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Mom and son sexsy move
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Ch 5 "Cheers to another great night of work ladies and gentlemen" Jon roared as he raised a glass of wine in front of his crew. He continued "Thanks you all. Everyone, from the dancers, to the cooks, to the waitresses. This restaurant, and my dream, could not thrive like it is without each and every one of you." With that, Bella and her co workers cheered and gulped down their small glasses of wine. This became a ritual at the end of Friday night shift. The girls laughed and chatted among each other as they entered the change room and began to get ready to go home.

Bella loved working here, and so did the other girls. Jon was a good boss, he knew how to keep the morale of his workers high. Bella said goodbye to her coworkers, gave Jon a kiss on her way out, and made her way to her car. Meanwhile, a few blocks away, Officer Jack Tanner was lurking the streets in his police cruiser. He was working yet another Friday night shift. Whereas most family men like him would hate working this time slot, he loved it. He knew there were always a plethora of beautiful girls hitting the town, tipsily making their way home.

The old officer loved stopping these young women and harassing them. You see, in his younger days, Jack had been a sort of hero in the police force, being known as a brave and goodhearted man that had made many high profile arrests.

These decades of good service had earned him a lot of influence in the police force, and he knew it. But alas, as the decades wore on, Jack found himself less enthused about upholding justice, and more consumed with flirty czech sweetie gapes her spread cunt to the peculiar his personal desires.

He knew that with his good reputation and the fact that he was nearing retirement, he could get away with his little games. If any girl squealed, it would simply be his word against hers. The old cop cruised the streets, entering the downtown district, where the high profile clubs and restaurants were. His attention was drawn to a parking lot where a handful of gorgeous young things were walking to their respective cars.

He turned into an alley across the parking lot and watched. One caught his eye more than any other though. A beautiful white girl looking as if she wasn't even legal. He admired her ivory colored skin and shapely body. She was wearing a tight fitting black blouse, buttoned up to to the top, covering the entirety of her chest.

Even though her chest was covered, Jack could tell this young girl was well endowed. Her ample bust projected out from her body and pushed against the tight blouse. As she turned her back to him and stuck her key in the driver seat door, he noticed her loose fitting black skirt inch up just above her knee level, exposing the bottom part of her thigh.

Jack smiled as he saw her getting into the car by herself, it was always easier when they were alone. As Bella pulled out of the parking lot, Jack pulled out of the alley and trailed her. He stayed 2-3 cars behind. Bella left the downtown district and started to make her way through a much quieter part of town, travelling on a secluded road. Jack knew it was time. Now directly behind her car, he flashed his lights. Bella started panicking, the young girl had never been pulled over before.

She immediately pulled over, and wondered what could possible be wrong. Bella always had a sort of fear of police officers. In Serbia they were known for being very corrupt, being no better than criminals some of the time. Her parents had always told her to avoid the police. Officer Jack parked and slowly made his way out of the car. Bella looked through her side view mirror.

She saw an old but physically imposing man making his way slowly to her car. He was well over 6 feet, and had wide shoulders with a muscular build. Bella was starting to get anxious. She rolled down her window as the officer approached her car. "Hello young lady, license and registration please" he said sternly Bella frantically reached across her car to the glove compartment to fish out her registration papers.

The officer took this opportunity to admire her dangling breasts as she reached her body across the car. They were huge, swaying in every which direction as she moved. She finally fished out her papers and handed it to him.

Although her hands were shaking, she forced out a smile. Jack was astonished by her beauty. She had big green eyes that sparkled in the light, silky brown hair that flowed over her shoulders, and a beautiful smile. He took the papers from her hand. He examined her driver's license. "Only 17 I see, is this your car?" "N-no sir, it's my parents" Bella muttered "Ok, and any drinks tonight?" "N-no sir." she lied "Ok young lady, I'm just going to get you to take this breathalyzer and then if everything is clear I'll let you get on your way home" Bella started to panic, she knew she had one drink at the end of her shift.

It was just one drink though! Surely this cop would let her go. Jack took the breathalyzer out of his belt. "Just blow in to this end for as long as you can" Bella was starting to sweat.

She did as she was told. Jack noticed her chest start to expand as she took a deep breath in, straining the buttons on her tight silk black blouse. She blew into the breathalyzer.

Jack withdrew the device and read it. Though she was well below the illegal level required to drive, it did show that she had some alcohol tonight. He looked at her again "I'm gonna ask you one more time, did you have any drinks tonight?" Bella knew she had been caught "Yes sir, just one drink sir at the end of shift with my co workers." "So you lied to me" he stated sternly "Get out of the car" Bella started to tear up. she stepped out of the car and stood in front of him. "Young lady, you are underage.

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If you were honest with me I would have let you go with a citation. But now, you'll have to do teen stroking cock and nasty threesome punish my yearold donk and mouth I say if you don't want me to arrest you." Bella knew she couldn't be arrested. Not only would she lose her scholarship, but if her parents found out that she had been arrested for drinking they would never let her leave the house again! "Of course sir I'll do anything in order not to be arrested" she exclaimed "Good.

I'm going to conduct some tests just to see how intoxicated you are." He led her to the other side of the car, using the car as a shield to any passing traffic. He stood behind her, now having her right where he wanted her. "Take your heels off." Bella took off her 4 inch black heels, feeling the cold pavement beneath her feet. "Now bend down as low as you can, keeping your legs straight." Bella complied.

She bent at the waist, being a flexible dancer, she was able to put her palms on the pavement. Jon watched as her black skirt crept up her thigh, revealing more and more of her young flesh.

"Hold the stretch" he commanded A light breeze blew by, lifting her skirt up inches higher. This revealed the bottoms of her ass cheeks, and a delicate black thong. "Stand back up." Bella did as she was commanded "Now, standing on one leg, bend brazilian daniella rides cock by the pool doggystyle anal sex the waist again and put your palms on the ground.

Stick your other leg straight out behind you" She did this with ease. Jack took in the beautiful sight in front of him. Now her left leg out in the air was completely exposed. Her skirt was split open giving Jack a magnificent view up her skirt. He admired her great ass, the way it enveloped the tiny black string of the silk thong. "Face me now, touch your elbows behind your back." She tried to, but her blouse was too tight.

As she brought her elbows behind her back, she felt the buttons of her blouse strain under the tension of her big breasts. "I can't sir, my blouse is too tight." she replied "Then take your blouse off." he commanded Bella was shocked at how open this man of the law was with his perverseness. But she had no choice but to comply.

She looked at him anxiously, as she started to unbutton her blouse. With each button, more of her delicious cleavage was revealed to the dirty old cop. He couldn't help but lick his lips. She took off her blouse and put it on the roof of her car. Jack stood in awe of this xxxny mom and son of storys year old's magnificent DD cup breasts, held in a silk black bra.

"Go on" he ordered Now she put her elbows behind her back, making them touch, This made her breasts thrust out, almost too much for the flimsy little bra to handle. She held the position. Jack couldn't believe how such a busty girl could have such a narrow waist and slim, toned stomach. Her Ivory skin glowed in the moonlight.

"Ok, now put your hands against your car and spread your legs. I'm going to search you for narcotics" he commanded. "W-what!?" Bella exclaimed "I just had a drink,I don't have any drugs!" "You lied to me about drinking, how do I know you're not hiding drugs.

Either I do this here or I arrest you and a woman officer can do it at the station." He knew from her reaction that this girl had too much to lose to get arrested. "Ok sir just do it here." she said as she put her arms against the car, splitting her legs; causing her skirt to ride up.

This was too much for Jack to resist. He put his hands on the band of her skirt and pulled it down; exposing her perky ass. He admired how it jut out from the small of her back.

Bella knew this had nothing to do with her drinking, and everything to do with this old perv wanting to get off.

He put his arms around her thin waist, and crept his hands upward until they encased her ample breasts. He gave them a squeeze, feeling them through her thin bra. He circled her nipples, faintly able to make them out. "Hmm feels like there might be something in there." he said as her nipples got harder Bella couldn't help but get a little bit excited by the sensation of this big officer feeling up her breasts.

"Maybe you should take off my bra to examine further?" Bella said, not believing the words that just escaped her mouth Jack couldn't believe it either. Was this girl actually enjoying this? He unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground, letting her DD cup breasts fall free.

He took them in his hands and started squeezing them. His cock was now rock hard as he pressed his groin against her thong covered ass. She found herself thrusting her ass out, feeling his big bulge with her ass cheeks.

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There was also an added thrill of being nude in public that thrilled Bella. She had never experienced this before. She wanted now to be fully nude. Jack fulfilled her wish before she even spoke. He slid her panties down and she stepped out of them. The feeling of being completely nude in public was driving her crazy.

There hadn't been any cars that had driven by, but the risk that there could be prying eyes was exciting her. Jack knelt down, his face was level with Bella's ivory white ass.

He had never seen a butt like this in his life. He stuck his finger into the crease of her ass, and slid it down to the entrance of her pussy.

"You might be hiding something in her." he feigned. They both knew he was fooling nobody. Bella moaned as his finger entered her pussy. She was starting to desire his cock. Jack now needed to have this pussy.

He opened the passenger door and sat in the seat. He picked up Bella by the waist with his brutish hands and placed the naked beauty on his lap. She was facing him, splitting his groin with her legs. He squeezed her tits and brought them to his face.

He started licking and sucking them like a mad man. This was driving Bella crazy. She unzipped his trousers, his massive cock sprung free. Bella looked down in awe, she had cute young thai is introduced to hard white cock seen a cock so thick. She took control of the situation.

She thrust her pussy on to his big dick. She moaned loudly as it entered her. She took Jack's face in her hands and started to kiss him passionately, swirling her tongue around in his mouth. They both moaned as Bella rode the old officer. Jack had never felt a pussy so tight and warm.

Bella, at this point, was dripping wet. She had never had a dick like this in her before. Also the fact that she was fucking a cop was driving her crazy. Here was a man whose job was to uphold the law, and he was fucking an underage girl! "Fuck me harder you dirty old man!" she moaned "Treat me like a little slut" Jack grabbed her luscious ass cheeks and squeezed them hard, causing Bella to moan loudly.

In his mouth, he took Bella's nipple and starting nibbling on it. This made Bella squeal. She loved the pain. Jack noticed how Bella was getting off on being abused. It turned him on so much. He bit her nipple harder, while twisting the other one.

Bella was in so much pain now, but she was so excited. She felt a powerful orgasm coming on. She screamed as her juices started to flow on to Jack's cock and groin. Bella collapsed on to Jacks large frame. His cock was still hard, he wasn't done with her yet. He tossed the petite girl in the back seat on her stomach. He got out his handcuffs and brought Bella's hands behind her back. He latched the handcuffs on, now this girl was completely in his control.

Being restrained like this turned Bella on. What came next drove her crazy. Jack started spanking the helpless girl. His cock twitched as Bella's shapely ass cheeks jiggled uncontrollably with each slap. Her cheeks started to redden with each spank.

She yelped as the relentless spanking whos that girl please bffs beach bikers making her cheeks feel like they were on fire.

But she was in no state to stop Jack. All the while, her pussy was dripping. When Jack could take it no longer, he stuffed his cock into her dripping pussy. Her now red ass jiggled with each thrust, cushioning Jack's pelvis as he fucked this beauty. He grabbed a handful of Bella's hair and pulled it roughly, causing her head to lift up off of the bed. He twisted her hair around his hand, grabbing more of it and pulling ruthlessly. Bella moaned loudly, she loved how he was manhandling her "O-o-oh my god keep going" she begged.

Jack wrapped his other brutish hand around Bella's slender neck, gripping it with force. Bella had to forcibly breath to get any air into her. As Jack got closer to coming, he gripped her neck and pulled her hair with more force. Bella now felt like she couldn't breath. But with her hands cuffed, she was unable to do anything. Finally, Jack moaned as he unleashed a wave of semen into Bella's young pussy. He put the length of his cock inside Bella as he came.

As he came, he let go of Bella's hair and neck, causing her to collapse on to the seat. With that, he unlocked the cuffs, stepped out of the car and composed himself. Bella, meanwhile, wasn't sure where she was. That sex was incredible.

He leaned into the car "Well little lady, you just earned yourself a get out of jail free card. You have a good night." He smiled as he started to make his way back to his car Bella simply moaned goodbye. When all of a sudden, an idea hit her. She leaned out of her car, completely naked. she yelled "Wait sir, come back!" The old officer made his way back to her car "I have a proposal. You help me out and I'll help you out. any time you want it." Bella said seductively The old man was intrigued "And what's that" "There's a certain old man that has been harassing me.

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He's been blackmailing me into doing terrible things for him. Could I get you to pay him a visit?" "Hmm, that sounds like a lot of trouble. And what will you do for me." "Well trust me sir. If you take care of him for me, I'll take care of you. Over and over again." She smiled seductively The old man smiled back. He couldn't pass up this opportunity "Sure thing sweetheart. Get dressed and take a ride with me. Explain to me in more detail what's going on and we'll pay this old man a visit." Bella smiled to herself.

She may finally be getting out of that lecherous Ron's grasp. END For those that like pictures to accompany a story. Check out this album I made to see how I picture Bella when I write my stories.

If you prefer to use your imagination, then don't click the link!