Kinky milf babe and a black shaft interracial brunette

Kinky milf babe and a black shaft interracial brunette
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It was a cold dark night as I rode in to my new home in Transylvania when I heard a noise that I had never heard before. I got off my horse and looked around and beheld one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. They were chocolate brown eyes with long auburn red hair and shining white teeth. She was dressed in a fabulous pink dress that did not seem to match the state of the village. She had a sort of confident regal air about her and seemed to not be worried that she was alone facing a man who could take advantage of her if he so wished.

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She continued walking closer towards me with an enticing smile. The closer she got the faster my heart pounded. When she was practically hugging me she smiled wider and stroked the back of her hands on my neck then leaned in and kissed me deeply.

She started kissing down my neck when I heard another woman's voice.This other woman was tall and beautiful with raven black hair and a gold trimmed white dress. "Aleera no! You know why we came out tonight and it is not to feed" Scolded the new woman. I have to admit I was shocked that I was now surrounded by the two most beautiful women I have ever seen when a third woman appeared. This one a blonde with a golden yellow dress.

She walked straight up to the redhead Aleera and whispered "We are looking for a lover" in her ear. The three women started looking me over head to toe still using their amazing smiles."Is there anything I can do to help you fine ladies?" I asked trying to be a gentleman.The raven haired woman answered me. "First let us introduce ourselves I am Verona,and these are my sisters Marishka and Aleera" Pointing to the blonde and redhead respectively. The woman Aleera then addressed me.

"We are having problems at our home and we need help with a few tasks, would you be willing to help?" I thought about it for a moment then responded. "It would be my honour, but do you ladies need a ride? I can get us a wagon" The blonde all dudes love sex with breasty doxies naturaltits and hardcore me.

"No that is not neccesary our home is just up that hill let us walk" So I followed the three women to their home. I could have sworn they were purposely swaying their hips to catch my eye. It was truthfully very seductive but I was not going to take advantage of these women. Their home was rather magnificient almost castle like and they lead me inside still swaying their hips seductively.In the back of my mind I was contemplating how it would be to make love to all three women at one time but was snapped out of my "daydream" by the woman Verona.

"We are having problems in our bed room there appears to be a draft could you try and help us fix it?" She gave me one of her amazing smiles so I couldnt help but say yes.Apparently the women had another plan in mind because as soon as I entered their bedroom they pushed me onto the biggest bed and quickly tore my clothes off leaving me naked before these three beautiful women. They looked at me with carnal hunger in there eyes and quickly dropped their dresses off their shoulders letting them fall to the floor and stepped out of them and pounced on me.

They were gorgeous. Aleera ebony babe gets pumped by big thick dick shoved her D size breasts into my face and I started sucking on her nipples causing her to moan. Marishka was contenting herself by licking my ball sack while Verona was expertly swallowing my 7 inch cock.

It seemed the more Aleera moaned the faster her sisters would lick and suck me. Aleera then positioned her legs one on each side of my head and lowered herself onto my face and I quickly began eating her out causing her to moan load and long. I couldnt last long with all this pleasure so I lifted Aleera and settled her onto my hard cock while Verona took Aleera's place on my face.

Aleera started bouncing up and down as I tryed to thrust upward.

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Marishka gently pushed Verona off of me and shoved her firm C size breasts into my face and I started sucking on her nipples while Verona sucked Aleera's. I was in absolute bliss.Then I started to groan as I shot rope after rope of thick white cum deep inside of Aleera and she moaned in pleasure. In a flash Marishka and Verona had me pinned to the bed as Aleera leaned towards my neck and sunk her vampire fangs into it.

She had started the process of turning me into a vampire. In a few minutes I would be a blood drinker like them. "He is such a good lover" Aleera commented to which her sister's agreed.

I was in complete agony as the transformation overtook me. I howled in pain while the sisters giggled with glee. Aleera stroked my face and smiled at me as she said "You might possibly be the one destined to overthrow Dracula" "We need to hide and protect him" Marishka chimed in.Shortly afterwards I stopped thrashing and howling and sat up straight and looked at the three sisters.

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"What exactly have you done to me?" Aleera leaned in and kissed me deeply and then responded "We have made you into one of us, a night walker, an undead" I took awhile to process what I had been told while Aleera continued to kiss me constantly while Verona flitted around the room gathering me up an outfit since they had torn mine off. Finally when Verona had determined that she had a sufficient outfit for me she spoke up.

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"Aleera hot spring orgy brave femmes with hijab try foursome enough, our guest needs his outfit" Aleera pouted. "Oh can't I make love to him just one more time?" "No! You and I must go back to Dracula before he becomes suspicious. Marishka will watch him." Verona ordered. Aleera continued to pout but followed Verona out of the house.

Marishka helped me into the outfit Verona had prepared for me. It was a hooded black jacket with black pants to match and black shoes. Daylight was fast approaching. "This way my dear we must go to sleep now" Marishka purred then lead me down into the basement where there were several open coffins arranged. "Do I have to sleep in this thing?" I asked with a hint of disgust. "Only until sunset my dear, now get in" Marishka prompted pointing to the largest coffin which was jet black oak.

I got into the coffin slowly and layed down having to cross my arms over my chest to fit inside. When sunlight entered the basement the coffin's lid instantly and automatically closed the coffin leaving me in the dark.

I sat there all day in a dreamlike stupor and when sunset came the lid slid off my coffin and I popped out of it and stretched my muscles.Marishka came over to me and wrapped her legs around my waist and kissed me then pulled her head back and looked at me with one of her dazzling smiles.

"And how was your rest my dear?" She purred. I kissed her and then said "Suprisingly well my love" We went up into the main house and she then took me out to teach me how to feed.

After feeding off a few villagers we went back home. "Very impressive my dear you learn quickly" Purred Marishka. She pushed me back onto the bed and kissed me deeply before unbuttoning my shirt and pants and tossing them to the ground.

She removed her dress and huge hooters blondie woman alicia amira outdoor fuck towards me on the bed with a smile lighting up her face when she went straight to work swallowing my cock. I moaned in pleasure as she swallowed my cock down her throat and started sucking my balls into her mouth. There was a shriek of displeasure as Verona and Aleera entered the room and saw Marishka pleasuring me.

"He is mine Marishka he chose me last night!" Aleera snarled. "Do not fight, I can pleasure you all but tonight it is Marishka's turn" I scolded. Aleera and Verona pouted but Marishka flashed a triumphant smile as she continued her task. Aleera and Verona stripped themselves and Verona had me suck on her B size breasts while Aleera sucked my balls and Marishka rode my cock. It felt amazing. Marishka began riding me as hard and fast as she could and I couldnt hold back any more and unloaded my cum deep inside her.

"oooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Moaned Marishka. I layed back exhausted when Verona pushed Marishka off of me and took her place on my cock. "Make love to me now" Verona demanded.

"I thought you were the one watching me when Marishka has to go back to Dracula, I had planned to make love to you then" I responded. "Yes I am but I dont care make love to me now" Verona pleaded. I didnt want to upset her so I started thrusting up into her as she rode me. She started moaning loudly while Aleera was straddling my face and Marishka sucked Verona's nipples.

I had Aleera get off me and I put Verona on her back and began thrusting rapidly into her as she screamed with pleasure. Aleera started licking Marishka's clit on the other bed making Marishka whimper with pleasure.

I could feel my climax coming so I picked Verona up with her still impaled on my cock and began thrusting hard and fast into her until I shot my load deep inside her pussy and put her back on the bed.

Aleera had now brought Marishka to orgasm and all four of us lay panting. Aleera suddenly sat up and asked if she could talk to me in another room so we both went into the study room still naked and she pinned me to the wall kissing me and grinding on me.

"Am I your favourite?" She asked almost desperately. "Of course my love" I replied and kissed her deeply.