Hot krissy receives her mans cum gun

Hot krissy receives her mans cum gun
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I have changed the age of my Niece to be compliant with the rules. I apologize for any confusion, however I hope you will understand. Chapter 9 I woke up on Saturday morning with a smile on my face. My arms were wrapped around the soft, warm body of my niece. Her eyes were still closed and she was breathing deeply. I looked out the window and could see rain coming down. "Well," I thought to myself, "guess that means no working outside for me today." I looked down at her still form next to me, and my smile brightened.

"That's just fine with me." I gently eased my arm out from under her head, and started to slip out of bed. "Awwwww!" Kaylee whined at me, without ever opening her eyes. "Not yet! Cuddle me some more, PLEASE!

Just a bit longer?" Laughing at the poor, pitiful creature, I scooted back over and slid next to her nude, lithe body. "Well, it's raining, and I guess I don't have anywhere else I really need to be." I said joking with her.

"But don't think I'm going to give in to your demands every time you whine." Kaylee wiggled her backside closer into my embrace as we spooned together. She let out a delighted, and contented purr. We laid there for another ten minutes, or so, till her breathing deepened. I thought she had fallen back asleep. When her butt started pressing against my crotch, I had another opinion. My already semi erect, morning wood, stood quickly to attention.

My hand, found it's way around to lightly rub her breast. My lips went to the spot just below the ear and kissed. I was rewarded by a very long soft moan of pleasure. Kaylee's hand reached around between us, and started to stroke me. Then she lifted her leg, and put me between her thighs. Her hips started to move back and forth. I could feel how wet she already was, as my dick rubbed along the outside of her slit.

"Well now, this hardly feels like cuddling anymore." I teased. "MMMMHHHHMM." She replied in a very sexy voice. "It's cuddling, with benefits!" She repositioned her hips, reached between her legs, and placed my head at her opening.

Very slowly I slid forward and entered my warm, wet, niece. I started to rock back and forth, taking my time, savoring the feeling. She was tight, but her wetness made each stroke, glide as smooth as silk.

Her fingers dug lightly into my thigh. I was rubbing her breast and kissing her neck, thoroughly enjoying the unhurried pace. This wasn't wild, intense, frenzied sex. It was slow, sensual love making. I have enjoyed both, and each has their place, and time. But on a lazy, rainy morning? This felt perfect! We laid there, moving gently back and forth, each letting out occasional sighs, and moans. Feeling each others movements, and indulging in every sensation. Kaylee pulled away. "I Have Got To Kiss You!" She tenderly pushed me onto my back, and straddled me.

Her lips met mine, full of intensity and desire, as she lowered herself back onto my waiting prick. We kissed. Long, wet, passionate kisses. With her on top, she seemed content with the slow, unhurried pace. Lifting herself up completely, then, very slowly, coming back down onto my lap. Her warmth, engulfing me fully. Her lips left mine only to suck my lower lip into her mouth. Biting gently, and then moaning into my open mouth.

My hands ran up and down her back, pressing my fingertips against the smooth flesh. Her young, firm body rocking steadily against mine. My heartbeat accelerated, my breathing seemed to stop. "Oh Sweetheart, I love you!" I sighed. Kaylee's pace sped up a bit. "I love you too, Baby!" My body shook, as I came within the deep recesses of my beautiful niece.

Involuntary spasms made me thrust against her again, and again. I pulled her down and kissed her, as my body relaxed, and fell into an almost total state of rest.

Kaylee slowed, then stopped her movements on top of me, but kept me inside of her, while she kissed me and put her arms around my neck. "That was amazing, Baby. Thank you!" I looked up into her smiling face, as my penis was going soft inside of her, and replied. "This might be the best anniversary weekend ever!" Kaylee giggled, then kissed me again. "I love that you remembered! Best Boyfriend Ever!" She rolled off from on top of me. "Now, I better get up before I wet the bed." She stood up, raised her arms above her head, and gave a huge stretch.

Her small breasts, and flat stomach looked amazing. Her rounded hips and muscular legs, outstanding. She is totally unselfconscious about being naked in front of me.

To me, this is very sexy. A woman that is confident, and secure enough, to be comfortable being nude in front of someone, makes them even more beautiful.

I am a very lucky guy! Kaylee walked towards the bathroom, passing the full length mirror on the closet door. She let out a sudden scream. "OH my god!" I almost jumped out of cute brunette valentina nappi fucked by huge monstercock, startled. "What's wrong?" "Look at me!" Her hands went up to her hair, all tangled and sticking up wildly in a birds nest of corkscrews. "How could you make love to me like this? I'm hideous!" She tried to tame the mess to no avail.

"This is what I get for trying to look pretty, coming to bed without tying my hair up." I laughed at her. "Well. I think you are adorable!" "And I think you need glasses. I'm going to wash my hair, I'll be down in a bit." She blew me a kiss, then turned and walked into the bathroom. I watched her perfect ass the whole way in. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forty minutes later, Kaylee walked into the kitchen.

She was freshly showered and wearing her green fuzzy robe, with her hair wrapped in a towel. She poured a bowl of cereal and came up to the table. She set down her bowl and very gingerly sat down. "Whats wrong? Are you sore from last night?" I asked. She gave me a mischievous smile. "Nope." "Oh you looked like you were in pain for a second." "No, not pain exactly." She winked at me and started to blush a bit.

It took me a minute, then I asked her in surprise. "Do you have a butt plug in right now???" Kaylee looked embarrassed, but nodded her head. "I want your present to be ready tonight so." I started to laugh.

"I don't think anyone has ever given me something that required so much work before." Kaylee's smile was pure evil as she said.

"Trust me, it's not work!" She was still blushing, but looked like she was enjoying herself. "I've got the large one in. It did hurt a little, getting it to go in, but it feels kind of good now. I think we can try tonight." I was instantly turned on, thinking about my young niece sitting across from me, stretching her butt hole so that we could try anal sex. "All I can say, is that, I can't wait for tonight!." She looked pleased, and reached across the table to hold my hand.

"So, tricked lil sis and friend to share my cock and cum it feel a lot different? I mean. for guys? Is it really a different feeling?" "Well, I guess that it is. It's not built the same as in front." I answered lamely.

"I think that the taboo of doing it is probably the biggest difference." Kaylee looked confused. "Wait! I thought.You mean. You've never???" I laughed again. "No Sweetheart, I have never experienced that pleasure." Kaylee's face lit up with a bright smile. "I'll be your first?!? That makes russian girls virgin first time sex WAY better!

I didn't know! I just assumed." "Hey!

I'm not some sort of slut. There is a lot of things I have never done." I said defensively. "I've never been with a girl who really wanted to try." Her hand squeezed mine. "I'm glad we can try something that is new to both of us. It gets me excited to know that I'm the first girl to let you. You know." Her smile turned thoughtful. "Uncle Benny? Does it make me a slut to want to have you." She was now turning bright red in the face. "back there?" I looked her in the eye.

"This is just my opinion, but.

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I think that there is nothing wrong with enjoying sex with someone you love. Go for it! The fact that you want to try new, and different things? That just means you are open minded and adventurous. It doesn't mean you are a slut. If you don't like it? Don't do it again.

As long as two people are consenting, I don't see anything wrong with trying new things. If we do something that makes you feel bad, or that you don't like. Say so, and we will never do it again." Kaylee giggled. "I can't think of ANYTHING you have done that makes me feel bad. I love how you have always given me the control to stop." She gave anal of legal age teenager is nailed an evil grin.

"At least if I am a slut. I'm your slut!" We spent the rest of the day lounging around, and doing nothing. The kind of day that sounds boring, but really isn't. As the rain fell outside, we read our books, watched a movie, and talked about all sorts of things. I loved just spending time with her. As evening approached, I asked. "What sounds good for dinner? I don't really feel like cooking. We can go in to eat, or I can get us something to go." Kaylee gave me a smile. "I don't feel like going out.

Why don't you just get us some take out, and we can have dinner here? The Mexican place down the road sounds great! I'll set the table, if you run down and get it." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When I got back with dinner, Kaylee was waiting for me.

She had loosely braided her long, blonde hair, and had put in her new diamond earrings. She was wearing her thick, fluffy robe, and I instantly started to wonder what was underneath. She led me into the dining room. The table was covered with a nice lace cloth that I didn't even know I owned. Good plates and silverware were laid out. There were 3 candles lit, and even a small vase of wildflowers, from out by the barn.

I leaned down and kissed her. "It looks beautiful." "Oh, don't lie!" She laughed. "I know it's too much for some greasy, Mexican, take out food! I just thought it was fun, setting it up just for hot brunette in cute xmas jumper sucks dick pussy rubbing and masturbation two of us." After dinner, Kaylee cleared the plates.

As she turned back to the table, she asked me in a flirtatious voice. "Whatever should we do now?" She walked towards me, she opened her robe, and let it slide slowly to the ground.

She was wearing a very sexy, cup-less, shelf bra. It was white lace, with a blue satin ribbon weaved throughout, and matching thong panties. It supported the underside of her already perky breasts, and raised them up, and together, while not covering any thing but the bare minimum of flesh. Both of her perfect, quarter sized areola were plainly in sight, with nipples standing erect. This "bra", as far as I could tell, served no utilitarian purpose at all. A total waste of money! And right then I would have paid ten times the price to be seeing it on my beautiful niece!

"Oh Damn!" Was about all I could get out. Kaylee walked over and sat down in my lap. I leaned up to kiss her, and she teased me by retreating to ask. "Is there a game on TV you want to see? Or maybe, you want to watch the news?" I tried to kiss her again, and giggling she pulled away. "Oh, you think you are so smart huh?" I growled at her. "You forget who's not wearing any clothes!" I leaned down and took one of her pert nipples into my mouth.

My right hand reached between her legs, and firmly grabbed her crotch. "Ohh! MMMM!" She moaned softly as her body tensed in my grasp. She pulled my head back and kissed me fiercely. After a moment she pulled back and whined.

"Not fair! I'm the one who is supposed to be taking advantage of you!" She had a pout on her lips, but a smile in her eyes. "So sorry my love!" I tried to look thoughtful. "Now that you mention it, there is a good book I've been reading." She got up and took me by the hand.

"Oh! Shut up!" She giggled as she pulled me up. "I'm about ready to make you sleep out in the rain with the horses!" She stood on her toes for a kiss, and I obliged. "Better!" She smiled "Now, lets go upstairs." I followed her across the living room, staring at her wondrous ass the entire way.

As tkw hongkong ngentot dengan majikan nya started up the stairs she asked coyly. "Do you know why I picked these underwear specifically for tonight?" My first answer was, "Because they make your ass look like a million bucks!", but I kept my mouth shut, and took a closer look.

The white lace came together in a T, where the waistband, and the thong came out from her firm, shapely cheeks. There, the blue ribbon came together. "Well look at that! A bow." Kaylee turned around on the top step. A smile as bright as the sun. "Yup! You win! A present isn't complete till you put the bow on it!" Her arms wrapped around my neck, as her lips, greedily met mine.

"I love you so much!" My arms went around her waist, and I picked her up and carried her the rest of the way to our room. "I love you too." I tried to say against her fiery kisses. I sat down on the edge of the bed, laying back with her on top of me.

For a long time we just laid there kissing, our tongues slowly twining around each other. Kaylee pulled back first. "I really think you are a little over dressed." She gave a sexy grin. "Why don't I help with that?" She kneeled on the floor next to the bed, pulling me into a sitting position. First she removed my boots and socks, then raised up and kissed me again.

Her hands raised my arms, and she pulled my shirt over my head. As she threw my shirt behind her, she kissed my neck, and nibbled on my ear. Her lips trailed down my shoulder, then she took one of my nipples into her mouth. She sucked hard, twirling her tongue around, then lightly bit with her teeth. My whole body shivered and broke out in goose bumps.

"Awwww, I think you liked that." She teased. she kissed down, till she was at the waistband of my jeans. Unbuttoning my jeans, her eyes were on mine.

Those gorgeous green eyes, sparkling in the same light that was reflected in her diamond earrings. The long, thick braid of light blond hair pulled over her shoulder. Her cute button nose, over those sexy full lips, that were spread in a smile, that I knew, was for me alone. She was, and will always be, the most beautiful thing in my life!

I lifted my hips so that she could slide my pants over my thighs. She discarded my jeans, then knelt between my legs. She took my erection in her small hand, and in a very cute voice, she addressed my manhood.

"Well, hello there! We have some really interesting plans for you tonight.

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I think you are going to like it!" With that, she took me into her mouth. I leaned back onto my elbows, as Kaylee worked her magic with her mouth. The way she could take me all the way in, and still use her tongue so amazingly, took my breath away. Her head bobbed up and down. Her mouth kissing, sucking, and licking every inch of me.

My body relaxed and enjoyed every moment. However, like she had said, we had other plans tonight. I waited till I knew that I couldn't last much longer, and softly stopped her movements. I reached down and pulled her onto the bed. I kissed her with every bit of passion I had. "I think it's your turn." I slid down, kissing her body as I went. I took the place that she had just left, kneeling between her legs.

I pulled the sexy lace thong down over her legs, and threw it onto the growing pile of clothing next to the bed. I kissed up her inner thighs, licking and nibbling along the way. Then I looked up at her "muffin". Her pubic hair is soft, not coarse, not very thick, and mostly straight. It forms a perfect inverted triangle of blonde hair, almost as light as the hair on her head. Her lips are quite small, and make an adorable little raindrop.

The crown jewel though is the little pearl, hidden at the top, small and light pink, just peeking out. It was there I aimed my next kiss. I took her clit between my lips, licking and teasing with my tongue. I ran my tongue along her slit, pressing between her folds. I inhaled deeply through my nose, taking in her scent. Clean, but musky at the same time. I used my mouth in every way I could think of, to pleasure her.

I knew that if this was going to work tonight, she needed to be as relaxed, and as turned on as could be. I continued till her breathing began to get rapid. I gently reached beneath her and rolled her onto her hands and knees. I kept kissing and licking, as my hand reached around and caressed her from underneath. My thumb found her button, and I licked both of her openings as I rubbed.

"Oh my God! That feels great!" She moaned out. Kaylee started to press back into my face, and hand. Panting, and moaning as her body shook. "Yesssss, Oh, Yesss!" Her orgasm had just started, when I raised up and entered her pussy from behind. "AAAAAHHHH! Oh Baby! Uggghh!" Her screams turned into incoherent, guttural moans. I kept sliding in and out of my niece, as her body rocked in pleasure. Her arms let go, and she was laying face down, with her ass up in the air.

Still breathing in gasps, she said. "Please. I want you now!" Her backside pressed against me, then she pulled forward till I was no longer inside of her. "Go ahead. Take me!" Looking down at my niece. Her incredible butt in the air, practically begging me to fuck her ass! It adorable czech kitten gets teased in the mall and banged in pov made me cum right then.

I reached over to the nightstand, where we had left the bottle of lube. I trickled it down her crack, I also ran a generous amount over my erection. I held her cheeks together as I stroked back and forth between her butt crack.

Each time lightly rubbing against her waiting back door. I placed my prick against her little brown starfish and started to press. "You have to tell me." I whispered. "If it hurts. If you don't like it, just say stop." I moved my hips forward.

I felt the tightness surround me as I pressed against the first couple of inches of her opening. Kaylee sharply drew in breath between her teeth.

She exhaled, "Aughh", but she didn't ask me to stop. In fact she pressed against me, pushing me in further. "Oh Man!" She was panting. "Keep going, just slow!" I felt like time had slowed. I pressed into my nieces virgin ass, little by little. She pushed back against me till finally, her cheeks met my thighs.

"Oh, Baby! Just be still a minute." She was breathing like a locomotive. "That is so wild!

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I feel so full!" Kaylee looked back at me, a huge grin on her sweaty face. "I knew I could do it!" Her ass clenched onto me, then relaxed. "Just give me a second to get used to it." I could feel every muscle inside of her.

First contracting then relaxing.

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I looked down, and almost came. The feeling was incredible. But the sight of my dick, buried inside of my niece's perfect ass. It was dirty, taboo, and so very erotic. She started to slowly rock forward. Then she moved back against me. I reached under her and rubbed her button. She started to groan louder. "Oh, keep doing that!" Her movements increased, little by little, and I continued to massage her clit.

Soon I was moving against her, while still circling her little pearl. Her moaning was constant as we pushed together. She relaxed to the point that I could slowly, but steadily, stroke in and out.

Feeling the tight muscles grabbing me and releasing, almost like the grip of a hand. "Oh shit, Kaylee! You feel so good!" I yelled out. Chick lyla letto gets impaled by delivery guy body went stiff, then started to tremble. "Oh, Uncle Benny! I'm cumming!" She was screaming loud enough to wake the dead.

"Oh! Now!! YES!!!" I pressed all the way inside of her. Her tight ass contracted onto my dick. Every muscle tightening down onto me. It felt like her body was pulling me in, massaging me.

I couldn't stand it any longer. "UUUNNNGGHH!" I let out a huge grunt as my own body went rigid. I felt myself shoot load after load of cum into my nieces bum. I pushed harder against her tight, sexy ass a few more times, and held myself still.

Unable to move. Eventually, I slowly pulled out of my young, petite, niece's ass. I looked down and watched, as a trickle of my cum milf likes young big black cock and tit blonde striptease xxx peeping tom on our asses slowly out of her newly violated hole.

I felt a shiver of pleasure. It is a mental picture that I will treasure till the day I die. I moved up the bed next to Kaylee.

She was still on her knees with her face down in the pillow. "Are you OK?" I asked. Her head turned to me with a smile from ear to ear. "Way better than OK." She started to giggle. "Just too exhausted to move!" She finally laid down and placed her head on my chest, with her arms around me.

We laid there till we were both back to normal. Kaylee scooted up to the pillow to look me in the eyes. "You first! Did you like it?" I laughed hard! "Like it? I thought that was obvious. It felt fantastic, and knowing we were doing something so. let's just say personal, made it that much better. I was a little worried about hurting you, so I tried to go slow, but I think I may have been too rough near the end." Kaylee couldn't stop grinning.

"You did just fine! It really didn't hurt at all." She stopped for a second, then admitted. "Well, only at the beginning! But not real bad, and not at all like I thought it might.

Then it felt awesome. Near the end, I was totally OK with you going a little harder. Next time, I don't think we will need to be as careful." I smiled. "Next time?" I asked. "OH YEAH! Maybe not for a few days, but we are so going to do that again!" She kissed me.

"That was crazy hot! I liked it even more than I thought I would!" "I could be persuaded to try again, I guess." I reached over and ran my hand over her crotch. "As long as you know, that your muffin is still my favorite." Kaylee giggled at my use of her own nickname.

"Yes dear." She replied sarcastically. "My muffin would have it no other way!" We reluctantly got out of bed to clean up, and use the restroom. A few minutes later we were cuddled up, beauteous virgin having some sex smalltits hardcore in bed.

We kissed, and caressed each other, both too worn out for anything else. Kaylee looked over at the bedside table.

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"Oh my gosh! It's 12:05! Happy anniversary Baby!" She threw her arms around me, and kissed me repeatedly. "I wonder what we could do to top this next year?" I chuckled. "I'm not completely sure I'm going to survive this one." Kaylee leaned back and looked me in the eye.

"You better! I plan on having at least 50 more anniversaries with you!" She laid back and demanded that I kiss her goodnight! I kissed her left cheek, her right, then her forehead. She responded with "I Love You!" Then she gave me a long warm kiss. I shut out the lights as she snuggled up against me. "50 more huh?" I wondered to myself. I started to run all of the arguments against the two of us being together through my head.

Suddenly I stopped, and just enjoyed the feeling of my sexy, warm girlfriend next to me. "Yeah! 50 sounds good!" To be continued: