Retro dress lace panties with tan stockings tube porn

Retro dress lace panties with tan stockings tube porn
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This is a true story about me and my best friend. I have changed our names to remain anonymous. My name is Josh; I come from a small town in upstate New York. There isn't much to do in a small town except hang out with friends and get into trouble. My best friends name is Tim; if we're not together then we're probably talking on Facebook or texting each other.

We're both 20, I'm six feet tall, brown hair blue eyes and muscular, on the thin side. Tim is a little shorter than me with jet black hair and blue eyes and is thin as a post and almost hairless. My dick is just over seven inches long uncut and this is the story of how I found out how big Tim is. One night I had the house to myself so I called Tim to see if he wanted to watch a movie, he was working late so he decided to have a shower before coming over so I did the same.

When he showed up we sat around talking for a while then decided to look through my movies. After looking at what I had we decided there would be better movies on Netflix. Like always I couldn't find anything good that we hadn't already watched so I randomly honey preet and ram rahim xxx a movie with hot blonds on the preview and tried it.

I turned out to have decent actors and it looked like the story was going somewhere so we left it on. Fifteen minutes into the movie we realized what we had done, we were basically watching porn. It wasn't hard-core, but it was still porn.

I was getting hard so I move into a position so that Tim couldn't see my tent. I thought if I was turned on then Tim must be too. Sure enough, I looked down and there was Tim, arms crossed with a little bulge in his jeans. He moved just after I did so I didn't get to see much, but at least I knew he was horny too.

I was so excited, I had wanted to do this for a long time but Tim and I never seemed to talk about sex or porn except in passing. Half way through the movie I had to say something, I was incredibly horny and had always wanted to see Tim's dick. Neither of us are gay, I had a girlfriend at the time who kept me busy but I was always curious about what my guy friends looked like.

So I said something. "Hey, Tim." I said "What?" He answered.

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"This movie is awesome; I didn't think watching porn together would be this cool" "This isn't porn" "Not really, but it got us both hard" His eyes went wide but he smiled. "True" he said "Why don't we shut it off? I have to go to the bathroom" I laughed and told him to wait a minute "Wait a sec, why don't we watch some real porn? We're both horny anyways" He didn't look very interested but he didn't say no. "I've got a couple videos I wanted to show you" I told him So I went online and found the three best porn videos I sinful pigtailed girl fucked on the couch ever seen and put them on the big screen, it only took half a second because I had seen them so many times.

I put the first one on and sat down. The first was only a couple minutes long but it was probably my favorite of all time. I pressed play and sat beside Tim. As I sat I noticed a big smile appear in his face. "Oh cool, I've seen this before" Tim said "It's so good, but I didn't think it was very popular" "It's not, but I guess we have similar taste in porn" "Awesome" After that Tim seemed Excited to keep going "That was amazing, what's the next one?" he asked "Calm down, this one is from Sweden" I said as I sat down again "Wow, they're so hot.

Good choice" "Thanks" I said and laughed a little.

This video was longer so a couple minutes in I said something. "Okay, I think we're good enough friends to say this… My dick hurts from trying to hide it" We both laughed hysterically for a minute and he said his did too. I spread my legs apart and moved the pillow I had on my lap so my boner was totally visible through my jeans. They were jeans so you couldn't tell too much but it was obvious I had a raging erection.

I looked over at him and saw him looking at my bulge, he then spread wide and pulled his jeans to get comfortable and I could then see his boner, I must say, it was exciting. I was so happy he was being so cool about it.

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We both looked at each other and laughed a little and went back to watching the video. When the second video ended Tim said he had a video to show me. I said go for it, I love seeing new porn and he put it on.

His video was also from Sweden, it was a threesome with the three sexiest people I have ever seen in my life, and it was pretty long too. After a couple minutes of sitting there with our hard-ons trying not to move too much or touch ourselves too many times I said something.

"Have you ever wondered how big another guy is?" I asked "Yeah" "Well… I have wondered about you for a long time" "Me too" Tim said "Oh, well, how big are you?" "I don't know, I've never measured.

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How big are you?" "I've never measured either" I had, I just wanted to compare, I'm sure he knew exactly how big he was too. "Want to compare?" I asked "I guess" Tim said We looked at each other and slowly felt for out jeans.

I unzipped just as Tim did and we pulled out our dicks at the same time. Tim was uncut and about six and a half inches long.

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He was hairless all the way down to the little patch of black hair above his dick. His dick was a little shorter than mine but it was also much thinner so mine looked larger. After watching all that porn we both had some precum but Tim was dripping. I had never seen so much precum. "Wow, nice dick" I said "Thanks" Tim said "but yours is way bigger" "Not really, just a little longer. You have so much precum, is there always this much when you watch porn?" "Not always, but I'm pretty horny right now" "Me too" "Can I feel it?

I've always wanted to hold a bigger dick." "Sure, but only if I can hold yours" "Okay" So we moved together on the couch and Tim grabbed my hard dick.

"Wow" he said as he pulled my foreskin down over the slippery head.

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Then I grabbed his and started jerking slowly. "Oh my god, big cock in shemale asse feels so much better when someone else does it" Tim said as he started moving his hand up and down on my dick.

I couldn't believe how much precum he had, it was dripping all over my hand as I was jerking him. "want to really compare?" I asked "Sure" So I sat up on my knees on the couch and got Tim to do the same. We knelt face to face with our dicks inches apart and took off our shirts. I slowly moved forward until the tips of our dicks touched and both our dicks jumped a little.

I then grabbed them both and brought the tip of mine to his pelvis. Just as I thought, mine was only about an inch longer but much thicker. I felt his precum on my balls and I started rubbing our dicks together, mine on top of his at first, then I brought them both up so they were pressed against each other and I started jerking them together.

Tim was so wet it was like we were using lube. Just as I was ready to change positions the video stopped so we both stopped and sat down. I put the last video I had in mind on, it was a video of pulsating cumshots. I sat down on the couch again and Tim and I started jerking each other off.

"Dam this feels good" Said Tim "I know" I said, "I think I'm going to cum" "Okay, me too" So we sat even closer together, so there was almost no space between us and slowed down. Watching the cumshots in the video and jerking Tim set me off. I always shoot hard but this time I shot at least eight ropes over my shoulder past Tim's face and slowly pulsed to a finish on my chest.

"Wow, that was amazing" said Tim "I'm about to cum" Tim shot twice as much as I did and it came out hard. He god cum on his chest and mine, he shot a good ten ropes without even thinking. After that we both kept rubbing each other for a while which soon turned to just feeling each other all over and after we got cleaned up we laid in my bed and took a long hard nap. I don't know what Tim dreamt about, but I was dreaming about our next adventure.