Naked mom reads in bed unaware she is on periscope tube porn

Naked mom reads in bed unaware she is on periscope tube porn
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It Was Early Summer Around 1:00p.m. Brent, Dakota, And Ethan Were Playing A Game Of Basketball.

Brent: "I Made That Shot!" Ethan: "No You Didn't" Brent: "I Swear I Made That Shot!" Ethan: "Dakota, Did You See Him Make The Shot?" Dakota: "Nope. It Looked Like He Missed To Me." Brent: "Ya'll Just Saying That Cuz Ya'll Are Playa-Hataz!" Ethan: "Stop Trying To Be Cool, It Never Works." Brent: "Works On Lola." Ethan: "Who's Lola?" Brent: "My Baby Gurl." Ethan: "Oh, I Didn't Know You Named Your Blow Up Dolls." Brent: "Man, Shut Up!" Dakota: "Does Lola Go To Our School?" Brent: "Yup, And She Is The Same Blonde Bombshell Your Thinking Of!" Ethan: "Man, Your Lucky!" Brent: "Ain't I Though?" Ethan: "Yeah, She's Only The Hottest Girl At Our High School." Dakota: "How'd Ya Do It?" Brent: "I Just Gave Her A Little Sample Of The Brent-Master And BAM She Was All Over Me!" Ethan: "Man I'm Hungry.

Lets Get Something To Eat." Brent: "My Moms Ain't Home." Dakota: "You Can't Cook?" Brent: "Order A Pizza I Don't Feel Like Cookin'." Dakota Pulled His Red Razor Out Of His Wrangler Brand Jeans And Dialed The Number To The Local Pizza Hut. Dakota: "Yeah, I'd Like Two Pepporoni And Cheese Large Pizzas With The Two Liter Pepsi." "Yeah, Hang On." "Brent, What's Your Address?" Brent: "3421 5th Street." Dakota: "3421 5th Street." Dakota Closed His Phone And Placed It Back Into His Pocket.

About Ten Minutes Passed While They Played More Basketball And A Black 3000 GT Pulled Up In Front Of Brent's House. Man: "Dakota Johnston?" Dakota: "Right Here, Dude." The Man Put The Two Pizzas In Dakota's Arms. Man: "$16.94" Dakota: "You Guys Chip In 'Cuz I Know Ya'll Are Gonna Eat." Ethan And Brent Each Gave Dakota A Five Dollar Bill And Dakota Paid The Man.

The Three Went Inside Brent's House, Into The Dining Room And Ate. Brent: "I'm Going To Invite Lola Over." Ethan: (Jokingly) "Yeah, Dinner And A Show!" Brent Did The Army Signal For "I'm Watching You" And Walked Into The Hallway. Although He Stepped Out Of The Room Ethan And Dakota Sex after sexy cunnilingus pornstar and hardcore Still Hear Brent Talking. Brent: "Hey, Baby. Why Don't Cha Come On Over To My House And We'll Hang Out?" He Paused.

Brent: "Ethan And Dakota." He Paused Again. Brent: Okay, I'll Be Waiting." Brent Sat Down To The Table And Chowed Down On Some Pizza. Ethan: Why Did You Invite Her?" Brent: "'Cuz She Is My Baby Gurl." Ethan: "Would She Be Intrested In Basketball?" Brent: "Yeah, We've Been Going Out For A Month Now, So I Know Her Pretty Well." Ethan: "Then How Come We've Only Heard About It Now?" Brent: "I Dunno." The Three Continued Eating For About 15 Minutes Before Hearing The Doorbell Ring.

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Brent Got Up, Walked Through The Door Way Of The Dining Room, Through The Kitchen, And To The Front Door. He Let Lola In With A Smile On His Face. Lola Leaned In To Brent And Kissed His Cheek. Lola Was A Hot Girl. She Had Nice Blonde Hair That Was Just The Right Shade.

Her Chest Was Something Else. She Had Bulging Breasts For Someone At Only 14 Years Of Age. Her Stomach Was Totally Flat And She Had Legs That Seemed To Go On For Miles. Brent Had Fantasized Many Times About Tearing Her Pants Off And Slamming A Rock Hard Cock Into Her Tight Pussy. Although Brent Was A Virgin He Knew All There Was To Know About Sex. Ethan And Dakota Were Pretty Much The Same Way.

All Of Them Had Looked At Porn On The Internet And Read Stories About The Subject Since They Were 11 And Learned All About Sex. Lola: "Man! What Is That Smell? Pizza? Mmmmmm." Brent: "Yeah, Come On It There's Pizza In The Dining Room." After About A Half A Hour Of Eating, Chatting And Telling Jokes, The Subject Of Basketball Entered The Conversation.

Lola: "I Love Basketball." Brent: "Awesome. We've Got A Hoop Out Front. Ya'll Wanna Play A Game?" Lola: "Hell Yeah!" The Four Headed Out The Door And Outside. Lola Picked The Ball Up Off Of The Ground And Took Off Her Jacket. This Made Her Tits Asian teen suspected and fucked by a mall cops hard cock Even Bigger And Grabbed The "Stiff Attention" Of Ethan, Dakota, And Brent.

Lola: "Who's Ready To Get Their Asses Handed To 'Em? Brent Your On My Team." Brent Did As He Was Told And Walked Over To Lola. Lola: "Ok, We're Gonna Play A Simple Game Of 2 On 2 So Let's Get Started." Lola: "Took Brent Back And Told Him What They Were Going To Do." Lola: beautiful long haired teen having sex with masseur "You Take It Up, I'll Gaurd. Do A Lay Up." Brent: "You Got It." With This He Game Her A Quick Peck On The Cheek.

Ethan: "Check It In." Brent Bounced The Ball To Ethan And Ethan Bounced It Back. Brent Ran Up The Court And Almosts Ran Into Dakota. Brent Did A Quick Spin Out And Ran Behind Dakota And Did The Lay Up. Brent: "Yeah! Check Out My Mad Skills!" Lola Gave Him A High Five. Lola: "Make It, Take It." Brent And Lola Took The Ball Back And Once Again And Talked Over The Play. Lola Was Flirting A Bit.

Brent Knew This Becase She Brushed Her Leg Against His. His Cock Almost Instantly Became Hard. She Kissed Him On The Mouth This Time Instead Of His Cheek. Brent: "Ok I'll Run Up And You Stay Here With The Ball.

When They Come To You, Pass The Ball To Me And I'll Score A Three, Okay?" Lola: "Sure Thing." Lola Romanticly Brushed Brent's Balls With A Hand While She Walked Back On The Playing Area. Brent's Cock Jumped. Once Again Brent And Lola Scored. Lola: (Thinking To Herself) "Man, He Scores Like A Pro Out Here I'd Like To See What He Can Do In Bed." Lola Brought Brent Back Once Again To Discuss The Play.

This Time Instead Of Brushing Them With Her Hand She Put Her Hand Under Brent's Crotch And Massaged His Balls For A Few Seconds.

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She Leaned Up To Him Real Close And Wispered In His Ear. Lola: "I'm Horny." Brent: "Me Too." And It Was True. Brent Had 6 1/2 Inches Of Hard Cock In His Boxers. Lola Placed A Hand On The Noticible Bump In Brents Pants And She Gently Squeezed It. Lola: Brent You're The Longest Relationship I've Ever Been In.

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Will You Be My First? Brent: "Only If You'll Be Mine." Brent Laid A Hand On Lola's Ass. Lola: "Let's Go To Your Bedroom." Brent And Lola Began Walking Up The Cemented Footpath To Brent's House. Ethan: "Where Are Ya'll Goin?" Lola: "Heaven." Brent: "To My Bedroom." Ethan: "What The Hell Are We Supposed To Do?!" Lola: (Giggles) "You Guys Can Come Too." Brent: "Holy Shit Girl!

A Gangbang?" Lola: "I'm Horny Enough For All Of You." The Four Went Into Brent's Bedroom. Luckily Brent Had A Huge Queen Sized Bed. Ethan: "What If Your Mom Walks In?" Brent: "She's At Work. She'll Be There Until 700. We Have Five Hours." Lola: "So How Are We Going To Do This?" Brent: "I Figured You'd Give Us All Blowjobs, We'd All Fuck You At Once, Then We'd Eat You Out, Then You Work Your Hands Out On Our Cocks." Ethan: (His Heart Was Racing.)"Sounds (Voice Breaks) Great. Who's First?" Lola: "Lets Draw Straws." Brent: "Ok, I'll Go Get Some." Lola: "That's Not What I Meant.

The One With The Longest Cock Goes First. (Laughs) Lola: "Brent. Strip." Brent Lifted His Shirt From The Bottom And Pulled It Over His Head, Which Exposed His Six Pack. He Then Slowly Undid His Belt And Pulled It Off. He Put Both Ends In One Hand And The Folded Part In The Other And Snapped It. He Then Pulled Down His Pants. His Diomand Hard Cock Was Sticking Out Of The Hole In His Boxers. He Then Pulled His Boxers Down To Fully Expose His Cock And Balls. Lola: "Ok, Ethan. Your Turn." Ethan Took Off His Shirt From The Top And Pulled It Over His Arms.

He Had A Four Pack. He Wasn't Wearing A Belt So He Just Pulled His Pants Down. As Brent's Was His Rock Hard Cock Was Also Sticking Out Of The Hole Of His Green Boxers. Once He Pulled Those Down His Ball Sac Was Showing And This Made Lola Even Wetter. Lola: "Ok Dakota. Last But Not Least I Hope." Dakota Was Wearing A Button Up Shirt So He Just Took It From The Middle And Ripped It Off.

Then He Undid His Belt And Threw It To Lola, Who Caught It And Dropped It On The Floor. Dakota Pulled Down His Pants And Exposed His Red And White Boxers. Unlike The Others His Cock Was Not Hanging Out Of The Hole In His Boxers. He Did Have A Boner But His Was Going Waptrick xxx storys virgin girl 15the The Side Of His Leg And The Head Of His Cock Was Showing At The Bottom Of The Boxers.

Lola: "Ok Ethan Goes First But I'm Curious To See How Long You Guys Are. I'll Be Right Back." Lola Came Back With A Ruler And Put It Against Brent's Hard Cock. Lola: "Ok, 6 1/2 Inches." She Measured Dakota's Cock Next.

Lola: "6 Inches On The Dot." She Then Put The Ruler Up To Ethan's Cock. Lola:"7 1/4 Inches." Lola Stripped Herself Of Her Clothes. She Took Off Her White Tee-Shirt Slowly To Show Off Her White Bra.

She Unsnapped The Bra And Every Guy's Cock Jumped. Her Beautiful White Breasts Popped Out At The Three Teenagers. Brent: (Softly) "Wow." She Then Pulled Down Her Pants To Show Her Pink Panties Which Were Really Wet Around The Pussy.

When She Pulled Her Panties Down Nice And Slow Brent Let Out A Small Moan. Lola Laid Down On The Bed And Commanded Ethan Over To Her. Ethan Laid Down Luscious chick with admirable body adores riding Her And Lola Climbed On Top Of Him. He Kissed Him On The Mouth. This Kiss Included Lots Of Tounge.

Lola Then Stuck Out Her Tounge And Licked All The Way Down Ethan's Body. She Looked At His Beautiful Cock And Moved Her Head To The Bottom Of The Shaft. She Licked His Balls Starting With The Back Then Coming Forward, In The Middle Of The Two Balls, Up The Bottom Of His Shaft, And To The Tip Of His Head. She Licked All Over Ethan's Cock To Get It Nice And Wet So She Could Slip Her Mouth Up And Down It Quite Easily. Busty babe rolling her eyes to back of her head cum swallow and pornostar Set Her Mouth On The Head Of Ethan's Cock And Gently Kissed It.

She Then Put All 7 1/4 Inches In Her Mouth And Pulled It All The Way Out. She Did This About 3 More Times And Then She Started Sucking. She Sucked Wildy While Massaging His Cock With Her Tounge And Bobbing Her Head Up And Down.

Brent And Dakota Sat There Jacking Off Because They Had Nothing Better To Do. After A Few Minutes Of This Blowjob, Ethan Shouted. Ethan: "I'M CUMMING!!!" Lola Shoved All 7 Inches Down Her Throught And Let Ethan Shoot His White, Hot, Creamy Load In Her. He Shot Another Stream And Shot Off Some Small Loads. Lola Happily Swallowed Every Drop. She Then Sucked Ethan Dry And Licked Up The Mess He Made. Ethan Went To The Wall Where Dakota Was Standing And Brent Went Up To Lola. When He Sat Down Lola Grabbed His Cock And Rubbed It.

She Then Began Licking His Cock Over And Deep Throughting It A Few Times To Get It Wet. Brent Thought He Would Cum Just From This But He Held It In. Lola Then Sucked For A Few Minutes And Massaged It With Her Tounge.

She Bobbed Up And Down Faster And Faster She Picked Up Speed Again And Brent Moaned. Lola Felt Brent's Cock Swell Inside Her Mouth And She Shoved All Of His Cock Into Her Mouth. He Shot A Huge White Load To The Back Of Her Throught. He Couldnt Stop! Lola's Mouth Filled With Cum And After A Minute She Swallowed It All.

She Then Pushed Brent's Cock Back Into Her Mouth And Cleaned It, Swallowing What Came Off Of It. Finnaly It Was Dakota's Turn To Get A Blowjob. He Laid Down Of The Bed And Lola Was Ready.

She Didn't Even Bother Licking His Dick. She Took All 6 Inches About 10 Times And SHe Began Sucking The Shit Out Of His Cock. She Sucked Harder And Harder And Bobbed Faster And Faster. Dakota Moaned A Long Passionate Moan And Lola Pushed All 6 Inches Down Her Throught. Dakota Sent A White Stream Of Cum Down Her Throught And Sent Tons Of Small Streams In.

Lola Shoved Dakota's Cock Into The Back Of Her Throught And Dakota Felt His Cum In Her Mouth. She Swallowed While Dakota's Cock Was In Her Mouth And The Cum Went With It.

Dakota Pulled His Cock Out And Lola Lept Back On It. She Sucked It Clean And Began Licking It Just To Tease Him. Brent: "Who's Ready For A Gangbang?" All The Guys And Lola Agreed And The Three Guys Got Back On The Bed. Ethan Was Fucking Lola's Ass, Brent Was Riding Her Pussy, And Dakota Was Fucking Her Mouth. Ethan Started Fucking Her Ass Slowly At First But Then Sped Up. Lola: "That's It. Oh. Yeahhhhhhh." Ethan Started To Move His Hips To Make It Pleasurable. Lola: "FUCK ME HARDER!!!" Ethan Went Wild An Fucked Her Hard And Fast.

She Was Practically Screaming Because Of The Intense Ass Fuck. Brent Started Off Slowly Also And Then He Picked Up Some Speed When Told To. Brent Shoved All 6 1/2 Inches Of Cock Into Her Pussy And He Pulled It All The Way Out Until Only The Head On His Cock Was Still Inside. He Did This Many More Times Picking Up Speed And Pleasure.

Dakota Was Fucking Her Mouth Because He Liked The Feel Of His Cock Getting Sucked. He Told her To Suck While He Fucked Her Mouth. She Did As Told And Loved The Result. All Of Them Cummed Around The Same Time. When Dakota Cummed She Swallowed It All But She Couldn't Get The Sweet Cum Of Brent's And Ethans. Dakota, Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything Cleaned Out Her Pussy And Ass For Her And Put The Cum In Lola's Mouth.

She Swallowed It. Next Were The Handjobs. Lola Started With Brent. She Sat Him Down And Rubbed His Dick Hard. His Cock Was Still Wet From Lola Cumming All Over His Dick. Lola Then Grabbed His Skin Sister brother ki sexy film Started Moving It Back And Forward Over His Head.

She Called Dakota Over And Gave Him The Same Handjob Only With Her Left Hand. She Called Ethan Over And Gave Him And Blowjob While Doing This.

Because Of The Movement Of Her Arms, The Bobbing Of Her Head Was Sped Up. She Felt Brent Tightning Up And She Stopped Sucking Ethan's Cock. She Put Her Mouth Around Brent's And He Came All In Her Mouth. She Swallowed Every Drop And She Cleaned Up. She Felt The Same From Dakota's Dick And DIck The Same Thing She Did To Brent. When Dakota And Brent Were Taken Care Of Lola Started Giving Ethan's Cock A Hanjob. Because Of The Blowjob He Gotten Only Moments Later He Cummed Quick.

She Licked And Swallowed This up As Well. What A Way To Lose Your Virginity Huh?