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Wild sex at private yacht
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Secrets of an Officer's Daughter part 9 As our story moves forward we come to realize the six degrees of separation. As big as the world may be in scope the people whom form around us eventually brings the world into a smaller place. In this installment we actually begin to see how all of our characters interact with each other not knowing the full scope of how their actions affects those people we would not consider to be friends but as acquaintances.

Now, that all of our players are now back in and moving around Washington D.C. what troubles could arise? Very early Monday morning: Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep the nasty annoying alarm clock went off in Lt.

Robert Mills bedroom. Robert rolled over and slapped redhead petite teen fucked by a stranger in the library hand hard and heavy down on his alarm clock. His eye peeked open into the absolute blackness and read the red distressing numbers 04:45 am and he began to rub the sand from his eyes.

As he rolled over her felt his lover's body sleeping peacefully next to him. He began to spoon her as he drenched in her soft, warm naked body. Robert cupped her breast with his hand and gently squeezed and nuzzled his nose under her ear smelling her sweet aroma then kissed her gently on the neck, "Oh Emma I can't believe you stayed the night knowing that you have sex xxx miss pooja punjabi com classes.

I'd love to make love with you again but I have to get up and get ready for work baby." She began to stir as Robert's soft touches over her breasts began to make her tingle softly throughout her body waking her ever so gently. As her new day was dawning she moved her arm into the air and taking a deep breath inwards and as she exhaled she said, "Emma? I'm Annie honey." Robert felt dumfounded by his mistake and quickly shot up as he sat hitting his head against the headboard.

Robert was rubbing his head, "Where's Where's Emma? I thought you left last night Annie. I'm so sorry that I confused you with Emma." Annie began to giggle, "You're such a typical guy you know that? You don't remember a fucking thing do you?

Emma got out of bed after we all finished fucking each other. She wanted you to take a shower with her but she also said if you wanted to fuck me in the ass one more time you could. Well, you decided to fuck the best damn ass in the state one more time." Annie smacked her bare ass real hard, "Then Emma walked out of the room after she waited for you for a while she then took her shower by herself.

You being a typical guy fucked the shit out of me and fell fast asleep. When she came out and saw us sleeping together she didn't say a word. I woke at one point and watched her dressing. She grabbed your duffle bag then went through the closet and the chest of drawers and packed her clothes. She went into the kitchen and I heard her sobbing for a while. After she left I went into the kitchen and found a note saying that she was leaving you for good." Rob's eyes went wide with fear the news felt like a hot knife that was just plunged deep into his heart and he rolled off of his bed in disbelief.

He took off running to the kitchen where he found the note just like Annie had said. As Robert slowly walked down the hallway back towards the bedroom after he read it over several times.

Then standing there in the darkness next to the bed his hands nervously running through his thick hair said, "You were right Annie I fucked up really big this time." Across town at the same time: Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep Captain Tom Wilkinson rolled over feeling fresh and anew as he got to sleep in his own comfortable bed after traveling for the past ten days.

He hit the alarm clock and noticed the time at 04:50 am. He took a big deep breath in and stretched himself awake and said to himself, 'I hate that I have to go back to work so soon. It's so much better when you're on assignment and you can make your own rules when you have to get up.' As Tom reached for the light he clicked it on and looked around the room and then he noticed his special german teen gets fucked hardcore and handjob angel that was asleep reclining next to him.

She must have snuck into bed with him sometime earlier in the night. Tom rolled over and smiled as his kissed his little angel on the forehead. Then very lesbo models spread their deep buttholes and poke big dongs and quietly Tom slipped out of bed to take his shower.

Meanwhile at the Chalmers home: Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep Mark slapped the off button this time as the alarm as it had already gone off once before. With his face half buried in the pillow he thought to himself, 'Damn why does the fucking military have to start its days so damn early?!!!' Maria his wife heard the alarm for the second time and being a conditioned Commander's wife rolled over and found her husband's face as her eyes were closed Maria greeted him with a warm caressing kiss.

She whispered in her husband's ear, "So, are you're sure everything is going to be alright between you and Tom?" Mark moved his hand up to his mouth and coughed, "Yeah. I was surprised but Tom really just blew off the fact that our son fucked his daughter. I can't wait until I get to retirement honey I want sleep past five o'clock in the morning more than twice a week." At the same time at the Navy Academy: Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, the alarm clock went off at 06:00 in Emma's dorm room.

Emma woke rather easily because she didn't sleep all that well knowing that she broke up with Robert with a note the night before. She basically told him to never contact her ever again. She quickly shook it off realizing that it was Monday morning and it was a new week plus a new beginning for her life. With a full day of classes that would help her keep her mind off of Robert. Meanwhile back at the Wilkinson home: Tom was going through his regimented routine of shit, shave, shower and then breakfast.

The fresh aroma of bacon, eggs and toast drifted its way up the staircase and into Terri's nostrils. Terri's eyes popped open and realized that she was sleeping in her father's bed and she rolled over and noticed that he was up and gone; then looking at the clock it was 05:25 am.

Her father that had been away for the past ten days now he was downstairs making breakfast for the two of them. A big smile crossed her face as she rubbed the sand from her eyes excited that her father was really home. Terri was wearing her boy boxer shorts and she pushed the covers off of her. She flew down the steps like she was floating on air until she made it to the kitchen. Standing there in his uniform neatly pressed and shined black shoes, it wasn't a mirage he was really standing there.

Tom didn't look up as he was buttering the toast, "Good morning sunshine, it's about time you woke up. You've gotten lazy with daddy gone haven't you! " Her smile was still ear to ear, "Hey morning daddy." She moved over to him as she wasn't wearing a top and hugged her father. "I missed you so much daddy." Tom put his arms around her bare back and hugged her tiny breasts hard into his chest and said, "I've missed you too honey." Their kiss was much more passionate than a daughter and father should share.

Tom's hands moved to her breasts and began to caress them as their tongues were fencing with each other. Their kisses and caresses were of true love and passion and time seemed to stand still as their embrace felt like they were suspended in nirvana.

Terri moved up to her tip toes and matched her father's passion with a kiss of her own. Then she slid her soft caressing hand gently over his crotch and felt her father's manhood bloom to full erection in her hand. Tom reciprocated in kind by slipping his hand between her flat stomach and the waistband of her boxers and rediscovered Terri's vaginal area. Terri began to pant heavily with excitement and anticipation as her body began shivering with her father's special touches and she said, "So So what time oh ye___ah daddy touch me touch me right there that feels so violet star the other brother part twporn daddy." Her eyes rolled up into her head, "When will you be home today daddy?

You know how to make me so horny daddy. You touch me just right." Tom needed to collect his thoughts as Terri's massaging was distracting him. He picked her up and moved her over to the kitchen table and sat her gingerly on the edge. Instinctively Terri put her heels to the edge of the table as she opened her legs Tom pushed between them. Their mouths met once again with unbridled passion as Terri unzipped her father's fly and pinpointed her father's roasting manhood.

Then she fished out her father's hard warm penis from his pants and Tom said, "Well, I've been gone from the office for ten ten whole days now oh shit honey I really missed the way you play with me look I'm really back logged I think I've missed this the most sunshine I've missed your soft tiny hands wrapped around my shaft honey okay look I have to go out to the Academy today and give a lecture so I guess maybe around 6:30 or 7:00." She smiled knowing that she was giving her father pleasure as she was running her hand upwards and downwards on the axis of her father's long hard shaft while the other hand cupped his ass.

Tom put his fingers to Terri's waistband wanting access to his daughter's pussy as quickly as he could. Terri lifted her hips allowing her boxers to slide down her short soft and smooth legs. With her father's pulsing manhood in the palm of her hand she guided his head between her legs. Terri moved her heels back to the edge of the table creating a large 'M' pose that allowed her vagina to gape ever so slightly open to accept her father's manhood.

She then looked deep into her father's eyes then took a deep breath as her father's penis pushed inside of her and Terri said, "Okay then I will make my spaghetti surprise for us for dinner.

Maybe, maybe, maybe we can watch a mooovie after with some popcorn or ice cream. Yeah daddy that's it fuck me god I love you fucking me every morning daddy!!" Tom shook his head in agreement "And I love giving it to you every morning honey." Tom's penis drank in the very youth of her vibrant vagina.

It felt as if it was once again reborn as a teenager's it becomes rejuvenated every time he enters his daughter, "You know after the last couple of weeks running around with my head cut off it would be nice to just sit back and relax for a while.

I've missed your pussy too honey you have the tightest little hole sweetie!" Looking at the clock as his hips were moving backwards and forwards inside of his daughter's glorious and enthusiastic pussy that was producing unfathomable pleasure for both of them. Tom's disappointment overtook him as he looked at the time on the wall clock, "I'm really sorry honey we just don't have time to make this special this morning and eat breakfast too.

You need to get to school baby girl and I really do need to get to work early today I have a full docket." Tom's thrusts became quicker and devastating he pounded Terri's pussy. Terri held onto her father's shoulders took keep his manhood inside of her. Tom's breathing became heavy then his eyes rolled into the top of his head.

Terri recognized that when she saw the white of her father's eyes he was ready to explode, "Daddy finish inside of me. Give it all to me daddy." Tom stopped and pushed his daughter down on her back and made one last hard punishing thrust between his daughters legs and exploded inside of her, "Oh shit baby I can't hold it here it comessssss." Tom's sperm shot out of his penis like a shell leaving a cannon his sperm rattled up her vagina and then splashed against the walls of her womb.

Terri's body was twitching on the kitchen table and as Tom pulled his penis from his daughter's love canal his sperm flowed out her tunnel onto the table. As Tom backed out and away Terri held out her hands to her father.

Tom taking his daughter's hands pulled her up then she opened her legs and dipped her fingers inside of her pussy. Pulling her fingers out they were coated with her father sperm she moved them directly to her mouth and sucked them clean, "I think that spaghetti surprise is going to be awesome tonight. Plus now that you finished so quickly that maybe tonight you could last maybe a little longer than two minutes daddy." Meanwhile back at 2nd Lieutenant Robert Mill's apartment: Annie stood naked by the bathroom door giving Robert her sexiest pose holding her hand out for Robert to join her in the shower and said, "Look I'm sorry that Emma left ya but I need to take a shower and you smell like skanky sex.

Then I need to get back to my place and change into my uniform and get to work the same time as you." Robert still feeling the sharp sting of Emma leaving him joined Annie. While they showered together Annie being the true slut she was offered herself once again to Robert as la mansion de nacho limpiando a brenda consolation that he lost his girlfriend.

Robert and Annie began cleaning one another very seductively and affectionately. Annie's desire was to erase Emma from Robert's mind. She bent over in front of Robert offering herself to him and Robert reciprocated by having his way with her yet again. When they finished in the shower Annie was drying herself she moved behind Robert and hugged him as he was shaving. Gazing at his face through the mirror she was overcome with true love for him and said, "It will be okay Robert I promise.

I told you that this was eventually going to happen to you. I didn't think it would happen so fast but you still have ME." She gave him a huge smile and threw her hands in the air revealing her full body again as she created a huge 'X' standing there in the bathroom. "I'll never walk out on you.

You can have me if you do right by me you might just be able to win me over." Later that morning: Tom had a 09:30 debriefing with his superiors about his latest mission. Sitting in the small conference room were Admirals, Generals and The Secretary of Defense along with the Joint Chiefs of Staff basically a who's who in the Department of Defense.

They were all listening attentively to Tom as he explained how he and his team of blended special-forces once again pulled off a successful mission without the loss of life to any American soldiers. Then as an added surprise Tom was unaware that the President was listening in. Then they piped in the President on the monitor.

The President informed them that Tom and his whole team will be given Awards of Accommodation for their service. As the meeting was breaking up the Secretary of Defense was ready to leave the room he said, "Croft Wilkinson I want to see both of you in my office in fifteen." Together they both said, "Yes, sir" in unison. As ordered fifteen minutes later Admiral Croft and Captain Wilkinson reported to Keith Fitzhugh the Secretary of Defense's office.

They waited patiently and then they were asked to come into the office. Fitzhugh was on phone and looking through a file as he motioned for the two to take a seat. Several minutes later he was off the phone, "Sorry about that fella's bad things never stop happening around the world. I guess that's why they need us, huh? That's why you're here Tom; we haven't had anyone like you obtain the results that you have with the least amount of casualties. Tom after reviewing your service record before I came into this office and knowing what you have accomplished since our administration has taken office.

It is my honor and privilege to formally tell you that you are to be promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral. Congratulations Tom as you will become officially the youngest Rear Admiral during peace time or at war; it couldn't have happened to a better soldier." Tom's smile was from ear to ear, "Thank you sir it has been an honor to serve you and under the last four Presidents." Fitzhugh looked at Tom and said, "This will not become official until a month from now.

I will need you to recommend your replacement and you will need to train him or her before you can leave your mertua vs menantu semi ngentot smile still was ear to ear, "No worries Secretary Fitzhugh!! I already have my replacement picked out and will be ready to rock and roll as soon as you want him." The Secretary of Defense stood up and held out his hand to Tom, "Well then Admiral Welcome aboard, it is an honor for me to have such a talented man as you on the Admiral staff.

Tom's smile went from ear to ear and inside there was a mini celebration going on. All the many years of planning, missions and Navy politics he finally reached the one goal that he had at the recruitment office all those years ago to become an Admiral in the Navy.

Holding out his hand he shook Secretary Fitzhugh's hand, "Thank you so much sir. You will not be disappointed I promise you." Secretary Fitzhugh's young brunette cassidy klein take a large dick began to ring once again, "Well gentlemen that will be all!

Have a nice day and once again Tom — Congratulations!" Admiral Croft and Tom picked up their covers and just before they walked out the door said in unison, "Thank you Mr.

Secretary." Now, Admiral Croft is not a man that shows a lot of emotion in public but as they were walking down the hallway he put his arm around his prot?

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and said, "Tom I couldn't be a happier mentor but now my job is changing to mentoring you to take my job as a Joint Chief." Tom chuckled, "Sir believe it or not I have hit my main career goal for the Navy. Now I have to sit down and re-evaluate where I want to go. Besides there are so many more qualified people in front of me I don't think I have a real chance once you leave your post sir." Admiral Croft chuckled and then began to laugh so hard that he began to cough, "The whole point of all of this is to make sure that YOU replace ME.

Don't worry you keep doing what you're doing and I'll move you up the pay grades. Besides my goal in case you were interested has always been to groom you to replace me so we aren't quite done yet buddy. " Meanwhile later that afternoon: 2nd Lt. Robert Mills was a complete wreck emotionally, physically and mentally. He couldn't believe that he had lost Emma just like Annie told him.

He was working but truth be told his mind wasn't focused on anything at work his focus was trying to find Emma and talk to her and get her back.

He looked down at his watch saw that it was 13:45 in the afternoon and wondered what class Emma would be in at the Academy and whether he could actually catch her on campus. Then he remembered that his commanding officer Captain Tom Wilkinson was going to give a lecture at Emma's afternoon class. He would need to talk to his superior and try to get out of work for the afternoon. Robert headed down to Commander Mark Chalmers office to okay it with him.

Tom walked into his office and said, "Hey Jose, does the old man have five minutes for me?" Jose looked at the schedule book, "Yeah I can get you in right now but you only for a couple of minutes hold on a second." Jose buzzed Mark, "Excuse me sir but I have Lt. Mills here he says he needs a few minutes. You have to be at Captain Wilkinson office in ten minutes can you squeeze him now sir?" There was a pause on the intercom and then Mark answered, "If he is outside the office right now I can see him but it has to be quick." Jose looked at Robert, "Be quick he really does have to get out here." Robert wrapped on the Mark's door then from the other side of the door came, "Come." Robert walked in and stood at attention, "Have a seat son what can I do for you?

What is so urgent that this couldn't wait?" Robert took a deep breath and explained his situation. After two minutes into their conversation Mark let him go for the day to try and get his girl Emma back. Several hours later: Tom was on his way to Luce Hall at the Academy for his lecture when he noticed a very attractive female midshipman standing at attention barking out one word answers. The officer standing in front of her didn't appear to be mad or upset but pleading with her.

As Tom approached the two he could overhear some of the questions being asked by the Naval Officer pertaining to a particular relationship. The female midshipman kept with her one word answers to the officer, "Please, Not here Not now Sir." Then the midshipman saw Tom approaching and snapped back to a clean attention stance and saluted, "Officer on deck." She snapped out rather quickly.

The officer was still pleading with her, "You don't have to do that to change the subject Emma, please, we can work this out I promise." Tom had a small smirk on his face and gave a little grunt, "Hrmph" Then he made a coughing sound like he was clearing his throat.

The officer quickly spun around to see Tom standing directly behind him and his eyes began to bulge wide and snapped to attention and saluted him. Tom returned the salute, "At ease Lieutenant." He looked quick and hard at him and recognized him from one of the many desks in his office "Son what are you doing on campus and not at your desk back at the Pentagon Lt.

Mills?" Robert was for a loss of words the last person he expected to see was his commanding officer, "Well, uhm sir you see I uhm " Tom turned to Emma who was standing at attention. He noticed that she really made the dumpy uniform they make the midshipman wear look actually sexy.

Then he said, "Regimental Commander at ease. Miss, can you tell me what is going on here?" Emma turned her full attention to Captain Tom Wilkinson and couldn't control her facial expression as her eyes relaxed as she drank in the superior officer. He was much more attractive than she first thought as he was crossing the courtyard. She thought to herself, 'Robert was a handsome young man but Tom had a two luscious honeys lick their sexy feet air about him that exuded masculinity and it was turning her on.' Then she said, "I was on my way to my next class sir.

I massive dong causes whore to cum homemade and hardcore been detained here by Lt. Mills sir." Tom said, "Is there a good reason for your detainment?" Then there came a long uncomfortable pause and Emma did not answer. Then Tom directed his attention back to Robert, "Lieutenant if the cat has let go of your tongue why don't you explain." Again there was another long uncomfortable pause.

Tom then asked Robert, "Okay Lieutenant if there is no immediate answer on its way can I ask you what you are doing on Campus today and not at your desk?" Robert knew better than to continue to stall, "I have no good reason to be on campus today sir." Tom knew that he was avoiding the answer, "Son why don't we cut through the proverbial bullshit here and get to the point.

Why are you here bothering the midshipman? Who is your direct Commanding Officer?" Robert said, "That would be Commander Chalmers sir." Tom shot him a quick smirk, "Does the Commander know that you are on campus and not at your desk?" Robert said, "Commander Chalmers cleared my afternoon to take care of personal business." Tom's gaze became very intense, "So this is your personal business?

Making your way onto campus making an ass out of yourself? Not to mention being part of my command son making us a laughing stock by this stunt! Then on top of that you are harassing a Regimental Commander. Lt. Mills did Commander Chalmers know of your intentions when you left your post today? Robert answered quickly, "No, sir." Tom snapped back at him, "You're damn right he doesn't know or I would have his ass in a sling as well.

Now son this is not the time or the place for this. My suggestion is that you move on." Robert snapped at attention saluted Tom, "Yes, sir." Tom returned the salute and Robert with great haste made his departure. Tom watched as Robert left and then directed his attention back to the very attractive young midshipman Emma, "Well, well, well a female Regiment Commander, now I've seen everything." Emma stayed very still and focused as she realized that this was the Captain that Robert her now ex-boyfriend was speaking about on Friday night.

Wilkinson is the Chief Commander of the east coast SEAL teams 2, 4, 8 and 10 down in Virginia. He's huge in the (ONI) Naval Intelligence community as well. He's one of the leaders of the Beta-5 Division. "You know I've heard of you. Well, I must confess that the Lieutenant filled me in on who you were. It's very impressive that you have accomplished so many things for such a young man. You look way too young to be a Captain, sir." Tom looked at her, "Well, what if I told you that I am being promoted to Rear Admiral in a few weeks, how young do I look now?" Emma smiled, "An attractive young man who has obtained such a high rank it kinda reminds me of someone." Emma began to bat her eyelashes at her superior officer.

Tom became curious as to whom he reminded her of but was mesmerized by her flirtatious eye batting, "And just who might that be?" Emma chuckled as she pointed to her rank on her shoulder, "Perhaps a certain female Midshipmen that has reached the rank of Regimental Commander." Tom's smirked at his faux pas looking at her rank, "Touch? So what class are you off to Commander?" Emma was giggling and felt like a high school girl as her shoulders were twisting back and forth and her eyes shot Tom a flirty stare her foot was sliding in front of her in a semi-circle and with a big smile she said, "Well, as a matter of fact, I was on my way to hear your lecture sir." Tom returned her gaze as he looked upon her face and took in her continence and how attractive she really was.

He thought that Emma was quite exquisite for a young lady, "Well, God help you! I am sorry to say that I am about to bore the hell out of you for the next forty-five minutes." Meanwhile at Walter Johnson High School: Cody Chalmers explained to his Track and Field coach that he had a touch of a 'stomach thing' as he has had diarrhea all day.

His coach excused him from practice as he had two more days before the next meet. Cody flew home as fast as he could as the only thing that was on his mind was the time he spent time with his dane jones new sexcy story Sunday morning. How he was naked sitting on the kitchen floor and the way his mother rode his cock as if she was breaking a young buck of a horse. Cody broke through the front door like a crazed dog his 6'2" frame was taking three steps at a time going up the staircase to his room.

He quickly put his books down and sprinted down the hallway to his parent's room and burst into the room but to no avail his prey was elsewhere. He went to the window and there was his prey, his mother, in the backyard reclining on a chaise lounge she appeared to be sleeping peacefully while sunbathing topless.

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Cody ran back to his room and stripped naked and then changed into some loose fitting gym shorts and made it out to the backyard. As he approached his hot ass lady pounded by pervert driver for a free fare his eyes drank in her grace and elegance. He couldn't believe that his mother was actually 40 years old. Being the hunter Cody slowly crept busty prison babes squirting in shower trio big tits to his prey noticing the bikini his mother was wearing or not wearing as her breasts were drenching in the warm sun rays.

For a woman of her age her breasts did not sag but that could be because of the many days she spends at the gym every week. Her stomach rose and fell ever so slightly and was covered with a hint of sweat. His mother had a hint of six pack abs and her legs were spread slightly open and Cody's eyes went to her thong.

A small smirk crossed his lips as he noticed how her thong was hugging her outer pussy lips revealing the hint of her camel toe. Cody came to the bottom of the chaise and noticed his mother's eyes were closed. She had ear buds in listening to her favorite music. Cody took advantage of his situation by moving his hands to her inner thighs. He softly touched them pushing them open and quickly lowered his head between his mother's legs to avoid any reprisals.

Then he pursed his lips and fell directly to his mother's vagina and kissed her pussy over her thong. Maria eyes popped open with shock and fear then she noticed it was her son attacking her vagina. Maria quickly recovered as her newest lover took charge and she cooed almost silently then said, "Oh Cody." Meanwhile back at the Academy: Regimental Commander Emma Watson was having her own conflict as she couldn't believe Robert came to the Academy and actually tried to ambush her.

As she sat in her chair listening to Captain Tom Wilkinson talking about having a passion for your career in the Navy she could see why people want to follow him. All eyes were glued to him as he spoke every word treating it like it was a drop of honey for nourishment. He made every midshipman feel like they had made the best decision to attend the Navy Academy and their futures were not measured in dollars and cents but in the accomplishments of their assignments that are handed down to them.

It sounds boring but it was the way he was pounding it out from the podium. He had every person on the edge of their seat with their hearts pounding ready to go out of the lecture hall door ready for battle. When he finally finished his speech the fifty or so midshipman stood in unison clapping like they were ready to go out to war and follow Tom right into the teeth of the enemy right then and there.

Meanwhile back at the Chalmers home: Cody moved his mother's thong to one side and Maria grabbed the sides of her sons face and with a challenging voice said, "Are you sure you are ready to do this again Cody?" Cody ignored his mother challenge and being a young inexperienced and typical teenage boy he just went for it. Stabbing his tongue into the opening of his mother's pussy Cody absorbed her wondrous musky aroma into his nostrils. Cody's enthusiasm massage rooms horny milf gets cream pie fuck his mother was like putting blinders around his eyes and became focused on one thing his mother's pussy.

Cody's hands were trembling with anticipation as he reached for her supple breasts that gave him nourishment when he was a baby. He began to squeeze them gently not wanting to hurt his mother. Bringing his fore fingers and thumbs to his mother's nipples he began to gently pinching sending whole new seismic waves of excitement throughout his mother's body. Maria's eyes were still closed as her mind was still wrapping around the idea of allowing her son access to her womanhood.

Her head was literally slashing from side to side like she was saying no but her vagina was crying out yes, yes, yes as her fluids began to coat her love canal. Her moisture built up inside of her to the point that her fluids began to trickle down to her opening. Cody's tongue was flicking fast and furious like a snakes tongue. Cody was creating amazing pleasure for her, "Oh honey mommy loves the way you do that please honey don't stop." Maria bringing her hands to the back of her sons head she opened her legs over the arms of the chaise chair lifting her hips upwards to give easier access for her son as she pulled her sons head as deep as it could go between her legs wanting every pleasure from his mouth to fulfill her carnal lust for Cody.

Cody pulled slightly away from his mother's pussy as the contrast changed from when he first started eating her with his tongue inside of his mother. Now that her pussy began to flow he was treated to a tangy smell and a savory taste that he was beginning to yearn for. The issue with Cody being a young man is he's impatient. Cody's face was adorned with his mother's special elixir.

Maria slowly and deliberately moved her hips upwards and downwards over her sons mouth. Cody was being treated to a cornucopia of aromas and flavors that contrasted from his mother's anus that smelled like fresh coconut because of the sun tan lotion. To the taste of his mother's asshole that was freshly cleaned then there came the fresh smell of her orgasm emanating from her pussy.

His face was then treated to a fresh coat of her potion that kept his cock hard and ready to fuck his mother the moment that she was ready. Cody was not worried so much about pleasuring his mother it was his own carnal gratification that he was after. After several minutes of foreplay Cody stood before his mother with his penis trapped under the elastic band of his gym shorts he quickly pushed them down to his ankles.

His penis slapped up against his stomach and then bounced off hard and then it recoiled again onto his stomach. Moving his hand down to control his shaft he giggled looking into his mother's eyes and fired a challenge to his mother, "Are you ready for your son mommy?" Maria was in the throes of passion caused by her young teenage lover.

Her breathing was heavy and bated as her eyes were hungry with anticipation seeing that her son was ready to charge yet again. Cody's cock charged at her like a bull but like a matador she deflected him by moving forward to the edge of the chaise lounge and met her son's penis with her open mouth. Cody's cock slipped perfectly between her open lips.

Maria took him inside her mouth like a pro controlling her son's aggressiveness. Maria began to suck his penis and as her son's penis was throbbing with excitement she let it slip from her mouth and said, "You mean something like this?" Then she opened her mouth wide and engulfed his entire shaft. Grasping his young virile ass with her hands she pulled him into her mouth hard and deep as she could. Maria sucked him and as her mouth built up with saliva she would spit it on his shaft and jerk his shaft as she sucked on his head.

Maria moved her left hand down to her clit to entice more of cumming on show times hanging tits tube porn juices to flow.

Cody stood there in awe, "I can't believe that my cock actually disappeared inside of your mouth mommy! That was awesome mommy. Do that again!" Maria worked on his boner like a professional slut that she was. Every time she moved down on her son Cody was encouraging her to swallow the whole thing into her mouth. Finally when she felt that his cock was properly lubed with her saliva she looked up at her young virile son, "I guess you would like to have some more of your mommy's pussy?" Cody playfully pushed his mother's forehead gently backwards.

Maria reclined on the chaise and spread her legs as far apart as she could. Cody dropped to his knees and grasped his mother's hips pulling her to the edge of the chair so that their privates were able to meet and begin their blissful love making. Maria took charge and helped her son to the mouth of her vagina, "Are you ready mommy?" Maria smiled, "Oh I'm ready the question is can you handle me?" Cody took his mother's challenge and wanted to prove to her that he could match her aggressiveness.

Cody pushed slowly inside feeling his mother's vagina coating his mushroom head and then she began to close her walls around his shaft applying her special juice. Cody's penis was eager to pleasure his mother as his blood was coursing through milf loves to see horny guys get erections to her veins inside his penis made it seem like an iron beam being placed to his natural position.

Cody's eyes rolled into his xxx sex stories vi nin 2019 and his mouth was agape, "Mommy your pussy is you make my cock feel it's absolutely amazing when I'm inside of you." Maria put her arms around his neck and her legs around her sons waist, "Just relax their stud I'll take care of everything." Maria's years of comprehension of pleasing a man took over.

Moving forwards and backwards opening and closing her vagina Cody was treated to the vast years of experience that his mother had obtained. Then she altered her motion by then moving her hips upwards and downwards in short but deliberate bursts of powerful thrust became devastating to her son's young teen cock. Cody held on for dear life as his mother began her first lessons of love making with him but unfortunately for Cody he could not hold back his excitement, "Mom if you don't stop you are going to make me finish inside of you." Maria smiled, "Isn't that the point honey?

I want you to fill me up with your sperm. I want it all my baby boy " Cody began to plead with his mother, "Please mom I want to last longer than this!" Maria was unrelenting in her assault and looking into her young lover's eyes, "Come on Cody give it to mommy fill mommy with your sperm honey I want to feel you erupt inside of me." Even Maria was having a hard time holding back her own orgasm.

"Please honey thrust forwards and backwards in motion with me let's climax together." It was too late, "I'm sorry mommy." His breathing was intense and Maria could feel her son's shaft begin to expand along with his head inside of her, "Mommy I'm sorry but I can't control it anymore I'm going to finish inside of you." Maria's eyes were wild with anticipation, "That's what I want honey finish inside of me give me your orgasm honey it's okay to finish inside." Cody's thrusts were hard and deliberate as each bone crushing thrust Cody shot another stream of his sperm inside of his mother.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes, take it all mommy." Unable to catch his breath he fell forward on top of his mother as her arms and legs did not release him from her embrace he looked deep into his mother's eyes, "That was like crazy great mom. That was by far the most intense orgasm of my life. Thank you for sharing yourself with me mommy." Maria moved up and kissed her son on the lips and she could smell and taste the diverse aromas of her lower extremities.

Not fazed by the smell and taste of her asshole and vagina Maria pushed her lips to her sons and kissed brunette teen bikini staycation with a latin hottie with love and stunning passion. Her tongue pushed into his wanting mouth and their tongues began to fence with one another. When she broke from her embrace she said, "Honey I've been sharing my life and body with you ever since your father gave me the greatest gift when he finished inside of me and gave me you." Cody smirked, "Oh mom why do you always have to go too far.

Maria said, "I'm sorry that I love you so much and thank you for sharing yourself with me." Cody looked slightly disappointed, "Mom I really wanted to last longer than like two minutes but the way you I don't know what you call what you just did to me but it was like like mom that was amazing! No wonder dad is so in love with you." Maria moved both hands to his face, "Speaking of which this affair of ours stays between us. Dad is not to know about us and neither should Carina do you understand me?" Cody felt his manhood beginning to deflate inside goofy pretty little babe gets a white cock his mother, "Of course what do you think I'm stupid or something?" Maria gave her son a loving smile, "I don't think you're stupid but I want to tell daddy in my own way about us.

Can you understand that honey?" Cody pulled out of his mother and offered her his hand to help her up, "Mom you do what you think is right." Then he moved his fingers to his lips and moved them from left to right over his lips imitating like he was zippering up his lips.

Stay tuned as things are just starting to heat up once again.

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