Hot slut fucked and creampied inside the car

Hot slut fucked and creampied inside the car
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shesnew gf sucks cock on camera for money I giggled as he squeezed my butt under the water. I leaned closer to hug and kiss him. As I did this he leaned forward, squeezed both my cheeks as he picked me up and had me straddle his waste. He massaged my back as a laid my head down on his shoulder. I laid there enjoying the moment when I felt him discreetly untying my top.

"Ohh no you don't," I quickly pushed him away, laughing. He was always trying to get me to do different things, strip in the woods; run around naked at night, and now this. He feigned a puppy face at me, "Why not" "That look never works on me haha." "We're at the beach; no one is looking at us. Plus you can't even see a foot into the water. "Hell no body, not happening" He enjoyed taking me out of my comfort zone, forcing me into doing stuff I never thought I would.

And truthfully I enjoyed it sometimes to: the adrenaline rush as I let out my inner slut. But this wasn't something I was ready to try.

I was not having sex in front of all these people on the beach, no matter if they knew or not. "Alright, I'm sorry," he says, arms open to embrace me in a hug. "I'm not stupid," I turn to swim away.

"I know you're trying to pull something" "How could you" He acts like I accused him of killing someone. Then he jumps at me before I can get too far and wraps me in his arms. "You're a jerk" I say, struggling to get free, half playfully, half really.

I know he isn't going to hurt me but I also know he's going to try and make me do something that's going to push my boundaries. "I'm not doing anything," he says innocently as I feel his hand move south. He starts rubbing me through my bathing suit. "Ohh no you don't mister." I squeeze my legs tightly together, not allowing him to touch me. "I don't know why you try to fight it; you know I'm going to win." He pins my hands to the side of my body as I wriggle to get free.

I try pinching him, but he's moved in a way where I can't get my hands to him. We always play fight like this so he has gotten very good at holding me down. I feel his hands go toward my bottom, untying the strings that hold it up. "Don't make me scream," I say. "Haha, children everywhere are screaming," he laughs, "no one is going to know the difference." "Ahhh" I scream, half giggling, half trying to get him off, and only a small fraction of me enjoying wrestling around with my boyfriend.

Finally he's undone both ties and I can feel him remove it from my body, leaving me exposed. He lets me go and moves away. "There, was that so bad." He laughs, breathing a little heavy from the struggle. "Give it back or you're dead," I glare at him in my mean face, but he knows I'm not really mad. I'm more embarrassed than anything, even though no one can tell; I don't like the feeling of being exposed like this.

He starts walking away toward the beach. I start to follow tow gril one man wash rom xxx then remember I can't go too shallow. "Get back here a hole," I shout. "Ohh, now you want me to come back," but he starts running toward the area where all our stuff is on the beach. "Get back here" I scream, helpless to go after him. I just stand there, looking at all the kids and parents playing in the water.

One waves to me. I wave back, my face as red as a tomato, as I wade into the deeper waters. Finally he returns. "Where is it?

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I ask, looking at his empty hands. "It's safe," he says. "You'd better go back there and get it" I say starting to get a little pissed. "Ohh I'll get it…in a little while." He says with a devilish laugh. "You think your little plan is going to work, but it's not. "I close my legs and put my hands over my boobs to show that Webcam beauty wants you to watch her closely not going to let him touch me.

"Haha what plan?" he acts dumbfounded. "Go get my swimsuit and maybe you'll be lucky enough to get some tonight," I try to barter with him. "No, I think right now is better," he turns my offer away. "Well I'm not doing," I say matter of factly, "and you can't make me" almost daringly. He dives under water and I can feel his hands grab my butt, but I close my legs and squeeze them tight. I can feel him messing around but to no avail. He comes up for air. "I can do this all day," I say, "now go get my bathing suit.bitch." I add that it jokingly.

He looks a little dejected, and I'm proud of myself because this is the first time I've ever won like this. He goes under again, but I'm not worried, he's bigger than me but not strong enough to pry my legs open and I know he's not going to hurt me. But this time he isn't trying. In fact, I'm not sure where he is under there. Suddenly I feel him grab my legs and lift me up over his shoulder. "Ahh" I scream, surprised by the sudden movement. "Don't scream too loud, you don't want to attract any attention." That's when I realized I forgot I had no bathing suit on.

My butt is exposed for everyone to see. Luckily, we're pretty far out and it's not facing anyone for now. "Put me down, you wouldn't dare." I shout at him. "Wouldn't I though." He jokes. There are a few groups of people about 20 feet away from us in either direction. "I swear if you…" I start to say when suddenly he begins rotating me toward them. "Stop stop I say," but he keeps moving in a circle. "Hey," he screams, to no one particular, just so that the people in the group will look over in our direction.

"Ohh you a hole," I say, embarrassed about what's happening. "Ok, Ok fine I'll do it" I say with no choice. "Just put me down. He drops me back into the safety of the water. "I knew you would come around," he jokes, mocking me. Slowly we walk farther out, away from all the people.

If I'm going to let this happen I don't want people around. Now were up into water that's over my shoulders. I can feel him behind me, scratching my back, squeezing my butt as we walk out. He then goes for my top, untying it from behind. "Whoa, whoa," I say, turning toward him so he can't remove it.

But it's too late and he's already done so. It's just sitting around my neck, resting on my boobs. As I turned toward him, he already has his hands up, lifting up my bathing suit, fondling my breasts. Then he leans in to kiss my neck. He knows I'm a sucker for that, and he's starting to relax me, win me over. His hands gently rub my body, moving across my stomach, onto my shoulders, rubbing my back. He kisses up my neck, to my lips where I real slut party christmas morning dirty party starring ja tube porn back, softly at first, then more passionately.

I hope he'll be fine with just feeling me up and a quick make out.

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Or do I? I can feel the adrenaline pump through my body as the excitement rises. He removes my bikini nayi dulhan ki suhagrat story downloading and now I'm standing there completely naked.

How does he do this, make me do stuff so wrong yet it feels so right. His hands have found their way back to my breasts now, rubbing harder this time as he can tell I'm responding to his touch. My nipples are hard and he plays with them with his fingers. "That tickles" I slap him away.

He knows that but he still loves to do it. He shoves his face under water and into my rack, wobbling his face. He comes up, "Gives a new meaning to motor boating huh?" We both snicker, he loves those corny jokes. I can feel I'm losing my will to hold out, beginning to give in to his desire. As we are making out I start to grind against his leg. I can feel myself staring to get wet, and I know it's not ocean water. He knows this too, as he drops his head underneath the water, to about my naval.

He licks around stomach, tickling my belly button with his tongue. Simultaneously, he works his hands down to my butt, squeezing and pushing them together. He is massaging my inner thigh, both with his tongue and his hands. I can feel him getting closer and closer, brushing against my vagina and then turning away. I pull him up. "Don't think you're getting off that easily" I say as I go under. I feel my hand for his shorts.

I can tell he's excited too.

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I shove my one hand in, messaging his dick while I pull his shorts down with the other. He quickly becomes hard as I stroke away. His bathing suit is down to his ankles as he steps out with one leg and then flicks it off the other.

Now it's my turn to tease. I continue stroking, slowly with one hand, while massaging his legs and stomach with the other. I'm licking his naval, his thighs, squeezing his butt, teasing him like he teased me before. As I get close, I lick his shaft, which sends shivers down his body. Then I come up for air. "If I have to stand here naked don't think you don't," I laugh still stroking his penis with the other hand. He doesn't argue, he knows I'm right.

He takes a deep breath and dives under. I feel him grab my legs and go right back to what he was doing before, teasing me with a mixture of his tongue and hand.

He's playing with my butt all while licking me all around, coming tantalizingly close only to stray away at the last second. My heart is beating faster now, and I can feel my desire building up.

I wish he'd just do it already, the anticipation is killing cameron angel has her asshole drilled hard cumshots and blonde. I can feel myself becoming flush and I look around to see if anyone is watching. But they're all preoccupied with what they're doing. I am standing here on cloud nine as my boyfriend goes down on me and they are none the wiser.

It turns me on a little more. Finally I can't take it anymore, he's been there for what seems like forever and he's just toying with me.

Building me up until that I'm so turned on I need him to do it. He makes another pass and starts licking, tickling my legs again. I grab him by his long blonde hair with both hands and press his face into my pussy. He knows what that means and obliges me, finally sticking his tongue lightly against my clit. A shiver of pleasure radiates through my body. Then he comes with his finger, pressing it inside of me slowly.

It slips in easily; I'm so turned on right now I can feel the moisture building up. He goes in slowly, not too deep, just the way I like it. He wriggles it around, putting light pressure on all different walls. With his tongue he is still lightly playing with my clit. Then he pulls out struggling around. I realize I'm pushing his head into me so hard that I forgot he has to come up for air. I let go and he immediately surfaces. "Jeez" he gasps for air.

I give him only a few seconds to recover when I grab his hair and pull him back down. He started this and now he was going to finish. He went right back to where he left off.

Messaging my clit with his tongue while exploring my insides with his finger. I press his face against me, starting to grind my hips against his face. He holds his tongue out alluring horny babe enjoys a kinky anal threesome so I can control the movements. I press my pelvis into him, rubbing my clit on his tongue the way I like.

As I am doing this I notice a little girl swims my way as one of her tubes went out of her reach. I just smile at her as she passes, but I don't dare stop. I can't. She stares at me while she passes.

"Where is your shirt?" She asks, puzzled. I look down. The waves must have pushed us in because now the water is only at chest height and my boobs are exposed.

"Don't worry hunny." I say quickly turning from her and moving toward deeper water. Normally I'd be freaking out, but right now I only got one thing on my mind. I pull him up for air allowing only a few seconds for him to catch his breath before I throw him back under.

I can tell he loves this. Even though he's struggling for air, he knows he won. He got what he wanted: me releasing my inner slut. He's gone a little deeper with his fingers now. I can tell there are two in there because I feel fuller. But I don't mind, pleasure is radiating up and down my body in waves.

I'm grinding against his face faster now, pushing him into me harder, like I want him inside of me. My breathing starts to become heavy and my muscles start to tense up. He starts to flick his tongue quick while I continue grinding against sexy slut rides the cock sextury and hardcore. He can feel my muscles start to spasm.

Still his fingers are working in a frenzy massaging my walls, exploring every inch of me. I start to moan a little, I have to hold back because I don't want that little girl coming back around. His tongue and fingers continue working tirelessly inside of me. The pressure on my clit is putting me in ecstasy. I can't hold back much longer. I can barely stand as my legs start to quiver and suddenly it happens. A wave of ecstasy comes at me and hits me like a train.

I release his hair as my muscles continue to spasm uncontrollably.

I just lie back in the water, floating there almost lifelessly. From all around I know my boobs and pussy are visible, but I don't really mind right now. I just try to soak in the pleasure. I won't see these people again but I may never get another opportunity to feel like this. Slowly I regain control. I sit there on my back a little while until all the pleasure is soaked up. It's at that moment when I bump into someone and I realize I have floated into a group of teenage girls.

They are all staring at my naked body. I quickly get up and cover my chest. "Sorry," I say embarrassed as I swim away. I finally make it to where my boyfriend is. He too has just caught his breath and is laughing at what just happened. "Could have warned me a hole" I punch him on the arm.

Truthfully I'm not that mad. "Sorry, you just looked so peaceful" he snickered "Well can I get my bathing suit back now?" "Sure, once you give me mine." I looked puzzled at him.

"You kicked it off and grabbed it" He shook his head, "No you were taking it off of me. Are you serious?" he looked around he could see I had nothing on, I had nowhere to hide it. And I looked at him, he had nothing on and nowhere to hide anything.

"Well where is my top" I asked? "I put it in my pocket of my bathing suit." He shook his head. We searched around. The teen girls were pointing and whispering. Nothing. "What are we going to," I ask? "I don't adorable czech kitten gets teased in the mall and banged in pov he says.

We look around. Thousandths of people riddle the beach and the water. Our towels are a few hundred feet out of the water, there's no way we can get there without hundreds of people seeing us naked. "I don't know," he says again. We both bob, naked in the water, staring into the masses.