Cheating blonde girlfriend carmen knoxx is punished by her bf

Cheating blonde girlfriend carmen knoxx is punished by her bf
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I'm sitting at my computer, watching an episode of Doctor who as Hali walks in. She just came out the shower and is wearing a towel around her. She closes the door behind herself and walks behind my chair, towards the bed, rubbing my hair in the process.

As she flops down on the bed and lays back, I mina is an average looking slut from the blowjob mature my hand over and rub her thigh, asking," Hey there.

Enjoy your shower?" She'd just got off an really long shift and took an extra long shower to relax in the hot water. Hali nods and says," Yeah, I wish my place had water pressure like yours does." Noticing how warm and soft her skin is, I continue rubbing her thigh, and start using my fingers to massage her leg. Hali sighs peacefully and I feel her leg muscles relax. After several minutes of one handed massaging while watching the show, I realize that I'm not really focused on either.

I'm not retaining what's happening in the show, and my massaging is spotty at best. I decide big boob xxx porn storys put my computer to sleep and focus on massaging my sore best friend. Hali and I met in high school, but didn't start hanging out until a couple years after we graduated.

We ran into eachother at Walmart and decided to catch up. We very quickly became friends, but it wasn't until about a month later that we got real close. She called me in the middle of the night, crying, saying she needed someone to talk to.

I went over to her place and found out that she has deep depression and anxiety. She's never felt comfortable talking to anyone about it before, but she sensed something different with me.

So we became depression buddies. I had alot of problems bottled up too, so we'd call eachother up whenever we needed to talk, or go out in the middle of the night to clear our heads.

Over the course of almost 6 months, we exposed pretty much every one of our deepest fears, regrets, thoughts, etc. We soon realized that we'd become inseparable.

What started as hanging out only when in a dark mindset became us doing almost everything together. I get up out of my chair and kneel on the bed, between her legs.

I use both hands to continue massaging the leg I was working on before while asking about her workday. She vents about her boss and coworkers, and just as I start massaging the other leg, she starts telling me about a loud customer that got upset about pretty much nothing.

She's halfway through her story when I finish massaging her second leg. I ask her if I could undo her towel so I could get to her stomach. I've seen her naked lots of times, but it was always by her doing. She'd be standing up, changing or in the shower. She nods without stopping her story, but I notice a blushing to her cheeks and a slight grin infect her talking lips. I reach up by her chin and undo the ball twist that's holding the towel closed.

I pull the flaps apart and lay them to Hali's sides, exposing her bare body. At 5 foot 7, and breasty beauty struggles with dick girlfriend homemade 90 pounds, she's a good bit on the small and skinny side.

Long brown hair to her upper back, blueish green eyes, and very light freckles on the cheeks. Her lips are soft looking and pink, with very little in the way of wrinkles due to consent lip glossing. Her breasts are As, which basically are just small lumps on her chest with light pink nipples pointed out. Her figure curves nicely along her hips and down her legs. With me kneeling between them, her legs are open pretty wide and fully expose her pussy. A smoothly shaven, puffy mound with a light pink slit in the middle and a small clit sticks subtly out.

I put my hands on her lower chest and start gently rubbing her stomach. Hali finishes her story as my thumbs start running around the edge of her belly button. She asks me how my visit to my grandparents went. I tell her about getting the usual lecture on finding a good career so to support my family, to be money smart and save, etc. Hali giggles and talks about her similar experience with an aunt last month. I reach the bottom of her stomach and start massaging her hips and pelvis.

I soon ask her," Do you want me to go further in?" My question is answered with a faint nod and a grin. She continues on about her aunt as she raises her knees and spreads them out, giving me more room to massage her mound. I put my hands on her inner thighs, then firmly rub up and down the smooth skin with my thumbs. Staying right next to, but not touching, her slit, I kneed at her flesh. Hali finishes her story after several minutes of her crotch being rubbed along. Hali's hand reaches down to her slit and rubs a finger along it for a second.

Her hand pulls away about a foot, then she rubs her fingers together, admiring the wetness. Mom and sun xnxx porn pornburst sits up and playfully says," This is you're fault", then her wet fingers rub along my lips. She smiles as I lick her juices off my lips and says," Do my back now please." She pulls her legs from around me and flips around, sitting on her knees.

She leans over and reaches over to my nightstand's bottom drawer. She pulls out a bottle of massaging oil that we use during the deeper massages we give eachother.

She hands it to me, then lays on her stomach and slides her legs under me, through my spread knees. I get myself comfortable, sitting ontop her thighs. I put some oil on my hands, then put my hands around the back of her neck. As I start rubbing my thumbs in circles along her spinal line, Hali sighs happily, and relaxes considerably. In a soft, gentle tone, Hali starts talking about the upcoming Comic Con we're going to. She says that she hopes to see a certain costume being worn by some attendees.

Knowing that I'm not as versed in Anime as her, she explains the character's importance in the show and what he did in the latest season as my hands move to the midway point of her back.

Hali's voice trails off to a whisper, then quickly turns into groans of approval as I start giving her lower back alot of attention. I spend over ten minutes massaging the small section of space, occasionally laughing at the weird sounds she's making in response to it. As my hands move down to her roundish butt cheeks, her sounds die down and she calmly lays there. I rub my hands all around the soft hills of flesh, squeezing them several times in the process.

My hands then run along the crack of her ass, spreading them some. Hali hums quietly, and actually seems to relax even more. With her cheeks spread, I can see the puffy mound that is her pussy, and the deep line in the middle. I fight the urge to play with the wet lips, and instead get up off her legs and slide them apart. I kneel between them like before, and start massaging the back of her legs. Hali quietly sings "Hoist the Colors" from the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie as I move from ankle up to ass on the left leg, then the same on the right.

As I reach sex pk xxx vedos com ass on the right side, I ask," What do you wanna do now?" Rolling over, Hali asks," Can you massage my crotch more?

It felt really good." I nod and put my hands on her very upper thighs, then use my thumbs to rub the flesh around her slit.

Hali lays quietly with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. After a couple minutes, there isn't any part of the crotch flesh I haven't detail massaged. Having never got this close with her pussy before, I'm not sure how to proceed at this point. I lean forward and over her, leaving my face a few inches above hers.

Hali opens her eyes and, grinning, leans up to kiss me. After several loving kisses, she leans back and says," Thank you for the massaging.

I'll have to pay you back sometime." I lean back up, staying knelt between her legs as Hali sits up some, resting on her forearms. She looks herself over real quick before looking up at me, saying," Ya know, you're the only person I'm comfortable with seeing me naked. I don't even let my mom see me, and she birthed me, bathed me, all bitch is having fun with a sex machine stuff." I nod and say," Well, it's cause I already know you more intimately than anyone else.

Compared to letting me know your mind, your thoughts, fears,&hellip. Showing me your body isn't that big of a thing." Hali nods in agreement, and we stare at eachother for a moment. Hali glaces down, then asks," Aren't you alittle uncomfortable with those shorts on?" I ask her what she means.

She smirks while replying," Well, I'm just assuming here, but I'm guessing that you have a hard on under them. I know you're sticking up the whole time we shower together, so I'm guessing that rubbing on my naked body would produce the same results." I shrug and say," I'm ok. It's something that guys get used to after a while." Hali stands up on the bed, saying," Nope, I'm not having you feel constricted.

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Take off your clothes and lay down. I'll return the massage." I pull off my t-shirt, then lay on my back and slide off my shorts and boxers. I toss them away, along with Hali's towel, then lay on my stomach where she was earlier. Hali grabs the oil from beside the bed, then kneels over me, sitting on my lower legs. I soon feel oily hands firmly rubbing along my left thigh. Hali starts talking about Comic Con again, and about stuff that she needs to finish her costume.

Talking at 60 miles an hour, Hali takes her time on the massage, moving up and down the same thigh several times. She does the same thing on the other side before moving on to my back. Hali takes at least an hour massaging my back, being sure to get every inch of it at least twice.

I don't realize that she's put me to sleep until she pokes my cheek, telling me to roll over. She lifts her ass off of me and I flip over onto my back below her. Once I'm on my back, Hali casually presses my hard dick forward, so it lays flat on my stomach, then sits on my hips. She sits with her pussy ontop the bottom of my dick, her lips hot-dogging my shaft.

Hali puts more oil on her hands and gently puts her hands on my throat. Hali starts firmly massaging my neck, being careful not to choke me.

As her hands move down to my chest, Hali starts to subtly move her hips back and forth. Her pussy slides slowly up and down my shaft with no problems thanks to it being nice and wet. The feeling is amazing on my wanting dick. I buck my hips in unison timing with her, but opposite directions.

Massage rooms horny milf gets cream pie way, as she slides back, I slide up, making the motion double. It takes me a minute to realize that Hali has stopped her massaging, and now has her eyes closed and is quietly moaning to the grinding. I put my hands on her hips, pressing her down on my dick more firmly, as I start bucking my hips faster. This brings Hali out of her trance and she opens her eyes, looking down at me. She looks slightly embarrassed, but gives me an open lipped smile, her breathing becoming more along the lines of light panting.

With the facade of massaging broken, Hali puts her hands on my shoulders for support as she loses herself in grinding on my dick. Closing her eyes again, Hali freely let's out her moans and whimpers. After a couple minutes of this, I'm reaching my breaking point. I shyly say," I'm almost at the point of no return." With strands of hair stuck to her face by sweat, Hali giggles and breathlessly says," I was wondering how long you were gonna last." Hali stops grinding on me and slides herself down to kneeling above my feet.

Hali leans forward, head over my dick, and pushes her hair behind her ears. She gives me a playful grin before leaning down and taking my dick in her mouth. I watch as her head bobs up and down slowly, feeling intense pleasure going up my spine. I hear her let out gagging noises as she tries to press forward the depth she can go. It takes about a minute before my hand automatically goes to back of her head and holds her down.

Hali stops with half my dick inside, and lets me shoot my load into her mouth. Once I release my hold on her head, Hali sits up and scoots her hips up to my stomach. She locks eyes with me and noticeably swallows what's in her mouth, then smiles and says," That was really fun! The taste was a bit much, but everything else was awesome." Hali puts her hands on my head and plays double penetration sex amateur group sex and anal porn movies my hair, happily humming.

I move my right hand up to my chest and give no warning as I slip my middle finger inside Hali's pussy. She lets out a gasp, then giggles a bit.

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I finger her at a medium pace, and Hali quickly starts to moan quietly. I soon add my index finger and use the pair to finger her for almost 10 minutes. It's at this point that Hali moans out," Lick me&hellip. till I cum&hellip. I want you to enjoy mine like I enjoyed yours.&hellip." I pull my fingers out of her pussy and, playfully, I put them in her open mouth.

Giggling, she sucks on my fingers while scooting her hips up to my face. I pull my hand back from her, then use both to position her hips just right. I start lapping firmly along her slit, bottom up, and Hali shivers in pleasure. After several good licks, I probe my tongue into her entrance. I'm surprised when half my tongue glides into her fairly easy.

I use my arms to hold her bucking hips in place as I dance my tongue around inside, and periodically, around her clit. It takes about five minutes before Hali starts loudly moaning forced sex mia khalifa cry her body tenses up.

I hold her still and coax the flood of juices and cum from her pussy, and into my mouth. After several minutes of restraining her movements, her body relaxes and I let her go. Hali has just enough time to crawl off of my chest and cuddle next to me before falling into an orgasmic coma. I hold her with the arm she's laying on, and pet her hair with the other's hand. About ten minutes go by before Hali starts to wake up, though in a hazed state.

I turn to face her and she gives me a long, tender kiss. She wraps an arm over my neck before I return the kiss. We cuddle mom pussy swap daughters clit licking mercedes carrera uma jolie keisha grey missy martinez masturba, sharing one tender, wet kiss after another.

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After several minutes of this, Hali is more awake. She stops kissing me and she crawls back onto my lower stomach. She plays with my hair while asking," So, how did I taste?" I reply," It's hard to describe really. But it's something I'd love to taste again." Hali smiles and leans over. She wraps her arms under my neck and burrows her face into it.

Gently kissing my skin, Hali says, quiet and calmly," Thank you for doing that. I've had alot of fun today." I hug her and start rubbing her back lovingly. Hali starts nibbling on my earlobe, which quickly gets me going again. My dick grows and, once at full length, I feel the head gently pressing against Hali's pussy lips.

Hali coos in my ear and tightens her hold around my neck. I carefully move my hips forward some, and feel my dick head sink into the warm, smooth hole. Hali lays still ontop of me, moaning slightly in my ear. I kiss and bite her shoulder, making her arch her back alittle.

My dick falls out of her pussy, and I hear a faint whimper in my ear, saying," no&hellip. put it back&hellip." I maneuver my dick back into her pussy, going no further than before.

I start prodding at her entrance, going no further than my head, for a couple minutes. She then coos in my ear," go deeper in&hellip. I want to feel you inside me……" I continue to poke my dick head in and out her lips gently, saying," If you want more, you gotta sit up and do it yourself." Hali moves her face over mine, and I see it's blushed and sweaty. With dozens of hair strands stuck to her face by sweat, she gives me several loud, wet kisses, her lust filled eyes locked with mine.

She then sits up and holds her hips raised above my dick. Biting her lower lip, Hali lowers her hips down to mine, and my dick glides into her with little resistance. Hali let's out a long moan as the last couple inches sink into her and she finds herself sitting in my lap. Letting her pussy adjust to my dick being inside, Hali sits calmly in my lap, and casually says in a breathless voice," I just remembered that I didn't finish massaging your chest." After putting oil on her hands, Hali starts slowly massaging me and calmly talking about the latest episode of her show.

I'm not sure if it was intentional, but just as she talking about the main female character being blackmailed into sex, Hali starts very gently bouncing on my hips. Her voice trails off into loud moans as she slowly picks up speed. Her hands on my chest for support, Hali starts filling the room with sounds of her pussy squishing and wet flesh smacking together gently.

Hali's moans get a bit louder, and we soon hear a knock at my door. We both know it can only be my mom. Hali says in a out girl in stockings masturbates with a dildo breath voice," Yeah?" Hali mantains her humping as the door opens and my mom walks in. She looks surprised for a second before smiling at us and saying," Oh, ok.

I was just making sure you weren't curled up in pain or something. You were groaning kinda loud and I know how you have muscle pains." Hali gives her a thanking smile, then looks behind her at the alarm clock, saying," Wow, it's 9 already?" She looks at my mom and says," If I realized it was so late, Glamour babe teasing and fingering in lingerie known you were home and been quieter." Hali is still maintaining her humping and the three of us quietly listen to the sex sounds echoing through the room for several seconds.

Except her face blushing, my mom seems rather unphased by our fucking eachother. Having long before adopted Hali as a daughter in her mind, she walks over to Hali. She uses her fingers to pull the hair out of Hali's face and behind her head before using a hair tie that on her wrist to tie hali's hair back. Hali leans her head back to look at my mom, and says in a giggly tone," You're such a mom." Mom kisses her forehead before stepping over to the side of us.

Being as casual as one can be in this scenario, mom glaces down at where me and Hali's sexes are connected. She then asks," I see there's no condom. Does that mean I'm finally gonna be a grandma?" She has a facial expression and tone of lecturement, but also hopefulness too.

Hali happily sighs out," I hope so." Mom grins at her and walks out the room, leaving the door wide open. Hali stops fucking me and crawls off of me. She lays next to me, saying," You're turn to do all the work." I roll over and get between her legs.

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Hali softly says," Now, fuck me like I know you've always wanted to." Hali gasps a bit as I slide my dick back into her, then I lean forward and kiss her nose. Her arms wrap around my neck and she moans quietly as I start fucking her hard.

We lock lips as the room fills with loud sounds of wet flesh smacking and pussy squishing. I kiss and fuck her for over 20 minutes big boobed office executive abbey brooks fucks her new employee I feel my balls tightening up.

Hali must have sensed it too, cause she looks me in the eye and says," Do it. As deep as you can. I'm ready." Her last words had a reassuring confidence to them. I give her a few more deep thrusts before holding, deep inside, and cumming hard.

Hali moans out loudly," Yes&hellip. Cum deep inside me&hellip. I wanna be a mommy.&hellip." It takes me a couple minutes to subside my orgasm and pull out of her. Hali stays laying on her back for a few hours, even putting a pillow under her hips for elevation, so she can let the cum soak into her insides.

Mom brings us dinner and asks us how we ended up deciding to make love. We tell her that it's something we've discussed loads of times, but the moment was just never there until today. I also admit that I've been saving up for an engagement ring. Mom gets super excited at the thought of Hali as her Daughter in law, and that Hali may now be pregnant with a grandchild.

Taking the engagement ring off her own finger, from my to be step dad who died just before I graduated, she gives it to us with her blessing.