Stunning legal age teenager hotty girlfriend homemade

Stunning legal age teenager hotty girlfriend homemade
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For the past 12 years, one of my favorite activities has always been fucking my wife. Of course, as with all things, work, normal day-to-day things and the addition of kids in to the mix means that activity gets put on the back burner often.

This usually leaves me feeling horny for days or weeks at a time until my wife and I can find some free time or I find the time to take care of things on my own.

The latter being the least desirable by me. We are a pretty normal married couple. I am in my mid-40s, 6'1 with short light brown hair, blue eyes and a fairly athletic build.

I have a small spread that has started to appear around my midsection which also comes with aging. I am pretty proud of my slender build and even more satisfied with the hard 8 inches that can rise when the occasion presents itself. My wife is also quite attractive. She is just a year younger than I am. She is 5'7 with long brown hair and eyes. She has beautiful 36b breasts that sag a little more than when I first met her (thanks to the kids) but still appear mainly firm.

She has a slim build as well with nice broad hips and long slender legs. I often spend time at work thinking of those slender stilts wrapped around my neck as I nuzzle my tongue in to her fuzzy little piece of heaven.

My wife is a bit more reserved than I am but does have moments where she'll give in to a situation. It has been nearly 2 months since we had had any real contact other than a quick kiss or small grope as we hug. Since the kids were born, we have tried to do small stay-cations when life gets hectic. It gives us a chance to really spend time with the kids and block out some of the stresses that drive us away from the family life.

Most of these get a ways simply involve getting a semi-local hotel and spending the weekend playing in the pool with our kids, watching silly TV or movies and playing games in our rooms. Typically though the kids tend to gravitate toward our bed when it's time for the lights to go out and by the time the kids wind down and fall asleep my wife's eyes are pretty droopy as well.

Meaning it's good for family time, not for sex time. My wife and I realized that life was slipping away again so we planned to head to a nearby hotel and have some "Family time". The kids were really excited and quickly ran to their rooms to pack. Two hours later we were checking in to our room and heading to the pool.

What luck we had to find the pool was empty. The kids immediately donned their goggle and jumped in to the pool. I followed my children in to the cool water as my wife went and checked out the hot tub. The kids took turns diving for toys and racing each other across the pool. When my wife joined us in the pool we took turns tossing the kids in to the deeper water and taking them for rides on our backs.

Every now and then my son would ask us to race to get one of the dive toys. As we would race, my wife would somehow manage to grab my ass or crotch. Not that I minded, but it was getting me somewhat excited. Between that and when the kids were off swimming by themselves, she would come up and wrap her legs around me, grinding her pelvis against me, I was really turned on.

I was even beginning to have hopes of a little fun after the kids went to sleep tonight. After playing around in the pool for a little bit, we all decided to go soak in the hot tub. We set the bubble timer for 20 minutes and climbed in. I was delighted to see the jet bubble filling the tub so that you couldn't see more than 2 inches below the water.

I decided to take advantage of this lack of visibility and slide my hand up my wife's smooth leg and let my fingers run along the crotch of her bikini bottom. At first chanel preston and ivy aura hot threeway in the bedroom didn't protest, but when I started to slip my finger under her bikini I got a whispered "Stop it, the kids are right there!" "They can't see anything", I whispered back.

"Besides, they are busy playing". "How would you like it if I did that to you?" she shot back and reached over to give me a quick squeeze. Between playing with her bikini and the water rumbling my groin I had developed a bit of an erection. "Oh my" my wife responded as she felt the growth in my bathing suit. I could see by blonde babe full webcam fingering playing camdotnet expression that she wasn't expecting that.

I gave her a smile and that son rape mother while sleeping that says "Erections happen!" A splash of hot water marked my daughter jumping in to the hot tub and the spell was broken. We went back to playing with the kids and I hoping my erection would subside before I left the pool area.

About 6 o'clock we left the pool and returned to our room. We ordered a pizza and put on cartoons while we took showers and waited for dinner to arrive. I once again caught a glance of my wife before she entered the shower. Her long legs, nicely trimmed pubic hair, slim waist with just a bit of access that never left after the kids were born. I marveled at her tan body and delighted how her tan lines focused my attention on her happy areas.

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Once dinner arrived we put on a kid movie and ate. After dinner and movie we opted to play a card game until bed time. As expected, the kids took a while to wind down. At 10pm the last one shut their eyes, only 15 minutes after my wife.

I rolled over with a cum face latina teen ride smalltits pornstars groan as I knew there would be no release for the fullness I felt in my balls. I suppose I could have excused myself to the bathroom but I really wasn't in the mood to masturbate this feeling away tonight. In the morning, in her typical fashion my daughter was the first to wake. This was followed by a request to go for a walk around the hotel.

I drug myself out of bed and threw on a pair of shorts and a shirt and off we went to explore the halls and fitness room. We returned about an hour later to find my son and wife were now awake and watching cartoons. After changing out of pajamas we ventured down and had breakfast. We had decided to hit the pool before we left so we hurried up stairs to change for our last couple of hours.

As I spied my wife changing out the corner of my eye, I once again started to feel that arousal again. I wife caught my look and gave me a quick smile and seemed to slow down in finishing getting dressed.

I knew she was teasing me a little. When we got to the pool there were two other people soaking in the hot tub. After about 10 minutes the couple left and we once again had the facility to ourselves.

We once again played with our kids and I continued to get small gropes from my wife. After about a half hour, my wife and I decided to go and soak in the hot tub again.

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My wife turned the timer and the spa was filled with bubbles again. Our kids delighted in doing quick dunks in the pool followed by quick dunks in the hot tub. My wife settled in next to me again and I let my hand slide up her leg to the crotch of her bikini. She responded as before about the kids being here and we can't do anything. As we sat there I decided to slip my bathing suit down to my ankles. The water gurgling around my groin caused more blood to flow in to my already hardening member.

I then returned my hand to my wife and slowly started to work my finger under her bikini again. "Stop it", she whispered to me again. When I didn't retreat she looked at me with an"I'll show you" look in her eyes. As she reached over to grab me, her hand wrapped around my now erect member. I will always relish the look of surprise in her face as she realized I was now naked. "The kids are right here" she reminded me in a low voice. "I know, and they can't tell anything" I retorted.

My wife sat there look as the kids climbed out of the hot tub and jumped back in to the pool. It was obvious they didn't have a clue what was going on under the bubble. Then I realized that my wife had not let go of my cock. Not only that but she was slowly stroking me. I let out a nice "Mmmm" as I leaned back in the water a little. My wife then realized what she was doing and let go of me.

"You didn't have to do that" I responded. My wife gave me a somewhat unsure look. I could tell she wanted to do more but was uncertain about having the kids constantly coming in and out of the spa.

"I know it's been a long time" she started, "but what if the kids see?" "Well, as long as the bubbles are on, we shouldn't have that issue", I replied. My wife looked over at the timer.

It still had 15 minutes on it before the bubble shut off. While she was distracted I quickly slipped my hand under her bikini and slid my finger along her fuzzy slit. My wife made a quick gasp as she snapped her head back toward me. I curled a finger inside of her and felt the horny big tit redhead girlfriend deep throats then rides big dick moisture within her cavern.

She quickly squeezed her legs together, trapping my hand. Another splash of hot water announced the arrival of our children. They quickly swam from one side of the hot tub to the next and back out to jump in to the pool. "OK," my wife said. "You have until the sailor luna in fucking the holy spirit slutty cousin stop".

With that I gave her a nice kiss. Our lips touched, our tongues caressed. I flexed my finger inside of my wife and I heard a slight groan escape her lips as she release the hold on my hand. I then moved my wife on to my lap and she positioned my cock between her legs. I then pulled the fabric of her bikini bottom to the side and let her guide me to her opening.

I could feel the resistance of her flesh give way as the head was aligned with her opening. A small move from me and a move from her and I felt oily smoothness engulf my shaft. In the heat of the water I could still feel her muscles gripping me as I slid deeper and deeper inside. I slid down more in the water to try to find a position that would get me as deep as possible inside of her without looked too obvious.

I could feel my wife slowly moving her hips and flexing her muscles inside as I gave small thrusts up inside of her. The motion would be temporarily interrupted by the arrival of our children, but never stopped. I could hear low moans coming from my wife was we continued our movements. I let out my own grunts of enjoyment as the jets provided one sensation and my wife's pussy another. I felt my wife's movements increasing slightly and I knew she was getting close. I hear the door open to the pool area and watched as two more adults and a child walked in.

"We need to hurry" my wife softly panted. "After you" I replied.

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My wife only needed a couple more thrusts before I felt her hands tighten on my thighs and I felt her pussy squeeze my shaft. The sight of the family getting closer and my wife's restrained orgasm was more than enough for me. I felt that familiar tingling that starts in my balls and the rush of fluids racing through my shaft.

I gave one last muffled grunt as I felt 2 months worth of build up explode inside of my wife. I felt my wife's soaked wet tattooed slut drilled in the ass dig in to my thigh as my first load of cum shot in to her.

My legs trembled as my muscle twitched again sending a second and third volley of my seed inside of her. Another splash caused by my son entering the hot tub caused my wife to slide off my lap. As my son exited the hot tub I tried to deftly pull my bathing suit up. Just as I finished tying the string there was a silence that fell over the spa.

The jets stopped and the water cleared. My wife just looked over at me with a slightly embarrassed look on her face. We had a quick chuckle between us and then decided to get remove ourselves from the hot tub.

I swear I saw something white floating in the water. Maybe it was a little of me that leaked out of my wife. We went back in to the pool and played with our kids for another half hour. I couldn't help but grin as I watched the other couple enter the hot tub.

I looked at my watch and realized it was time to get ready to head for home. I was pretty happy about our weekend and our little adventure in the hot water.