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The discovery of the security camera was a shock, but I guess I should have expected it. After all, it was a very large house that just screamed "RICH" from the outside, and everything in it was very expensive. I surprised myself by not feeling like I had to cover up, instead, I got up and walked around the pool into the house.

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At first I was going to find the tape and erase it, but then thinking, why bother? I liked John, and though I hadn't thought of him before as a possible partner, it had recently begun to seem possible for some reason. After all, despite his age (he was in his fifties at the time) he was kind of attractive and certainly considerate.

I also didn't want to jeapordise my job here, so I decided to not say anything, thinking that if I didn't draw attention to it, he might not look at the tapes. My only thought was that the freedom of being naked, whether in the pool or doing my work, would end tomorrow when John returned from his trip. I suppose I should explain why I reacted this way. My life up to this point was sexually kind of frustrated, my ex-boyfriend having left over three months ago, and not having any kind of release until I started swimming in the nude here at John's house.

The seclusion stimulating group fucking for oriental japanese hardcore privacy made this in effect my personal sexual haven, the privacy a welcome place to release the built-up tension.

I've never been a prude, but my life up to now was governed by standards that said one didn't parade around without any clothes on, even in one's own house. But here, I felt free to do so whenever I chose, eventually even doing my housekeeping job in the nude.

I guess part of it was having the photographs of women on the walls, and with John away and the house to myself somehow made it feel very natural.

I had to get back to work anyway, and I wanted the place to be spotless. Not bothering to get dressed, I went about my job, relishing in the freedom of nudity,and was almost done, just finishing up the living room, when I heard a cough behind me!

I whirled around in surprise, to see John standing there looking at me.

I felt like fleeing, but again the free feeling of the house made me stay, and remark "You're back early, I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow!" "I noticed! But it's a nice surprise. It's been quite a while since a woman as beautiful as you was so comfortable in my house!" Under his gaze, I could feel my nipples contract and harden, and a twinge in my crotch. Was I getting horny guys get to bang girls outdoors on just by standing there naked in front of him?

It was a little too much and I said "I was just finishing up, so I'll get dressed and be leaving" I picked up my cleaning things and started to go past him when he reached an arm out and put it on my waist stopping me in my tracks. His hand was warm on my skin, causing another jolt to my pussy. "Don't feel embarrassed, Samantha, nudity is such a natural thing, and you're so beautiful, you should never regret this." His gaze into my eyes was so steady and warm, his hand on my waist was so stimulating,I couldn't turn away.

Instead, I felt a warmth flow through me from my crotch radiating out till my fingers tingled and I became a little light headed. As I gazed into his eyes, I had only one thing on my mind, and I leaned inslightly and brushed his lips with mine. (Oh God, what was I thinking!) He put one hand on the back of my head, and the other on the small of my back, and crushed me to him, kissing me hard and running his tongue around my mouth.

I put my arms around his shoulders and kissed him back, my lips on fire, sucking hungrily on his tongue. He broke the kiss, started running his hand through my hair, and gave me light kisses, starting an my forehead, then going to my ears, down my neck, spending time kissing, then licking softly just below my ear. Oh God! It had been so long since a man touched me! I couldn't believe how good this felt, the heat in my pussy building, and the wetness starting to flow.

As he worked down my neck, his hands bacame busy caressing my sides and back, transferring their heat to my now very sensitive skin. His kisses arrived at the hollow between my collar bones, and he lingered their, again kissing and licking softly.

I was now feeling the need to feel his skin, so I started pulling his polo shirt up exposing his slightly hairy chest to my hands.His expert mouth now arrived at my breasts, continuing the kisses and licks, as he moved over them, first one then the other. When his lips first brushed my nipple, my legs became weak, and I moved to sit on the couch.

As I did this, he finished removing his shirt, showing his muscled features. Now he was kneeling between my legs, playing with my nipples with his mouth, sending fire through my body, causing moans to escape from my lips. The men and boys I had been with up till now had never made me feel like this. My hands roamed over his mfc camgirl alielle self fisting no sound and arms, until he lightly bit my nipple, and I grabbed his head and crushed it to my breast, craving more of his loving mouth.

He responded by sucking my nipple, and it seemed my entire breast, into his mouth, rubbing his tongue hard on my flesh. This brought my level of arousal right to and beyond the breaking point, and I felt the familiar flood beginning, the convulsions of orgasm taking over my body and mind. I had heard of reaching orgasm just by playing with your tits, but never really believed it till now.

As I calmed down, John kissed his way up to my mouth, softly caressing my body, sending continuing tingles through me, effectively making my high last much longer.

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He ended up holding me in his arms, whispering in my ear how beautiful I was, how much he enjoyed giving me such pleasure. I lay there in his arms, thinking how that was about the best orgasm I had ever had, and maybe ever would have, but I still felt a need for more. My pussy felt empty, wanting to be filled, pulsing with the need for a cock buried deep inside. I took John's head in my hands, and began kissing him, starting with his mouth.

I gave him a kiss I thought he would never forget, running my tongue all around his lips, his teeth and the roof of his mouth, extending it as far into his mouth as I could, and fucking his mouth with it. As I did this, he started unbuckling his belt, and then pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees, letting his cock out of it's prison. I reached down sunny leone brazzer xxxlong story took it in my hand, happy at it's large size, feeling the bumps and ridges and the precum on the tip.

I pulled him to me, and placed his cock at my pussy lips, coating the head with my juices, running it up and down my slit, enjoying the smoothness as our skin rubbed on each other. I pulled a little more, and he began pushing it into my cunt, forcing my lips wide as it slowly rammed into me.

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He whispered to me that it felt so good, he didn't know how long he could hold out, and I said I didn't care, he felt so good inside me. He began thrusting inside me, filling me to capacity then withdrawing, making me feel full then empty, cycling each time, increasing his speed until he was ramming me like a piston.

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He said he was so close to cumming, but after my first orgasm, I was ripe for another, and it wasn't long before we were both cumming together, his orgasm pushing me over the edge again. And surprisingly for me, as he stroked in and out as he came down, I had another orgasm, not as strong as the first, but more satisfying emotionally.

We lay in each other's arms for quite a while, till we were somewhat recovered, then got up and went into the pool for a swim. We talked for a long time, covering our pasts, present activities, and dreams of the future. When he asked me to stay for dinner, it seemed natural to say yes, and as the evening progressed, John told me about a colleague who would be arriving in a couple of weeks, the arrangements that would have to be made, etc.

I finally had to leave, responsibilities at home that required my presence. We kissed softly in parting, and I drove home not quite believing what had just happened.