Awesome babe jerks off and licks cock

Awesome babe jerks off and licks cock
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On Thursday night I thought it would be nice to take Jane for a meal to one of the local pubs. We tried the nearest villages but they were incredibly busy and we ended up in a large pub in town. It was very busy too but we managed to find a table at the far end of the bar.

The food was great and after we had eaten we had a few drinks and were enjoying ourselves. The bar became busy with drinkers as the night continued and soon some music started and the small dance floor started filling with people. This soon became the focus of the place with some great music and we even got up and danced to a few tracks but soon it was becoming really busy with lots of young guys and girls arriving, many of blonde cougar nina shared with dauhters bf dick girls wearing very short skirts.

Jane could see me looking at them and following their legs with my eyes and said that she realised that now she getting on a bit she wasn't quite as sexy as they were any more.

I said I thought she was and that she still had fantastic legs, as good as these girls and that if she only wore short skirts too I would look at her legs instead.

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She laughed and said, "You are very sweet but let's face it, with these young girls around I would look ridiculous dressed in a shirt skirt, I'm old enough to be their granny!" "I bet if you turned round now and faced away from the table and slowly slid your skirt right up your legs you would have every male in the bar watching you!

It's not only what you've got it's what you do that gets attention .

and what's more I can prove it! Turn round and face away from the table." "No, I don't trust you, what are you going to do?" "Just do it and you'll see." Jane looked a little nervous not sure what I had in mind but slowly turned to face outwards from the table so she now facing everyone in the bar.

She gave me a puzzled look but I said nothing, just smiled and produced from my pocket a small whistle. Raising it to my lips I blew on it once, then suddenly felt daring and blew on it again - and of course lots of people looked round.

They were wondering what the guy was blowing the whistle for but the result was that lots of people witnessed an amazing transformation. Jane's eyed widened and she looked round at all the faces with a slight look of panic. She suddenly pressed her knees tight together and leaned forwards as if she had some kind of stomach cramp then started writhing around and her hand went to her crotch as she tried to stop what was happening but there was nothing she could do and I just smiled as I watched her, her eyes now screwed up tight, she threw back her head, her neck taught as she started trying to rub herself through her skirt.

The skirt was too tight and she couldn't get to her pussy and looking at all the faces watching her in astonishment she just couldn't stop herself. she pulled up the skirt revealing her lovely long legs and knickers and started pressing her fingers into her pussy frantically rubbing herself then let busty prison babes squirting in shower trio big tits a long groan as her head lolled back.

Her mouth was open gasping for breath, her hand worked fast and in seconds she started to cum, her head thrashing from side to side and gasping for breath she groaned loudly. "Oh my God," she whispered as everyone watching started talking about what was going on, all trying to see past each other as this woman who was behaving in a most indecent manner!.

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They were astonished at what they were seeing but at this point Jane relaxed a little and looking round at them all, she seemed to suddenly realise what she had just done and turned to me with a look of shock on her face. "What did you do!" she said, she turned her chair back to face the table and looking hard at the table top, jake steed fucks cupcake creampie and red faced, she was clearly not very pleased at being embarrassed like that in front of all these people.

She looked really cross as she said, "Come on let's get out of here this is too embarrassing." Then she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth and I could tell she was already starting with the same feelings again. She tried to get up but leaned over the table, her knees pressed together and her whole body tensed, then she looked up at me and started shaking her head.

She gasped, "Ohh, ohh that feels amazing," and collapsed back into the chair. At this point I decided that I had been perhaps a bit mean blowing it twice. It was pretty embarrassing for her having all these people watching her climax and already she was gaining an audience again.

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It was amazing how people just stand and stare! Jane was now beginning to really writhe around on her seat and was groaning loudly and gasping for air! She was again trying to rub her pussy, so I figured that if I now blew it once perhaps that would mean she would go down a level and perhaps not embarrass herself quite so much.

At least then she might not kill me when it wore off! I blew it again. Jane looked up straight at me, her jaw dropped and she gasped and her eyes widened again and her jaw hung open, then without hesitation she yanked up her skirt and pressing hard on the front of her knickers started frigging herself.

Next she looked wildly round the room and her eyes settled on the pepper grinder in the middle of the table.

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Hell it was not so unlike a big dick in shape but the head was huge and as she grabbed it I suddenly realised what was happening! I had now blown the whistle three times, not just once! Already she was pulling her knickers to one side and pressing the head of this big pepper grinder against her pussy lips. There was lots of giggling and some of the guys stated whooping then a group of four lads came forwards and I heard one of them say, "Hey, you need help lady," and spinning her chair round so she was again facing the crowd they pulled her legs wide apart and one of them literally tore off her knickers.

Her pussy was now on show for everyone's eyes but she seemed oblivious to this as she pulled her own pussy lips wide apart so the guy could ram the pepper grinder up inside her. "Oh God Yes!!!" she screamed as he started thrusting it back and forth inside her and she started rubbing her own clit while he built up speed.

She immediately climaxed again this time thrashing her head from side to side as she did so. This was all too much for some of the guys in the audience and a couple more came over, one slipping his hands down inside her blouse.

There was no finesse about him, he simply started groping her tits.

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A couple of others simply took out their cocks walked over and started wanking until after a few moments they sprayed their cum into her face and down the front of her blouse.