Fitting room turns out to be a gloryhole spot

Fitting room turns out to be a gloryhole spot
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The Truth About Nikki - pt12 Adding to the family Note: Again, I have changed the names of the men that I dated from the time that I moved to Seattle and thereafter. These diary posts are intended to tell my story, not to embarrass the men whom I have spent time with over the years.

After spending the next morning and early afternoon playing along the beaches with my son, I returned home and found that Kevin had called while we were out. So after putting my son down for a nap I picked up the phone and dialed Kevin.

Just the sound of his gravely voice made my heart rate jump a bit. I told him that I had tried the swinger group and he wanted to hear every sorted detail of my first night. I spent probably 15 to 20 minutes recounting every thing that I could remember, answering his occasional questions along the way. When I finally finished, Kevin told me that I had made him rock hard gmb id babe sex stories porn that his balls ached for my pussy.

The image of Kevin's cock flashed into my head, I could see every detail of it, from his thick roll of foreskin that surrounded his billiard ball size cock head, the almost ebony color of his silky smooth skin, even the veins running the length of his massive cock, pulsing with his life blood.

I could feel myself grow wet between my legs and told him that I ached to feel him within me too. Kevin told me that as much as he would love to fly up and fuck my white ass again, he just couldn't break free right now. Then he asked if I could afford to take a week or so off of school to vacation with him on the coast. I was maintaining a 3.8 GPA and had already completed my labs for the semester so I told him that I would make it happen whenever he wanted but suggested that we do it around the same time as Anna's wedding.

I could hear him flip through the day planner that he always carried and within just a moment he proposed an entire week after Anna's wedding for us to spend on the Oregon coast. At the very moment he suggested spending an entire week with me, a plan erupted into my head, a plan that Kevin would never accept nor endorse, but one that I immediately knew that I was going to enact anyway. The aching feeling that I felt whenever we were together was going to be satisfied at long last.

I was going to bear his child. It wasn't hard math to figure out that if I went off the pill now, and my cycle came at the proper time, that I would be just starting my most fertile time of the month when Kevin and I would be together.

It was a hundred to one shot that the timing would be this perfect but I had hit it dead center. Long after we hung up, I sat there thinking over every detail of my plan and evaluating and re-evaluating my decision to have another child. Kevin had really been the only man that I had ever known that had ever cared about me at all. It was true that he had been my pimp and master for those years in Portland, but he had been more than that too.

He had spent time with me talking, guiding, consoling, and laughing. I knew that I was suffering from a daddy complex with Kevin, but I didn't care at this point, I wanted another child and could now afford one easily. It did hit me as a bit ironic that I was planning to conceive a child from a man, who had two son's big black hard gangbang that vagina was the bomb two different women, one of which was my son's father and the other one was about to marry my best friend Anna.

It made me smile to think that the child that I was hoping to conceive would in be Ray's half brother and in essence my son's uncle, all at the same time. This was going to drive whoever tried to trace the family tree nuts. Two nights later, I had a "date" with a guy who had been recommended by Stu.

He had sounded pretty cool on the phone and I was kind of looking forward to a night out. I parked my car at a downtown garage and met up with him at the bar we had agreed on. I had told him what I would be wearing and he greeted me just inside the door and escorted me to a booth. As I slid in he looked as if he was going to slide into the other side so I just patted the cushion beside me and he took the signal and scooted in beside me.

Greg was in his early to mid 30's, somewhere around 6'2" or so, lean like a runner but if the rest of him looked like his arms, he was well muscled and hard. He had a broad smile and quick humor about him, which made me like him right away. He also gave me several compliments on my dress and perfume without any vulgarities. As we chatted and sipped out drinks I found out that he was a college grad from WSU and now worked for a Seattle sports team as a trainer (a junior assistant in his words).

The same team that Stu was part of. I hesitated, but finally asked what Stu had told him about me. It was one of those moments that seem to hang there forever, but Greg finally leaned down and whispered in my ear that Stu and the other guys had all told him that I was "perfection in bed". I could feel my face flush and knew that it must be bright red at the compliment but the remark just didn't sound like one that would ever leave Stu's nasty mouth.

I looked up at Greg and told him that I loved the compliment but would like to know what they really told him. His smile broadened and he leaned back down, kissed me lightly on the ear and told me that what he had just said was his interpretation of what the guys had told him which was that I absolutely loved to fuck and suck cock all night long.

Again my face flushed and patted my leg and laughed before waving to sex after great oral stimulation pornstar hardcore waitress for menus. During dinner we played a bit under the table without ever touching one another's sensitive areas, but at least in my case it had done it's job because by the time we left the bar and got in his car my panties were already a bit damp.

He lived only a short distance from the bar and within minutes we were inside his apartment and embraced for the first time. His body was indeed hard and firm as he scooped me up after our first long kiss and carried me to his messy bachelor's bedroom and sat on the foot of the bed with me still in his arms.

This time when we kissed his hand slid under my dress, slid up my inner thigh and squeezed my damp pussy through my panties making me moan into his mouth. As we broke our kiss I slid off of his lap and stood between his open legs as I pulled my dress off over my head and tossed it on the dresser. His hands moved around my hips and he pulled me to him again, kissing my belly while he pulled my panties over my hips and down my legs.

While he slid my feet from my panties I popped the snap on my bra and tossed it toward my dress. Now fully nude before Greg, I slowly lowered myself to my knees while his strong hands explored my torso and breasts as they passed before his gaze. He bent toward me and we kissed deeply as my hands found and unbuckled his belt, popped the snap, and unzipped his fly, finding his rock hard cock awaiting me.

As our kiss had ended I slipped off his shoes and pushed him onto his back allowing me to pull his pants off of his firm, muscled legs. His cock stood there, bobbing up and down with his heartbeat, a single drop of pre-cum hanging below it swinging wildly back and forth on it's sticky tether. I bent forward and engulfed his cock head in my mouth as my hands pushed his sweater up where he took over and squirmed out of it and tossed it elsewhere.

Greg's entire groin was clean-shaven from his navel to below his balls and his silky smooth skin felt wonderful against my lips and hands.

His 7-inch cock was throbbing inside my mouth and his drips of pre-cum had become an almost steady flow, which coated my entire mouth with his sex. His hands lay on his hips and I gently placed one on the back of my head, allowing him to take control if he wished. My attentions must have been to his liking because he petted my head but never pulled me to him I enjoyed his tasty hard cock. He humped my mouth gently and repeatedly told me how wonderful it felt to have me suck his cock, but he never gave any indication that he was going to cum until he exploded against the back of my throat, filling my mouth with his seemingly endless supply of sperm.

As his orgasm waned he moaned that he had just enjoyed the best BJ ever and couldn't wait to fuck me. His cock between my lips had not lost any of it's firmness so I drew my mouth from it, slipped a condom over his still pulsing cock and climbed on top of him. As I guided his engorged cock into asian squirting oh so much pornstars fingering hungry pussy, Greg cupped and suckled my erect nipples and breasts, sending waves of pleasure rippling down my spine.

With one hand he guided my pussy up and down his wonderful cock while he continued to suck my titties making me moan and squirm with pleasure. Just as quickly as he had cum the first time, so did I because out of nowhere I was slammed by a huge quaking orgasm, leaving me gasping for breath still firmly impaled on his fat cock.

As wonderful as this slow gentle fucking felt, I wanted more from him, I wanted to feel his power between my legs, so I asked him to get on top of me and fuck me hard. Greg chuckled as we changed positions, telling me that I was living up sultry schoolgirl is seduced and plowed by her aged schoolteacher my reputation as a real cock hound. He plunged back into my wet pussy and began pounding his fat tool into me just as I had asked, hard and fast, hitting all the right spots with each deep thrust.

In no time I was gripping his back and moaning like crazy as he fucked me hard into the mattress with each stroke until my pussy could take no more and I came on his cock again. He moaned into my ear as my pussy gripped his cock in spasm and told me how he loved my tight fucking cunt, but my pussy was in overdrive now and before I could even catch my breath I came again, bucking against his wonderful cock.

I was just barely becoming aware of my surrounding when Greg slammed his cock into me and came with a mighty groan, back arched, frozen in place for many long seconds as his balls sent load after load of his seed erupting from his cock head.

The feel of his cock thumping with me and the sound of his labored breathing combined to confirm that I had pleased this man's desire, for now at least.

When Greg finally slipped from my womb, I excused myself and went to the bathroom to clean up. Greg's flaccid cock had left his sperm filled condom dangling from my pussy and I pulled it free and examined it.

I was impressed at the amount of busty german teen anal banged wildgroupsex and deepthroat that he had ejaculated. His first load had been an impressive amount and this was at least as large if not more than that. I returned to find a smiling Greg kicked back against the headboard wiggling his limp cock at me. As I giggled at the sight he said, "look, you killed it", making amazing babes share pounder at the casting hardcore blowjob giggle even petite blonde freak emily kaerh finger fucks her wet pussy. I slipped another condom from my purse, hopped onto the bed, placed my hand over his and removed it from his cock.

I told him that I was trained in mouth to cock resuscitation and would try my best to revive him, causing him to chuckle this time. His cock tasted wonderful with it's coating of fresh sperm and I congratulated myself for stocking up with non-lubricated condoms instead of those with the nasty jelly in them.

Greg let out a satisfied moan as my mouth slid all the way down his cock until my nose pressed into his belly. I held him there and forced myself to swallow several times, clamping my throat onto his cock even tighter making him squirm and moan again. His silky cock head grew quickly as I sucked his tool and fiddled with that sensitive spot that lies behind a man's ball sack. His hand had returned to my head and he applied gentle pressure each time I engulfed his cock fully.

His hips humped up toward me, and his breath became short raspy pants, I knew that he was close as his balls were as hard as a baseball and twitching in anticipation of release. I pulled my mouth from his throbbing cock just long enough to ask if he wanted to cum in my mouth and his only reply was a soft guttural moan and increased pressure on my head.

His eyes closed tightly as I drove my mouth down his cock, swallowing every bit of it then clamping my throat down and gulping it in even further. His grip tightened as I applied more pressure to his taint and he made one last lunge upward into my mouth as spurt after creamy spurt of his hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed load after thick load of his semen as his fingers twitched against the back of my head until finally his grip relaxed and he withdrew his hand from me.

I let his cock slip from my mouth and then carefully licked every inch of it and balls clean before sliding up beside him and resting my head on his chest. We lay there for a few minutes before Greg got up, retrieved and envelope from somewhere and returned to the bedroom and handed it to me. I thanked him as he passed it to me and he smiled and said that it was he who should thank me, because I had outdone myself in his eyes and that he would like to be able to call me again.

I told him that he could call anytime. Greg said that he needed to take me to my car so that he could get a bit of sleep before he had to leave for work.

So I hopped from bed dressed and followed Greg out. After he had dropped me at the parking garage and I was securely locked inside my van, I checked the envelope that Greg had given me. He hadn't added any tip, but he had paid the full price, which was already good, and he was a working guy, so I understood and forgave him.

In fact it kind of surprised me that he had spent the money in the first place, he was handsome and charming enough to easily score with the ladies without any trouble. Life and school and motherhood went on normally for another ten days before the date phone rang again, this time I could tell from the sound of his voice that it was an older man.

He introduced himself formally and explained that another gentleman named Kevin had recommended me highly as a young woman who enjoyed the company of lonely men of color. I almost burst out laughing but caught myself and told him that I did enjoy the company of a fine gentleman and asked him politely if Kevin had discussed the terms of our evening together.

This time it was his turn to chuckle and he told me that all the terms would be taken care of to my satisfaction. He asked if my social calendar had an opening for that very evening, as he would really enjoy some company at dinner. This man sounded so wonderfully sweet that I decided then and there to meet him. I told him that I was available at his discretion and he explained in detail his plans for our evening together.

When I hung up with Richard, I was already behind the power curve. I called my neighbor and laid some line on her about a study group meeting that I just had to be at, etc, etc and she agreed to watch my son for the night, besides, I always paid her very well for watching him. Next on the list was digging out the black formal gown that I had bought but had never worn and making sure it was perfect.

Matching black lace panties and bra were the next items to be tossed onto the bed, and to finish the outfit off, a set of black heels and panty hose. The pantyhose took me a while to find because I had only worn them a few times ever. With the basic dress requirements met, I ran through a quick shower and hurriedly dressed, adding a single string of fake pearls to top things off. I admired myself for all of 5 seconds before launching out the door to make my pickup time.

As I drove across town I wondered what the evening was going to be like, Richard was picking me up milf sarah gets seduced by blonde alexa grace for fuck a downtown Hotel and then we were going to watch an opera. I had never been to one and had no idea what to expect, I was hoping that this kindly gentleman would keep me from making an ass out of myself. After the opera we were going to dinner somewhere, then obviously to his room.

I was standing in front of the Hotel at the exact time that Richard had given me, and was freezing my nipples off because I had left my jacket in the van, when I saw a limo turn in and stop at the front door. I stood there expecting to see people get out when the driver opened the door, but no one got out.

Instead the driver walked directly to me, asked me if I was Miss Nikki and when I said yes he motioned to the car and asked me to follow him.

I was blown away, a limo, being called Miss Nikki, I was still reeling with surprise as I ducked and slipped into the limo and got my first look at Richard.

He was somewhere in his 50's, maybe early 60's, dressed in a black suit that matched the pure ebony color of his skin perfectly. He had a bit of a paunch around his middle but otherwise looked in fine shape for his age. He cupped my hand as I entered and guided me to the leather seat on his right. As soon as the door closed he lifted my hand to his mouth, kissed it softly and told me that I looked and smelled like an angle.

I must have blushed some because he smiled and chuckled as he returned my hand to my lap, leaving his to cover mine. We chatted as the car weaved through traffic towards the opera and along the way I confessed that I had never been to one and asked him to guide me along. He told me that he would ensure that I behaved myself, at least until later. The opera was a pleasant experience, Richard explained every little nuance of it to me in great detail and he did it in a friendly jovial manner that only made it all so much more fun.

After the opera finished he took me to a nice Italian restaurant where we spent several more hours, chatting, eating and sipping wine before we finally settled back into his car for the ride to his hotel.

As we drove across town his hand ventured off of my hand, to my leg, then began exploring between my legs, until his fingers were rubbing against my mound with just the perfect amount of anale teeny party full movie with busty tiziana redfords to make me become wet.

As we were chatting he told me that he had had his first white woman when he was a young buck of 18. That he had bedded her during his first weekend pass from basic training, and had always coveted the pleasures of white women ever since. We were looking at each other as he recounted his story and as he rubbed my pussy through my evening gown, he said that part of his lust for white ladies was because of the taboo against it, that it made him feel more powerful when he sexed a white woman, and the other part was because of our silky white skin and how it excited him to see it against his.

As we pulled in front huge boobed girl and red sex toy masterbation and pornstars the Hotel he asked me if my skin was white and pale, I stepped from the car and told him that he was just going to have to wait and see, he pinched my butt and chuckled as we were waved through the doors into the lobby.

The driver had taken my overnight bag from me as I had gotten into the limo for the first time and I was a bit shocked to see it sitting on a suitcase caddy as we walked into Richard's suite.

I opened my bag as Richard went into the main room and armed myself with several pre-opened condoms before following him. Just as I came in he began to unbutton his jacket and I stepped before him and took over, quickly removing his jacket and tie. He pulled me to him and kissed me with the fervor of a man much younger then asked if I would enjoy a drink. I turned to follow him towards a bar and laid his jacket over the back of a chair that was nearby.

Richard stopped and lightly scolded me by saying that a jacket must always be hung, lest it be wrinkled, so as he mixed drinks, I hung his jacket in the closet. Richard placed my drink on the bar and sat on one of the stools facing me as I walked back across the room. When I got about 10 feet from him he told me to stop and strip, that it was time to see my white skin.

I walked to him, asked for him to unzip me, and turned my back so he could reach the full-length zipper of my gown. Unzipped, I walked away a few steps and began to slowly slip the gown over my shoulders, then slowly down my back while squirming my ass for effect.

Peeking over my shoulder to check his response I then turned towards him again and let the gown fall from me before stepping out of it. His eyes were riveted to me as I reached around, unhooked my bra and slowly rolled it off my brona eurotic tv exclusive show, revealing my B cup breasts and hard nipples. After dropping my bra to the floor I gently rubbed my breasts and torso before finally hooking my thumbs in my panty hose.

I again turned my back to Richard and ever so slowly worked the panty hose over my hips and down my legs handsome boy rape by his dick woods bestfriend I had to kick off my heels to free myself of the wad of crumpled hose. Standing now with only a pair of black lace panties covering me, I stepped towards Richard until I was within easy reach. Hooking my thumbs in the top of my panties I slipped them down just enough so he could see my mound.

His eyes were glued to my pussy, waiting for me to pull my panties down further. I turned away and bent over as I slid the panties completely off my hips and down my legs, leaving them on the floor. As I began to stand his hand cupped my ass told me how smooth and white my skin was. This was the first time he had spoken, since he had told me to strip.

I turned back to him and rubbed my hands on his chest as I began un-buttoning his shirt, then his trousers. Richard made a few comments about my silky skin and caressed my breasts as I slipped his shirt off, then his sleeveless undershirt. Finally he stood so I could remove his trousers. As his cock popped free of his boxers I was intrigued to find that even fully hard, there were still several inches of foreskin covering his cock head.

Discarding his trousers I cupped his cock in my hands and examined it closely. Richard said that his cock was an ugly mother but that it worked well. I looked up from his thick 8-inch cock and told him that it wasn't ugly at all, that it was actually very pretty, placing a light kiss upon it to prove my point.

I was used to uncut men, but this was the first cock that I had ever seen that had so much foreskin. Some cocks still had a portion of the head hidden when fully hard but I had to roll over two inches of skin back down his thick shaft to finally reveal his deep purple cock head. I slipped my mouth over just his cock head, gently running my tongue around its entire girth. Richard's hand slid behind my head and pulled me further down his rigid cock. He was moaning that he loved the sight of a white slut sucking on his blackness and that every nigger should have a white slut to service them.

His polite demeanor faded quickly now that we were into it and his comments became more and more pointed. He pulled me down his cock, purposely making me gag, telling me that he loved feeling my throat clamp as his cock gagged my slutty white mouth.

After another minute or two of mouth fucking me he pushed me back and told me to get on the bed. I quickly slipped a condom over his cock and hopped onto the bed and lay upon my back but he told me to get on my knees because he didn't want to be near my cocksucking lips. Richard had transformed into another person now, there was no sweet small talk, he was now a dominant black master intent on his desires being fulfilled. His hands gripped my hips and he pressed himself into me forcefully.

As soon as his tool bottomed out inside me he began pounding his cock into me with a fast steady stroke. He continually told me what a fine white cunt I had, how he loved the way my pink cunt stretched around his cock as he pulled his black meat from my hole. He began slapping teen sex vk foot worship ass as he slammed his cock into me; his slaps weren't painful but forceful just the same.

His rough talk and hard fucking pushed me over the abyss and into a huge orgasm within minutes forcing him to hold my ass firmly. He was laughing and calling me a filthy little nigga fucker and had moved his grip to my hips so he could pull me against him with even more force. He asked if I loved the black meat, and when I said yes he laughed again and yanked me against his balls even harder.

I came again on his thick black cock, shuddering and moaning as he continued to slam his manhood into my very center. He was still laughing as I recovered from my second orgasm, grunting with exertion as his thick cock burrowed within me over and over forcing the air from my lungs.

He leaned over my back driving his cock into my pussy at a deeper angle and told me that he was gonna nut in my nasty fucking hole. With that he pressed his cock fully into me and held it there as I felt the strong pulses of its muscle as he pumped his seed into the condom. I wished for just a moment that I could feel that slick sperm fill my pussy but then my thoughts returned to Kevin and my plan. Pulling his cock from me and moving to the headboard he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to his cock, telling me to suck it with my fucking white mouth.

I slipped the condom off and engulfed his cock with one gulp. His hand still gripping my hair he began pumping my head up and down his hardening tool. With his hand full of my hair, he was fully in charge and drove me onto his cock hard and fast, smacking my face against his belly with each stroke.

He continually told me what a nasty, white, cock sucker I was, how white bitches like me were for seeding and breeding and that we could be cleaned up to look fine but were nothing but sluts. His cock hardened quickly and almost as quickly, it came, choking me a bit because of the suddenness of its explosion.

Richard held me tight against his belly until the last pulse of his black cock subsided. Then as if he was discarding a used condom he pushed my head from his crotch and told me to get my shit and get the fuck out.

I gathered up my things and turned towards the bathroom when Richards voice stopped me. He told me to dress where I stood because he didn't want my scanky white ass filthing up his bathroom. So looking him straight in the eyes, I dressed, putting on everything but the pantyhose which I kept wadded tight in my hand. Once dressed, I asked him if he had something for me and he motioned to the bar where my untouched drink still sat.

Lying between his drink and mine was an envelope bearing the hotel name and I picked it up and turned towards the door. As I slipped the shoulder strap of my bag on Richard again spoke.

He said that Kevin was one stupid motherfucker to ever let me go and that I was a fine little white hoe. I slipped out of the suite and headed for the elevators, I needed a restroom and a mirror. After cleaning up and combing my hair I examined the envelope. Richard was a crude old SOB, but he had paid well over the going rate of five bills an hour. This gig had actually been pretty pleasant, I had spent a total of six hours with this man, had seen my first opera and had dined in a fine restaurant, then spent a little over an hour in his suite.

But I needed a drink to rid me of his crude behavior so I went to the bar, ordered a greyhound and asked the naughty sarah fuck oxsana part1of4 to order me a cab.

The next morning before leaving for school, I called Kevin to ask about Richard. Kevin laughed when I had explained Richard's behavior the night before and he told me that Richard had been another "operator" but had retired years ago.

During his years selling the ladies he had developed a real love hate relationship with white ladies. That on one hand, he loved them for their sexy white asses yet hated them because they would fuck a black man in the first place.

Kevin went on and said that he thought that white ladies were Richard's form on dope, that he needed an occasional fix, but hated himself for it at the same time.

It made me understand Richard's sudden change of demeanor better and I dismissed the crudeness of his words a bit. I told Kevin of Richards parting words to me and he again laughed then told me that I was never really made for the life and that he was glad that I was moving on.

We chatted a couple more minutes before we hung up, leaving me lonely for his comfort. The time finally arrived for Anna's wedding, both my son and I enjoyed our first plane ride from Seattle to Portland, it was over in less than an hour but I loved every second of the experience. Kevin picked us up at the airport and we went straight to the hotel that I had rented. The rest of the week was nonstop preparation for my best friends wedding, I was so busy making sure that every detail was spot on that I didn't have time to service Kevin even once.

I apologized almost daily for this but he always smiled and told me not to worry, that we had all of next week to catch up. Finally the day arrived, I stood at the alter, and watched my son carry those rings down the aisle followed by Kevin and Anna, arm in arm.

The irony of the moment wasn't lost on me, Anna's pimp walking her down the aisle to marry his illegitimate son who didn't even know it, and his own grandson, produced by yet another son was carrying the wedding bands for the occasion. It only seemed to make the day even more special.

The wedding and reception went perfectly, but at the end of the evening I was glad it was over, it had been a long stressful week and I was ready for my vacation. The next morning, Kevin picked us up at the hotel and we dropped my son off at his gramma Emma's house for the week. She was beside herself to have her grandson for an entire week but I reminded her again about our agreement to never tell Ray that he had a son.

Our goodbyes done Kevin and I headed for the coast. This was going to be the first time that I had been away from my son for an entire week and it nina mercedez in a hot and sexy scene have shown on my face because Kevin placed his hand on my leg and told me that everything would be fine and that I was not to beauty blonde teasing in webcam pubchat masturbation and privateshow. His touch and words snapped me out of my mood and I slid closer to him and put my hand on his thigh.

Kevin remarked that it had been a damm long week being around me, yet not being able to throw my sweet ass down and fuck me. I felt an electric tingle begin between my legs at the thought of finally having Kevin's beautiful cock within me.

I had been completely celibate for the last two weeks and now that all the stress of the wedding had passed I was growing increasingly horny with each passing minute. I began rubbing Kevin's cock through the material of his trousers and felt an instant response to my touch as his cock began to stiffen making him moan and squirm. I giggled and Kevin quipped that it was uncomfortable because his cock couldn't straighten out in his pants. I kissed him on the cheek and told him that we would just have to let him out then.

With that I popped his belt and unzipped his fly, releasing his manhood through the slot of his boxers. Kevin squirmed in the seat as I gripped his ebony cock and slowly stroked it from base to tip. After only two or three strokes of my hand, a thick, clear stream of pre-cum began flowing from his monstrous round cock head. I rubbed the palm of my hand in it and spread it down his cock little by little, until his entire nine inches sparkled in the sunlight like a jet-black rocket pointing at the sky.

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Kevin was moaning like crazy and finally asked me to suck his cock. I told him that he would have to wait and asked how much further it was to the cabin. Kevin said that it was probably another fifteen minutes but that he didn't think he could last that long. I kissed him again and told him that it wasn't that he couldn't last that long, but that he didn't want to. He chuckled his deep chuckle and told me, "no shit", and that he couldn't wait to bust his nut in my tight little pussy.

I continued my cock play right up to the moment that we stopped in front of the office of the motel he had reserved. I went in and picked up the key to our cabin, avoiding the use of my left hand, which was covered in a thick coating of Kevin's cock juice.

The cabin that Kevin had rented was all the way at the end of this little dirt road and as soon as we pulled up in front of number 16 and Kevin had shut off the engine, he was pulling me from the car and toward the door.

I had planned this moment to be a bit more romantic but both Kevin and I were overwhelmed with lust. He almost tore the buttons from my blouse and I almost tripped him pulling at his trousers. With my blouse open but not off, my bra still in place, Kevin threw me onto the bedspread and drove his huge cock into my sopping cute pink hair teen and her friend girl fingering and asslicking pussy.

He lunged into me a second time, driving his full nine-inch cock completely into my womb making me cum beneath his onslaught. He cheating blonde girlfriend carmen knoxx is punished by her bf into my ear how good it felt to have my cunt clamp on his cock again and I begged him to fuck me with it, to fuck me hard.

I didn't need to prod him; he was drawing his cock from me until just that huge head remained within my pussy, and then slamming his manhood fully into me making my wet pussy smack loudly against his belly. I felt another climax erupt from my hole and gripped his back as it hit me. As I shuddered in bliss, Kevin moaned and pounded my pussy faster and faster making me cum again before I had even finished the last. Kevin suddenly groaned and drove fully into me and froze, pumping load after fertile load of his thick semen into my fertile womb.

I held him to me as he worked his cock in and out in short two inch strokes as each pulse of his cock deposited even more of his seed within me. I felt such an awesome rush of satisfaction run through my entire body that I actually thought I might faint for a moment. I lay there with my lover on my chest, his thick cock still thumping within my womb, hoping that there was a fertile egg within me that was even now covered with this mans little swimmers, being gang banged in its own way until one pushed through its outer membrane and into the center where it could mix with my essence and grow.

When Kevin finally rolled from me and I looked around, I found that we had failed to close the door of the cabin in our haste to fuck. I wondered if anyone had happened upon the show that we had just given, as they would have been looking right up between my legs, as Kevin had seeded my pussy.

My jeans and panties were still around my right leg, my blouse was sweat soaked and two luscious honeys lick their sexy feet to my skin, and Kevin was in much the same state. As I watched his chest heave up and down, my eyes were drawn to his cum covered cock resting over his leg, still oozing cum from his bulbous head.

I crept over to him, ignoring the still open door and began by just licking the semen from his shaft in long lines from its very base to the tip. The bed moved and I glanced up to find Kevin stuffing a pillow under his head so he could watch my attentions. His hand pulled me to him and we kissed for several minutes before he told me that I was still the best fucking piece of ass that he had ever had. I kissed him again and said that was probably the same line he used on all of his whores.

He said that I had never been a whore, that a whore sells her ass because she wants the cash, that I was a slut, I loved the cock and the cash was purely secondary.

I kissed him again and moved back to his cock and began licking it again. At the same time Kevin pulled my body around and pressed my hips to his mouth, licking my cum filled pussy deeply.

I couldn't hold back a moan as his tongue flicked over my sensitive clit and after just a few well-aimed licks, I came hard into his mouth, his strong hands gripping my ass cheeks, keeping me firmly locked against his tongue. Kevin continued his assault on my pussy making me quake with several more overlapping orgasms before I was able to break free of his vise like grip on my ass.

I lay on the bedspread gasping for breath while Kevin laughed and patted my ass. When I recovered enough to speak coherently I asked why he has been laughing so hard at me, he responded that he had remembered an old woody Allen movie that had a device called the Orgasmatron, which made you cum instantly. He said that I was a real life Orgasmatron because I came so fast and so often.

Now that we had sated our desires for the moment we went out and retrieved our bags from the car and moved in for our week alone. The cabin had a nice little kitchenette in it and I told Kevin that we should go shopping, instead of eating out all week. He suggested we take the night off, go for a walk along the beach, then clean up and go to town for dinner, the grocery store could wait.

As we crested the little dune and looked out over the beach and scarlet sky of sunset, I felt absolutely perfect, the sky was breathtaking, deep orange splashes turning to blood red as the sun sat lower behind the horizon, the breeze was light and cool, smelling of the sea, the beach was deserted, and my hand was being held by a wonderful gentle man.

We went down to the waters edge and left our footprints in the wet sand only to be erased by the very next wave. As we wandered along I asked Kevin who was minding the store while he was away and he told me that he had hired a couple of new boys to run the ladies around and he had given them a list of the things that he had scheduled and told them to handle any thing else that came in, After all its not like brain surgery, its selling pussy. I chuckled, he was right; a call comes in, a girl goes out, case closed.

I asked if that girl Sandy was still around and Kevin instantly knew whom I was talking about. He said that she was, and would probably be there until she was too old to draw a customer. I asked him why he said that because I remembered her as a beautiful girl. Kevin told me that she was beautiful, but she was as dumb as they come too. He said that she had never spent a day in school before she ran away, and he had picked her up. that she couldn't read a word, and didn't think that she needed too as long as she had food and a roof over her head.

I told him that it was sad, and Kevin said that she was completely happy being a hoe, that she actually thought that she had a perfect life. She had escaped an abusive household where her stepfather had passed her around after her mother had left one day and never came back. Kevin he had paid for her abortion when he first picked her up and said that he would continue to take care of her as long as he was in the biz.

I felt sorry for Sandy, but she was being cared for by Kevin, after all, she could be out there on the street like I was when I had first come to Portland, that thought made me shiver and Kevin took it as a sign that I was chilly and said that we should go back. We enjoyed a nice dinner in town, stopped by the grocery store on the way out and were snuggling together under the covers by 10 pm.

It had been a long day and I think that Kevin would have preferred to roll over and go to sleep, but my hand gently rubbing and squeezing his cock from the moment that we slid under the covers made him change his mind in just a few minutes.

As his cock hardened, I could feel his heartbeat increase in tempo, and as I began to he finds his girlfriend with old man older man younger woman cheating girlfriend down to give him the proper BJ that he deserved, but hadn't yet received, he whispered "no" and pulled me unto his chest and kissed me deeply.

I folded my legs beside him and gently guided his bouncing cock into the folds of my womb before rocking back and engulfing his entire cock within me again. Kevin cupped my ass and began gently guiding my twitching pussy up and down his hardness.

This wasn't the wild hard fuck of this afternoon; this was a slow sensuous lovemaking. Kevin ground my pussy against his crotch with each down stroke making me moan and squirm with pleasure. We kissed and said very little as he skillfully brought me to one, then another hard orgasm, each time holding me firmly on his cock as I shuddered through each one.

He began to make those little groans from deep within his chest, a sure sign that he was getting close to cumming. I whispered into his ear that I needed nasty blonde loves huge cocks and billiard balls in asshole feel his hot seed fill my pussy, making him moan even deeper and grip my hips a bit harder. He asked if I really liked his cum in my hole and I showed him a big smile and said that I loved the feel of his big cock and hot cum filling my white pussy.

That pushed him over the edge and he pulled my pussy down tight against his ball sack and I could feel his wonderful cock thump deep inside me, knowing that each pulse of his cock sprayed another load of his fertile semen into my egg sack. I watched his face as the little wrinkles of strain that guys have as they cum, smooth out and then transform into that goofy looking smile of a satisfied man.

This time he didn't resist as I slid down his chest lifted his spent and gooie cock from his belly and sucked every drop of our combined juices, from it, and his soft nut sack. I slipped from bed, cleaned my self and brought back a warm washcloth and washed Kevin's man hood, before finally snuggling against him and drifting off to sleep. I must had rolled away from Kevin during the night because as I awoke I felt something hard pressing against my ass cheeks and reached back to find Kevin's hard cock pressing into my ass crack.

Kevin chuckled from behind me and said that he was beginning to think that I was going to sleep all day. I asked him what time it was and he patted my ass and said it was time to fuck, so I should get on my knees and spread them. I moaned like it was a big imposition for me to service him and he chuckled again and said that he called bullshit on that, that I was born ready to fuck.

I didn't have a good comeback to his logic so I pushed my ass into the air and awaited the feel of his big beautiful cock. Kevin moved in behind me and began deftly playing with my pussy, bringing mews and moans from me as he flicked my clitty from time to time and slipped his fingers into my hole until my juices began flowing like a faucet with a leak.

Kevin told me that he absolutely loved my juicy white pussy as he replaced his fingers with his big round cock head. He knew just how to tease me; he would barely dip his cock into me then push it to one side or another leaving a wet streak of my juice in its wake.

Over and over he dipped it into me, only to pull it away or rub it up my ass crack. I finally began to beg him to fuck me, to shove his cock deep into me.

He slid about two inches of his swollen cock into my hole and asked me if I liked that, making me beg even more and tell him that I loved his cock over and over. Finally after long minutes of driving me crazy he slowly plunged his entire cock into me. Giving us both time to feel the pleasure of it. Kevin's cock had every inch of my pussy stretched around it and he held it balls deep within me for maybe 10 seconds before pulling it almost out and plunging it back in to the balls.

This sudden thrust of cock instantly made my pussy begin to quiver and clamp on his cock. Again and again Kevin would slam his entire cock into me hold it there for long seconds then quickly pull and slam it to me again. It didn't take long for his huge black cock to push my pussy beyond its limits and throw me into orgasmic bliss.

As I shuddered in paradise Kevin was continuing to pump my pussy and telling me how much he loved my pussy clamping on his cock. As my climax waned a bit Kevin slipped a finger or thumb into my ass pushing me back over the edge into oblivion again. Kevin pounded my ass as he probed my ass, re-lubing his fingers often with our fuck juices. As he pounded his cock into my very depths he would twist his fingers around in my ass making me orgasm again and again until I thought that I could take no more.

I begged him to stop but Kevin only laughed and said that he was going to fuck me like I had never been fucked before and twisted his fingers even more which made me cum again on his cock and fingers. As I came I could hear him in the background big tits asian babe slammed by pawn dude laughing and telling me that I was an awesome fucking slut.

After making me cum 4 or 5 times in short order Kevin could take no more of my pussy milking his cock and let out a low guttural groan and filled my womb with his baby juice. I thought that our morning round was over but I was dead wrong. Kevin pulled his huge cock from my dripping pussy and plunged it straight into my well-lubed bunghole at least 5 inches with the very first thrust. I hadn't been expecting this and it made me moan loudly as Kevin's fat cock stretched my butt hole for the first time in many months.

He pulled it all the way back out, told me that my ass was virgin tight and plunged his cock back into my rump, forcing his meat even deeper than before.

I felt like he was stretching my bung over a flagpole as he continued to plunge his cock into me over and over until his balls finally pressed tightly against my leaking pussy hole.

Kevin remained there, buried in my ass and told me how incredibly fucking tight my ass was. I knew exactly what he was talking about because it felt like my bung hole was stretched as tight as banjo strings right then, but oddly it felt good to feel this full of cock too. I lay there with the side of my face on the sheets, my ass sticking almost straight up in the air, holding my knees with my hands and longed for Kevin's fucking big cock to begin its assault on my bung.

I didn't have long to wait, Kevin held his cock deep inside my ass just long enough for my muscles to stretch a bit, and then he began. He drew his tool out of me until the flair of his cock head would pull against my bunghole then plunge his cock fully back into me, twisting his hips with each plunge to apply friction to a new spot each time. Almost with each thrust he would tell me how wonderful my asshole felt and I told him that his huge cock felt perfectly awesome in my ass.

It only took a few minutes before I felt a sweet mellow orgasm flow up my spine and make me quiver and quake on his hard 9-inch cock. Kevin said that when I came on his cock it was like having it in a milking machine because of the way my hole clenched down on his cock.

Kevin's slow deep fucking ripgal hot sex sex stories mobi lasted a few more minutes before he began increasing the speed and force until he had me moaning with pleasure. He leaned further and further over me until his hand rested on the mattress beside my breast. This hard fucking pushed me into another sweet mellow orgasm which must have been what Kevin needed because his huge cock began to throb deep inside my ass and I felt the slickness of his sperm coat his cock as he continued to thrust it into my depths.

As I felt his cock begin to soften within me, I opened my legs a bit and allowed myself to unfold and lay flat on the mattress. Kevin had kept his hips pressed against my ass, so I ended up with my sweet Kevin laying upon my back and his softening cock still planted in my bung. I told Kevin that I hadn't expected such a wonderful wakeup present this morning and he was going to spoil me into expecting this every morning.

Kevin chuckled into my ear and told me that this morning's action was because I had caused him to have nasty dreams about me all night long, and that those nasty dreams had caused him to wake up with a case of morning wood.

I asked him about his dreams and he said it was the same one that he had whenever he was with fantastic doll is popping out her stretched tight cunt in closeup spreading and fucking. My belly quivered, I was pretty sure that he was referring to the one he had told me about before, the one about making his baby in me.

To be sure, I asked him which one that was, and he gently kissed my cheek and whispered softly into my ear that he had dreamed about breeding my slut hole with his seed, that it was the one fantasy that he couldn't get out of his head, that every time he fucked my hungry little cunt, it would pop into his mind and would make him cum like a mo-fo. Hearing his words made me shudder, I felt like telling him that his fantasy may be coming true even as we speak, but I held my tongue, I couldn't face his wrath if he was still opposed to really doing it.

Instead, I softly told him that I was still willing if he wanted me. He kissed me again, said "thank you baby" and slid from my back and walked into the bathroom to start the shower. After we showered and got dressed, I made our breakfast and we sat on the porch and enjoyed the quiet of the early morning. Kevin had awoken me sometime around 6 am, telling me that I was sleeping in. I hadn't even realized what the true time was until we had finally come out of the shower and I began cooking.

I mentioned to Kevin that I didn't consider 6 am as sleeping all day. He laughed and said that he just didn't want to lie there any longer watching me sleep while he had a raging hard-on. I patted his hand and told him that he was to wake me up any time he found himself in need because I had loved every second of it.

We spent the rest of the day just playing tourist and walking along the beaches talking about our different lives and experiences, finally returning to the little cabin around sunset. Kevin mixed drinks and we sat on the sofa and snuggled in silence for a while as we sipped our drinks and rested our weary legs from walking the sandy beaches.

Kevin put his arm around me and I rested my head against his chest as he began to fondle my breast through my sweatshirt. My nipples were already hard from the cool beach air and Kevin's plinking at them made me squirm under his attentions. I asked if he wanted dinner before or after, he made my nipples explode and he laughed and pulled my lips to his. As we kissed I turned and straddled his lap so that we were facing each other.

His hands slipped under my sweatshirt and skillfully released the clasp of my bra. I moaned as his hands gripped both of my breasts and squeezed my nipples. Even as our kiss broke I could feel the heat building between my legs. Kevin asked me if I was still his horny little black cock-loving slut and I answered him in a way that he was sure to understand, I leaned in and bit his lip while I gave his cock a nice hard squeeze. It was his turn to moan and squirm and I wanted to keep it that way.

I slid from his lap and knelt before him and opened his trousers with the same skill that he had used to release my bra clasp. He willing lifted his hips as I slid his trousers down and off his hairy legs. His cock was already semi hard and hardened even further when I gripped it in my left hand and squeezed it tightly. I lowered my mouth over his growing cock and ran my tongue around his round smooth cock head pausing to drive the tip of my tongue deep into his cum hole. He moaned and humped his hips toward me, telling me that he loved my probing tongue.

I continued to work his cock head over with my tongue while I used my left hand to stroke his thick cock and foreskin. Slipping my right hand under his big heavy balls I began to massage the baby smooth skin on the back side of his sack, again receiving his approval with a hip push of cock into my mouth. Kevin's beautiful cock now fully hard and leaking its pre-cum onto my tongue as I sucked his massive meat.

All during this time he had folded his head back on the sofa moaning and humping my mouth, but now he had had enough and he reached down and pulled my sweatshirt and bra over my head. Cupping my breasts he moaned that I had really become an expert cocksucker over these last years but didn't want to waste his nut in my mouth.

He pulled me up and kissed me deeply while walking me backwards to the bed. When we broke our kiss he unfastened my blue jeans and slipped them over my hips. He knelt before me and kissed my belly softly as he pulled my pants off, tossing them aside. Pushing me backwards onto the bed he crawled between my legs and kissed my fully on my pussy, sending ripples of excitement up my spine.

I could feel a flood of juice filling my pussy as Kevin dipped his tongue into my hole, making me quiver beneath him. As wonderful as it felt, I wanted to feel him split me wide open again and I asked him to mount me with his big cock.

Kevin stood only long enough to pull his sweater over his head before climbing back between my legs with his big cock swinging wildly below him. As he clamped his lips onto one of my nipples I guided his cock to my waiting pussy. As Kevin's cock made contact with my open pussy he thrust himself deeply into me making me moan and squirm with joy as the feeling of him stretching me to my very limits rushed through me. Kevin pulled back a bit and drove himself to the hilt with his second thrust.

My knees had automatically wrapped around him and my hands gripped his back feeling his muscles flex as he drove himself into me with strong powerful strokes. I whimpered into his ear that I loved the way he fucked me and wanted to feel him flood my pussy with his black seed. My remark got the exact response that I had wished for, he groaned from deep within his chest and began pounding his manhood into me like he was trying to push his cock completely through me.

His raspy breath in my ear and his hard fucking forced a huge orgasm to erupt from my pussy and explode in my brain, making me grip myself to him until my lungs would finally allow me to suck in air again. As my voice returned I begged him to fill adorable alessa finds the shelter from the weather in taxi hardcore and reality with his beautiful black baby juice, again making him moan and lesbian couple love my dad always says that once you open the gates to sin even just a into me with even more urgency.

His big cock pounded into my pussy making a loud wet smack with each thrust and pushing me to the brink of yet another orgasm. Kevin moaned that he loved fucking my hot little slut hole and I came without warning again and bucked beneath him in a world all my own, he moaned and exploded within me. I could feel the powerful, individual pulses, of his cock as it spewed its thick, fertile, life giving seed into my waiting womb. I gripped his ass cheeks and could feel them flex as his cock pumped itself dry within me.

Kevin brought his hands up from gripping my ass and propped himself up on his elbows above me, already grinning with his post fuck smile. He looked down at me and told me if he could figure out how to can my "essence of fuck", he would be a millionaire.

He said that I made his pipe bust harder than he ever did with other women. I rubbed the stream of sweat trickling down his cheek and told him that he affected me in some special way too, that when his cock was inside me, it put me in a whole other world.

Kevin kissed me lightly and rolled from my sweaty body. I rolled my head to the side and watched as the cock that had just filled me to the burst limit began to shorten and soften to the point that it finally settled to Kevin's belly.

I watched his cock in awe, I have been completely taken with the power of a mans cock from the very moment that Ray had ripped my hymen from me. I had never been able to explain my fascination with them, but I knew that it formed a large part of my sexual makeup. I moved to Kevin and watched his eyes as I began licking his sperm and my juices from his flaccid cock.

Even flaccid it twitched as I ran my tongue up its smooth black shaft. Kevin's eyes watched me intently as my tongue cleaned his baby maker. His eyes twinkled and fluttered as my tongue hit sensitive spots. I avoided his beautiful cock head until I had licked and sucked every single trace of semen from his entire cock shaft and balls. Finally, I lifted his heavy cock to my mouth and popped his entire cock head inside.

Kevin's eyes fluttered and he moaned softly as my tongue ran gently stunning blond girlfriend lexi belle toys pussy before riding bf his beautiful black cock head and down his foreskin, licking the very last morsels of his seed from his spent cock.

I looked into Kevin's eyes and asked him if he desired any thing else from his little white cum slut and Kevin chuckled and asked if a hamburger was out of the question because he was famished. Day three began with less fanfare than had day two, we both woke late in the morning and shuffled around until we had enjoyed our coffee.

Finally alert enough to face the day we showered and dressed before I cooked our breakfast. While we ate we talked about our day and decided to visit a local national forest and see the waterfalls. The drive was pleasant and the weather was great. We arrived to find that the parking lot was nearly empty and we assumed that it was because we were there on a weekday.

We had walked down the trails for over an hour, looking at the different sights without seeing another soul when Kevin stopped to pee. As he pulled his cock out and let his stream go I reached over and took his cock from his grasp. I was just having fun with his cock, attempting to write something in the soil with his first time sex sperm inside vagina of pee. As he finished, instead of putting it away, Kevin asked me what else I could think of doing with his cock now that it was out and interested.

I hadn't noticed until then but Kevin's cock had begun to harden as I had been playing with his pee stream. Placing my hand back on him and giving him a little squeeze, I told him that I was open to any suggestion that he might have. Kevin's cock was completely hard now and thumping in my grasp when he pulled me to him and kissed me hard on the lips while his hand slid between my legs and gripped my pussy in its firm grip.

Before we even broke our kiss I felt my pussy beginning to tingle with lust. Kevin had slipped his fingers up the leg of my shorts and under my panties as he pressed me back against a tree and kissed me again. His fingers slid inside my pussy and began fiddling with my clit and folds making me squirm and moan against him.

He whispered into my ear that he wanted me to strip buck ass naked for him right now. Pulling his fingers from my dripping pussy, he stepped back and began pulling off his shorts and briefs. I felt so naughty riley shy freaks of cock exposed as I pulled my shorts and top off and laid them over the handrail. Standing completely naked in the middle of a forest wearing only tennis shoes was incredibly exciting in some way.

Kevin tossed his shorts over the handrail and came to me again, telling me how beautiful I looked to him in the sunlight. He turned me around and bent me forward over the handrail as he slipped his cock into my pussy. He began slowly working his cock into me with slow steady strokes as he told me that my body was even more beautiful out here in the bright sun.

His hands moved up and down my body as his cock fucked my aching pussy. He told me that he wasn't going to ever miss a chance to stuff my little slut hole full of cock. Soon his cock was slapping against me making the handrail wiggle underneath our combined weight and my pussy exploded around his cock. I braced myself with one hand against a tree as my orgasm shook me to my core. Kevin was grinding his huge cock into me and moaning about my pussy milking his cock.

I held the rail with one hand and braced against the tree with the other as Kevin pounded me into another shuddering orgasm. I remember thinking just how perfect this day was, being fucked by this wonderful man in the middle of nature like this.

Kevin was grunting and pounding his hard shaft into my pussy so good that my entire body ached to feel his essence fill my hole. I felt another climax coming and begged Kevin to plant his seed in my pussy just before it hit me again. My knees wanted to buckle as I quaked in my orgasm when I felt Kevin slam his cock into me. Gripping my ass with both strong hands, he pumped his cock into me with short powerful thrusts as his sperm gushed into my womb until it couldn't hold anymore and it began leaking around his shaft and dripping from my pussy to the leaves on the forest floor.

Still moaning in pleasure Kevin cupped my breasts and pulled me up to him and kissed my neck and ears while his thick cock softened and finally slipped from my pussy to swing free between his legs. He kissed me again on my neck then turned me towards him and pressed my back against a tree and kissed me fully on the lips. As he broke the kiss he began kissing his way down my body, kissing my erect nipples, down my belly, and finally pressing his mouth into my wet used pussy and licking my cum soaked slit from its bottom to my clit.

My hands gripped his head, not so much to hold him in place, but to steady my shaking legs as he drove his tongue into my sex.

I came within seconds of his assault on my clit and shuddered against the tree until I pressley carter gets pussy stretched big black cock and monstercock his tongue from my womb and pulled his smiling face back up to mine.

His face was covered with his cum and my pussy juice from his nose to his chin. As I began licking the thick coating of our fuck juice from him we kissed again several times, licking each other between kisses until our faces were clean of sperm. Now it was my turn, I pushed him back against the same tree and squatted before him and swallowed his flaccid, cum coated cock. His fresh hot sperm of only a few minutes before was now cold and congealed onto the smooth black skin of his cock.

Still all of its powerful, manly taste remained and I savored its flavor as I suckled his tool until it was free of any remaining semen before standing up and kissing him one more time. As we headed back down the trail, we carried our clothes and walked through these beautiful woods completely naked and smiling like a couple of school kids. We were probably ¾ way back to the parking lot when we heard voices coming up the trail and hurriedly dressed and laughed like idiots.

As we passed the couple heading up the trail I wondered to myself if they too would enjoy sex in this beautiful park today.

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After returning to town we enjoyed a wonderful dinner on the wharf before finally driving back to our little love shack on the beach. As I snuggled in Kevin's arms, a question suddenly came to mind and I asked Kevin if he had any idea just how many couples had fucked in this same little cabin over the years.

Kevin chuckled and said that his best guess was "a shitload" and we both melted even closer together and drifted off to sleep. It was still pitch dark when I got up to use the bathroom. I returned to the bed and looked down upon the sleeping man there and began to think about this decision of mine, yet again.

I realized that it was already a moot point, because I was in all probability, already pregnant with his child. I pushed the thought from my head and slipped back under the covers and gently began touching Kevin's limp cock.

As my fingers slowly traced a line up and down his smooth shaft it began to stir. First it began to thicken and lengthen, unfolding and straightening mia khalifa and lisa ann as it grew.

Rubbing my nails over his hardening cock head it began to pulse, slowly at first then with the constant throb of his strong heartbeat. I had thought that Kevin was still asleep, but he suddenly pulled my hand from his cock and rolled to me. He smiled down at me as he pushed my legs open and slid between them, pressing his cock into me without further foreplay. I squirmed as he forced his cock into me and he told me that I was such a horny little slut.

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Once he had buried his tool within my pussy he wasted no time with slow gentle lovemaking, he began pounding my pussy with hard deep strokes while he asked if I loved his black cock and if I wanted him to soil my fucking white cunt with his seed.

The intensity of his hard fucking already had me panting as I replied into his ear that I loved having his black cock in my white pussy. He was fucking me with such intensity that I exploded beneath him in what felt like only minutes.

I was still quaking with the final electric jolts of my orgasm when Kevin grunted and flooded my pussy with his thick cum. It felt perfectly wonderful to have his cream filling my womb but I was amazed that Kevin had cum so quickly. I massaged his strong back and kissed his neck until he rolled from my belly. I rolled against him and snuggled into his arms again and Kevin told me that he had been dreaming of fucking me when I had woken him with nurse and doctors bf xxx hand on his cock.

He said that he had almost cum before he had even gotten his meat buried in my pussy. Then he turned and looked over at me and told me that I was one hell of a sexy little slut and that he hadn't fucked this much in a long time. I quipped that if he was too old to handle me we could just leave and go home. Kevin pinched my ass and kissed me again before pushing me away and telling me to let him get some rest so that he could fuck my ass silly in the morning.

Day four was another perfect day on the coast, light breezes and clear skies. I woke up early and thought about molesting Kevin again but decided to let him sleep as long as he wanted instead.

I slipped on a pair of sweat pants and sweatshirt and went to walk on the beach. It was only around 6 am and the beach was deserted and pristine after the evening tide had washed the sand smooth. I had walked probably a mile before I sat down on a log to rest and enjoy the perfection that comes with each new day. My hand drifted to my pussy and I gave it a little squeeze, feeling a bit of slickness ooze out.

I was still full of his semen and I slid my hand inside my sweats and rubbed a finger up my slit before pulling it back out and tasting the blended juices of our two bodies. A chill ran through me and I knew, from somewhere deep in my soul that Kevin had planted his child within me, I had just had the same feeling that had surged through me that morning all those years ago when I knew beyond a shadow of doubt that Ray had bred his son within me.

I studied the scene around me; I wanted to remember everything about this place and this moment in time.

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I returned to the cabin a little after eight and found Kevin doing his morning thing in the bathroom. I pinched his bare ass, told him "good morning" and turned on the shower while stripping off my sweats. I climbed into the shower and motioned for him to follow closing the curtain behind us.

I filled the cloth with body wash and began scrubbing Kevin until he was lathered from head to toe before stepping back and allowing the hot spray to rinse him off. Then I began washing my self as Kevin leaned against the wall and watched my every move. Once I had rinsed, he pulled me to his chest and kissed me deeply under the warm spray before leaving the shower so that I could shampoo my hair.

Kevin was preparing our breakfast as I came out of the bathroom and I chuckled as I found him cooking in the nude. Telling him not to burn anything important I slapped his ass as I passed him and sat on the bed and watched him finish our meal. We ate in the nude and chatted about our schedule for the day, we both knew that this was our last full day together and it hung over us like a little cloud. Tomorrow morning we must both go back to our separate lives. After breakfast we moved back to the bed and began to gently kiss and fondle each other finally moving into a 69 position.

His cock was already rock hard and leaking its thick fuck juice as my tongue made its first pass over his cock head, forcing a little moan to escape his lips. I had no intention of making him cum in my mouth, my mission was to tease this big cock until he had to plunge it into me and fill me with his seed. Kevin knew exactly where all of my sensitive spots were too and made me cum on his skilled tongue within minutes.

After that first bone jarring orgasm I pulled my pussy from his lips so I could concentrate on his cock. Using light flicking licks on his cock head, I had him squirming and moaning within minutes. His cock was flowing an almost steady stream of Pre-cum and his hand kept creeping to the back of my head but I gently pushed it uk fake agent and her sex games each time.

Finally he couldn't take my torture any longer and pulled me up the bed and rolled between my thighs. My pussy was so wet from his attentions that Kevin's thick black cock slid easily into my hungry pussy. I told him that he felt wonderful inside me as he began driving his tool into me with those long hard steady strokes that always made me cum.

With the taste of his cock fresh on my lips and my pussy still on his, we kissed and enjoyed the sensation of their combined taste. Kevin drove into me even harder and rolled me up against him and gripped my ass cheeks, holding my hips in place as he slammed into me even harder, Kevin's raspy voice echoed in my ear as he said "cum for me slut, cum on my fucking cock".

As if on command I felt an orgasm race up my spine and explode in my brain. I bucked like crazy while Kevin laughed and continued to slam his huge cock into my pussy. His voice was still in my ear as in came back to earth. He asked if I was still "nigga cock lovin slut" and I whimpered that I was.

He mom san xxx home mom room and told me to beg for his fuckin nut, to beg for his black baby seed, I was just able to beg him to breed me before another orgasm pushed me into oblivion. I drifted back from my orgasmic heaven to find Kevin slamming his cock into me so hard that I was scooting up the sheets every time he bottomed out inside me, I couldn't breath, or focus on anything else but the pleasure that this huge cock was giving me as this grunting giant pounded me without pause.

I felt another orgasm twisting my guts and begged Kevin again to breed my white pussy, pushing him over the limit and he groaned from his very core and slammed his cock, balls deep inside me and I felt the first powerful pulse of his cock inside me before I zoned out in another huge orgasm.

As I recovered, Kevin was still pounding his cock into me, grunting with each thrust, pumping his semen into every crevice of my womb. It was still early morning but I felt exhausted.

Kevin had given me such powerful orgasms that I had completely zoned out with skinny pale teen big tits first time stunning mexican floozie alejandra leon tries to one, my vision was actually a bit blurry and took many blinks clear my vision. Kevin lay limply upon me still gasping for breath, his cock still buried within me and I could feel a trickle of his thick sperm dribbling down the crack of my ass.

I kissed this wonderful lover on the cheek and told him that he had fucked me better than any man ever had. Kevin lifted from me and rolled onto his back and pulled me beside him. I rested my head on his shoulder and looked down his body expecting to see his cock lying limp between his legs but instead it still bobbed freely in the air with a drool of semen dangling from its shaft. As I reached for it Kevin told me to "suck my cock slut, such that black meat that you love so much".

He didn't have to say it twice and I quickly moved down toward his cock. As my mouth slid over his wonderful cock head he told me to turn my ass around so that he could play with my fucking cum hole. I was expecting him to pull my pussy to his mouth again but instead he drove a couple of his thick fingers inside me and began working them around making me moan as I sucked the fresh sperm from his throbbing cock.

Kevin knew just where to fiddle with my pussy and had me air humping in no time, making him laugh and call me a insatiable little cock hound.

I gripped his thick cock at its base and slid my hand up its length like a squeegee until the sperm formed a thick pile on the top of my hand and his cock head. I looked up and into his eyes as I slowly licked his thick cream from his cock and my hand.

He moaned deeply and slapped my ass, telling me to sit on his fucking cock. As I lifted my leg and straddled him facing his feet he grabbed my ass and hauled me back onto his cock with one hard pull, making me whimper as his big dick entered me at this angle. With a smart slap on my ass he told me to grab his feet and hold on, "cuz he was going to make me ride his mother fuckin cock like the cum slut that I was". With another slap he told me to work my white ass on his cock.

As I lifted up his strong hands on my ass would slam me back down hard on his cock making me whimper and sending shivers up my spine because of the extreme angle that his cock was being forced into me. He would give me a mild slap every few strokes making me quake even more and tell me to work my ass faster. I was hit by an orgasm from nowhere and felt Kevin growl something and grip my ass cheeks even harder as I trembled in my climax.

Kevin was still driving his cock into my stretched pussy as I recovered, half lifting me from his cock just to slam me back down upon its girth. Another slap on my ass got my attention and he told me to hold his feet. I gripped his feet as tight as I could and whimpered to him that I was going to cum again, then exploded with him still pounding my hole. I came to still gripping Kevin's feet, my head resting on the sheets between his legs, gasping for breath just as Kevin yanked my pussy down his thick cock again.

His voice drifted through the fog and I heard him tell me that I surely loved taking the black meat deep in my white cum hole and knew I loved it up the ass too. With that I felt him drive a finger or thumb up my ass as he slammed me onto his cock again.

I came instantly, bucking on his cock wildly while he laughed and fucked me even harder. He was asking if I loved his nigga meat as I became aware of the world again and I weakly said yes, With another slap he asked me the same thing again, between gasps for breath I said "yes" again, again a slap to my ass and he told me to " say it, say it, loud and proud like a real fuck slut", with that he smacked my ass again.

With all the voice that I could muster I yelled out " I love your nigger cock, I love it", making Kevin laugh and slam his tool into me again. Another finger went into my ass and he twisted them around just as his other hand pulled me onto his cock again, it was just too much, and I came again so hard that I might have even fainted for a moment or two. I slowly drifted back, feeling myself being impaled over and over on Kevin's thick cock but not really feeling it for a few moments until all the nerve ending seemed to fire at once and I felt every sensation flash through my body at once, almost making me cum again.

I couldn't help but moan with pleasure as Kevin stretched me over his fat cock time and time again.

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I realized that Kevin had both of his thumbs driven into my ass and his hands gripping my ass cheeks. Each time he would pull me down his cock his thumbs were stretching my little bung wide open. Brunette milf melissa swallows is getting fucked voice was there again, asking if I wanted a cunt full of his black baby juice, I tried to say yes but I couldn't talk.

I was washed away by yet another mind blowing orgasm while he fucked my pussy and pulled my bung hole wide open with each stroke. As I began to recover I muttered a weak "yes" only to hear Kevin tell me to "say it slut, tell me what you want in your cunt". I mustered what voice I had and tried to yell, " I want you're cum in me" but it came out weak and raspy.

I heard Kevin groan and mutter "Here ya go slut, take it" and with that he explode into my womb. I could feel the strong pulses of his cock within me as he unloaded himself into my pussy. His cream pumped out of me and I could swinger adventures with ornella morgan and tera gapes dps anal interracial group sex it flowing over us as he continued to groan as each hard throb of his cock sent another thick, creamy load, into me.

I felt as if I had just run a marathon and lost. My entire body was shaking as I lay there between Kevin's legs. It took me a few long moments to realize that Kevin was gasping as hard as I was but that his cock remained ridged inside my pussy and his thumbs were still buried in my ass.

I pushed myself up on my trembling arms and went to pull off of Kevin's cock only to have him pull me back. His voice was raspy and dry when he told me that he wasn't done with my white ass yet. He pushed me from his cock and pulled his thumbs from my ass then gave me a smack on the ass as he asked if I still thought he was too fucking old to wear my little slut hole out.

I began to pull myself beside him as I told him, that he had indeed worn me out, but he merely shoved a pillow under my belly and told me to lay down and spread my ass. He said"this ol nigger was gonna show me what real fucking was all about".

He was still breathing hard as he moved behind me and pushed my legs open again. I knew where his hard cock was going next and I shifted myself a bit to allow an easy entry into my already stretched ass hole.

Kevin moved behind me and lowered himself on top of my sweaty back then pressed his slick cock into my bung with a soft moan. His hot breath was against my ear as he whispered that an old nigger like him could still teach a sweet little white slut like me a thing or two when armed with a big bottle of Viagra.

With that he rolled his hips and drove his cock completely into my bunghole making me whimper a bit. He supported his weight on his elbows and cupped my breasts in his hands as he began driving his cock into me with hard powerful strokes.

I pulled the other pillow over and rested my head, as I felt the wonderful yet different sensation's he sent up my spine with each hard thrust into my ass. He moaned that it was good we lived so far apart because he would probably have a fucking heart attack trying to keep my horny little cunt happy. I relaxed and let several perfectly wonderful little orgasms wash over me as Kevin pounded his beautifully fat cock into me.

I was nearing another sweet orgasm when Kevin announced that he was about to soil my sweet little shit tube and I murmured back to him that I wanted to feel his black seed flood my ass.

He bit my ear and moaned into it as I felt the first heavy thud of his cock inside me; pumping what sperm he had left, 9 inches deep inside my butt. I gripped his cock with my ass as he expended himself into me, making him moan and shudder a bit as I milked his cock with flex after flex of my bung muscles. Finally to the vaginal way of relaxing with asian chick relief, I felt his cock soften and then slip limply from my used and thoroughly pummeled ass.

We were both spent, it took me minutes to gather the strength to climb from the bed and go to the bathroom, august ames and isis love shares a thick cock after taking care of business, I turned the shower back on.

I went out and looked at Kevin staring into space with that silly grin that men seem to always get after sex. He looked at me, and I blew him a kiss and motioned toward the bathroom before telling him that no one liked a stinky old nigger. He smiled and followed me back to the shower for another scrub down. We both crawled back onto the bed and were just snuggling, but fell asleep and didn't return to the living until almost 8 pm that night. We had slept our entire last day together away.

We were both famished and decided to head into town for our last meal. After another great dinner on the wharf we walked through town before returning to the cabin. Even with as much sleep as we had logged today we both just snuggled together and fell back asleep in each other's arms. The next morning we woke late and it became a mad rush to get our things bondage anal orgasm this is our most extreme case file to date folks and back on the road.

I had to pick up my baby boy at Emma's and catch my plane out to Seattle by 1 pm. As much as I wanted to entice Kevin to take one more ride between my legs, there just wasn't enough time. When we arrived at Emma's house, Kevin again waited in the car as I retrieved my boy and his bags. She took one look at me, smiled, and then said that she could tell that I sure had enjoyed my little "vacation".

It made me blush and she laughed and told me to have a safe trip home with her grandbaby.

We hugged and I headed for the car, the plane would not wait. That night after tucking my son into his bed, I sat up and went over my journal entries from these last few days, adding little notes and things that I remembered as I reviewed every minute of every day in my mind. In many respects I felt a bit guilty about not allowing Kevin to have a vote on what I had done, but if he had told me no, it would have hurt me deeply.

I wanted to have another child, and I could never expect to find any man that could love me and want to marry me after the life I had lived.

My options were teen babe loves pumping big hung guys handjob and young. If I found a man that I loved, I could hide the truth and pray that we lived forever without some guy recognizing me and calling me out.

Or I could tell him the truth and have him dump me instantly. I knew that I didn't love Kevin in that way, I respected and liked him deeply, but that was all.

I also knew that Kevin did not love me either, I may be his favorite piece of ass, but that was all that I could ever be to a man that had spent his entire life finding, training, and selling women.

Whenever he spoke about his life it became instantly apparent that he was proud of his skill's at molding women like me into whore's, who obediently serviced whomever he wanted. I knew that he had done the same to me, I could remember all of those private little chats, where he had given me directions on doing this or that to satisfy his clients.

I held none of that against him, he had rescued me from the living hell of being a street whore, probably saving my life, and transformed me into a better person, yet he had done it without ever inflicting pain or abuse.

In fact I could only remember a few occasions where he had raised his voice to me or another one of the girls. Closing my journal, I went to bed, it was back to school tomorrow. My next diary posting will be entitled " The Truth About Nikki - pt13 - The Swinger Life"