Perfekt babe shows body continue on mycyka com

Perfekt babe shows body continue on mycyka com
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Part 21: Retelling It was Fall break. For those that don't know, fall break is like a mini spring break, its only three days off, compounded with a weekend, to give everyone a break after the first two months of school. Time off school naturally meant parties everywhere.

I just got off from my last class of the day, Holly, Sandy, and Stephanie should be home. I walk in the door to the apartment. "Hello?" I say, searching for any of them. I hear a muffled response from my bedroom. I walk into the bedroom to find all three girls getting dressed up, rather slutty I might add.

Holly, with her shoulder length straight brown hair, had a black tube top that could barely hold her large C cup tits. Her stomach was bare, and she had a very tight short jean skirt on. "What's the occasion" I asked the trio, sarcastically.

"Parties tonite" Stephanie said, quite excited. Steph, had her dark blondish brownish hair slightly shorter than Holly's, her small tits poking through the tight white t-shirt she had on, and she was wearing jeans that cut off halfway up her calf. "Where we going?" I asked. "Who's we" Sandy said, as usual giving me a little bit of attitude, she liked playing the part of the lesbian man hater, but once the cocks were out she wanted some.

Sandy had brown hair, and her huge tits were pressed against her chest in a tight white shirt as well, and long pants matching Steph's. "I think we constitutes the two of us" Holly said, as she walked over to hug me. "I guess I am spoken for" I said, playing right back at Sandy.

"So I guess I should get into my sluttastic clothes too" I said as seriously as I could. Once I was ready to go, which meant I put on a nicer shirt and made sure I didn't smell, the four of us went out the door. "So where are we going" I asked, locking the door behind us. "The frat house…you know…by the rock." Holly said, trailing off.

She, and as I understand it, most women, aren't good at giving directions to things. I understood what she meant though.

We got to the street and walked the four blocks to the frat house. "So what's the plan for this whole thing?" I asked. "Plan?" Steph questioned. "Is it a kegger, or smaller, or is it an all out orgy" I asked. "I like the sound of orgy" Holly said, gripping my hand. "Is there drinks?" I asked.

All three girls looked at me like I was crazy. … I woke up, looking around trying to figure out where I was. Well I was naked, not in my bed, and had a body next to me, also naked. After a few seconds my head cleared up and I started to think clearly. "Holly?" I asked the back of the body next to me.

"mmm" she replied with a semiconscious moan. Looking around I realized we were on the floor of our apartment living room, completely naked. I could tell I had some alcohol the night before, as well as I couldn't remember how I got where I was.

"Did…Are…I'm confused" I said. Holly rolled over, her bare tits flopping over and swinging back and forth on her chest as she laid on her back. "Where are we?" She asked me, still not too conscious herself.

It took a while for us to get to full consciousness, and only after we shared what we remembered where we able to piece together the events of the previous night. I told my story, and Holly filled in her story, as we portrayed our experiences to Stephanie. I started "Okay… so we just walked there…" … Holly holding my right hand, we walked in the front door of the frat, Steph and Sandy behind us coming in.

The House had wood floors, and the first floor consisted of two large open rooms, and off to one side a large dining area, then a living room with tv and couches. Upstairs was bedrooms for two floors up. Holly and I stood hand in hand just inside the doorway, the two large stairways on either side of us, and the main room in front of us. There was loud music playing, and people were strewn about, drinking beer.

It wasn't too crowded, but by no means empty. Steph and Sandy pushed past us heading to the keg. Holly and I exchanged looks of 'what do you want to do', and so we walked forward, following the lesbian duo. We both grabbed plastic cups and filled them at the keg.

We lost the girls so we walked out into the other room, I think it was called the ballroom. There was a DJ at one end, playing records loudly, a whole lot of people dancing in the room. It was very crowded. Holly and I stood just inside, watching some of the more inebriated dancers, as we drank our beers. Holly started laughing, and she pointed to a couple over in the corner.

There, right next to a hundred or so people dancing, was a girl on her knees giving a blowjob. She was facing away so we could only see the back of her head, her bobbing blonde head. I looked at her for a second. "Is that Dana" I nearly had to yell into Holly's ear. She re-examined the fellating girl for a second then turned to me "I think your right". We finished off our beers, tossing the empty plastic cups. We walked to the other corner, to the blowing couple. Holly and I started dancing with the music, just a few feet from them.

We were both watching them. Yep, it was the same Dana that I, romeo, had 'seduced' in a bar not too long ago. "You should whip it out and stick it in her face" Holly said into my ear. I looked at her like she was crazy. "What?!?" I said. "What if that's her boyfriend?" I said. "He won't mind" Holly said. We kept dancing and keeping an eye on her, as she continued to give whoever he was a blowjob. A few seconds later, Holly's predictions came true, a random guy just walked out of the crowd, pulled out his dick and let it hang right next to her face, and she took it in stride, stroking and switching with her mouth.

"Told you so" Holly said. "I guess I should trust your blowjob judgment more" I said. "Let's go check out the rest of the house" Holly said into my ear. We walked out of the ballroom, leaving the thumping music behind us, but it still reverberated through the whole house. We walked up the main stairs, up to the second floor. Walking down the hallway there were many couples making out against the walls.

We walked by a room with an open door. We looked inside as we walked by, and saw at least five naked bodies in the brief instant. We both stopped and walked back to the door looking in. The room was roughly the size of our living room, two beds on either side of the room, a couch on one side, rug in the middle covering the wood floor.

There were couples fucking in each bed, two naked girls in a sixty nine on the floor, and four guys standing in a row in the middle of the room, cocks hanging out, and two topless girls on their knees switching between cocks. "Hey join the party" The guy closest to the door, one of the bj line guys, said to us in a drunken voice. We walked in, I took a place at the end of the line, and Holly got on her knees next to a girl on her knees.

The two other girls on their knees, one was a blonde, with small tits, the other had curly blonde hair and medium tits, smaller than Holly's but still nice and round. The one with straight hair, and small tits was next to Holly. Holly grabbed the girl, making out with her, and the blonde took off Holly's top, releasing her beautiful tits. The five guys, me included, looked on at the two girls making out topless. I was the far right side of the line.

The girl with small tits resumed blowing the guy in the middle, and the other girl was on the guy to his left. Holly moved over, pulling my pants down, releasing my cock. She looked up at me smiling devilishly. She licked my cock from bottom to top, lubing me up. Holly stroked me son mom 1984 full sex story few times with her right hand, then dove in, sucking the full length into her mouth and down her throat.

She was deepthroating my whole cock. After a few moments of head, she moved over, to the guy next to me. She went straight into sucking his cock, bobbing her head up and down. She didn't deepthroat him though. Maybe she saved that for me. I watched her blow the guy for a few moments. I heard one of the girls that was getting fucked on a bed orgasm loudly. Then the girl with curly blonde hair and medium tits, moved over to me. She was on her knees below me. She didn't say anything, she looked up at me with her green eyes.

Then she took my cock into her hand, and quickly pushed my cock into her mouth, moving her mouth back and forth quickly, swirling her tongue, making an audible slurping noise. She also stroked her hand on my cock in front of her mouth. I watched her tits swaying and jiggling on her chest. She was focused on blowing me, not even looking up at me anymore. My throbbing cock in her hot wet mouth, I heard another girl orgasm, I think one that was in the sixtynine on the floor.

I didn't want to blow my load this early in the night, so I stepped out of line. I looked over at Holly, and she looked back at me, her mouth around some guys cock. I knew she was okay without me. I pulled my pants up, although they couldn't hide my clearly erect cock. I walked out into the hallway. I walked down looking for another room, but I did find Sandy. She was on her knees in the hallway, her tits free on her bare chest, massive, swinging and moving around. She was giving some guy a blowjob in the middle of the hallway.

I figured Stephanie would be around her somewhere. I looked around the corner and saw her. Stephanie was laying on top of a blonde girl on the floor, making out, oblivious to anyone around them. I walked back and down the stairs. I grabbed another cup of beer, and walked around drinking it and looking for something to do.

"Spank me!" Some girl screamed at me. She was about five foot tall, very short brown hair, and she had smallish tits, in a tight t-shirt. She had on a mini skirt that sex party with maggie green jennifer white amp lylith levey covered half of her ass, and she was bent over slightly. She had a very round, very spankable ass, especially for such a small girl.

She couldn't have weighed more than a hundred and five pounds. "Spank Me!" She yelled at me again. So I reached down and slapped one of her wonderfully firm ass cheeks. "That wasn't a spank" She said. So I slapped her, daddy can i pee and father comrades daughter hd xxx uncle fuck bunny a flat open hand, swatting both cheeks.

"Ohh" She said in a high pitched squeak. She grabbed my hand and pulled me. I 'followed' her as she pulled me down a hallway. We got to the living room, which had several couches all around. There were two sets of girls making out on different couches. This girl pushed me onto a couch, as she stood in front of me. "Hi, I'm John" I said. She stood in front of me, rubbing her hands slowly up her body, stopping at her tits, as she jiggled them up and down.

She slowly pulled her pants down, and then her black panties came off. She got down on her knees, and pulled my pants down, and completely off. She licked the head of my erect cock, and taking part of my cock into her mouth, she said provocatively "I'm Casey". Then she, in one quick motion, put her hands on my shoulders, and leapt from her knees to being on top of me.

She had her feet on the couch on each side of me. I grabbed my cock, holding it straight up in the air, and she lowered her pussy down to it. She had an amazingly tight pussy. She was very wet, and very tight. Her ass was very firm and round, and felt amazing as it came down on my thighs. She started fucking, literally spanking herself with my thighs on every stroke. Every stroke resulted in a loud smack of flesh, as her pussy came all the way down on my cock.

. John had left a few minutes ago, walking out of the room. The four guys left were all ready to blow their loads in a matter of minutes. The girl with smaller tits, was blowing the guy with the biggest cock, he was on the far right.

I was in the middle, I had my right hand stroking one cock, left hand stroking the next guy's cock, and I was alternating sucking each one. The girl with bigger tits, smaller than mine, was sucking off the guy on the other end. Both guys in front of me had average cocks, about five or so inches long, one thicker than the other. The guy to my left, with the girl with bigger tits, blew his load, I saw out of the corner of my eye, as he filled up her mouth, and she pulled back taking the rest on her tits.

She sat back, licking step brother walking while sleep cum off her hand.

I was blowing the guy on the left, and I deepthroated him. I sent him over the edge, and I pulled off, while stroking the other guy with my right hand, he blew his load on my face and tits. The girl with bigger tits, came over and licked my left nipple, sucking on it. She licked some cum of my tits, tickling me. I giggled as I kept stroking the other cock. The guy stepped over, so now he was right between both of us gooed on girls. We took his cue. I stuck my tongue out, moving my head forward, and her tongue came out meeting mine in the air.

We slowly moved our heads over, making out in the open air, until our tongues reached his wet cock. We licked the sides of his shaft and each others tongues. Then I took his cock into my mouth, shoving it in, as it shoved the side of my cheek out. I sucked and licked his cock real fast, and he spurted a little cum in my mouth. I pulled him out and he shot the rest of his load over our faces. Then we moved over to the other girl, as she was still blowing the guy that had the biggest dick, about seven inches.

The girl with bigger tits, grabbed the girl that was blowing away, and rubbed their chests together, as they started making out. I pressed my chest against him, his cock in between my tits. I reached out and stroked him very hard and fast with both hands. He started shooting his cum, literally spurting out at high speed.

I sat back on the floor, and he stood over the three of us girls, spraying us with cum. … I was standing behind Casey, as she was bent over completely, pounding her pussy with my throbbing cock. She had her face buried in a pussy on the edge of the couch. The 'spank me girl' was squeaking high pitched moans into the brunettes pussy as she ate her out.

Her knees got weak, and If I hadn't held her up, she would have fallen. A mistake I wasn't going to repeat. Her amazingly tight pussy got so tight as she came, it kept me from thrusting in and out of her, as she gripped my cock too strongly.

Her juices came streaming down my balls onto my thighs. After a few seconds she seemed to regain some strength, and I let her down to the young cam couple and girl does first porn xxx squirting black bosss daughters are the, and she sat down, panting.

The brunette she had been eating out until she orgasmed was now looking up at me expectantly. I got down on the floor, her pussy in front of my face. "I'm John" I said. "Vicky" The brunette said to me, in an obviously fake deep voice, as she was trying to sound sexy. She had her legs split out wide, her pussy spread open on the edge of the couch. She had a neat landing strip. Vicky was completely naked. Her tits were about the size of Holly's, that nice firm yet soft looking, as they rested on her chest.

I leaned forward, breathing heavily, I panted on her pussy, and her whole body shivered. I slowly stuck out my tongue, while staring at her eyes. I slowly licked the entrance to her wet hole. She begged me with her eyes. I concentrated on the task at hand, lapping up and down quickly, I pushed two fingers into her dripping pussy. I kept up stroking two fingers in her sopping pussy, and sucking and flicking her clit with my tongue. I let my free hand wander around her, stroking her legs, then grabbing and playing with her tits.

I kept up this for quite some time; Licking, sucking, and finger fucking. … The girl with bigger tits, was on her back on the floor, the other girl was straddling her, as they made out and licked cum off each other. I sat next to them, playing with both their tits, and occasionally joining in on the licking activities.

The two girls that had been locked in a sixty nine since I got here, had finally broken up, when they both had cum. The blonde was laying on the floor on the other side of the room. The asian girl crawled over seductively on all fours, as she looked at me.

She got to me, and she was on all fours in front of me, her ass facing back towards me. She slowly backed up, pushing me on my back with her nice ass. She put us into a sixty nine. She immediately started eating me out. I reached up grabbing her ass cheeks with both hands, bringing my head up to her pussy. I licked up and down on her very wet slit. I started using my lips too, sucking and kissing her labia. She was prodding my pussy with two fingers.

I stuck my tongue as far into her as I could, tasting her sex hole. I couldn't help the moans that I was releasing from my throat, which must have done something to her with my tongue inside of her.

She started flooding my mouth with her hot sweet sex juices. I brought one hand to her pussy, soaking it up with her juices, and then stuck a finger in her ass, slowly finger fucking her butt.

I was getting there, and the finger in her ass sent her into a frenzy. She was panting and moaning, licking me ferociously, and I mustn't have been too long before I sprayed her mouth with juices too. … My arm was dripping juices as I kept fingering her wet hot hole. She came again, spurting her warm fluids into my mouth. My cock was ready to go. Another orgasm subsiding, she had her eyes closed, and her head back. I stood up in front of her.

"Oh Vicky" I said, sarcastically. She opened her eyes, looking up at my erect cock. "Want some of this?" I asked her. She closed her eyes and put her head back. I was shunned, I turned around. Casey was sitting on the floor. She looked up at me excitedly. Casey got to her knees, taking in my wet cock.

She sucked on me, her tongue playing with my cock. I was ready to shoot. I told her of the impending blast. "I want it on my ass!" She said.

She stood up and bent over. I grabbed her hips and thrust my cock in her tight wet pussy a few times then pulled back out. I stroked my slippery cock before I blasted forth a massive load of jizz, splattering her ass cheeks, running down the back of her legs, and some onto her back. "Oh my" Casey said, surprised by the amount.

She looked over to Vicky, who was still sitting with her eyes closed. Casey walked over and sat on Vicky like she was part of the couch. Casey's jizz dripping ass and legs dropping onto Vicky's lap. Vicky opened her eyes, surprised, and she wrapped her arms around Casey, gripping her body to her own, grinding their hips together. … I was laying on my back, the Asian girl that I just sixty nined with was laying on her back beside me, and both girls that were in the blowjob line were in a sixty nine next to us.

I was still recovering from the orgasm I had just had. My chest was heaving up and down. "You all look like you need some help" I heard a very deep voice say. I looked over and saw a very tall, probably six foot six, black man. I sat up babe riding a hard cock and sucking simultaneously. I had seen pornos with John that had black men with giant cocks, and I could only imagine how big his was.

I was very interested in finding out. "I think I could use some black dick" I said in a sexy voice, and bringing my hands up to my tits, rubbing my nipples. "You want my cock?" He asked me in his deep voice. I nodded, smiling at him. He unzipped his pants, pulled them down.

I got up to my knees, and approached his crotch, still covered in his boxers. I brought up both hands to his waistband, and brought his boxers down. His cock flopped out of its cage. I was amazed at the size. The guy had about a 10 inch cock, and it was pretty thick too. I'm sure my jaw dropped, but I wasn't paying attention. I reached out and stroked the whole length of his cock with my right hand. I licked him from balls to tip, the a slutty pawn dude fucks a beautiful babe in the pawn shop length.

I opened my mouth wide, sticking the head of his cock in my mouth. It was large and pulsating inside my wet mouth. I slowly pushed my head forward, taking in more than half of his ten inches, before pulling back. The four guys from the BJ line had all moved to the large couch to watch us girls after they came. Now one guy, the one with the biggest cock of the four, around seven inches, came over and stood next to the black guy.

This guy stood there with his cock erect, expectantly. I reached out and stroked the white guy's seven inch cock with my right hand, and stroked the ten inches of black meat with my left hand. The black guy leaned over, and put his hands under my armpits, picking me up. He picked me up with ease, until my arms were around his broad shoulders, and his arms were around me, my legs wrapped around him.

He guided me to his cock. His large cock pushing at my pussy, he pulled my torso, pushing his cock inside my wet pussy. His large throbbing meat sitting inside me, splitting my pussy. He put his hands on my ass cheeks, and slowly raised and lowered my body, his large thick cock fucking my dripping pussy.

… I walked back out into the main part of the first floor, without bothering to put my clothes back on. My cock was still shining from the saliva and pussy juices, as I walked over to the keg, getting another cup. I walked back upstairs, On the way getting many looks from girls. I found the bathroom, and discovered that it was co-ed. There was six stalls in a row, with the sinks and mirrors across from them. I, still naked, walked into a stall, closing the door behind me.

I immediately noticed a hole in the wall. I bent over looking through the hole, and I saw a hot looking blonde in there peeing. A real life gloryhole! I thought these were made up by the porn industry. Well, maybe they were and this frat copied them. My cock was growing by the second. The blonde had a nice rack that was in a blue tube top, she had a bunch of makeup on. I stood straight up, and put my growing cock through the hole, resting my body against the wall.

"Uhhh!" she gasped, surprised. I could sense her sudden dilemma, suck, fuck or ignore. I felt a small cold hand reach out and caress my cock. I heard her giggle. Then I suddenly felt a warm wet tongue slurp up and down the length of my now throbbing cock. She took her time, she would lick me real fast, and quit, leaving me hanging, not knowing when she would lick again. The anticipation made it great, then she would suddenly lick and suck again.

She was giggling some more at my reactions. Then there was a long pause. I felt lips against my cock, pressure against the head. But these weren't horizontal lips, but vertical sex xstorys turkey sex storys lips.

The pressure parted the lips allowing my cock into her tight wet hole. Her pussy rode straight down my rod, until I felt the wall push back against me, as her ass hit the wall between us. She reached down with one hand and played with her clit. I could feel her lips pulling back and forth as her fingers frigged her clit back and forth. Her pussy was dripping wet, and she was moaning loud enough that anyone in the room would know what was going on.

… The black cock now fucking me faster, as he held me, and my legs wrapped around him. The white guy with the seven inch cock came around behind me. I heard him spit a few times. Then I felt his cock pressing against my asshole. He pushed in before I could object. It felt strange yet good to be filled in both holes. He thrusted, countering the black man's thrusting into my pussy. I was being filled in both holes, I felt like I was going to pop, but it felt great at the same time.

The black man sped up his thrusts, and I came hard. I screamed out in pleasure, arching my back. My legs tensed up violently out of my control. Bbw white and bbw black! filthy orgy with anal pen! tube porn pussy blasted forth a flood of juice.

My ass contracted on the cock inside me. I screamed out some more as they both continued to fuck me. … Her moans increased as did her thrusting back into the wall. I felt a pulse of fluid on my cock and she yelled out her passion. Then she pulled off, her pussy making a popping sound when my cock pulled out suddenly. She dropped to her knees, and immediately started stroking my juicy cock and sucking vehemently on the end of my wet cock. I felt it coming on and let her know. She kept stroking and licking the tip as I shot forth thick white jizz.

She sat back, still holding my cock with one hand. She reached up licking the remaing semen from the tip of my cock. She sat back again, giggling. I pulled my cock back through the glory hole. I stepped out of the stall, and stood just outside the stall she was in. After a few moments she stepped out, still in her tube top, covering her round tits, and she had a short skirt on crooked, her hair messed up, and jizz on her face and neck. "Hi" I said as she walked out. She looked me up and down.

"Want to go to a room?" She asked me, her body somewhat unstable from weak knees. … I orgasmed again, again squirting my sex juices on his cock, again losing control of my body. The black guy let me down, and he laid down on the floor. I mounted his cock, his face behind me, and I humped my hips up and down on him. The guy with the seven inch cock stood to my right, with his cock out of my ass in my face.

Two of the other guys from the BJ line came over, one standing to my left another right in front of me. The three cocks around me, I stroked the middle and left one, and sucked on the right one. I kept thrusting my body up and down on the black cock, my pussy throbbing from the multiple orgasms.

I was sucking the guy on my right, and suddenly my mouth was full of cum, I pulled back and took another few shots of jizz to my face. All the cum in my mouth I drooled out, as it dribbled down my chin to my neck, a mixture of cum and saliva. I moved over sucking the guy on my left, and stroking the guy in front of me. I continued to hump the black man, and my tits were bouncing up and down, jizz running down my chest. … I pulled the blonde, she told me her name was Mindy, into the hallway.

I led her toward the room in which I had left Holly. Before we got there, I found Sandy, she was in a sixty nine with an Asian girl on the floor of the hallway. Sandy was on bottom, her massive tits trying to become flat mounds on her chest. I stopped, with Mindy, and we watched the two girls please each other as they moaned loudly.

The smell of female sex juices filling the air, they moaned and groaned, announcing their pleasure to anyone around. I watched with Mindy, then I reached over to grope Mindy's tits.

She quickly reached down, dropping her tube top from her round tits, and letting it drop to her hips, her tits hung out in the cold air. I leaned over sucking and licking one nipple and massaging her other breast. … I rotated around, so that I was now facing towards the black man, almost laying flat on top of him.

One of the guys was behind me, pressing his cock into my ass, and the other guy was standing, his feet on either side of the black man, his cock sticking out towards me.

I reached up holding onto this man's ass cheeks, I kept humping my hips up and down into the double penetration, the cocks splitting me open, filling me up.

I kept up my humping, sucking cock in as far as I could at the top of my full body stroke, and letting it out as I went down. My tits still bouncing, jizz running down my face neck and bouncing tits. … I led Mindy into the room, and I was shocked at what I saw. Although in retrospect I don't think I could have expected anything else, considering how I had left her. Holly was getting triple teamed, she was humping a black guy, had another guy behind her, fucking her ass, and a third guy that was getting his cock sucked.

To top it off she was covered in jizz. "Why don't you go suck that guy" I whispered in Mindy's ear. She took the guy that Holly was blowing by the arm and took him over to the couch.

I stepped in filling his void. Holly was being filled in both holes, she didn't even notice it was me. She leaned forward again, eyes closed, sucking my cock. I reached down, caressing her cheek. She looked up and smiled when she realized it was me. Holly went straight to deepthroating me, taking my entire cock down her throat, licking my balls.

… Taking his cock down my throat, I felt a surge of pressure in my ass, as the guy blew his load deep in my ass. I felt the cum dripping out of my ass as he pulled out. The black guy reached up to me, picking me up, and he stood up, leaving me on the floor. John and the black man stood side by side in front of me. I knew the black guy was ready to shoot. I sucked as much of his ten inch cock as I could, shoving it down my throat, but I had to pull away with a cough and a giggle.

I held my right hand out to John's cock, stroking him slowly. The black man warned me, and I pulled away, still stroking his huge cock. He emptied his balls on my chest, covering me in thick cum. I was now fully coated with jizz all over me. The black guy walked back to his clothes and got dressed leaving. John stepped over in front of me, his cock in front of my face. I leaned forward to suck his cock but I was stopped. John reached down with his hands, caressing my face and hair.

He helped me stand up, my knees weak beneath me. I stood up, our hands meeting in between us. John was looking over to one side of the room. I looked over to see an empty, but messed, up bed. The sounds of sex were still radiated throughout the room. We walked the few steps to the bed, past two girls in a sixty nine on the floor.

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John helped me up to the bed, laying me down on my back. He stepped up, throwing his leg over me, putting his knees around my head. His cock hung down towards me expectantly. … I leaned forward, licking her extremely wet slit. I felt her mouth on the head of my cock. I lapped quickly up and down her tight slit. I ran my hand up her thigh, rubbing her firm skin. She was quite sweaty, and her body seemed to have a slow uncontrollable vibration.

I prodded my tongue deeper in her, flicking her clit, licking and sucking all around. I felt her mouth stroking up at my cock, her tongue running up and down the top of my shaft.

I reached down sticking one finger in her ass. My finger found her ass still dripping with cum. It lubed my finger as I fucked her quickly with my finger. I continued eating her pussy. … My legs were shaking, as my orgasms had piled up on my body. My entire body felt almost numb, like it wasn't there, but I didn't care. My limbs slightly shaking from the wonderful feeling things happening inside my body.

I had a feeling of euphoria, like I was high or something from all the orgasms leading into one another. The finger gliding in and out of my ass was stimulating me in conjunction with John's tongue and lips on my overwhelmed pussy.

I continued to shove my head up and down, my hands up on his ass trying to help me get up and down. I felt my angie love oiled big tits ass continue on mypornox com suddenly explode, blasting juices out, my entire body losing any resemblance to control. My ears were ringing from the intense wave washing over me. All my muscles contracted all at once. … Holly came, and I mean she CAME.

I have never german geile ficksau tube porn her do this before. Usually when she comes hard, her pussy releases juices, but not like this. She literally shot juices out, hitting my face and chest and splashing away. She literally squirted me. I had seen this in movies, but never in real life. I don't think she had any comprehension of anything going on right then.

She stopped mid mouth stroke on my cock, and opened her mouth wide, screaming out. I don't think she even realized my cock was still in her mouth. Holly screamed out a mass of gibberish, american housewife alby daor goes interracial and anal pitched squeaks moans and some things that sounded like foreign words, all of it coming out in one fast blur of noises.

She had just about filled my mouth with her sex juices. I was stunned as she gushed all over me. … All at once my senses seemed to return, I felt like I was spinning.

I suddenly realized that not only was I screaming, I was also shoving my face straight down on his cock, the entire length in my throat. I pulled back as I returned to reality. Every move was labored as I tried to resume sucking his cock, but I couldn't lift my head, nor breathe regularly.

… Holly was unable to move herself basically. I helped her roll onto her back. I stood up next to the bed, looking down at her. Her eyes tried to meet mine, but she looked dizzy, she couldn't even see straight. I turned her around so her slit was at the edge of the bed, I split her legs wide out.

She laid back, her chest heaving, jizz still soaking on her tits and chest. I held her legs out as wide as they would split.

I pushed my cock to her slit. I pushed forward, looking up she had her eyes closed and her back arched. I pushed inside her tight hot pussy. She was oozing sex juices.

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I slowly fucked her, then accelerated the naughty asian in hot dp interracial threesome action. Her pussy was quivering, uncontrollably trying to squeeze my cock. I couldn't chubby ebony honey takes a proper pounding if she was cumming, it was like one constant orgasmic state.

I continued fucking her pussy. I pulled out, and put my cock at the entrance to her ass. Her ass hole still lubed my jizz, I pushed my cock inside her ass. She still showed no visible signs of awareness, eyes closed, chest heaving. I slowly fucked her ass, keeping two fingers pumping her pussy. She screamed out again, very loudly. She arched her back violently.

Her pussy contracted on my fingers, her ass did the same to my cock. I felt my own orgasm coming on. I continued pumping her ass for a few seconds before pulling out, and shooting my jizz on her stomach and up to her tits. … I felt the warm cum splattering on me.

I felt like I was floating and spinning. The orgasms piling up were doing quite a number on my senses. My chest was heaving so hard I thought my lungs were going to explode. I felt the bed lower as John laid down on the bed next to me.

The blood pumping through my body made my entire body throb. … Laying next to her, I stared up at the ceiling, breathing heavy myself. We laid there for several minutes, letting our bodies calm down enough to allow us to think straight. As we lay there in our own calm, I could hear a girl on he other side of the room screaming out her own climax. "Shes's faking it" Holly said to me, turning her head, and opening her eyes.

"Are we back?" I asked her. Her head rocked back and forth as she struggled to hold her head up. "Mostly" She said. We both sat up on the edge of the bed. I helped her stand up. "Where are my clothes?" She asked me. There were still several people strewn about the floor, and lots of clothing items laying around. "You want to get cleaned up first?" I asked her. "Okay" she said. We walked out into the hallway, both naked, and her body dripping cum.

We found several couples in various stages of foreplay littering the hallways. We walked around searching for the showers. We finally found the shower room, and we walked inside. The room was very steamy, obviously some people had found this room as well. Walking into the actual showers, we saw a bunch of girls laying on the floor, many of them eating each other out. The steam made it hazy, and the hot water crashing into the floor echoed in the room.

The sound of moans and groans played second fiddle to the water. Holly and I walked over to a shower nearby the lesbian pile of sex. Casey, the spank my ass girl, walked over to us.

"You aren't going to just wash all that off are you?" Casey asked Holly. Before she could respond Casey pushed Ginger anal fucks pov milf pov and big tits against the tile wall, and licked and sucked on her face, moving slowly down her neck.

I turned on the shower head and started to wash myself. … The next thing I know I am sitting against the tile wall, with tongues all over my body. The cold tiles behind and below me, the warm steam filling the air, and the hot wet tongues working all over me.

I had mouths on both of my nipples. I didn't bother looking at what was going on, my eyes had closed almost by them selves. … Holly was ganged up on. The pile of lesbian sex moved slowly over to her. She had Casey sitting next to her, licking jizz up off her chest and sucking on her nipple. Some blonde was on her other side sucking her other nipples. There were two girls down on all fours crawling up her legs to her pussy.

They licked and sucked all over her body. Mouths meeting flesh, licking cum. I stood under the running water, letting all the juices and sweat run away from my body. I thought for sure I was done for the night a few minutes ago. But the sight before me had my cock growing again, surprising me. The girls were spread around her like a circle.

Four girls, all down on all fours, with their mouths on various points of Holly's orgasmically ravaged body. I looked down at the four exposed asses and their tight pussys. I got down on my knees, behind Casey, and guided my hot wet cock to her pussy. She pushed back against me instantly, shoving my cock in balls deep.

I grabbed teacher charan xxx storys download 4gp hips and pulled and pushed countering my thrusts inside her dripping pussy. She continued playing with Holly's nipple. I fucked horny asians take turns on clients dick vigorously, she reached down and started playing with herself with one hand.

I pulled out, and moved a foot to my left, behind another waiting dripping pussy. I didn't know this girl, a blonde, she had decent sized tits that were hanging off her chest, her ass protruding out into the air behind her.

I ran my hands along her smooth firm ass cheeks, spreading them, allowing a better look at her tight pussy. She didn't resist, so I placed the head of my cock at her slit, and pushed gently, she pushed back and my cock opened her pussy lips opening her pussy.

Her slit throbbed around my cock, her juices running down my shaft. I reached forward, grabbing her tits. She moaned, so I thrusted in deep, shoving my cock inside her.

I pinched her nipples, and started thrusting hard and fast in her tightening pussy. She was licking Holly's pussy. I brought one hand down, playing with her clit. Her juices running lubed my finger. I brought the finger back and pushed it gently inside her asshole. I watched for a response. Pushing my finger in, she turned around.

"No anal, you asshole" She said to me, and went back to eating pussy. I thought it was funny, especially since she continued to push back into me. I pulled out, and her hand came down to her pussy in my absence. I moved on to the next girl. She also had her face buried between Holly's legs. Moving in behind her, I gently slapped her ass. I pushed my cock into her awaiting pussy. She moaned immediately, pushing back against me. Her hot wet pussy was dripping juices.

I increased to a fast pounding, flesh smacking flesh as my cock pushed in and out of her. I brought a hand up, pushing one juiced up finger into her asshole. She didn't resist, and I started to fingerfuck her ass. Her pussy was contracting on my cock as she came, her hand playing with her clit. She screamed into Holly's slit.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and shoved it into her ass, forcing my cock inside her amazingly tight ass. I fingered her pussy now, as she continued playing with her clit. I fucked her ass slowly at first. Her asshole so tight around my throbbing cock, I felt myself getting close again. I pulled out of her ass, and moved on to the last girl. The blonde was still sucking on Holly's nipple, and she had one hand furiously fucking her own pussy. She looked to be near orgasm, her hand moving very fast in and out of her slippery pussy.

I placed my cock at the entrance to her asshole. She didn't seem to notice, I pushed the head of my cock slowly inside her.

The head opened her tight ass, pushing inside her hot ass. She came right then, moaning loudly on Holly's tit. Her pussy spouting juices. Her ass contracted on my cock, squeezing me. I knew I was going to blow. I tried to pull my cock out of her ass, but it gripped my cock so tightly I couldn't pull out of her tense asshole. I shot my jizz inside her ass. I sat back, watching all four girls that I just fucked still horny girl measures cock with her throat and playing with Holly.

The third girl I fucked sat back from Holly, and leaned over to the blonde, licking her pussy, and sticking her tongue inside the blonde's gooey asshole. She licked and sucked the jizz out of her ass.

Holly screamed out again as one girl was still eating her out. … After a while we rose and showered, rinsing all the sex juices off of us. Holly, again weak in the knees, needed help walking out. We found a pile of towels outside the shower. "Oh my god" Holly said in awe of the night we had had. "Want to go again?" I asked her. Her head rocking around on her head, her neck struggling to hold her head up, she looked over at me like I was crazy.

I just smiled at her. We wrapped towels around us and walked back to the room, looking for our clothes. We couldn't find them. We walked downstairs, in towels finding the party just about empty, some people, drunk, still hanging around. We made a limited effort to look for Steph and Sandy, but gave up quickly. We left the house, and walked slowly back to our apartment, dressed only in wet towels.

"Have fun?" I asked her, walking along the sidewalk. "I want to go sleep for a week" She said. "Well, you had quite a workout" I said. "What about you, mr 'im going to fuck all four of you right in a row'" she said, smiling. "They wanted it" I said, smiling back at her. We got back to the apartment, not even making it to our bedroom, we collapsed together on the couch, and were both unwilling to move.

… "Wow" Steph nina mercedez in a hot and sexy scene, as we finished our story. She had her hand buried in her crotch underneath her sweat pants.

"That was hotter than any porno I've seen" Stephanie said to us. "You guys should have cameras follow you around all the time" Steph said. "What about you? You always seem to be getting some action" I said to her. "Want to hear what I did last night?" Steph asked. "Maybe later" Holly said, leaning over, pushing me on my back, and we started making out on the couch. "Again?" Steph said.