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Israeli army girls fuck sex mb dvdrip
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Human Slavery Reborn Prologue: Operation Bone Collector Announced "The trading of human bodies is no longer illegal. We have researched it and have found it to be a viable way to lift our country out of the debt we are in. Due to the recent devastation overseas, many, many countries are without women.

The women who are married or under the age of thirteen are to remain with their families, while those not married, and between the ages of thirteen and 50 are to be rounded up into auction houses, where they will be evaluated and categorized for the commercial distribution for our neighbors.

After they are sold off, our country will be free of debt, and all of the taxes will be lowered considerably. Those women that resist capture will only be making life harder on their family, as nobody will get paid for the duration of Operation Bone Collector.

Be advised that there will be no expense spared for the capture of these women, and that all travel out of the country has been halted. No planes are taking off, no borders are open and there is not a soul in the world out there that will help you out of your predicament…You have one week to enjoy your families, and then, in seven days, OBC kinky lesbian threesome session in the kitchen commence.

You have 3 days to comply once that happens. Failure to do so will make your stay a hell of a lot more difficult for you than need be.

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That is all," The news broadcast ended with the President of the United States of America shedding a single tear. She knew that the country would do anything to get out of debt, and that the selling of the women was the right step, but she could feel the pain of every mother who's teenage daughter would be sold off. Her own twin girls had just turned sixteen, and even though she was the President, she could not stop their sale.

Life had just changed for the whole world, and so had begun the new Dark Ages. Chapter 1 Operation Bone Collector Begins Screams echoed in the night. Daughters were ripped from their mothers arms, and unmarried couples were torn apart, leaving young children motherless. Young widows with children were even grabbed, their young ones passed onto family members.

Older couples tried to save their girls by hiding them, but no matter what, the girls, and older women were eventually all rounded up and forced into stable-like buildings, with high walls and strong titanium bars, and cement flooring.

The women were stripped, evaluated for diseases, both sexually transmitted and the other variety, sexual experience (from virginity to how skilled,) facial beauty, temperament and body condition. Depending on the results of each evaluation, they were categorized, and sorted out, waiting to be sold. Now, the people doing the evaluations are men, mostly doctors. The other men are pornstars, the ones that survived the scourge of the religious fanatics.

The women are treated like cattle, though their 'stalls' are heated and comfortable. They weren't mistreated, though they may have felt like it. "Hide Lidia! Don't worry about me, my love! Just hide!" My mother's voice still echoes through my mind, the only remnant of her that I have, because they took her, on the night they came to our house.

We (my mother and i) were both unmarried. I had just had my nineteenth birthday the day before the announcement, my mother her 30th. They (the 'wranglers', as I called them) had a list of all of the women in our neighborhood that fit the criteria of the law.

I ran to our panic room, hidden in the basement, under the garage. Nobody knew about it but me. It yelling stop crying tears lesbian from licking pussy even in the blueprints of our house. You wouldn't find it, even if you combed through every single crack in the wall of the basement. There was no way in unless you provided footprints, voice, password, retinas and DNA for evaluation by the high tech security system that I had designed, patented and installed myself.

It was disguised by a false wall, and that false wall was 3 feet thick. It was made of the strongest metal ever, with 2 feet of concrete over it. I was quite safe here, but I was worried about my mother, so I switched on the surveillance monitors.

Our house was installed with multiple high quality cameras, and there were about 4 in the living room, in different heights and angles. I watched as four men used a battering ram on our front door (made of the best wood available, I was saddened to see the door destroyed) immediately training various types of guns on my mother.

One of them, the leader I assumed, stepped forward. "What is your name, woman?" he demanded, though he probably already knew. "Maria Lissette Johnson." My mother was the epitome of honesty.

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"Where is your daughter, Ms. Johnson?" The man queried, his tone leaving no room for any stalling or lying. "She's not here. She's buried in Montgomery Private Cemetery. She died, three months before her birthday." Did I mention my mother could lie so well, she could even fool the best of the FBI's expert in microexpressions?

She could even cry on demand, making it look real. "Search the house. Every inch. Leave no piece of furniture unturned, no wall unbroken. I want to make sure this girl isn't around here anywhere. I don't trust this woman." He instructed his men.

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They nodded and went to do his bidding. After the men vacated the room, the man eyed my mother up and down, his lascivious eyes lingering on the V between her legs, and her large, bountiful breasts.

My mother, small as she was, was impressively endowed. Not only were her breasts quite large, but her waist small, her hips wide, and her legs lean, but her face was quite beautiful. She was a heart-stopper, one that turned heads wherever we went, but she didn't care. She told me often that I was the only person she needed, that a man would break our relationship apart. Now, don't get to thinking that we were lovers, because we weren't.

My mother had been the only constant in my life. We had moved quite a bit, to avoid my father, and to avoid anybody trying to kidnap me and holding me for ransom.

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We were quite rich, both because of my many patents, and because my mother had inherited almost $900,000,000 when her father died. We had put that money to good use, building our dream house, and with the large property to match. We had a very good security system in place that protected us, but we had shut it off for the most part when we observed the government men driving toward our door.

Their approach gave us the time we needed to put everything in order for the inevitable: my mother's capture. "You are quite the beauty. I bet the men must pant at your heels," the commander observed "I suppose they do. I don't pay attention to them. My daughter was the only thing that was important to me." My mother teen sex jav jav iki adam beni sikiyor, reclining in her custom-made silk chair.

She was remarkably calm in the face of this man's 9-mm gun barrel in her face. "Hmm. There seem s to be a bit of a problem here. One that only you can solve at the moment it seems." The man stated. My mother raised her left eyebrow, the shape making the red glint like fire. "And what problem would that be sir?" "I am extremely horny, and it's your fault. Come over here and fix it." He didn't have to put much emphasis into his words for her to comply.

My mother had spent almost 15+ years celibate, and she wasn't a robot, after all. She sashayed up to him, her hips swaying back and forth seductively.

Her feline green eyes smoked with unspoken desire. She halted in front of her, a small smile playing her glossy pink lips, and her eyes looking deeply into his murky brown ones. She trailed a small, delicate pale finger down his black shirtfront, stopping at his belt.

She slowly, torturously undid it for him, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants at the anal pov kg thai teen all in ass lover time. The moment she let go, they fell around his ankles with a rustle.

He wasn't wearing any underwear, which my mother seemed to like. His member stood up straight, appearing to salute my mother. He was a nice size, about 7 inches from the look of him, and none too thin either.

With one of her small hands, my mother caressed his rod, making it jump. She giggled a little. She lowered herself to her knees, coming face to (haha) face with his fleshy stick, flicking a tongue over it quickly and lightly, just tasting it. She seemed to like it, because not two seconds later, the thick engorged head of his penis was in her eager mouth. The man moaned, putting his gun away quickly and put both of his hands on my mother's head.

She took him into her mouth centimeter by centimeter, pulling back when she got halfway down his penis. He grunted as she moved up and down on his shaft, thrusting his hips in time with her head-bobbing.

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This lasted about 4 minutes before he took action, pistoning his hips suddenly, forcing his whole member into my mother's mouth, basically face-fucking her. She gagged a couple of times, but nothing too serious from the sounds coming from her. She was moaning around his penis, and when he stopped and shoved all of his length into her mouth, she was in heaven.

Her throat worked at swallowing the load of semen jetting into it, and when he pulled himself from her mouth, he had a large grin on his face. "You sure do know how to make a man's day. My wife will be glad to know I won't want to have sex with her when I get home." He stroked my mother's face with the back of his hand. Suddenly, he grabbed her by the hair and shoved her onto her hands and knees, throwing up her knee-length blue silk skirt, and rubbing his hand up and down her labia.

His hand came away glistening from her inner cream, satisfying his need to know that she was wet. He rubbed his cock with the cream, and got it hard again. Pushing her onto her face, he kneed her legs apart and positioned his cock at her opening.

With one hard thrust, he was in her to the hilt. She moaned, pushing back against him in what I took to be ecstasy. "Please," she begged, "please fuck me. Fuck me hard" He complied, his hips a blur as he put himself into motion, filling my mother with his rock-hard shaft.

I was beginning to get a little aroused at the pounding my mother was getting, so I took the vibrator I had in a drawer in the wall and used it on myself.

He stopped, pulled out, and with no warning at all, shoved himself into my mom's tight, virgin ass. She screamed in pain/pleasure as he sank balls-deep into her ass, ramming her over and over again, she suddenly stiffened and cried out. "I'm cumming!" she yelled. That undid the commander as he shot loads of his semen into my mom's hole, filling and over-filling her so that his cum leaked out of her. With a satisfied grunt, he pulled out of her and stood up.

His cum was dripping down my mom's crack, and down her thighs as she got on her knees. "Clean my cock off." He said imperiously. My mother obeyed, going to town on his still semi hard dick. He seemed to be enjoying it, and his penis was growing hard again. I smiled, knowing that he would like to continue copulating with my mother, but the approaching footsteps of his soldiers forced him to push her away. He quickly zipped his pants racy doggy style sex for busty oriental got his appearance back in order.

My mother had landed on her back with her legs splayed, facing the oncoming soldiers with her pussy completely visible.