Mature filthy talking mother fucks both holes

Mature filthy talking mother fucks both holes
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When I first met Charlie I was sixteen and she was only fourteen. She was a friend of my brothers and he knew her because she was the girlfriend of one of his friends, this friend was a renowned jerk and total arsehole. He dumped her and being honest I longed to be with her. Personally I found her gorgeous. Her hair was a hybrid of blonde and brunette and she had incredibly thin legs which were accompanied by knee socks or the standard type of tights and a miniskirt which generally left very little to the, or in this case my imagination.

Her breasts were just the right hot babe takes on two hard boners, not too big and not too small either. I had talked with her on several occasions and it seemed to me that she, in personality terms was just as nice as her body. Her personality seemed to be outgoing and bubbly, but in an awkward way, shy. I also analysed that she wanted to be really popular and that she longed to be a plastic* who had guys running after her and a legion of friends.

However much I despised the plastics I genuinely liked Charlie. Fast forward a few months. I had spoken to Charlie a lot less, because I spent less time with my brother and more time with my various friends and associates. I was at a quiet party of a moderately well off associate of mine. News had spread around the town that this party would be the party of the year. Lesbian centerfolds spread their deep anals and poke fat sex toys biggest piss up of the year with half the town's female population and hundreds of litres of alcohol in attendance.

It couldn't have been further from the truth. The party was a total waste of time and I knew I wasn't alone in thinking that.

The kegs of beer that were promised were nowhere to be seen as were the hundreds of bottles of Vodka. There were twenty odd bottles and cans of beer and all had been snatched up by the time of my arrival.

Everyone looked pissed off and miserable. It was pretty much silent, bar the sound of a couple getting off outside and several people on the various couches talking. In the corner I noticed Charlie lying beside a chair, one of her friends was next lying beside her sleeping clutching a can of beer. "Hey Grant!" she said smiling at me, "Hey" I replied unsure of what to say next. What followed was an awkward silence followed by a giggle from Charlie, I could see that even with the prescence of alcohol in her system she was still the same bubbly, slightly shy person.

"Do you wanna get out of this shithole?" I asked. "Umm yea, I might as well go, Sara won't be waking up for quite some time" she said looking down at her sleeping friend giggling.

We drove several blocks through the silent night back to her house. "Oh my God Grant, it was so nice of you to take me home." She said cooing, "No problem" I said, casually. "It's always nice to help a good friend out".

The good friend part was a bit of a lie, in all honesty Chick sheri vi gets her pussy pleasured by masseur really didn't know her all that well, I was simply trying my foxy hotties get naughty at the club. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug which was good enough for me.

*A Plastic is your typical bimbo, blonde, slut, whore, popular girl who doesn't look real. ======= [One way of telling the story is by writing it as an MSN conversation. Cuts out some of the boring and slightly shitty dialogue. They'll be some MSN style cyber later on in Part II… ;)] I sat at home on the computer. I'd hit MSN, Facebook and a few forums up. Charlie had sent me a Facebook friends request, which I gratefully accepted.

I was just sifting through contacts on MSN when all of a sudden a message popped up. XxCharliexX has added you to his/her friends list. I noticed the name of the person was Charlie. Could it be my Charlie? I doubted it, but whatever. Xenomorph says Hey is this Charlie, from the party? XxCharliexX says yeap, thanks for giving me the lift back, i rly appreciate it Xenomorph says oh cool.

how did you get my MSN? XxCharliexX says i got it from ur facebook Xenomorph says kicking rad, I'm gonna be bored tomorrow, wanna hang out? XxCharliexX says Yea sure, wanna go into the city???

Xenomorph says hell yeah, I'll pick you up from your place, say. XxCharliexX says im free after 1:30 tommorow afternoon Xenomorph says Tis cool, I'll pick you up then XxCharliexX says sure i gtg bye bye xxx Xenomorph says see ya x XxCharliexX has signed out and is now offline.

I reflected quietly in my PC chair. I could have her, if I wanted her enough and was determined enough. She was gorgeous and with the effort she could be all mine.

Tomorrow would be critical. ===== I withdrew two hundred bucks that my father had given me a few weeks before for putting a PC together for him from the ATM outside the 7/11. By the side was a hobo lying on he floor, muttering. "Yo, dude" I shouted at him, "What kiddo?" he shouted back. I approached him and I made a deal with him. He'd go in there, buy me two bottles of cheap ass vodka and I'd let him keep the change.

The Vodka would later form an important part of my plan. "Hey Charlie" I said as she jumped in my car outside her house, "Hey Grant" she replied. I noticed she seemed quite happy to see me. "I've got quite a bit of money" I stated, hoping to impress her, as we drove away.

"How much? 20 Bucks?" she asked half joking, I assumed. "As of now in excess of 180 dollars". "Oh. Jeesh", she replied looking slightly embarrassed, "I thought you would be like most guys I know.".

"Don't worry", I said laughing. "I bought some Vodka aswell". "Aww Grant. you're so nice!". My slight embarrassment and pleasure that I received from the compliment was all in all relatively obvious. It was now more than a sexual attraction. I really liked her company and her personality.

In the car we talked mostly small talk. Our conversation graced over several things that were sex related, but mostly related to school, life in general, friends and trivial things such as music. When we got into the city the first stores we went to were the clothes stores. Personally I had no objection, being a pervert of sorts I had endless fun in imagining Charlie in some of he gorgeous outfits she was selecting, besides I had enough money with me to buy practically anything she wanted and I was also cunning and devious enough to get her to show them off for me, in a special way.

In the end I ended up buying her several miniskirts, knee socks and stockings, making references to them and vague sexual references that to be honest I didn't think she'd get. We drove out of the city to a lookout point above the metropolitan area.

The place is a fairly notorious lovers lane and a few Pseudo-Cops lurk around, looking for trouble. A few minutes and a few shots of Vodkas later and I gave her the inevitable look. The look lovers do when they embrace, kiss or fuck for the first time. She was sitting in the passenger seat, and I began to lean over, Charlie began to move her head towards me too.

We kissed, and she, without much warning broke off. "Was that the right thing to do?" I asked, "Grant I really like y-" was all of the reply I got.

We began to kiss again mutually. Suddenly our kissing developed into fully blown making out. I slid my hand under her miniskirt and began to rub her upper leg. With my remaining hand I began to tilt her body toward me.

Again, we broke off. "You're quite good at this you know." she told me. I looked embarrassed. She was lying against the car door, and she'd lifted both legs up and they were lying by the cars ashtray suspended sub slut dominated with strapon domination threesome handbrake.

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"I like how you rub my leg, it feels so nice". "You know I could rub something else if you want." I said winking. From what I'd gathered she'd been fingered by her bastard ex and had also seen his cock. "I'm quite tempted, but not right now" she murmured, sounding tired.

We left then and there. For the first time I realised I felt something resembling love for Charlie. Later that evening I was sitting at home on the PC listening to music and talking to my friends and associates on MSN. XxCharliexX <3 that special someone says hard dong enters anal gape hardcore and russian Xenomorph says Hey XxCharliexX <3 that special someone says we together then?

Xenomorph says yea, if youre up for it ;) XxCharliexX <3 that special someone says hell yes xxx Xenomorph says ok, heres my number *********** XxCharliexX <3 that special someone says K ill txt you later Xenomorph says I gtg bye xxx XxCharliexX <3 that special someone says k I love you xxxxxxx ===== You can probably guess I spent most of the night lying awake thinking if she meant what she said.

I prayed that she really did mean it. Overriding all the emotions I felt, love and whatnot I also felt I had succeeded. Me and Charlie went into town, a lot and we always talked at school, but we were careful to hide our romance from our meddling peers and we showed no PDA* to one another either. Fast forward another two weeks. We'd been taking it slow. The furthest we'd got was her rubbing my cock through my pants and me rubbing her perfect, innocent little breasts through her t-shirt.

And to be quite frank I was nearing boredom. Every time I turned my lights out in the evening I'd begin to think about sticking my penis inside her pink, warm, tight cunt. It was driving me batshit insane.

Release came in a surreal form. My father paid for tickets for himself and my mother to go on some kind of weird, surprise holiday at the drop of a hat and my brothers and myself were left at home. As soon as my parents were out of the front door they were both off fucking around at parties they were both to young for, but hey I'd been there too, many times before. My solution for release.

Invite Charlie over at the drop of a hat. Charlie's mother is at best slightly over protective of her oldest daughter and understandably so, since Charlie's father left when she was circa nine years old.

Charlie was rarely allowed to stay over at friends houses and we both knew we'd be very lucky to convince her to allow Charlie to stay the night [Or several.] at a deserted house with a guy who was two years older than her and had far more experience in the sexual department than Charlie had. However, the ever devious moi created a plan to ensure that Charlie could stay the night at my place. Charlie's friend Lo was having several parties over one weekend to celebrate her birthday. The idea was a piss-up on Friday night, followed by hanging out on Saturday, followed by a binge-fest on Saturday night, with people hanging out until Sunday evening so people could get some sleep without being fucked and hung over on Monday, the start of the April school holiday.

Thing about Lo is she really is the definitive definition of the phrase 'Sociopathic bitch'. For her parents and every other adult that she comes into contact with she puts on this hideous front as the most polite, pretty and innocent girl you could ever meet. No one was more fooled by Lo than Charlie's mother who trusted her every word.

Charlie could stay in Lo's company for days without Charlie's mom so much as even questioning it. My plan was we could go to the parties, the piss ups and take a bit of free alcohol, disappear whilst everyone got bladdered* and pretend we stayed the night but left early in the morning.

It could work and I hoped it would if we had luck on our side. The piss-ups were remarkably boring. It started around 8:30pm and by half an hour later Charlie was begging me to "get the fuck out of this shit hole". On the way home I picked up "Zack and Miri Make sunny leon in fingring sex Porno", for entertainments sake. We had gotten about half way through the movie before things really started hitting off. We were sitting on the couch and she began to snuggle up to me.

I started to stroke her hair handcuffed girl oral and yessenia from ass fucking and homemade she gave me a peck on the neck. She'd learnt by then that even the slightest touch to my neck can drive me batshit insane. "Fuck this" I muttered, grabbing the remote and switched the TV off.

I turned to my girl and she gave me her trademark sexual grin. "We, my beautiful sweetheart are going to have the time of our lives". *PDA = Personal Display of Affection. *Bladdered - The act of getting drunk. Originates from the British term, to get pissed. ===== I locked the front doors knowing neither of my brothers had any way of entering the house other than using the unlocked doors. If they wanted to come in too bad, I thought to myself. No one is fucking this up for me, I thought defiantly.

As I fiddled around with the locks Charlie walked into the kitchen, as soon as I realised she was busy making herself a drink I dashed upstairs to the bathroom, removing my condoms from their hiding place. I pocketed them and headed downstairs.

Charlie was leaning against the oven facing the gas hobs on top of the oven. I came up right behind her and grabbed the front of her waist. I began to kiss her neck softly, then I stopped. I knew she could feel my hard-on poking from inside my jeans as she began to smile. I began to pull her away from the oven and I began to push her towards my kitchen table. Let's do this, I thought to myself. I pushed her head first onto the kitchen table. "Kinky eh Grant?" she said, half asking.

I didn't bother to respond. I pushed her miniskirt upwards and began to rub her gorgeous buttocks. I pulled her green tights down almost harlow harrison is a horny tattooed babe knee level.

I couldn't possibly begin to express how kinky I found those tights, both the scene-type colour and the way they clung to her legs. I slid my hand under her purple panties and began to knead those lovely buttocks once again.

She hummed quietly with pleasure. I smiled. I could smell the musky odour coming from her virgin pussy. She wanted to be fucked. I slowly removed her underwear, and a few seconds later I got the whole, "Grant, what did you do that for? Now my pussys kinda cold!" which was stated in a tipsy manner. I rolled her over so now she faced me, she began to smile again, cheekily and embarrassed.

I didn't stop making eye contact. I began to rub her clit without so much as even looking at it. "What the fuck are you starin' a-?" her sentence was interrupted. "Mmmm, Grant this feels so gooooood, mmmmm, yea, Grant, keep on, mmmmm". The sound of my girlfriends orgasmic moans echoing in my kitchen were going to cause my cock to explode if I didn't unleash it soon.

I dropped my fly along with my pants and boxer shorts. "Grant, why the fu-? . Holy shit you're gonna put that in me?". She looked anxious upon seeing my respectable 7 inch cock. I'd also gathered her faggot ex had a small one, which might explain the trepidation.

"Course I am." She said no more, and I got back to rubbing as I had been doing before, until I swiftly decided to big boob xxx porn storys her up even more by making a take away out of her Vagina.

"Lick it Grant, lick it. mmmmmmm Grant mmm eat me baby yea." I could imagine what my parents would think had they heard the noise Charlie was making, however luckily they weren't in, so all was well. Charlie's pussy was dripping wet and the top of my penis was covered in oozing precum.

I had to fuck this hot pink cunt soon.

We headed upstairs to the bathroom. As Charlie undressed it became apparent to me that I hadn't seen her totally naked yet. What I did see was beauty.

Pure beauty. Charlie had perky tits with tiny brown nipples. Her legs were well proportioned and I began to notice one fine feature. Her ass. Her cunt wasn't shaven but only had a tiny mound of hair, which would come off sooner or later.

"You like me?" she asked me, she was putting those gorgeous puppy dog eyes on again. "We both know I like you. We both know I want you". "Tell me you want me". Very well then, I thought. I yanked my T-shirt off and threw it on the chair, then I proceeded to remove every garment I was wearing. "Charlie. I want you. I don't just like you, I love you". We both walked over to each other totally naked. I put one arm behind her neck and bent down putting the other beneath her knees.

I picked her up and kissed her, carrying my sweetheart off to bed. "Grant" she whispered, "I think I love you, too". That was all I needed to hear. Once we were in my bedroom I put her down next to me and placed her head on the pillow.

I prodded her clit with oldnanny extreme fisting teen and mature extreme fist pussy fisting tube porn cock and I could hear her whispering. "Fuck me Grant, fuck me." I kissed her on her forehead and dashed down stairs to the bathroom to get my condom on, no way was I getting my baby pregnant.

"Where the fuck did you fuck off to.?" she asked half heartedly upon my return. "To get a rubber." was my response. "Grant, you better fuckin' get on with it now.". I wasn't going to argue.

I aligned my cock with her pink cunt, then I began to push it in, slowly. "Yeowww, fuck Grant, oh yea, mmmm" I began to push, in, out. My speed began to increase. I could feel her heart rate increasing. We were both in ecstacy. She raised her legs as my cock pounded her virgin cunt. She desperately tried to wrap them around my back, but it was in vain. "Grant, fuck me Grant, ohhhh honey. fuck meeeee." She screamed as I continued pounding her tight snatch. She held onto my neck as I continued, without any display of mercy or compassion.

As I slowed down in preparation of Ejaculation I could hear her whispering my name. She'd gotten used to the feeling of my cock in her now. I kept at it, hammering her, over and over again, granted at a slower pace than before. As soon as I came, I collapsed. Exhaustion. I just had time to yank the rubber off and throw it off my bed before I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up the next morning and Charlie wasn't with me. I grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom where I found her having a bath. "Hey" I said loudly. Charlies head was submerged beneath the striking centerfold is displaying her gaped wet slit in close up and her eyes were closed, but some how she heard me and jumped up.

"Hey, I didn't want to wake you up. You were exhausted last night. You fell asleep as soon as we stopped." "I know. And you?" I asked. "I stayed up for about half an hour afterwards. I couldn't stop thinking about you. I stroked your hair as if you were a little baby". It was the things she said that pulled my hearts strings. "I don't know what to say." "How bout you join me here?" She suggested, giving me a wink.

"I think not, I'm going to get something to eat", "Awww killjoy". In the living room I went to get the DVD out of the player when I noticed something lying on the bookshelf.

My camera. Combined with the title of the DVD I had the most brilliant idea. I was going to film me and her fucking. Later in the day we went to collect Charlie's possessions from Lo's house and to return the DVD. When we got home we crashed out on the sofa. Charlie was now wearing black and white knee socks with her standard miniskirt. She was also wearing a cotton vest. She changed at Lo's house in her en suite.

I had taken a look around the place and pretty much everyone was out cold and fucked. I slid my hand under Charlies skirt and we began to kiss. I broke off. "Baby" I said inquisitively. She removed my hand and now lay her head on my lap.

"Yes Grant." I hesitated before expressing my idea "Do you want to take some pictures?". "Huh?" she replied. "I was thinking maybe we could film us fucking and take a few photos." I was hopeful that we could. I needed jacking off material for when my kitten wasn't here.

"I'd be up for it, but on two conditions. You show the photos to nobody without my permission, secondly I get to take pictures of you." I considered.

"Yea I'm up for that." I'd always fancied being a porn star, I mused. "Good now lets get back to what we were doing before".

I pushed Charlies head off my lap and I undid my fly and pushed my pants off, then slowly I slid my boxers down my legs. "Remind me what we were doing again?" I asked, my hardon now very noticeable. Charlie couldn't keep her eyes off it. Slowly she moved her head towards my lap again.

She leant her head on the top of my right leg and slowly licked my cock from bottom to its head. She grabbed it with her tiny little hand and began to rub it up and down. It felt like a really good masturbation session, pre-orgasm. "Fucking hell Charlie, you're pretty damn good for big brazzer xxxx com xnxx first timer".

She smiled at the compliment, and also similar to me when I receive compliments, she looked a little embarrassed. She continued rubbing my cock and I began to grope her ass again. I could feel her pussy getting wet again through her panties.

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"Mmm Charlie, this feels good." I said, she looked up and smiled and proceeded to give my cock head a good lick. It wasn't to long before we were done with the licking, sucking and rubbing and moved onto the full works. Fucking. She stood up pretty much fully clothed. I took the time to slowly remove her clothes as opposed to removing them with haste. I slowly took her top off exposing her cute bra, and then I proceeded to work downwards removing her miniskirt.

"What do you wanna do now, Grant?" She said licking her fingers whilst giggling. She did it badly but that wasn't the point. It was still fucking sexy. I sat back down on the couch and she edged closer still sucking her fingers, I lay back and relaxed as she began to slowly straddle me. She put her arms around my neck and we embraced. She was great with her tongue and every time we kissed I'd salivate. I enjoyed it that much.

Unsurprisingly my hands found their way down her panties and quickly I was trying to get them off. I yanked them off and continued to pull them down to her knees.

Next step was her bra. I undid the rear clasp and pulled it off throwing it across the room. I positioned her above my cock and as I began to lower her down on me I could hear her whispering.

"Fuck me. Fuck shruti hassan sex xxx story. I just began to align my cock her cunt when it suddenly occurred to me that I wasn't wearing a rubber. "Shit!" I shouted loudly, throwing Charlie off me.

"Ow Grant, what the fuck?", I ignored her and began rifling through my pockets looking for a rubber. Upon finding it I slowly put it on my cock using both the precum and the lubricant included with the condom. Charlie was kneeling up against the couch, totally naked, bar kinky, striped knee socks. I looked down at her grinning. I was going to fuck my little, horny bitch doggy style.

I used my hand to help me get my cock into her cunt. "Mmmph mmph". On my part this was requiring quite a lot of effort, however we were both enjoying it which made it worthwhile. "God Grant… yea ugh baby we gotta fuck like this moooooore". I began to use her shoulders as a way of propelling my cock into her. As I got more and more exhausted I began to collapse feeling the tiredness.

I almost fell onto Charlie and I withdrew getting up only briefly to collapse on the couch. We snuggled up to each other, spending the next twenty minutes in total silence. We were both naked and alone. I continued slowly stroking her hair and occasionally she would stroke and kiss my neck.

The end of the weekend really upset me. Before my brothers returned, both me and Charlie stood overlooking the valley from my garden.

I pecked her neck and stroked her hair. We'd had such a brilliant weekend, but as they say, all good things have to come to an end. After I'd driven Charlie home I found my self an empty parking lot. The dust was blowing in the wind; I dropped my head and let it lie on the steering wheel for the best part of two minutes. Words cannot describe the extreme happiness at the prospect of realisation that I loved her and that she loved me and then the second realisation.

She was no longer here, with me. My conquest had started due to the intense desire to fuck the living daylights out of that sweet little girl. In fucking I learnt both passion and love. Love for her. ===== It was after school, around 3:30 in the afternoon. There was no reason for me being here other than my lust for Charlie. I'd been walking by the school fields when I noticed several girls Charlie knew walking past me heading out of the sports centre.

My car was parked outside the sports centre. Earlier in the day when it had come to parking my ride some douchebags were fucking around in the parking lot. I had no alternative but to park it there. I hopped the fence and began looking for Charlie, with the intention of giving her a lift home. I couldn't see her around and the truth was that I was gutted. As I was heading to my car I heard a familiar voice call out my name.

I turned around and Charlie was right behind me. With a huge smile on her face she ran towards me, and gave me a huge hug. "Grant! I thought you'd never come!". "Huh?" I said with a tone of dismay. I had no idea what she was talking about. "When I saw your car here I decided to wait for you, besides I've got something to show you!".

I had a sneaky feeling this was going to be very good, very enjoyable and very pleasurable. We walked through the corridors of the sports hall. We'd seen no one and as per usual all the doors were unlocked. There wasn't a car in the parking lot apart from my own as well. We entered the shower cubicles in the female changing rooms, slowly shutting the door behind us. For the first five or so minutes we kissed, so passionately it wasn't long before we were lying on the soaking wet floor.

We proceeded to get up as we both realised that being wet would be a sign that we'd been up to something. From behind I kissed and licked her neck as she purred in delight defiantly. I slid my hands up her miniskirt and began to do my standard rubbing of the buttocks. "Bend over" I whispered softly in her ear. I saw her look behind at me as she slowly bent over and direct an eerily naughty smile at me. As Charlie wasn't wearing any tights, fucking her up skirt wouldn't be a problem in the slightest.

I slowly lowered her panties down to knee level and as she knew what was coming she began to exercise her clit. I dropped my pants and boxers, remembering to rub my cock. Charlie now began to lean against the shower wall and gradually stopped massaging her clit.

She looked behind me and slowly hissed "fuck me", whilst licking her lips. I rammed brunette babe gets slammed in hardcore fashion cock right into her slippery, wet cunt. "Oh yea!" she almost shouted with ecstatic pleasure. "Quieten down honey" I said slowly in a hushed manor, whilst shoving my cock in and out of her warm pink love canal.

"Mmm yea, Grant how good is this? We're fucking. In school!" she reminded me. The cubicle was filled with Charlie's moans of "fuck me baby, harder baby" and her long moans, mainly comprising of things along the line of "awwww fuck, mmmm, oh yea". I withdrew my cock, ejaculating silently on the floor.

As we exited the shower both of us made certain not to step in my hot semen, before I washed it away using the shower. With the adjusting of the clothes our five minute quickie was well and truly over. Many stories don't have a 'proper' conclusion, this one however does. I am 21 now. Charlie is 19. I'm almost 22 and a IT Technician at the College where Charlie is now a student.

When Charlie was 18 and about to go to College we finally told her mother. Everything. I agreed to find Charlie a place latina babe cameron canela gets all her holes poked live and pay her College fees. So now we live in a quiet suburban house. Alone, but together. United, forever. The adventures in the quiet house will formulate the hopefully better sequel.

Besides that this is also my first /elit story. Go me.