Mexican couple fuck after school to megadeth

Mexican couple fuck after school to megadeth
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As the water ran down her body, Carolyn thought ahead to this evening. I wonder what will happen? I wonder if she misses me as just a friend or maybe more? I guess i'll just have to wait and see.

I'll play it cool, in case she is just wanting to be friends, but if more happens, i'm definitely not going to fight it.

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As Carolyn soaped her perky 34D chest her mind wandered to one of the last times her and Rachael had been together before they broke up a few months earlier.

They had been laying in bed watching some cheesy sci-fi horror flick pretty nympho gapes juicy snatch and gets devirginized Rachael had grabbed her a little tighter and buried her face in Carolyn's neck. Carolyn's attention instantly diverted from a giant snake eating the token buff black guy to the sexy woman laying beside her.

She wrapped an arm around Rachael and stroked her side softly, trying not to laugh, it was a silly b movie that shouldn't be able to scare a 7 year old. Rachael relaxed slowly and started breathing in Carolyn's ear, which of course was one of her major turn ons, and the little minx knew it! At this point Carolyn started rubbing soap over the rest of her body, as she moved lower she closed her eyes and the motion and thoughts caught up with her.

Her nipples hardened and her breath came quicker. Noticing this she opened her eyes and chuckled. I really hope Rachael is wanting to hang out for more reasons than just cards and a movie. After her shower Carolyn took longer to get ready than normal. She usually just threw on whatever jeans were clean and a comfortable t-shirt, pulled her hair up into a ponytail, and went about her day. She was what you would call a tom-boy.

Not really worried about appearances. But she was still a good looker. 23 with medium length reddish brown hair with natural highlights, stunning hazel eyes, 5'7 with a nicely built athletic body, and with a good bit of defined muscle.

But she wanted to look a little nicer tonight for Rachael, it wouldn't hurt her chances at a bit more, right? She chose a nicer pair of khaki shorts, and a colorful tank that she knew was one of Rachael's favorites. It was one of her favorite colors, and fairly low cut, so if she was sitting in bed or on the couch, Rachael, who was taller than her, could see a nice view down the shirt.

As she brushed her hair she decided to leave it down, knowing Rachael liked it that way, and even better, she used to love running her fingers through it as Carolyn made her scream. Carolyn reigned her mind away from that mental image, it wouldn't do to show up crazy horny if all Rachael wanted when she had invited her over was to genuinely have just a friendly night of games and a couple drinks, maybe blow off steam from work and the last ex boyfriend who had up and run off one day, never to sexy babe gets tied up and fucked to her again after saying he loved her.

If what Rachael needed was just a friend, then Carolyn would be that friend. But just in case Carolyn took extra care to trim and file her nails, better to be prepared right?

At 4 she texted Rachael that she was on her way with the drink supply, and hopped in the car. When she got to Rachael's house she parked behind the old project truck, pleased to notice progress on the body work, however it meant Rachael was frustrated and looking for projects to burn it off. As she was bending over to grab the bottle off the back seat floorboard Rachael made her appearance with a whistle and a light smack on her ass. Carolyn jumped up, bottle in hand laughing, threatening her to not start anything she wasn't going to finish.

She gave Rachael a one-armed hug, noticing a light citrus scent, one of her favorites. Rachael looked her usual gorgeous self, 5'10 with curly dark brown hair, hazel eyes with flecks of gold that Carolyn used to love staring in to. She was flaunting her 25 year old hourglass figure with a tight tank top and a pair of shorts that left very little to the imagination.

Maybe tonight will be really fun after all. Both of them headed inside laughing. Carolyn stashed the vodka in the freezer to let it chill, while they cooked dinner and made some finger snack foods. Chris, Rachael's 7 year old brother, was running around underfoot, sneaking bites while they both humored him.

While Rachael cooked the chicken, Carolyn made the snacks, and mashed potatoes. They even got Chris to microwave the peas. When everything was done all 3 sat down on the couch and ate while watching Chris' new favorite cartoon. After dinner Carolyn helped Rachael with the dishes.

Joking back and forth with Rachael, trading stories about what they had been up to since they had last hung out. After dishes they lounged on the couch with Chris and watched tv for extreme huge fisting your pleasure is my world bit. Rough housing during the commercials, at one point all 3 were involved in a sword fight with wrapping paper tubes, each person grabbing a pillow for a shield, which decimated the living room, leaving pillows scattered everywhere after the sword fight ended in an all out pillow brawl.

When the phone rang Chris ran to get it, after a minuted he reappeared and asked if he could go spend the night at the neighbor's house with his friend Travis. After a few minutes of scrounging up clothes and a toothbrush, and a quick hug for his sister, Chris ran out the door. With the house to themselves, Carolyn offered to fix Rachael a drink if she would find the cards. After an hour of drinking games, where Rachael ranted about her ex asshole boyfriend, both were feeling buzzed, but neither wanted to get wasted, so they decided to watch a movie.

Carolyn mixed a new set of drinks and sat down on the couch while Rachael put in a comedy. Rachael plopped down next to Carolyn and took a good swallow, letting out a mighty belch, then started giggling so hard she couldn't breathe. It didn't help that halfway through Carolyn started tickling her.

As Rachael wiggled around trying to escape, pleading for Carolyn to stop she slid off the couch. Carolyn was laughing so stacked blonde gets her pretty face fucked big tits cumshot she couldn't even apologize. Rachael popped up, glaring at Carolyn, demanding she stop laughing.

Of course the sight of Rachael standing there, hands on her hips, hair flying everywhere, trying to look serious only made Carolyn laugh harder. Then Carolyn noticed that Rachael's tank had slid down a bit, revealing some purple lace from her bra. As Rachael's chest heaved from exertion, Carolyn's brain took a quick dive down to the gutter.

Unfortunately Rachael tugged her shirt back up a bit, just covering the enticing glance of lace, and launched herself at Carolyn. If Rachael was ticklish, Carolyn was 10 times more so. And Rachael put her knowledge of where to good use. Carolyn tried to slide off the couch and escape, but Rachael had straddled her lap, kneeling on either side, pinning her arms down too.

Carolyn tried to buck her off, twisting from side to side, eventually she managed to work a hand free and began tickling Rachael back. Both women were laughing and gasping, writhing around like little girls.

But something Carolyn didn't know, was that her thigh was rubbing directly on Rachael's crotch, and as she twisted from side to side Rachael was getting a bit of a thrill. Rachael found herself pressing more firmly into Carolyn's leg, and her hands seemed to wonder of their own accord closer to underneath Carolyn's tits.

As Carolyn was about to say uncle, she noticed the look in Rachael's eyes change.

The fun was still there, but so was something else. During the wrestling Carolyn's hand had snuck underneath Rachael's shirt to tickle bare skin. Carolyn focused on getting her other hand loose. With the sternest voice she could muster while trying not to laugh, she told Rachael she better stop or else.

Rachael just kept laughing, and the mischievous glint in her eye became more pronounced. At that moment Carolyn's other hand broke free and joined in the fight. Only now she was going to match Rachael's mischief, otherwise she was going to be tickled until she pissed herself. With her newly freed hand Carolyn began tickling the inside of Rachael's thigh, while the other hand worked its way along her ribs towards luscious babe anna bell peaks gets her pussy smashed front.

Earlier in the day Rachael had been thinking about Carolyn too. She had to admit that she missed the sweet and obnoxious girl. She especially missed how Carolyn used to make her feel. Even after they had decided to just be friends at the end of the semester, she had dated 2 guys but still thought about Carolyn when she was playing with herself.

Now here she was, on top of her cute naughty showing of hot milk shakes hardcore blowjob, and as she looked down she received a very nice eyeful of enticing cleavage. Why not? They were both single now, and they had said that friends with benefits could work possibly. Rachael began rubbing herself on Carolyn's leg harder. Carolyn noticed that and more.

Rachael's breathing had gone throaty, and her face was flushed. She knew now that Rachael was provoking her on purpose, and that she must have missed her a lot more than she said.

Awesome! This night was getting very interesting. She switched from tickling to caressing Rachael's side, slipping her other hand in between her leg and Rachael's crotch. Rachael eyes, which had been half shut, flew open as she felt Carolyn's hand go south. She looked into those beautiful hazel eyes and before she could coyly ask what she was doing, Carolyn surged up and kissed that teasing smile.

Rachael melted into her. Molding her body to Carolyn. Her hands slipped underneath the tank to hold the soft breasts she had been dreaming about for the last week, ever since she had invited Carolyn over.

Carolyn moaned softly as she felt Rachael cup her tits. She began to rub firmly on Rachael's crotch through her jeans, and felt Rachael arch towards her in response. Rachael was more turned on than she had been in months. She pressed herself firmly against Carolyn's touch, humping sightly. When she felt and heard Carolyn moan, she couldn't resist, and slipped her tongue out to taste those sweet lips.

Carolyn was a bit surprised by the tongue, but returned it with a vengeance. Her hand slid to Rachael's back and pulled her closer. All while increasing the pace of her other hand. Rachael was in shock. Here she was, just rubbing against Carolyn's hand through jeans, but she felt like she was ready to cum. She must have been hornier than she thought.

Arching her back, she moved to focus the pressure where she needed it. Carolyn heard Rachael's breathing change, and feeling her arch, knew she was close. She switched to just 2 fingers, and rubbed firmly around where her clit was. Rachael gasped as her body shuddered slightly. Every muscle taut, straining into Carolyn's fingers she orgasmed.

Afterwards she lay her head down on Carolyn's shoulder, catching her breath, unknowingly breathing into her ear. Carolyn was so wet at this point that she was ready to strip Rachael right there in the living room and ravish her body until the sun came up. But she knew it might be kind of hard to explain if Chris came back early. So instead she rolled Rachael to the side, stood up and looked down at the incredibly beautiful, slightly sweaty woman before her.

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With a growl she swooped down and picked her up. Rachael squealed in surprise and wrapped her arms around Carolyn's neck reflexively. Carolyn carried her back into the bedroom where she swiftly deposited Rachael on the bed and jumped on her. But she was going to take her time, and tease Rachael until she begged for it. Holding herself up on one arm Carolyn softly kissed her, teasing her lips with a questing tongue. Stroking one hand along Rachael's waist, gently caressing her hip and thigh.

Slowly she moved to place light kisses along Rachael's jaw, down her neck, then up to her ear. She blew softly into it and nibbled the lobe. Then swiftly she nibbled back down her neck. Rachael felt goosebumps rise when Carolyn breathed in her ear, but couldn't resist letting out a soft moan when she started nibbling her neck.

Hearing Rachael moan was an immense turn on for Carolyn. She loved to hear it. Carolyn moved her free hand up to gently stroke Rachael's breast through the shirt, feeling the nipple harden and try to poke through. Using one hand Carolyn started to pull Rachael's shirt up, but got stuck at the arms.

Laughing, Rachael arched up and pulled if off the rest of the way, she also reached back and unclasped her bra, flinging it across the room. Carolyn immediately sucked a nipple into her mouth, kneading the other breast with her hand, lashing the tip with her tongue and sucking hard. Rachael felt every touch as if it was fire, tingling jolts raced through her body as she arched again to press herself to Carolyn.

Carolyn knew she was getting the exact response she had hoped for, and decided to tease british mom fucks and gets heavy facial a bit more, switching to the other nipple so it wouldn't feel left out. Her free hand left off fondling and caressing to slide ever so slowly down to lightly brush against Rachael's crotch through her shorts once more. Rachael let out a sigh, ready to come again and thinking that Carolyn was about to provide just that.

But Carolyn had another idea. She let Rachael's nipple pop out, to a whimper of displeasure from Rachael, and teasingly began to trail feather soft kisses along her navel. Rachael's displeasure changed to anticipation as Carolyn got closer and closer to where she really wanted her tongue to be. Carolyn reached the waistband and continued lower, placing kisses down along one inner thigh, and back up the other.

She paused at the crotch and lightly nuzzled, inhaling a pleasant musky scent from the past. The light nuzzling and teasing kisses were taunting Rachael, she thought she was going to go insane, but at the same time she was loving every second. Carolyn moved her hand up to touch the soft skin over wicked looker gets cum shot on her face eating all the jizz muscles of Rachael's belly.

She moved her head up to the waist again, and using her teeth and tongue worked at it and unbuttoned Rachael's jeans. Still using just her mouth Carolyn worked the shorts down while Rachael obliged by lifting her hips up so they could slide off easier. Carolyn was driving Rachael crazy. The feeling of her breath through the jeans and then only panties, knowing how close she was to having Carolyn taste her, but still not quite being touched.

It was torture! Carolyn repeated her tickling kisses along the inner thighs, pausing to lightly trace the lips of Rachael's pussy through the panties with her tongue, lightly flicking at her clit as she moved up to drag those off too. Finally face to face with the object of her most recent fantasies, Carolyn yo call girl suck my dick and fuck hard a moment to savor what was to come.

She glanced up and saw Rachael watching her, the lust and wanting in her eyes obvious. Carolyn smiled, locking eyes with her, and slipped a finger along the moist lips. Rachael's eyes halfway closed in sheer pleasure, she whimpered slightly, thrusting her hips forward, hoping for some penetration to give her relief.

Carolyn laughed, and Rachael's eye snapped back open, glaring at her, a thwarted look on her face. As she opened her mouth to command Carolyn to finish what she had started, Carolyn beat her to it, and slipped two fingers inside that tight pussy.

Rachael's breath exploded out, ending in a load moan as Carolyn curled her fingers up, pressing on her G-spot. Slowly Carolyn slid her fingers completely out, circling her clit and tracing Rachael's now puffy outer lips.

As Rachael watched Carolyn brought her fingers to her tongue and licked the glistening juices from them, sighing like a kid who just got their favorite candy. Before Rachael could comment on it, Carolyn lowered her mouth to hover right over Rachael's pussy. She inhaled deeply, smelling Rachael's arousal, seeing how wet she was.

Lightly she ran her tongue along the smoothly shaved outer lips, then along the slit, savoring the sweet and tangy taste. Rachael gasped and her hands clutched at the blanket. Teasingly slow Carolyn worked her tongue in until she was as far in as she could be, probing the slick walls for places that elicited whimpers and gasps from Rachael.

She twirled her tongue around, watching as Rachael's hands reflexively opened and closed. She began pulling out and pressing back in, feeling Rachael thrust her hips to meet her. By now Carolyn was so wet she could feel it soaking through her panties and shorts, she just had to hear Rachael scream.

So she pulled her tongue out and began circling Rachael's clit, gently at first, but with increasing pressure as Rachael's licking fellows ramrod and balls blowjob and amateur grew louder.

When Rachael's legs started to tense, and her breath was coming in short gasps, Carolyn knew she was close, but she didn't want Rachael to just cum, she had to make her orgasm hard enough to scream. She brought her hand back and slipped a finger back inside, curling it to stroke in and out, pressing along that magic spot on each thrust.

Rachael's hand jerked over and rested on Carolyn's head, running her fingers through the soft hair, pressing Carolyn's mouth more firmly to her crotch. Carolyn responded by slipping a second finger inside her, stretching her grasping walls. Rachael couldn't help herself anymore, she gripped Carolyn's hair in a fist and moaned out her name, begging for more.

Hearing her lover call out her name pushed Carolyn over the edge, she came without even touching herself, moaning onto Rachael's clit as she continued to lash the little nub while pumping her fingers in and out at a rapid speed. All of a sudden Rachael's pussy clamped down, trapping Carolyn's fingers, while a shot of tangy cum squirted directly onto Carolyn's tongue. Rachael had squirted before, but it was still a fairly rare occurrence, one Carolyn treasured beyond anything else, because it meant she had pleased Rachael to the highest extent she possibly could.

As Carolyn tasted the fruit of her labor she moaned again. The vibrations going straight to Rachael's clit once again, fueling one of the hardest orgasms of her life, and triggering another jet of girl cum.

Carolyn kept up flicking her tongue as fast as possible, almost vibrating it against the tip of Rachael's clit as she continued to cum, letting loose loud moans along with some unintelligible curses and a few oh my god's. At this point Rachael's lower body was hovering off the bed, hips held in the air with Carolyn having to chase her down to keep up the almost painful level of sheer pleasure.

Rachael was beyond thought as each flick hd video clip with zejinka blowing cock and fucking Carolyn's tongue made her whole body tense more, jolts of lightning racing through her body, each nerve tingling and straining for more. Carolyn was relentless as she wriggled her fingers around inside, and continued fast, firm strokes of her tongue. Rachael was nearly sobbing in ecstasy, she grabbed a pillow to muffle her screams, not wanting any inquisitive neighbors to come around wondering who sounded like they were either being murdered, or being given a mind blowing orgasm.

Finally, as Rachael began to come down Carolyn switched to long firm licks to draw out the last shaking moments, slowly withdrawing her fingers from the relaxing vice grip that Rachael's pussy had on them. Rachael gently disengaged her fingers from Carolyn's hair as she crawled up to spoon next to Rachael, kissing her gently and letting her taste herself on her lips.

As the two of them lay there, sweaty and smelling like sex, they fell asleep cuddled together. Rachael's last thought was that she would definitely have to repay Carolyn in the morning. Maybe a naked wake up call would do the trick. Thank you for choosing to read my story. I have not written many, and the few I have are usually inspired by real life, personal fantasies, the fantasies of friends, or some combination thereof.

Please feel free to leave comments with advice or constructive criticism, as I am always striving to do better.