Ass of teenie is banged blowjob amateur

Ass of teenie is banged blowjob amateur
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Soulmate by: Discreet Lover Copyright 2012 Her soft lips touched mine as we kissed. The smell of her perfume filled my nose as we embraced. It always amazed brona eurotic tv exclusive show just how well she fit against me.

She must've been placed on this earth just for me. All too soon the hug ended and she pulled away. Her pretty face was lite up with a bright smile as she chatted about her day. How she had aced a test she had been certain she'd fail. How her coach had made them run suicides because the team couldn't calm down and focus on the plays. As she chattered away energetically she moved gracefully around the kitchen fixing a sandwich. Normally I get home before she does and make her a snack.

But today I was held up in a meeting so I hadn't made it home in time to fix one, not that she minded.

Our evening went normally. We sat across from each other at the dining room table, she was doing homework, I was looking over contracts for work. Both of us were eating pizza as I had been to lazy to cook that night.

Around 8:30 she put down her pen and looked at me with a triumphant smile. "I'm done!" She announced proudly. "Congratulations." I replied with an amused smile.

"It took you long enough." She rolled her eyes at me then a small smile spread across her face. "I'm going to get ready for bed." She said casually.

"Don't stay up to late." And with that she was gone. My panties grew damp as I watched her ass sway as she walked upstairs. A small smile played on my lips as I finished up my contracts, rushing just a little. Once I finished and put them into my intense threesome action with hot twins cumshots and brunette, I checked the doors, set the alarm and turned out the lights before heading upstairs.

When I entered my room a glorious sight greeted me. The young naked body of my lover laid in the center of our bed. Her pretty strawberry blond hair fanned out around her head like a halo.

Her firm breasts topped with hard nipples just ready for me suck on pointed towards the ceiling. Her firm yet soft body was flush with arousal. Those beautiful grey eyes were closed tight as she masturbated. The sound of her heavy breathing filled the room, the smell of her arousal was so strong and intoxicating it made my mouth water. All I could do was stare for a moment I hadn't made a sound yet somehow she sensed my presence for her eyes opened.

"You were taking to long." Came the gasped explanation.

With an amused smile I quickly stripped. "Well I'm here now." I moved onto the bed and pulled her hand away from her pussy making her whimper.

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I could tell she was on the verge of an orgasm but I knew it would be even better if she waited. "Shh darling. I'll take care of it." I whispered just before I kissed her, our tongues dancing together. As we kissed her body started to relaxed signalling that she was calming down which meant it was time for me to excite her again.

My first thought was to tease her and make her wait, but I knew she didn't really like that especially since I've already stopped her orgasm once already. I slipped down her body and moved between her legs. "Please! Just do it!" Came her impatient cry which made me chuckled.

The impatience of young, they just don't understand how drawing it out, how foreplay just makes it all the sweeter when you finally get to the main event. Eventually I'll teach her that, but for now I gave into her wish.

My lips gently brushed her clit making her shiver in delight and moan softly. I lifted her legs up and over my shoulders for better access before I really started on her. I sucked gently just enough to excite her but not sex amateursection com story porno enough pressure to bring her off.

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My tongue flicked the hard button making her squeal and tremble. Hard suck, gentle suck, hard nip, repeat. I teased her, aroused her, made her moan and scream my name but I didn't do enough to bring her off.

She knew the only way to get what she wanted was to beg, beg me to take her over the edge. Finally she just couldn't take anymore. She begged.

"Please! Oh God!

Please! I need to cum!" That was what I had been waiting on. I sucked her clit hard and plunged two fingers into ther tight pussy pumping hard and fast. A few seconds later she screamed her orgasm. "OHMYGOD!!" Her body trembled, bucked, shook and she flooded my mouth with her delicious sweet flavor.

After a few moments she finally relaxed. Damn was all she said. "I think you liked that." I said in a teasing tone. Her eyes lite up with a smile. "I loved it. I love you." My heart filled to bursting with joy as I gazed at the beautiful young woman. She could've had anyone, someone younger and prettier them me, lord knows her school is filled with young women like that.

Yet, she chose to be with me, she was an angel. "I love you too baby." We kissed passionately, a soul searing kiss pouring all our love for each other into it. When we finally came up for air I felt her hand snake between my legs to stroke my pussy. "You're so wet." Stacked blonde gets her pretty face fucked big tits cumshot purred. Then that sexy woman moved on top of me positioning herself into a 69. Her baby smooth pussy with it's puffy lips settled above my mouth, it's honey dripping onto my lips.

I ran my hands over her back, down to her smooth ass giving her a playful swat. Then I felt it. Her tongue on my hard clit, her hands rubbing my thighs. A moan escaped my lips as she roughly licked my hard button. "Yeah baby. Just like that." I moaned into her pussy. My tongue danced around her pearl as my fingers slid inside her, stroking her. She moaned as she lapped at my wet pussy drinking down my nectar. Both our faces were buried in pussy, inhaling each other's scent, drinking each poisonous penny sexy teen beauty masturbates on cam essence.

My tongue replaced my fingers in her pussy. Oh God how I love that pussy, it was so tight it sucked at my tongue as I made love to her. Then without warning she tensed, hugged her body to mine and screamed into my pussy as she came flooding my mouth with flavor. At almost the same time I felt my orgasm hit and I came into her mouth too. We laid there catching our breath for a few minutes before she turned around and cuddled into my arms.

As soft sigh of contentment escaped my lips as she nuzzled my neck. "God I love you." She said softly. "I love you to baby. So much." I whispered as I rubbed her back gently.

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There was no other place I wanted to be at that moment then right there. In the arms of my lover, my soul mate, my daughter.