Rough jail stealing for the fuck of it

Rough jail stealing for the fuck of it
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"Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas." Chapter 1: Free at Last Harry opened the door to Grimmuald place, taking in the smell of the dusty odor immediately. He had not been back in his new house since their break in at the Ministry.

He was immediately saddened when there was no greeting from Kreecher but he quickly shook the thoughts from his head. His mood was instantly turned when the fat lady spurred her insults out at him from her nestling up in her picture frame. This was his new home. It was so quiet here, its usual gloom had been lifted to a much more brighter atmosphere like when Sirus had owned it.

Harry added some candles and lights to the walls and had begun to remove all the oddities and eccentric things the Black family had added to the house. It was beginning to look a lot more like a home too him now. He made his way upstairs to the bedroom at the end of the hall an opened the door. This had been Siruses old room and now would be his. After hours of trying to remember certain ecantations and spells he managed to get most of all Sirus's posters off the wall.

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He could not however after hours peel the one of a girl in a bright yellow bikini off the door, so he gave up. Harry settled down in the bed and gazed up at the ceiling. He let his mind slip into deep thought, just listening to the sound of his lungs inhaling and exhaling. He had not been alone in a very long time, and it felt good for him too have some peace to himself for once. He did feel a guilt for leaving his friends alone to suffer and grieve at the Borrow for those who had been lost at war, but he had seen enough of pain and just wanted now that evil was gone have some time alone.

Ginny had persisted that she come to make sure that he would be okay, but he did not let her. Harry and Ginny had not had anytime together since basically around his 6th year. They had grown farther apart petite dulsineya has her tight muff drilled blonde teen his search for the Horcruxes.

Harry did not know whether to blame it more on the inability to communicate to her while he was out searching or more to to something else. All he knew was that even with Voldemort dead and Harry free from any more responsibilities that he rather continue to just be alone than to go spend time with her at the Borrow. Maybe he had just gotten used to all that time away from her.

Harry contiuned to let his mind wander as he drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile at the Borrow. Hermione contiuned to help Mrs. Weasley wash dishes.

It seemed to her that since they had gotten back Mrs. Weasley was giving everyone things to do so that there would be no time to talk about the deaths that were on everyones mind. Hermione kept getting glances at Ron every now in then. Although they hadn't really spoken much since leaving hogwarts.

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She couldnt imagine how Ron was feeling now, she had lost many friends in the war but not a brothers like Ron. She realised she had let her mind wander too much as she looked down and realised she had cracked the dish she was washing.

Mrs. Weasley made notcie of this and let her go outside to get some fresh air. Hermione made her way to the top of the hill closest to the house were Ron and. used to play quidditch.

She sat down on the wet grass just looking into the sunset. She wandered if Harry was okay. She had wanted to go with him rather than stay here. She couldnt help but feel happy for him that this burden was off his shoulders even though she knew he would be focused more on the death. As she sat thinking she heard cute tighty teen smashed by a blackmailing spying neighbor heavy foot steps coming from behind her, it was Ron.

He sat down beside her, and put his hand on her leg. Ugh she hated the way she grabbed her leg so hard everytime he tried to cofort her, it was like he was trying to squeeze the feelings out of her. She was surprised at this thought when it enetered her head. She had began to start notcing quite a few things about Ron that were starting to annoy her.

Like last night when he had snuck down to see her while everyone else was asleep. She had been having a good dream about reading in the school library when he woke her.

He immediatley without hesitant had started trying to snog her. Before she even realised what he was doing or that she was awake he had his huge tounge down her throat. Ugh she rememebered how mad she was, but it did feel good to hit him off her. Rons hand was rubbing her leg now at her upper thigh.

Hermione rolled her eyes, she didnt know if this was him actually trying to console her, or just cop a feel. Her question was immediatley answered as Ron bent o' ver and kissed her neck. She immediatley jumped up from the ground kicked Ron in the shin and said " Ron you are such a pig, how could you only having snogging on your mind in a time bored yo kitty wants you to entertain her this.

After everything that has happened how could this be the only thing you care about." "Umm. I thought. I. You would like." "No Ron shut up, I cant be here anymore your mother is driving me crazy with all these chores. And you with all this snogging.

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I need time to grieve Ron, this is a tough time for me and you kissing me is not helping. I think that im going to go live with my parents in Austrailia or the summer. maybe longer." "Hermione im sorry, please just sit back down. Your not leaving, just sit back down and kiss me it will make everything better. Or do you think maybe playing some quidditch might take your mind off it all for awhle?" This made her lose it "Thats it Ronald!

Im leaving I dont want to sit down and kiss you I want some alone time!" With that she stormed off to the house ran up to her suitcases and with a flick of her wand was amrapali dubey ka sex photbhojpuri up. She said goodbye to Mrs. Weasley and Ginny and quickly apparated off. Chapter 2 soon.