Rough analsex scene in a hotel room

Rough analsex scene in a hotel room
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Good Neighbors Part 2 Cathy and Bob slowly strolled homeward. At first they were both silent.waiting for the other to speak first.

They were both introspective after this, their first experience at swinging. Then Bob broke the silence, "Cathy." "Yes darling" "Did you enjoy tonight?" "YEAH Bob, you know I did. I loved it all. fucking Quin, fucking both you and Quin. eating Rita, I loved it all. I would like to have them over before next week though.

maybe tomorrow night?" "I agree. I have the feeling that they have appetites at least as big as ours. I will call and invite them in the morning." Another few seconds of silence. "Bob" "Yes" "Did you enjoy watching Quin fuck me?" "Yeah, I liked that a lot. Somehow watching another man fuck you is a huge turn on for me.

I think I would like to watch you fuck two guys at once, the way Quin and I double fucked you and Rita tonight. Maybe even some other guys." "I would like that too baby.

While Quin was fucking me and you sat there watching I came harder than I ever had before. I like for you to watch." It was great tonight. all of it." "And did you like watching Rita and I doing 69 Bob?" "I loved it Cathy" "I loved watching you fuck Rita, and you and Quin fucking Rita." "Yeah" "Bob I just love to fuck.

Somehow I feel like now I want to fuck everyone." "Yeah me too Cathy, I think we may have opened up a lot of brand new possibilities." "I hope so, I feel like I am ready for anything.

I want to try it all. What would you think if I fucked a perfect stranger? I have always thought that would be fun." "Hot baby, but I want to watch or at least hear all the details. Anything seems OK now Cathy." As they opened the door Sara walked down the stairs, a 'cat that brigitta bui and krystal deboor take turns giving head the canary' look on her face. Bob smiled and whispered to Cathy, "I will walk Sara home?" "Bob are you about to start something new?" she whispered back.

"I hope so." "I hope so too, tell me all about it later, OK?" "Yeah" Then Sara joined them and Bob opened the door and said, "May I have the pleasure of walking you home Sara my young love?" "Hmm I would like that Mr.

J." When the door closed behind them, Bob slid his arm around her tiny waist and pulled Sara into his arms. Her full body molded to his immediately and their lips met and their tongues danced. Sara was great at deep kissing. Then Bob broke the kiss, from the way Sara tasted he would have sworn Sara had just eaten pussy, it dawned on him that it had to be his daughters pussy.

"Sara you are hot. You turn me on something fierce. I assume from the conversation we had earlier you were fucking your friends parents you mentioned in California." "True Mr.

J." "I want to fuck you." "I was hoping you did." Bob heard the snap on her shorts open. As he dropped his hand to her cunt it was bare, she had dropped her shorts there at his front door. Fortunately the entrance to his house was shielded from the street. Then she pulled her halter off and Bob's hands were full of her bare tits and ass and cunt. Beautiful petite brunette rubs her pink pussy to orgasm Bob fondled all the charms Sara offered so openly she said, "Oh yes Mr.

J, I love to fuck, hurry." Shortly she had his hard cock free and Bob bent her over and took her from behind. When his hand first touched her love nest she was wet from inside but also from the outside. Deb must have done some pussy eating of her own Bob thought.

Sara came easy, and often. No wonder she loved to fuck. Bob finally came and he slowly let his cock slip free.

Sara caught it and dropped to her knees saying , "I love cunt flavored cock." and she sucked him off rapidly. Then she casually dressed as Bob said, "I want to fuck you regularly Sara." "Anytime Mr.

J. I love to fuck.

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You can have me anytime, anyway you want. I love it all". "I gather you like eating pussy too Sara?" Sara smiled realizing he had tasted cunt on her lips, "Yeah I do Mr. J." He slowly walked her home. Sara spoke after a moment of silence, "Deb is ready to grow up sexually I think Mr. J. I was sort of helping her learn some of it tonight. Do you mind?" "Do I mind that you and Deb ate each other? No, I figure you both loved it. I do." "We did.

Deb went fucking wild when I ate her. She came and came and came. She loved being eaten and she ate me so good, I forgot she was new at it. " At the door Bob kissed the young sexpot hotly. Then Sara said, "I want you in my ass Mr.

J. I love that." "I love it too Sara, next time." As Bob turned to go Sara said, "You ought to fuck Deb MR. J. She is ready and would love for you to be her first. My Dad was my first and I loved it. I still love it when he fucks me." And Bob walked home, thinking of how Sara had moved him one step closer to fucking his daughter. When he went upstairs Cathy was out. Bob knew nothing would bondage spread your legs theres not much that is hotter than a sizzling florida summer wake her before morning so he stripped his clothes off and walked down the hall to Deb's room nude.

He opened the door quietly. The night lite that she always had on lighted the room nicely. Deb was lying on top of the bed, nude, on her back, her legs spread. Bob stared at her virgin pussy and imagined Sara eating her. He was amazed that after all the action today, his cock started to harden again.

He wanted to fuck his daughter so badly. But not too soon. This had to be done carefully, when she was ready. Then he heard her voice, "Hi Daddy" "Hi baby." "Daddy, I'm kind of bare aren't I?" "Yeah baby, but I think you are beautiful this way. I like looking at you nude." "I like it too Daddy, I like for you to look at my nude body." Then she noticed he was nude too.

"Daddy I like looking at you nude too. I am glad you don't have anything on. I like looking at your thing. It sure is big." "Good baby, I hope it doesn't bother you. Did you and Sara have a good time tonight?" "Oh yes Daddy we did.

Sara is a good friend. She is teaching me so much. And she really likes you. I hope you like her too." "I do baby, I walked her home and we got much closer on the way." "Good Daddy, she said she thought the two of you would connect tonight, whatever that meant." "We did, we connected in the best way baby.

Maybe you and I can connect that way someday." "I think I would like that Daddy. Daddy can I ask you a question?" "Sure." "Is there anything better than sex?" "If there is anything that feels better I don't know what it is." "Daddy, Sara showed me something great. I really learned how to cum tonight.

I mean how to really cum. I have played with myself and gotten off a little. I thought it was great until tonight." "What happened tonight?" "Daddy you said I could talk to you about anything about sex right?" "I did, and I meant it. I would like to hear about how you are growing sexually." "Sara showed me how to do 69 tonight. Wow did I cum and cum. So did she when I did it to her. I loved it. Is that weird Daddy?" "No baby, it is great, I like doing that too." "You like eating pussy too Daddy?" "I love it baby.

Your Mom thinks I am pretty good at it." "Oh I bet you are Daddy. Mom is lucky." "Thank you darling, any other questions?" "No.not right now. Daddy will you lay down with me and cuddle me while I go to sleep?" "Sure baby." And he crawled in bed with her.

She turned her bare ass to him and they molded together like spoons. She felt his semi-hard cock against her ass and fun movies two german amateurs milking a cock smiled to herself. Then she pulled his hands up and placed one on each of her full breasts. Bob couldn't resist and he squeezed her large tits gently. Deb moaned and said, "I like that Daddy. Sara played with my tits like that tonight and I wanted to see what your hands would feel like on them.

Yours feel even better than hers." Bob couldn't help himself and his cock grew hard poking obviously against her bare ass. "Daddy I can feel your hard cock against my ass." She shifted only a little and Bob felt her small hand wrap around his cock.

"Oh you feel so big Daddy. Sara told me you would. She said I should get you to fuck me my first time. She said her Daddy fucks her all the time. Would you like to fuck me Daddy?" And she squeezed his cock hard.

Bob's hands cupped her tits harder and Deb moaned with pleasure. Bob felt the tip of his cock against the wetness of her cunt as he said "Deb my darling, any man would love to fuck you. You are such a beautiful hot baby." Deb continued, "Sara finger fucked me tonight and I don't have a hymen so it won't hurt the first time, she said.

But Daddy you didn't racy deep pussy pounding action for rie tachikawa cock sucking and pornstars my question, would you like to fuck me?" "Yes, baby, I have wanted to fuck you for some time now.

I don't want to do something you aren't ready for." Bob felt his daughter rubbing his cock head up and down her wet outer lips. It felt so good, then he felt Deb push back against his cock and it slipped into her young cunt an inch easily. "Oh Daddy your cock feels good in my pussy. I can't believe I have milf having fun and mom young cheater caught doing misdemeanor break in cock in my cunt.

.but it is only in a little, more please Daddy, push it in more. I want it.Please." Bob was no longer in control as he realized he was easing his huge hard cock slowly into his daughters previously unused pussy. Deb gasped and came, and Bob pressed harder. It was in 4, 5, 6 inches. Then he paused to let her cunt adjust but before he could move again Deb pressed back hard and it went in the rest of the way.

Deb moaned loudly and came again. Bob remembered Cathy, and was glad she was a sound sleeper. But hell Cathy would probably just want to join them and have sex with Deb too.

Bob slowly began to ease in and out. Deb moaned with pleasure, saying, "Oh yes Daddy, I love your cock. Sara said I would. Oh yes Daddy fuck me.

" She came easily and often, like Sara had. After a while Deb said, "Daddy get on top of me where you can fuck me and kiss me." Bob pulled out of her wet pussy and as she rolled over on her back he reentered her teen cunt with her hands guiding him. As he did she sighed deeply as she slid her arms around big booty bbw mazzaratie monica will be at bbwcon neck and their lips met in a hot French kiss.

When the kiss broke Deb said, "Oh Daddy I love you fucking me. It feels so good, can we do this all the time?" Bob chuckled and said, "Yes baby, often?" "Good Daddy, will you teach me how to suck cock?" "Yes" "And will you fuck me in the ass?" "Yes. I gather you and Sara big boob xxx porn storys about everything tonight." "Yes we did Dad. And will you eat me?" T"Yes baby, we will do lots of things.

Maybe we can include your Mom in our games, maybe some other people too." Deb came again and Bob followed shortly overflowing her cunt with his cum. As he rolled off of his gorgeous daughter she said, "Daddy, Sara wants to fuck you too." "I know baby." "Did you fuck her tonight when you walked her home?" "Yes" "I am glad, since you fucked her can I fuck her Daddy.

She says he is great." "I think you would enjoy Quin. Sometime when you are alone with him you could tell him you would like for him to fuck you. He would love to fuck your tight teen pussy baby. I sure did. You have a fabulous, sexy body. Men will love it a lot." "Sara said that her parents sometimes have sex parties where other couples come to their house and everyone strips and fucks and sucks all night.

It sounded like fun. Did you guys do that tonight? Sara thought you might." "Yes." "Tell daniela ignacio fronza professora de historia puta de ribeirao preto n tube porn about it Daddy." And Bob gave her all of the details.

When he finished she asked, "Daddy can I go with you next time. Sara says her parents let her join them. One night four different guys, in addition to her Dad, fucked her and several of the women ate her and she them." "Let me talk to your Mom.

The fact that I fucked our daughter may surprise her, but I doubt it. She may just want to have sex with you too. She is a hot lady and tonight really opened her up." "Daddy, I love it that Mom and Rita did 69. I think it would be super to do that with Mom." "Yeah baby, I would enjoy watching the two of you." "Daddy." "Yes baby." "Can I suck your cock now?" "I would love it darling." And she shifted till her head was just above his cock which had started to rise again.

Bob showed her the sensitive under side and told her the basics. She took it gently into her mouth and sucked and licked the way Bob had suggested. She then went wild and was raising and lowering her mouth on Bob's cock, taking more and more of it in her mouth until it was all in and extended down her throat. "Oh Deb honey you are good. Oh shit baby I am going to cum in your mouth soon. Just swallow as much as you can and enjoy it." Shortly he did and Deb didn't lose a drop.

When she sat up she had this huge grin on her face and cum on her lips. Bob kissed her and tasted his own cum on his daughters tongue.

"Daddy I loved it.

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Am I a good cock sucker?" "You were great. You really are a natural at sex honey. Soon you will get a lot more attention. The Thomas clan is coming over here tonight. I will webcam redhead girl masturbation clip toys and babe with your Mom about you and Sara joining us. Quin and I will both fuck you at the same time perhaps." And Bob returned to his own bed and Cathy. They cuddled and slept soundly.

When Bob awoke the next morning Cathy was sitting up on one elbow looking at Bob sweetly. When he opened his eyes she said, "I love you darling." "I love you to Cathy, more than you can imagine." "Bob honey I love it that you are sunny leoun h d full xxx secure and don't mind other guys fucking me.

I really enjoyed last night and can hardly wait until tonight. I want it all. . But tell me about your walk home with Sara.

I just know she is a sexpot. The way you were looking at her great little body I knew it wouldn't be long until you tried to fuck her. Did you?" "Yes, on our front porch. It was great but there is lots more I learned. She is a great fuck and sucks cock like a pro and Quin taught her. He fucks her frequently and Sara joins in the sex parties regularly." "Oh that is hot, Oh Bob honey, I love that you fucked Sara. Especially on our front porch. Now every time I go out the door I will think of you fucking her there.

Quin fucks his own daughter?. Wow, I love it. I want to watch him fuck Sara. Will Sara be here tonight? I want to eat her pussy too." "Possibly, if we arrange for some entertainment for Deb." "Yeah, can you believe Sara and Deb are the same age. What would you do if Deb were more like Sara?" "Well darling, they may be more alike than you know.

Sara has been tutoring Deb. I hope you are ready for all of what has happened. While I fucked Sara I thought I tasted pussy on her lips. I did. Afterwards I asked her and she openly admitted she and Deb ate each other last night and played around and talked about it all.

While Rita was eating your cunt, Sara was eating Deb's. "Oh Bob, I don't know what to say but I love it. Maybe Deb is more like Sara than we thought. Did Deb enjoy having her pussy eaten and eating Sara?" "Yeah, a lot. I think she is taking after her Mom." There was a long pause then "Bob honey, have you ever thought of having sex with Deb?" "Yes." "Me too, she is so beautiful and her body is so sexy. Does Deb know that Sara fucks her Daddy." "Yes." "Oh shit Bob, I am getting hot as hell just over this conversation.

My cunt is dripping wet. Would you like to fuck Deb?" "Yes." "So would I." "I have more to tell you. I fucked our daughter last night shortly after I fucked Sara." And he related his experience with Deb the previous night while Cathy slept.

"Oh shit Bob. Oh yes, that has me so fucking hot. I want to watch while you fuck our daughter.

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I want to eat her sweet cunt. Oh and have her eat me. I have wanted this for some time. I have wanted you to fuck Deb for at least the last year. Oh shit this is hot. I think I will go wake our daughter." Cathy ran down the hall still nude and Bob followed also nude. Deb was laying on her bed still nude and her legs spread out wide as she sprawled openly on her back. Cathy sat on the bed on one side and Bob on the other.

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Cathy started stroking Deb's cunt lightly with a feather touch and soon it was opening for her finger. As Cathy slipped one finger in Deb's tight little cunt she said to Bob, "Her little cunt is so tight I can't believe you got your big cock in here." end part 2