Those big boobs will make your dick hard

Those big boobs will make your dick hard
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Hi everybody.I fucked up when I uploaded my story Angelique Awakes.I didn't realise I can't edit my story and I missed what happened with my friend's father in the pool when I Copied and Pasted my story.Sorry Guys. So here is what I missed.I hope you all enjoy.Angelique.xxxxx Later that year me and 2 other friends from school were staying with another friend from our class. Her parents were very wealthy and they had an mature with boy sex gideos pool.

We used to like to skinny dip and lay about around the pool naked together, her parents were cool about that, especially her father, and we used to giggle at the silly excuses he made up to come into the pool room when we were all there naked. If her parents weren't about we would play with each others bodies. One day when her dad came home when the 4 of us were in the pool. His wife wasn't home and he came into the pool room and stood talking to us for a while and then to our surprise, especially as his daughter was in the pool as well, he stripped naked and got in with us, he had never done that before.

He was probably in his late 40's, not bad to look at and he had a reasonable body for a guy his age and his cock was shaved, he was quite hot but a bit too old for me. Eventually he made his way over to me and stood next to me while talking to the others.

Suddenly I felt his hand touching my bottom under the water. I should have moved away but I didn't. I wanted to see what he would do next. I soon found out. He moved his hand round to my little pussy and started to discreetly stroke and play with it.

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I know I shouldn't have but I opened my legs slightly and he slipped his finger in. He started to give me the most fantastic under water finger fuck, I don't think the others were aware of what he was doing to me under the water, I didn't care, and I don't know how I didn't scream when I came. I just sort of shuddered. Later the other 3 got out and went to get a drink, but I deliberately hung around so that I was left in the pool alone with him.

He came over smiling at me and said. " You enjoyed that didn't you Angelique ?" I looked at him and just said "Yes" and then he started to touch me again, all over this time, as there was no one else in the pool to see what was going on.

By now I was really getting to enjoy letting guys touch my body so I was happy to let him feel me everywhere while I enjoyed the feeling of the water and his hands on me. I admit I was really hot for it and was feeling a bit dizzy with all the feelings and emotions going on in my body and so as I let him schoolgirl joseline kelly gets her bumhole ruined me I reached out and started to touch his cock.

It was now quite hard and so I started to wank him under the water. He seemed to get bigger and harder and the he stopped me and told me funny xxx story sex stories free get out of the pool. He took my hand and we went over to a sun lounger on the side of the pool and told me to lie down, and all the time he kept telling me what a dirty little girl I was and how he was going to show me what it was all about, it was really exciting me.

I laid on the sun lounger and he knelt down and opened my legs and started to give me oral sex. He really knew what he was doing, not like my cousins. His tongue went up and down my slit and deep into my pussy as he licked it all over and soon he got me to come. Then he got up and got between my legs to fuck me.

He rubbed the head of his cock up and down my little slit.I was so wet. Then just as he was about to push his cock into my pussy I wriggled and quickly slid out from under him. There was no way I wanted to let this old guy fuck me.

He looked surprised and I knew I had to do something for him, so I quickly knelt down in front of him and started to suck his cock. He went on for ages and he pushed his dick as far down my throat as it would go. That was my first introduction to gagging at 13 years old with a guy of about 48. Eventually he started to make a grunting sound and his cock started jumping in my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into him.

His cock was rammed so deep down my throat I could hardly breathe, and he came what seemed buckets of cum. It made me choke and I coughed it up, His cock was so far down my throat his cum shot out of my nostrils.

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All the time he kept saying things like " Go on, take that you little slut " and " I'm going to fuck your throat you little whore". After he came we just sat there looking at each other. He must have started to feel a bit guilty because he started to try to be nice to me, but I was in a state of shock at what I had just done and I just picked up my towel and ran back to my room.

That night I laid in bed and thought about it. At first I was a bit shocked with what I had done, but then I started to get aroused at what I had done.

I loved the things he said to me about being a dirty little whore and college couple has sex on mycyka continue on mycyka com little slut and telling me what he wanted to do to me. I got really hotespecially as the others didn't know, and I got so turned on I had to bring myself to a couple of orgasms before I calmed down enough to get to sleep. The next day he spoke to me, and I agreed to meet him in the pool again when nobody was around.

By the end of the week I had played about in the pool a few more times with him, I couldn't seem to keep away from him and I started to look forward to it. Each time it was the same he would touch me all over and then play and lick my pussy and then he would try to fuck me. The only way I could stop him from forcing his cock into me was to let him gag me with his cock and pump his load down my throat.

loved the way I could turn this mature man on with my little body, and the ability I seemed to have to keep him coming back for more of me each time. It made me feel that I had some secret power over him.

I was also strangely turned on by his treatment of me. I liked to hear him tell me the things he wanted to do to me and I loved being called a slut, a whore a filthy little bitch and so on.

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The week went too quickly in some respects but thinking back if I had stayed much longer I think he would have fucked me. So there you have it.ALL that happened to me in the Pool House. I hope you all like it. I only want to please.xxxxxx Angelique.