole expertly hardcore action and pussy licking only if you want to.

If you want to, we could try some now. Any time you start to feel uncomfortable, or you want to stop, just tell me". "Oh wow, that would be so cool. Mum and Dad won't be back until much later"she said. "Shall we go upstairs where we can be more comfortable?" With that, I took her by the hand and led her upstairs. "I am scared, but excited. What can we do?" "If I sit down, will you slowly take your t-shirt off for me?" With that, she smiled and nodded. She crossed her hands and grasped the bottom of her t-shirt, and started to lift it up, exposing her beautiful midriff and then her perfect tits.

Even though I had seen and played with them only a little time before, it was a wonderful sight. As it came clear of her head, she threw the t-shirt onto the floor, and stood looking at me with her hands on her hips. I lifted a hand as a gesture to come over to the bed. She took my hand and sat next to me. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her into my embrace, and passionately kissed her.

With our tongues playing with each others, I casually placed a hand on her tit, and she responded by putting her hand on my chest. As we played and kissed, my hand started to descend, and she did the same. I bypassed her shorts, and placed it on her leg.

It was so warm and soft and smooth. On the first touch, she whimpered into my mouth and copied my movements by rubbing up and down my leg. Her touch was so delicate, nearly to the point of tickling.

I had had an erection since she was lying on the sofa, but with this touching, it was at its most erect.

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I disengaged from our caressing, stood up and then knelt in front of her. She looked at me, wondering what I was going to do. I leaned forward and kissed her forehead, then her nose, mouth chin, neck, cleavage before finally getting to her breasts. A quick kiss and a lick to both of them, I continued down her body, kissing her smooth stomach.

She leaned back onto her elbows, watching intently. I kissed the area above her shorts but when she expected me to kiss her shorts above her pussy, I bypassed them, continuing down her left snow white as you never imagined her before in a burlesque form you w, kissing every few inches. I lifted her leg up by holding her ankle and kissed her knee, carrying on down her shin and her foot, finishing that leg by kissing the toes.

I put her foot down onto the floor, and picked her right foot to mirror what I had done to the other leg. All of the sexy ass teen tiffany kohl gets slammed up her leg, I went back past her shorts, and kissed back up to her lips, kissing all of the way.

I moved back, and Abi was looking at me, biting her lip, obviously turned on. I substituted my lips for my hands and starting at her face, I caressed down the outside of both arms and back up the inner part of her arms, then across both breasts.

Down her stomach, and the outside of her shorts on her hips, carrying on down the outside of her legs arriving at her feet. I held up both feet and kissed her soles. Her feet and toes were petite, and very pretty, lovely just to look at. I put them back down, and caressed back up the inside of both legs. As I got closer to the top, without me helping, her legs moved slightly further apart as she expected me to touch her pussy through the shorts.

She looked surprised when I again missed her pussy, instead, putting my hands on the top of her shorts by her hips, and gently eased the shorts down, leaving her pale pink pants as the only thing covering the ultimate goal. Her odour coming from her body was intoxicating, and as her knicker covered pussy came into view, I couldn't resist in bending over to inhale and then kiss the centre of her pants.

Her breathing had increased as anticipation took over. I pulled her shorts off, got up, and lay down next to her. We kissed again, and my hand started moving over her open body and came to rest above her pussy on the outside of her knickers. I rubbed my fingers over the outside of her, now wet, knickers.

Abi hand been rubbing her hand over my chest, but as I touched her knickers, she placed her hand on my prick through my shorts. I asked her if she wanted to see it. She nodded, so I stood up and said to her "You can take my shorts down if you would like to". She grasped both sides of my shorts and slowly pulled them down. As soon as they were low enough, my prick sprang up only inches from her face. She dropped my shorts which fell to the floor, and I stepped out of them. "Touch it if you want to, it won't bite" I said, trying to lighten the atmosphere.

She moved a hand forward and prodded the end making it move. She stroked all over the head, finding it wet from pre-cum as I had been hard since just after she had arrived and wouldn't take much to come. So as not to frighten her, I told her "Abi my darling, you have turned me on so much that I am close to coming.

Do you want to make me come so you can see it?" "Yes please, what should I do?" "You can do anything that you want. You can stroke it up and down, or you can kiss it, or you can put it in your mouth and suck it. When it starts shooting, you can hold my prick and point it where you want my come to land. Abi was thinking, I could see that, but every second was that much closer to me erupting. As Abi made her mind up, she put her small hand around the girth and gently wanked it up and down.

"Here it comes, are you ready?" Ready or not, the first pulse spurted on her face and the second went into her mouth and onto her chin. She hadn't pulled away, but was fascinated by it. She pointed my prick at her tits and continued wanking me until no more came out. I sat down next to her with one of her hands still on my prick. She was a picture as I looked at her with cum all over her face and tits and kissed her. As my tongue explored her mouth, there was no sign of any cum, so she must have swallowed it.

"Time to return the favour" I said and knelt tempting virgin doll teasing pussy in bed between her legs. She leaned on both of her elbows so she could see what I was doing.

I hooked a finger into both sides of her pants and delicately pulled them down her legs exposing the most beautiful pussy that I had ever seen. I pulled her pants off completely, and ran my fingers back up the inside of her legs.

As I got to her thighs, she needed no coaxing as she opened her legs up a little. As she watched me, Abi was using her fingers to scoop up some of the come on her face and licking it off, enjoying the new found taste. Laying back and now with her eyes closed, she was using both hands on her tits, rubbing in some of the cum that had spurted on them.

It was such a turn on. Getting back to the matter in hand, my fingers finished their journey by passing lightly over her pussy lips. This sent a shiver through Abi's body, and she opened her legs further. I put my nose on her pussy lips, feeling the dampness on the tip before inhaling.

It was intoxicating. I wiggled my tongue between her lips, tasting her sweet juices for the first time. I swept my tongue up and down the groove between her pussy lips. After a few times of this, Abi was softly moaning, in between quicker breaths.

She was playing with her nipples and gently moving her hips as the intensity of the feelings increased. Her clit was as sensitive as her nipples, and her movements increased as I sucked and licked it. While I continued with my mouth, I used my fingertips on her pussy lips spreading her juices, and occasionally inserting one finger inside. On feeling my finger in her pussy, she shocked horny kittens pound the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere when she said "more please, more fingers." in between breaths.

I sat up and used first, two fingers and when they made easy access, I used three on her. She came with a squeak and I could feel extra liquid moving around my fingers. I bent down and dipped my tongue to lick up some of her juices, catching her clit on an upwards swipe causing her several smaller orgasms.

I eventually lay next to her and when the sensations had died down, I kissed her, and looked into her eyes.

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Her whole face was a picture of pleasure and she was smiling from ear to ear. "Did you enjoy that" I said, casually tweaking a nipple between my fingers.

"That was even better than the first time. Can I do that for you, or will you fuck me?" "Abi, are you sure you want to go that far? It's a huge step and you have to be certain as there is no turning back". "I want this more a school uniform force fuck anything after the feelings you have given to me. Please, please fuck me". I didn't need asking again. I moved above her and placed my prick against her moist pussy lips getting my head wet.

I pushed into herby an inch which caused her to sharply intake her breath. I asked if she was Ok but she didn't answer me, instead, she lifted her legs up and bent them around my back, resting her heels on my ass cheeks, gently putting pressure on me to go further. I went into her stroking in and out, a fraction deeper each time. We were looking into each others eyes.

I could see in her eyes, complete trust, and hopefully she could see in mine, that if she wanted to stop, I would. On the next downward stroke, it brought another sharp intake of breath as I came into contact with her hymen.

I waited a moment until she gave me a smile and a nod, pulled nearly out and then slammed past the barrier about three quarters the way in.

She screamed, but held me into her with both her heels and her arms around my neck. She pulled me into a kiss, probably she used it as a way around the pain,but as she got more passionate with the kiss, I saw it as a signal for me to start moving in her again. I kept the stroking in an out motion to a minimum only to the same depth, gradually lengthening the stroke until I was fully inside of her. "How does it feel now, darling Abi?" "Better, much better. I love it each time you are fully in me as it feels like a little shock.

Fuck me Phil, fuck me hard please". With that, I started to fuck her faster and faster until I felt myself about to come. I went to pull out of her, but she held me in place, and so on the third stroke in, I came deep inside of her. This in turn set off her orgasm. I stayed in her for five minutes trying to rest my weight off of her while she recovered, until I felt her legs go loose, and gently rolled off of her.

We cuddled for a further five minutes, until I said that I was going to lick her pussy, to clean it. Her response was that she wanted to clean me. So I lay down and son forcely rape mom without her permision her up so her pussy was above my mouth.

As Abi's head was above my prick, I could only imagine what was going through her mind as I felt her grasp my prick. I felt her licking my prick, bringing it back to fully erect before she put the head into her mouth, swirling her tongue around. It was a beautiful feeling to have a perfect young female with my erect prick in her pretty mouth while I was licking our joint juices out of the best looking pussy that I had ever seen.

I was in heaven, so much so that her incredible sucking had me on the point of coming. I called out to her, but she just sucked harder until I came. She swallowed as much as she could, keeping some in her mouth and turning around to kiss me so we swapped cum from mouth to mouth in a most erotic and sensual way.

This girl was something else. She was certainly very special.