Pulled euro doggystyled in public restroom european pulling

Pulled euro doggystyled in public restroom european pulling
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It had been nearly a month since my fateful encounter with Samson. It had consumed every part of my being, I couldn't focus on anything. I'd leave my cousins unattended to run into the bathroom and relieve myself thinking about his soft, hot, wet tongue.

The image of his giant, red, veiny cock, pulsating and dripping precum as it awaited my slightest touch. Just the thought of it drove me insane, pushed me to new heights of horniness I had never known in my teenage life. The summer ticked by, day after day, and I started to lose all hope of ever getting to spend another night with Sammy. I knew, deep down, that I had fallen in love with him and I had to know if he felt the same. My uncle came to me one day to tell me that he had planned to surprise my aunt and the boys with a camping trip and that I, of course, was invited to come along as well.

This was it, the moment I'd waited for the last month. I looked him squarely in the eye and asked if it would be alright if I stayed here to look after the house and to spend time with the friends I had made over the summer.

It seemed like a reasonable request to my uncle, I had made new friends and what teenager wants to spend a weekend in the woods with his family, so he agreed. I almost lept out of my skin when he told me I could stay.

I immediately began planning things out, I got in touch with a good friend of mine and asked her if she could do some shopping for me. I'd need a sexy dinner dress, new heels, some makeup and of course the sexiest, sluttiest lingerie she could find.

The rest of the week ticked by so slowly, it seemed like an eternity. I'd cast passing glances at Samson and think to myself, "Just wait baby, I hope you love me as much as I love you!" Of course I had no way to know what he was thinking or even if he was capable of loving a human like that, but I was determined to find out.

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The truck was all packed, the boys were excited and they were waving goodbye to me, reminding me to have a good time and to stay out of trouble. It was all I could do to keep from bursting at the seems. I walked back inside and made eye contact with Samson, it was almost as if he knew something was up, he didn't get excited to see me, he just looked at me knowingly. A few hours later my friend Mandy showed up with everything I had asked of her, she never let me down.

I hugged her and gave her just about all of my babysitting money teen herda wisky gives bf a sensual massage repay her for what she spent, plus a little extra for doing me a favor. She smiled at me and told me to enjoy myself, she had no idea, I hadn't told her about Sammy, to her I was just going to spend the week dressing and nothing else.

I bid her farewell and headed straight to the bathroom.

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I showered, pulled my hair up and started on my make up, dark eye liner and lipstick. I slid into the lingerie that Mandy had picked up for me, and then tugged on the Red halter dress she had picked out. It barely covered my booty and showed off tons of cleavage. I tugged on my stockings one at a time, carefully connecting each one to its garter, then I buckled my heels.

Lastly I strained and fixed my hair, finally taking a moment to check myself out in the mirror. I looked good, once again had you not known who I was, you would have never guessed I wasn't a woman. I paused at the door, the moment of truth finally here, took a deep breath and passed through. I took slow, deliberate strides down the hall towards the living room, pausing only slightly at the door to compose myself before stepping in.

Samson jumped up immediately, if eyes can pop out of a dogs head, that's what was happening. His tail was wagging so hard Pretty teen babe elektra rose pounded by pervert guy thought it might fly off. He immediately ran to me, instead of waiting for me to get down on his level, he jumped up, putting a paw on each shoulder and showering my face with licks. My heart almost burst, he hadn't forgotten me.

I put a hand behind his ear and pressed my lips to his, my tongue loving caressing his as it darted in and out of my mouth and all over my face. "I missed you baby!" I said, a few tears rolling down my eyes before kissing him some more. "Let me make you dinner, we have all night to enjoy ourselves." I wiped a tear from my eye and he hopped down, I spun on my heels to get his dinner and he gave me just the slightest nip on the underside of my booty that was just barely hanging out of my red dress.

I got into the cupboard and got the fancy canned dog food out, arranged it on some foul mouth slut with big tits gets assfucked tube porn my aunt's fine china, fille a matching bowl with water.

I prepared a light salad for myself and headed back into the living room. He sat patiently waiting for me to set his food and drink down. I curled my knees under myself, careful to be a lady and not reveal anything. We spent the next 20 minutes eating and casting glances at each other, it was like something out of a fairytale. When we were finally finished I picked up or dirty dishes and obediently washed them so there would be no distractions for what was to come.

I walked back into the living room, Samson still sitting in the middle of the floor waiting patiently, I put my hands on my hips and said, "You wanna get out of here honey?" I don't know how he understood me, but he did.

He hopped up and ran to my side as we both clicked our way down the hall, his nails on the hardwood and me in my heels. I slowly pushed open the door to the one room he was not allowed in, the master bedroom. My aunt and uncle's king sized bed with its black comforter, tall bed posts and comfy mattress looked like a playground to the both of us. Samson wasted no time. No sooner had I closed the bedroom door and turned around, he was on his hind legs again, a paw on each shoulder, and his tongue probing my lips.

I parted them for him and our tongues entertwined again, both of us starting to breath heavy as I rubbed up and down his large, muscular body. I felt the hot, slickness of his massive cock rub against my stocking covered thigh, leaving a sticky trail on the soft fabric.

We kissed passionately for several more moments, until my face was soaked and we were both out of breathe. "Hold on baby, I have a surprise for you." I said gently pushing him to the ground.

He sat obediently as I never broke eye contact.

My hands reach up around my neck to untie my halter top, then reaching behind myself slowly pulling the zipper down, that all to familiar "zzzzz" sound filling the room. "Are you ready honey?" I asked, his tail wagging wildly was the only confirmation I needed. I let the red dress slip from my slender frame, revealing the lingerie I had asked Mandy to get for me, she had done well. It was a pink halter corset with black lace down the middle and on the bra cups, garters were built into the bottom and a matching pink g string topped off the ensemble.

Samson's cock grew a full 2 inches further when I was fully exposed. "Come on honey!" I practically giggled as I shot past him and hopped up on the bed, lying on my back.

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Samson hesitated, but only for a minute, leaping up on the bed, his lust spurring him onward. I kept my legs closed and looked at him, "I love you Sammy, I truly hope you love me too!" I said meakly as I let my hands fall to my sides and stretched out my legs. Samson shot like a dart to my legs, working them apart with his muzzle, his nose going crazy as he sniffed up my corset, licking my cleavage and then working his way back down to my crotch and my already hard little cock.

His tongue soaked the front of my g string, but after a few minutes you could tell he was getting frustrated, he began to whine and tug at the g string, unable to get it out of the way. I took a side in each hand and hiked my little round booty up, looked him in the eyes and said "This is only for you baby!" before sliding them off and tossing them at the foot of the bed. He buried his face between my legs, his soft ears rubbing against the inside of my thighs as his silk like tongue licked at my tiny cock.

Wave after wave of bliss shot up my spine. I'd never felt anything like this before, he was so much more involved, so much more enthusiastic. He hadn't been licking my cock for more than a few minutes before I screamed out, "Sammy I'm gonna cum!" A few thin, ropes of my teenage cum sprayed all over his muzzle.

I stared at him panting, smiling, new waves of love and adoration washing over me as he licked my cum from his face. Then my eyes caught his massive 12 inche cock and I was horny all over again. I sat up and immediately took his hot, throbbing erection in my hand, rubbing it slowly at first before lowering my soft lips to the pointed head and taking it in my mouth.

I had barely taken the entire shaft in my mouth and he started to twitch, I began rapidly sucking it, making sure to lick the head and the shaft with my wet tongue. It only took a few minutes before rope after thick rope of his raunchy foursome session with desirable sex bombs pornstars creampie was gushing into the back of my throat.

I greedily swallowed it, not wanting to ruin any of it for my Sammy. He finally stopped twitching and we both looked at each other, he kept looking me up and down, his cock still twitching and I knew what he wanted, exactly what I had planned to give him from the start. I got on all fours in my corset and stockings, my hair a mess, some light cum hanging from the strands and I looked back at him. His cock became ever more engorged once he saw me present.

He was on my immediately, his strong front legs holding me in a vice like grip as his huge cock humped at my cheeks. Supporting his weight was harder than I imagined, but I was determined to do it.

I reached back and guided his massive cock towards my virgin asshole, "I love you Sammy" was the last thing I was able to mutter before he forced his fuck stick inside of me. Pain and pleasure shot up my spine in equal doses. My ass stretching to accommadate such a huge prick.

His thrusts were relentless, he clung to my hips for dear life, panting heavily. After a few moments the pain subsided, pleasure washing over me again and again, renewed with each hammer like thrust.

"Fuck me Sammy, oh god fuck me with that big doggie cock!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Drool starting to slide from Samsons mouth, pooling on the back of my laced up corset, soaking the fabric and my hair.

The sounds of our sex, wet, hot, gushing as he forced his hard on deeper and deeper into my virgin ass with each thrust. My cock once again rock hard as his thick doggie dick pressed against my prostate, rubbing it so hard that I felt I would lose it. "OH fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck Sammy, I'm fucking cumming!" I screamed literally at the top of my lungs as a thick, white stream of cum flowed from my tiny dick, pooling on sexy babe gets tied up and fucked comforter below me.

I planted my face in a pillow, still screaming as his thrust become faster and harder. I could feel his already massive cock swelling inside of me. Samson forced his knot into me with one fluid motion while mom sleeping daughter sexwith dad a loud pop, cum continued to pour from my cock as his thrusts became more eratic.

His balls loudly slapping on my thighs as his body suddenly seized up. In a matter of seconds It felt like my insides had been filled up with the warmest, life giving liquid ever. Samson latched onto my back, cum still spilling from the opening in his huge doggie cock. Suddenly he collapsed, taking me with him.

HIs dick still 12 inches deep in my ass hole, drool covering my back and hair, my hips scratched bad enough to draw blood and my cum soaking into my corset and the comforter on my aunts bed. I looked back at him, and managed a weak smile, the two of us so sexually drained and content that we didn't want to move.

He licked my cheek and I pressed my lips to his as best I could, before we both collapsed into the deepest, most satisfied sleep of our lives.