Amazing bitch with big tits enjoys sex

Amazing bitch with big tits enjoys sex
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My baby sister got married at my parents home. It's a nice 10,000 square foot home with plenty of land for the ceremony and reception. It was a nice gathering of snobbiest people I loved to avoid. It was also a bitter sweet occasion for me because I was a recently divorced 30 year old. The three hundred people were scattered between the house, the lanai, and the yard. Between the wedding band, my gushing parents, and the people giving me bad advice on how to move on with my life, I was needing a place to get away.

I went into the house and snuck down to my dad's "office." He nikita von james takes a hot shower the ultimate home office; sofa, recliner, big screen with surround sound, beer fridge, and lillte bathroom. I turned on the Sox-Yankees game and got a cold Sammy Adams out of the fridge. I had no sooner kicked my dress shoes off when I hear the click-clack of a woman's high heel shoes walking towards the room. I figured it was my mom.

I knew somebody saw me sneak down and would have bet she was coming to scold me and tell me to get back to the reception.

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Much to my dismay, my sister-in-law peeks her head around the door frame. Jennifer is a very attractive 20 something year old. The reason I'm not thrilled is because Jennifer is a bitch. She and I get along like oil and water. Jen asks while I'm in mid sip of my beer, "Mind if I join you?" I choked and spewed some beer from my mouth. I then said, "No, come on in." Jen turns the corner and for the first time today I noticed how hot she was looking.

She was wearing a black dress with black hose and some fuck-me pumps. When she passed by me to go to the fridge she blew me away with the perfume she was wearing. Jen grabs a beer and come over to the sofa that I'm on. "What did I do to deserve the honor of your presence?" She answers, "I've had enough of people telling me what Angry guy fucks tied up babes in threesome need to do to get ahead in work, in life, and in love!" "Welcome to my world", I replied.

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You see, Jen is a successful 25 year old single woman. My thought was she was single because no guy could put up with her for more than a year.

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"You've always told my brother and your sister that I'm an ass clown. I'm just very surprised to see you own here." Jen laughs and says, "You are, now rub my feet." She kicks her FMP's off, whirls around, and places her feet in my lap.

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I looked at her and smirked, "Whatever!" Jen proceeds to kick her feet in a playful manner and puts one of those pouty looks on. "Fine, but you owe me", I say. I turn my attention back to the game and begin rubbing her feet. Jen lets out a moan. I look down and notice that she has very pretty feet. I can see the bright red polish on her toes through the silky material.

I also notice that I'm beginning to get excited. I look up to see if she can see the bulge growing in my pants. She has her eyes closed. As I looked at her I took in every curve of her. Jen has a tan, fit body with fantastic tits and gorgeous legs.

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In an effort to put distance between my hard on and her feet, I adjust my body, nervously cough, and push her feet away. This lasts about 2 minutes.

Jen then adjusts her body and her foot lands right up against my dick. She looks at me and asks, "Are my feet giving you a hard on?" "No!" I replied.

"It's just been a while since I've been this close to a woman." "Sure", she says sarcastically and begins to press her foot against my hard dick. "Then this shouldn't bother you then." Jennifer begins to slowly rub her nylon encased foot up and down my shaft. I let her do this for about a minute or two before I give in and twist my body around so that I'm leaning against the arm rest of the sofa.

Jen proceeds to give me jerk my cock with both feet. She seems to bbw in sexy fishnet suit got anal fucked thoroughly enjoying it because she is moaning along with me.

I reach down and caress her feet while she works on my cock. Eventually, I explode in my pants. I have cum like never before and it seems like I spasm for a good minute or so. Jen keeps her feet pressed against my dick until the last spurt of cum pulsates out. When she is sure I'm done, Jen looks at me and says, "My turn!" She lifts her hips up and pulls her dress up over them.

It turns out the hose are actually stockings and they are accompanied by a black thong. Jen leans forward, grabs my hands and pulls me toward her.

When I'm bent over far enough, she takes my head and begins to push it towards her pussy. I adjust my body so that I can follow her lead. She then pulls the thong aside and soflty leads my face to her shaven body. Her smell is a sweet, musky odor and I immediately dive right in.

Her slit is already sopping wet and ready for more. I lick all over her, from her clit to her folds. Jen has placed her feet on my back and is furiously humping my face trying to get every sensation. I place my hands up under her ass and lift her up slightly. I then trace down from her pussy to her asshole. She lets out a deep throaty moan as I encircle the hole. I quickly make my way back up to her clit and go to town while leaving a finger to finish playing with her ass.

Jennifer beautiful petite brunette rubs her pink pussy to orgasm into this rythm and before I can brace, she is bucking wildy from an intense orgasm. I leave my tongue pressed hard agaisnt her clit as she rides through it. As she begins to settle down and regain some composure, she reaches down and pushes my head away. Jen gets up off the sofa, takes the thong off, adjusts the nylons so that the seam is straight, wiggles the dress back down over her hips, slips her shoes back on and asks, "Are we gonna finish this at your place or mine?"