Redhead rides black cock first time chop shop owner gets shut down

Redhead rides black cock first time chop shop owner gets shut down
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NOTE From Author: -Hey everyone. So this story is a work of complete fiction. Now I'm a novelist and this is my first ever porno. Being honest I've always wanted an incestuous relationship for the simple reason, its not socially accepted. Plus busty lesbians laura orsolya amp dolly fox share gigantic red double dong three gorgeous sisters and numerous hot female cousins doesnt help.

Anywho, any and all feedback is appreciated, constructive critism more so. Thank you. Growing up as the eldest of three siblings, two of which being my younger sisters meant I had my fair share of ups and downs. We fought, we argued like all children do. As we got older I decided to become friends with my sisters.

Over the course of their teenage years we grew close like best friends but they respected me a great deal for the times I had helped them with their personal problems. Of course it wasn't easy, they destroyed some of the best potential nights out I could've had, pushed girls away from me and I even fought with our parents to stick up for them when they were in the right and my parents in the wrong. It is to no one's surprise that they grew to love and respect their big brother.

Last summer however, I never would have imagined what lay ahead of me. *4 months ago* As I walked down through the narrow streets of my home town vague memories of crazy nights out, kissing different girls, fighting some random guys and much more filled my head. Memories of an adolescent life I left behind. A life that felt like it wasn't my own. It's been seven years since I left home. Seven years since I seen my family in the flesh and five years since I skyped them or seen their faces.

Seven years ago at the tender age of 21 I made my way to Alberta Canada. Alberta has an abundance of oil which meant it had and still does I believe maintain one of the best economies in the world. My life in Canada was okay, nothing spectacular. I didn't sleep with many women and focused solely on work. Moving from dead end job to dead end job I eventually made it big in a marketing company.

I worked with the company for a year and a half and amassed a small fortune. When my visa ended after 2 years, the company immediately offered to sponsor me. I chose to follow a dream of mine instead. I made my way to the seclude mountains of China where I attended a martial arts academy. For five years I trained 15 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I won numerous competitions within China and even took a world title. I was swiftly becoming a martial artist even greater than the Iconic Bruce Lee. My fame as a fighter was becoming widespread and the media plagued me for interviews, biographies. I was even approached by Hollywood to star in a few movies but I politely told them that I will be putting everything on hold for a few months while I take the summer off to spend with family. It was Sunday afternoon as I walked in the back door of my parents house.

Is was a modest four bedroom town house with a converted attic and basement. Shutting the door behind me I could hear scuffling in the kitchen.

Opening the utility door that lead into the kitchen itself my mother, father and two sisters were sat at table three russian blondies gets fucked by a black cock dinner.

"David. ." said my mother in shock. My dad turned his head and said nothing. Looking at me tears welled up in his eyes. Jumping up out of his chair he wrapped his arms around me tightly.

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"Son, I have missed you." I can honestly admit I cried then too. My mother and my two sisters followed suit. Later that evening when my mom and dad had gone off to bed due to fatigue and my youngest sister had gone off home herself as she had work in the morning and an eager husband waiting on her. My youngest sister Trisha is 26, the older sister Rachel 29 and I turned 30 two weeks ago. Sitting out on the deck at the back of the house Rachel and I sipped on some jamming biggest tits asian awesome chick japanese and hardcore cold marguerites.

"I still can't believe your home." Said my sister blushing a bright shade of red. "I know, it feels like a lifetime since I sat out here." "Yeah you asshole, why didn't you come home sooner?" asked Rachel with a touch of anger but smiling from ear to ear at the same time.

I'll never understand women fully. "I had intended to while I was in Canada but when I made my way to China, I was engulfed in a world discipline, sacrifice and dedication." "Yeah, I seen the news a month ago. You won the world championships.

The Media is calling you the next Bruce Lee." Laughing in response my sister smiled proudly. "I dunno, I guess, I've always dreamed of just disappearing for a few years, training and returning back home a different person, you know." Biting her lower lip my sister was very obviously checking me out.

"No kidding." Looking at each other in the eye I knew lust when I seen it. My sisters had both changed a lot, especially Rachel. Trisha had always been petite and slim with her jet black hair and small frame. Rachel had been overweight last time I seen her. The woman who sat across from me in the sunbathing chair was a completely different woman.

She was slim, well toned and she let her natural blonde hair grow out. In short, my sister was HOT.

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"Can I help you?" asked Rachel cheekily. "H-huh, what do you mean?" Why was I stuttering? "You're not the only one who's changed, you know." Standing up my sister showcased her model like body.

Tanned and tone with strong thick but elegant legs barely contained in a short denim mini skirt. I could make out the faint lines of toned abs over shadowed by massive tits in a white bikini bra that looked like it was going to explode at any given minute.

"Do you like what you see?" her question provoked an odd burning sensation within me. A second later my cock was twitching I could feel it growing harder. I was already semi-erect. . "Um, yeah, you look beautiful." Tanned and all as my sister was she went a scarlet shade of red.

As my cheeks tightened with embarrassment my cock head began to tingle. It grew and it grew and was now fully erect. Face fucking madness ashley fires yarisa duran morgan lee was so lost day dreaming about how sexy my kinky teen gets ass fuck pornstars fetish looked I completely forgot that I had put on a pair of swimming trunks with material so thin it was almost transparent.

Its to no ones surprise that my erection had tented my shorts. Putting my hands over my cock to try and hide my erection, I had already failed before I had begun. Taking my eyes off my erection I looked at my sister who was mesmerized by herborthers hard cock tenting his shorts. My sisters nipples were getting harder by the second and as she fidgeted with her hands she licked her lips. "Well isn't that a sight." Said my sister in a saucy voice. "What is?" I replied sounding as dumb as possible.

"To think that the very sight of your sisters half naked body could turn you on so much." Taking a step towards me my cock hardened even more. "I- ah, have no idea what you're talking about." My body was now overcome with lust and sexual anticipation. It has been so long since I've been with a woman, so long since I've had to worry or even think about sex. "Big brother, you should be ashamed of yourself." My sister's teasing voice had lowered to a whisper. Although it was late and the sun had gone down our only source of light was candles we had lit some 30 minutes ago on a small table.

Blowing out the candles I could vaguely make out my sister pulling up the hem line of her skirt to her waist. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see quite clearly my sisters fully shaved pussy. Kneeling down beside my she put a hand on my cheek and kissed me on the lips.

I instantly became lost in the warmth of her mouth and the stimulating movements of her tongue against mine. As we kissed she had placed a hand inside my shorts and began stroking my cock. Pulling away from the sunny leone sex porn xxxxx new latest moments later, she glared at me quite sternly.

"How long has it been since you've been with a girl?" she sounded quite serious, for some reason. "Ahh, Rachel, you're giving me a hand-job and your after making out with me.

Shouldn't I be asking you what's going on?" My question caught her off-guard but she only began to stroke my cock with a firmer hand. "I-I've missed you." Truth be known Rachel and I have always been super close, as kids we used to jump up and down on our beds naked.

We even fondled each other. As we got older and then the pressures of being a teenager came, we forgot about all that, or so we both believed. She always asked me if she looked okay, nine times out of ten she was wearing something skimpy. Even then she always had that look in her eye, that look that wanted to strip me and do things to me but the social norms kept both of us from making a move on one another.

lets face it, being a teenager, you worry about shit like that. "It's been six and a half years." "That LONG!" shouted my sister. "Not so loud damn it." "Sorry." Whispered Rachel. "I just, needed a break for a while." Kissing me again I could feel the alcohol taking hold of me. I hadn't drank in a very long time and I was now a complete light weight.

"Just sit back and relax." Said Rachel as she pulled off my shorts revealing my rock hard fully erect cock. "Sweet baby Jesus." She sound shocked and I knew why.

My cock was quite big and quite thick for its length. Although she had given me a hand-job she should have noticed then but for some reason she hadn't. Standing up Rachel kissed me once more which made my cock pulse in her firm hand as it gently stroked my eager hard dick.

Throwing a leg over both of mine Rachel mounted me on the sunbathing chair, slowly guiding my painfully erect cock into her soaking wet pussy. I let out a moan of complete satisfaction. That warm soft moist feeling that was now suddenly so familiar and yet so foreign some five seconds ago felt absolutely amazing. My breathing became heavier and my pelvis began to move on its own. Thrusting my big cock in and out of her tight wet dripping pussy hole made me growl with lust.

Moaning lowly she began to bounce up and down faster and faster. The plastic sun bathing chair was now creaking violently and I feared it would either crack or bend beyond repair. At this current moment it was the last thing on my mind. My mind and my body were overcome with pleasure and satisfaction. Grabbing hold of my sisters hips I began to fucking her pussy so hard my ball-sack was clapping off her ass cheeks so loud I feared Id wake the neighbors.

Right now, in this very moment, I didn't honestly give a single iota of a fuck who a woke. "Oh my god David yes." Moaned my sister as she bounced up and down on my cock.

"Fuck me!" moaning even louder. "Rachel, keep it down or you'll wake mom and dad." Smiling back I knew she didn't give a shit. Truth be told neither did I but if it meant less drama than id prefer if she quieten down a bit. "I'm sorry David, I can't I'm-" as her bouncing became faster and faster and my dick was decimating her already drenched pussy. Moaning my sister stopped bouncing and I could feel her pussy tighten to the point I thought my cock would be crushed.

"Oh my god, fuck me big bro!" exclaimed my sister in an exasperating voice. Without saying a word I gave her a final fast hard pounding. "I'm cumming!" she shouted. "Oh fuck yeah, me too." Shooting load after load into that amazingly tight pussy the chair finally gave way and it broke underneath us. As Rachel collapsed into me we shared a long deep kiss that was all tongues and saliva. As we gently humped and my dick started to go limp I could tell that Rachel's Pussy was as sore as my cock felt.

"You know" talking in a low voice we lay there on the deck at the back of our house buck naked, just after fucking, my japanese mom and father teach son daughter sec still in her wet pussy, it was an unbelievable scenario "That was honestly the best fuck I've ever had." "I can honestly say little sister, I can't believe I fucked you." Running my fingers through my hair I laughed at the thought.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Rachel lightly slapping my chest. "What means is, I' gonna fuck you at least once more before the night is out." Kissing me on the lips she pulled back just as quick and bit my lower lip on the way out. "I still have one more hole that needs a seeing to and I KNOW I can make that big cock of yours as hard as your elbow in no time." Shortly after that we made our way to my old bedroom in the basement.

It's funny how sentimental parents can be, it hasn't changed a bit in seven years. My king sized bed, my bookshelf full of fantasy novels was still there in a corner underneath the window. My desk and computer were still there untouched. Pushing me onto my bed Rachel stripped naked.

If not for the light of the full moon I'd not have been able to see that perfectly sculpted body of hers. Sister or not, she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. Pulling of my t-shirt Rachel walked seductively and teasingly to the end of my bed. Placing both her hands on my ankles she dragged her hands up along my legs, making sure she kept skin contact until finally she reach my cock that was beginning to squirm back to life.

Grabbing my limp dick gently she pulled back my fore skin and started flicking the underside of my cock head with her tongue. Slowly she began to lick and plant soft kisses along my shaft, it didn't take long before my dick was twitching girls t-girls analed-compil in slowmo tube porn I was already semi erect.

Suckling my big balls into her mouth the sudden warmth made me moan and involuntarily thrust my now erect cock into thin air. Quickly grabbing my cock by the shaft she started pumping it slowly.

As she took the second of my balls into her mouth she began to pump faster and harder. Normally I'd be ready to come but after fucking her not too long ago the second time around is going to take much longer. "It looks like you're not going to cum as quick this time." "Obviously like." I replied sarcastically. Smiling she let go of my dick and stood up. "I have just the thing." Running out of my room which is located in the basement she ran up the stairs fully naked.

A few minutes later she came back with her hands tied behind her back. "What are you hiding? I asked curiously. Pulling her hands out from behind her back she was holding a big thick white dildo in the shape of a cock. "And what might I ask are you going to do with that!?" "Now, I know your straight but-" "But bloody nothing you're putting that big thing anywhere near me!" Laughing at me she hopped on the bed once more waving it around and smiling "David, you trust me right?" "Well yeah but-" "You like fucking me right?" "Well yeah I do-" "And you don't want me telling everyone that you fucked your sister now do you?" "You do realize that would be bad for both of us?" "Okay I'll admit it would be but please trust your sister." Against my better judgement on the matter of dildo's in my ass I did trust her.

My dick had deflated a small bit at the thoughts of having that big fake cock in my ass. Rachel started sucking my cock expertly, working her way down the shaft and back up engorging my dick head busty brunette schoolgirl audrey bitoni fucks teachers bigdick3 more.

Deep throating the full length of my cock, she straightened herself up and put the dildo in her what Img uessing is her soaking wet pussy. "Now it's all lubed, spread your legs." I did as I was told before I could object. Spitting on my asshole I could feel her fingers rubbing the spit in. Slipping a finger into my ass it felt extremely strange and kinda sore. "Such a tight asshole, my god." I wouldn't admit it out loud but as she fingered my ass it felt really good.

As the sensation of her finger fucking my ass became better and better she slipped a second finger in and my cock twitched back to life. Finger fucking me hard I was experiencing a new form of pleasure. "Ready?" she asked, sounding absolutely delighted with herself. "No." "Good." Spitting on the tip of the already pussy juice covered dildo she inserted it into my ass.

Thankfully she took it slow at first. As my tight asshole adjusted to the massive dildo she began moving it in and out. "Feels good doesn't it?" "I hate to admit it, but yeah it does. Does that make me gay?" "Of course not, silly. The male G-spot is in the ass. Plus it's not like you're being fucked by a real dick.

I wouldn't allow it." With that she began plunging the full length of the dildo into my rectum and simultaneously started sucking me off. I was completely overcome in a state of pure ecstasy. "Oh my god Rachel." Grabbing her by the back of her head I grasped lumps of her hair in each hand and started to skull fuck her. I don't know whether it was punishment or miracle but she started burying the dildo as far as it would go into my ass.

As I skull fucked the shit out of my sisters mouth, combined with my ass being tore asunder by this gigantic dildo I could feel my stomach tightening, my ball-sack followed suit and was ready ready to explode.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna cum." When she barely legal fucking cock pussy pigtail those words she she began fucking me with the dildo as fast as she could manage. I came in her mouth so hard Rachel pulled out and my sperm dribbled down her chin. Quickly using her finger she scooped it all up and ate it. Every tiene antildeos y ya es mas puta que ninguna otra chica de brunoymaria drop Pulling the dildo out of my ass I felt abnormal without it.

"I-I can't believe I just got fucked in the ass with a dildo." "And by your sister too." "Rachel, I think I'm falling in love with you." I said jokingly.

"I love you too." Kissing my on the cheek my body was devoid of all energy. "I'm sorry Rachel but your going to have to give me a minute here." Laughing I didn't so much as have the energy to look up at her face to see what was so funny. Before I knew it, Rachel had sat on my face. "I'm gonna make you eat my pussy." Grabbing her firm ass I began by licking her clit, then sucking on it and before I tongue fucked her I bit it lightly which sent her entire body quivering with delight.

"Fuck yeah, eat that fucking pussy!" shouted my sister. As I tongue fucked her pussy I managed to stick my thumb in as well lubing it up good. As her sweet pussy juices seeped into my mouth I stuck my lubed up thumb into her ass. "Oh my fucking god yeah. Finger fuck my ass." At this pint Rachel was violently humping my face and my thumb was moving in and out of her ass at incredible speeds. "Oh fuck, I'm cumming already." Letting out a loud moan she came really hard and filled my mouth with her vaginal juices.

Swallowing every last drop I noticed that my dick was fully busty jessa rhodes seduces and fucks married man derrick pornstars and blowjob and ready to go once more. Rachel was very clearly out of energy and I wanted to return the favor for sticking a dildo in my ass. "Get down on your hands and knees." "Yes master." Replied Rachel in an subservient voice. As she went down onto all fours and stuck her ass in the air revealing a tuft of blonde hair around her asshole I grabbed her butt cheeks and spread them wide.

Licking her butthole I could feel its warmth through my tongue. Spitting onto her rusty sheriffs badge I put my index finger in slowly. I was surprised to see that her ass took my finger quite easily. "I want more." In a weak breathless voice her entire pelvis began twitching and her pussy was still soaking wet and now running down her leg. "I've got something for ya." Grabbing my fully erect cock I spat on my spongy cock head and inserted it into her tight asshole.

"Fuck me like you the whore that I am." "You got it sis." Grabbing her by the hips almost too firmly I knew I would leave a bruise or two but that only seemed to turn her on more. Fucking her as fast as I could she was moaning as loud as she could. Thank fuck we're down in the basement. Was all I could think of.

As my sack was slapping off her tender pussy I knew it wouldn't take much to make cum. Slapping my dick into her ass as hard as I could she only loved it and began fucking my cock as it flew in and out of her ass.

In the blink of an eye we were in sync, she pushing against my cock and me burying it deep into her rectum. "Oh fuck yeah." Said Rachel loudly. "Fuck me David, fuck me harder, faster!" demanded my horny sister.

Moments later "Oh yeeeah, im gonna cum." Rachel was in a state of complete eroticism and pleasure "I'm gonna come too." As my sister's climax subsided mine had cute teen show her nasty body on cam begun. Shooting load and after load I filled my sisters ass to the brim with my hot seed. Pulling my dick out there was a large gaping hole where my sperm flowed out and ran down her leg alongside her pussy juice.

Collapsing back onto my bed, Rachel joined me. Snuggling into my chest like like lovers would we wrapped our arms around each other. "That was amazing." Said my sister softly. "Yes it was, thank you." "It's what sisters are for."After a long pause and just before sleep creeped up on me, Rachel spoke.

"Don't leave me again, I Love you for real." Yawning I opened my eyes and met her stare for stare. "I'll never leave your side again. Wifey." "Wifey?" Laughing she kissed me on the cheek. "I like the sound of that."