Mom and son slipping fuce

Mom and son slipping fuce
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The cum on my hair was no doubt noticeable. There are no more seats in the front so I had to work my way past everyone to the back of the class. Sitting through class I could not stop thinking about what had just happened. The sex was just amazing. Thinking about it brought pre cum to the opening of my basins again as I felt the cream slowly go down to my butt and my inner thigh.

The ringing of the bell to dismiss class brought me back to reality. As I was getting up to leave I went to grab my asian bombshell jackie lin plays with bbc from the floor I notice my erected nipples were clearly visible on my tank top and my pussy cream gave my short short a damp spot between my legs.

I went and sat down quietly in the bank of the room in second period. I wanted to be some sort of Robin hood hero and fulfill every guys dirty fantasy but I did not want to be mistaken as a hoe. A boy was walking over to sit next to me his eyes first stated at my obvious erect nipples, then the wet spot on my short then tried to stare down my top as well.

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Once the class settled down I unbuttoned my shorts and stretched them down enough so that my clit was visible. I didn't want to get in trouble or else they would've been to my ankles.

I buzzed the guy over and watched as his eyes nearly exploded when he saw what i was showing. I was also peeking at him and saw his dick growing inside his soccer pants. I tried to take him back to the staff bathroom but it was locked so I told him to text me at 4 today.

I fucked another guy in the equipment room during p.e. but it was a quickie because we were summoned to bring the gears for the day's activity for that day. On the way there i told him about it and he just laughed but when he turned around to find me standing there with my sweatpants past my knees he slid his shorts down to his shoes.

By the time I walked to him he was hard enough uk essex slut southend on sea nina penetrate my pussy.

Since we had no time i just walked up and lifted one of my leg for him to grab and as he stuck me. His dick was slightly longer ant thicker than the asian one I had two hours earlier, not the size I was expecting from a black male but still bigger. He was scrawny and nerdy looking unlike the asian guy earlier. I wasn't even sure if he was or wasn't a virgin either.

He pumped me slow at first but since I was loose he went fast within a few pumps only.

It was a good thing because I needed him to cum quickly. Although the pleasure was there because we were also in a rush and I was still very loose for his size the pleasure was not nearly as good as earlier.

He started going really fast and I finally started panting and moaning from the pleasure. He came quickly, several loads in my pussy before I pulled out and stick his dick in my mouth. The rest of what was left of his cum was swallowed.

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I cleaned what I could that dropped out of my pussy with one of the football jersey in the room I did not want anything showing through my gray sweats. As we walked back to the teacher he was walking more crooked than me. I also gave another boy a hand job behind a tree during our daily run.

A handful of girls and three boys also saw, as well as an old grandma who came to the school to walk the track. By lunch time word must have gotten around cuz half way through lunch I was given 3 cups by 3 guys 2 black and extreme slut fist fucked by two brutes Mexican. They must've heard what I was doing because they were hanging out with the black guy with glasses earlier.

Each cup has sperm in it, it seems they went to jack themselves off and gave me there babies. I dranked all 3 on the spot, it was anonymous since they were paper cups even if there were a bunch of people around me. Although it seemed whore it was obviously their fantasy to see me do that. I told the guys that I wanted to be kept a secret.

I want my identity to stay mysterious also I want them to have the unexpected feeling of a surprised fantasy come true.

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Later on that day I went to meet up with Dante the guy from class earlier at his house. He also had his uncle over, he looked in his mid 30s and apparently he was the one who picked Dante up from school. I want sure what Dante wanted but when I got to his house he told me to take off my clothes right in the living room, his uncle was staring right at me.

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Dante and his uncle looked to either be Mexican or some type of Caucasian they were both brunette. Dante was a slim 5' 9" ripped figure while his uncle was about same height with a lot more muscle on him.

They had a camera setup to a stand but I told them they could only record if it was on my phone. They agreed. I took off my clothes and got on my knees as I was ordered. They came to both my side and I began massaging their dicks through their pants. I asked them if either of them have ever been with a black girl before, hid uncle said once, Dante said he only had one sick on his dick, Desiree one sex new sexy xxy katrena kaf pla storys my friends.

I undid both of their pants and his uncle was completely hard already, a nice fat dick with a small head. It was so fat I couldn't wrap my hand around it. It was relatively not that long tho, even shorter than the asian guy's, a little disappointed I was too bad it wasn't BIG. Dante had a still mostly flaccid dick, i worked ny hands on his while my watery mouth on his uncle. Because it was so fat I couldnt go past half way on his dick.

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Seeing me blow his uncle sobbing all over his dick, Dante grew hard quickly. He was quite longer than his uncle about 7 inches but also incomparably skinnier.

I now stuck his in my mouth. I was blowing them for about 10 mins then Dante raised my ass and had fucked me from behind. I groaned sexy ally on the first pump and would've continued for his uncle had not stuck his dick in my mouth. We had just begun fucking when my phone suddenly ranged, not wanting to leave the dicks in me i just yelled voice command to answer. Totally forgot that I had set my conversations to FaceTime my phone entrancing orall service enjoyment hardcore and blowjob and it was my mom!

A perfect view of me in a doggy style with a young guy penetrating my from my ass while an older man had hid fat dick in my mouth. All three of us were completely shocked at the face on the screen. I quickly went and grabbed my phone and turned it to regular speaking. All she said was come home immediately or else and hung up. I had to go, bummed that I could not finish what I had started but at least I have Dante and his uncle a random fantasy that neither of them expected when they woke up this morning.

With a kiss to each dick and a couple more strokes I left them butt naked in the living room.