Anesa kat xxx hot nakat vidio

Anesa kat xxx hot nakat vidio
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Jess thinking that all of this ordeal would now be over soon came to a crashing halt as Rob grabbed her by the hair and once again shoved her between Taren's legs. She tried to struggle but was soon overpowered as Rob forced her face into Taren's tight young pussy. Her mouth was getting a taste for the first time of a womans delicious cunt.

She was appalled at the idea at first but soon came to enjoy the taste and feeling of her best friend. She figured sexy milf having fun with her young lover might as well give Taren some enjoyment of this out of control situation they had gotten into.

Soon Taren was bucking and moaning as her friend was eating her pussy. Taren began moaning loader and was getting close to having an orgasm and Rob wasn't going to let that happen.

He went over and pulled Jess away and Taren let out a moan of disappointment. Rob pulled Jess to her feet and turned her facing him and grabbed her white blouse by the collar and ripped it open exposing her red lace bra and small perky tits. She began to cry and begging for Rob to not do this. Rob began grabbing her breast and rubbing them harder and harder. He reached behind her and undid her bra and he slid it off with the remains of her blouse. Jess is now standing in front of her worst nightmare wearing nothing but a denim skirt and cowboy boots.

Her extremely tan body was enough for Rob to become completely hard again and was ready to collect more pay. He turned Jess around and bent her over the desk and across Taren naked chest. He told her to spread her feet wide apart and not to move.

She obeyed and soon was feeling his hands run up her tan thighs to her wet pussy. He pulled her red lace thong to the side and began rubbing her pussy. He then inserted a finger in her tight virgin pussy. Jess tried making one last plea for him not to do this to her but she was unsuccessful. He pushed his large finger into her and soon he felt her unbroken hymen. He pulled back and said that it was going to be such a pleasure for him to tear her open. Jess hearing this made her sick to her stomach.

He pulled her around to the end of the desk and put her face back in between Taren's legs and told her to finish what she had started and not to lift her head up no matter what. He got behind her and flipped her skirt up and ripped her thongs off. He then grabbed his cock and put it up to her pussy. He slid it all around her pussy lips as it was all wet and hot.

Jess knew what was soon to happen and tried to block it as much as possible by focusing on Taren. Rob had taken all he could stand and couldn't resist that tight pussy any longer. He kicked her feet farther apart and positioned himself at the perfect angle for penetration. He pushed forwards and her tight pussy was resisting his thick 9" cock but with one hard push the head entered her. She let out a loud whimper and knew he was only inches from taking her innocence.

He withdrew his cock and once again shoved in hard and he could now feel the resistance of her hymen. He then pulled back a little and told Jess that it was now time to become a woman and he shoved forwards with all he had easily ripping her hymen to shreds. Jess let out a loud scream and was begging him to stop.

She was in more pain than she had ever felt as his cock split her open. He pulled out and could see the virgin blood on his cock head and used it as a little lube and realigned himself to enter her again.

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This time he shoved in his cock it went all the way in balls deep. She had just experienced a fat 9" cock enter her virgin pussy and take the one thing she had vowed to her best friend away.

She continued to eat Taren's pussy as Rob began fucking her pussy hard and rough. He was pulling back and going balls deep every thrust. She felt as if her insides were being pushed to her throat each time he entered her fully. Meanwhile Taren had become aroused and was coming to an orgasm. She began moaning and bucking wildly and saying she was about to come.

Soon Rob had reached his limits and was about to cum and he pulled out of Jess' ravished pussy and went to Taren's face and began jacking off. Taren was going wild with excitement as Jess was eating her pussy and she began to cum just as Rob was cumming all over her face. Rob grabbed Jess and told her to lick all the cum off Taren's face.

Jess frowned but obeyed for fear of what he may do. Jess began licking the cum up and as she was doing this Taren stuck out her tongue and ran it across jess's lips.

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They began to kiss and make out which in turn gave Rob an idea. He told Jess to get on top of the desk and sit on Taren's face. He told Taren to eat Jess's pussy and satisfy her like Jess did her. While this was happening Rob turned his attention to Taren's pussy. He went to the end of the desk and placed his hand on her pussy. He then put a finger in her wet pussy working it in and out and going deeper with each entry.

He then realized her hymen had already been torn away. He said aloud that she hadn't been faithful to her vow with Jess. Stunned jess asked what he was referring to and said she wasn't a virgin. Jess in disbelief stood and asked Taren if this was indeed true. Taren began to try to explain and Jess shouted at her to just answer her. Taren closed her eyes from the embarrassment of being un loyal to her friend and said yes it was true.

Before Taren could explain Jess sat back down on her face and began to roughly grind her pussy into Taren's face. She called her best friend a whore and slut and she couldn't believe she would lie to her.

She continued to ride her friends face and soon began to cum and squirt her juices all over her face.

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She stood up and Taren was sobbing and begging Jess to let her explain. Chapter 4 coming soon