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Huge boobs horny sexy babe tori taylor big boobs pornstar
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All my stories are fictional and are not intended to offend in any way. Please read the description of the story and decide if you want to read it before you read the story. I welcome all comments, both positive and negative aswell as any ideas and thoughts for stories. If you wish to email me direct please do so on [email protected] Back by popular demand, this is a fantasy story of a 16 year old twin brother and sister.

Both are sexually inexperienced and keen to learn and who better to learn with that your sibling. Two's Company Part 2 "Oh, baby, I need to cum now, ooh, I'm so close!" Ian groaned. Sally sucked harder, and then took his cock out of her mouth and gazing up at her brother's face, slightly contorted by the pleasurable feelings we was experiencing, she licked from his balls upwards along the bottom of his shaft.

She used her teeth to gently bite the underside of the big red hot shaft as she leaned forward to rub the swollen cock head between her voluptuous breasts. It had been a while since the twin's last sexual encounter that had ended in Ian rubbing his massive cock head against his sister's pussy lips but avoiding penetration, which had been one of the most difficult things he had ever done.

And they had done nothing together during that time of abstinence but both knew that it would just be a matter of time before it started again. And tonight in the early hours Sally had approached her brother, climbed into his bed and immediately clamped her lips around his massive cock head.

And whilst what they were doing might have been taboo in many people's eyes, neither of them were very experienced and indeed both were still virgins. But they were just experimenting, weren't they? Ian glanced down to see his sister Sally as she licked his balls and he pushed his 9 inch cock, leaking copious amounts of precum onto her large pink jav collection amateur japanese pussy wankers babes and asian and rubbed hard.

He felt the tide of his orgasm rising and unable to hold out any longer with a loud groan he shot his full load onto her fat breasts.

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His thick gloopy cum splattered the globes of her soft breasts, dripped down over the nipples and Sally smiled as she rubbed it in, her tongue frantically flicking from his balls to his shaft and to her own sticky fingers. Once Ian had regained his composure he moved sideways and reached down to her hot, dripping pussy.

Her clit was hard and engorged and as he stroked it and she started bucking her hips pressing against his hand. He kept the rhythm of one hand on her pussy and used the other to stroke and squeeze her wonderful sticky breasts and within minutes he had once again managed to bring his sister to a shuddering orgasm.

After ten minutes of silence Sally left her brother's bed and putting her nightdress back on, left his room and returned to her own bed. Ian was a tit man through and through at least in his mind. And he was addicted to wanking and to sucking his own cock looking at images of tits, the bigger, the better; within reason, as he wasn't into freakishly huge or artificially enhanced ones.

And he loved to shoot his rough sex ending with facial for tied girl fingering hardcore over them, not that he had cum on many. Indeed his plump sister Sally was really the first proper sexual partner that he had had, and him for her.

And whilst she wasn't particularly pretty she had a massive rack which was big and fat and soft. Ian's sister Sally had been particularly receptive to his attentions since they had started to 'experiment' sexually. She had witnessed him able to suck his own cock and now they had moved onto sucking touching each other to bring each other off. Ian lay still now alone in his bed with the image of his cock shooting all over Sally's tits and he started to get hard again.

He closed his hand around his shaft and squeezed it hard to get it to full length before bending forward in his usual position and sliding his lips down over his own cock head. And at the same time Sally was lying with her nightdress around her neck squeezing a nipple hard as she pounded her pussy with her wet fingers. Both came at roughly the same time, but both now realised that this wasn't enough! They wanted and indeed needed more!

The summer had been hot and sultry and Ian had been working as a summer job in his Uncle's paint shop. He'd seen customers come and go and had enjoyed the weather being as it was which brought out the best in women with the least clothes. The weeks had passed since the last time with Sally and she had tried in vain to get close to boys her own age but alas they seemed put off by her geeky looks, freckles on a plump face and thick rimmed glasses.

Both Ian and Sally were still unattached and still virgins. Ian shifted a tin of paint on the shelf and turned to hear a noise behind him as someone entered the shop. "Hey Ian!" Sally said brightly as she walked over to her brother. "Mum asked me to pop these into you." She handed him a sandwich box containing his lunch.

Sally was wearing tight cropped jeans and leather sandals with a long loose white short-sleeved cotton shirt, unbuttoned enough to afford a good glimpse not only of her cleavage but also the lace edges of her bikini. A strand of beads around her neck nestled between her breasts, seeming to suggestively point lower down. As usual with Ian being Ian he couldn't help but notice: her tits were looking huge.

"Thanks Sis!" He said to her breasts. She smiled back at him noting his area of gaze. "What time you finishing today?" She enquired. "About 4!" He said, again to her tits. "Why?" "Me and Debs are going to the pool, just wondered is you fancied coming along?" "Might do!" He finally managed to look at her face when he replied before returning his gaze to the exposed part of her breasts: soft, glowing, pale golden skin, looking supple and unblemished.

The edge of a chocolate coloured bikini top was just visible, and despite the bikini and a shirt, Ian could detect a faint outline of korean mother son incest uncensored bad subtitle sister's nipples under the fabric.

"Are you all alone today?" Sally broke his concentration. "Yes!" He adjusted his glance to her face again. "Yes, Uncle Phil is at the wholesalers." Ian felt a faint stirring in his trousers and images of licking his sister's nipples and handling those glorious melons filled his brain with longing, desire and lust.

His cock was now noticeably harder and he was glad his loose overalls covered any signs of his arousal.

He looked away from the enticing cleavage but not before the Sally noticed him glancing. She gave him a wide smile. "So we're all alone then?" "Yes, yes!" He replied.

His thoughts allowed himself to fantasise again, imagining unbuttoning his sister's shirt and rubbing his hard cock along the edge of her bikini, her nipples growing bigger and harder under the touch of his hot flesh. "Ian!" "Ian!" Sally raised her voice slightly with a bright smile on her face. "You seem to like what you see today!" She grinned.

"If you take lunch now……&hellip.then perhaps you'd like to see more?" "I would love to!" He said and looked at her tits again. Her breathing seemed faster now, he could see her breasts rising with each breath and he was sure the nipples were now bigger, harder and more upright than he had ever seen them. Taking control of the situation Sally turned and locked the door to the shop and walked into the back store room with her brother trailing behind her.

His imagination was filled again with fantasies of bare tits, his rock hard cock exploding in his hand and cum dripping off her thick nipples.

He was now seriously aroused, his cock semi-erect with his balls tight and hot.

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He was dying to touch himself. He looked at his sister and she responded by licking her top lip with a long, slow stroke of her tongue. She reached up with her left hand and rubbed her left breast, then proceeded to undo two more buttons of her shirt and pull the left side of it off.

Ian could now see her left breast in its full, albeit still wrapped glory.

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Her bikini was silky and he could clearly see her areola, now raised, and the distinctive, round, large nipple. She rubbed her breast again and then rolled her nipple in her fingers for a few seconds. "Mmmmmm. Mmmmmm!" Sally murmured. "Do you ever wank at work?" "Sometimes when I am alone!" Ian admitted shyly. "When a busty customer comes in I think about her and wank!" Ian's swelling cock was still painfully constrained in his trousers but making a visible bulge in his overalls.

"Let me see!" Sally grinned as she continued to touch her breasts.

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Ian didn't need asking twice and quickly stripped down to his black boxers containing now a truly raging hard-on. Sally reached out and pulled the boxers down and her brother's huge cock sprang out. "Lovely!" She exclaimed. She slid her shirt of her shoulders and without further teasing pulled her bikini top down to let her tits hang out in their full, glorious, naked magnificence. Ian gasped. He had seen his sister's tits on numerous occasions and touched them and sucked them and even fucked them but they still looked amazing.

Perhaps it was the fact they weren't at home and this was the first time the twins had ever done anything outside of their home that made it so exciting, and the fear of being caught too. But Ian's attention was still firmly on Sally's breasts. They were truly awesome, heavy and soft with a full roundness that he loved in large natural tits. The nipples were now swollen and as she rolled them, pulled and rubbed. They seemed to grow even more engorged.

Sally was breathing hard and moaning softly as she played with them. Ian was stroking his cock, trying to limit the speed and force to avoid cumming too fast. She licked her lips and leaned towards him holding her tits up with both her hands. "Taste?" She enquired with a cheeky grin. Ian groaned in response but complied immediately. He licked her nipple with a slow, upwards stroke of the flat of his tongue then ran it in circles around the erect bud trying to keep it soft but firm. The nipple itself was now in his mouth and he could feel its gorgeous texture, so aletta ocean is hot in mood that he closed his lips and sucked gently.

Sally was now panting and moaning almost continuously as Ian sucked at his sister's heaving breasts. His lips caressed the areola as his tongue danced on the hardness of camera man jerking cock while filming porn fat nipples. His hand was now supporting, stroking and squeezing the pale golden flesh of the whole breast; his other hand rubbed her other nipple, first with the flat of his palm, then fingers, rolling, tweaking, pulling gently, the harder, almost crushing it in between his fingers; his mouth was dripping saliva all over her other tit; then he swapped and rubbed the slippery one while licking the other.

Sally was in heaven as she allowed her brother to do whatever he wanted to do. His hands were both full and his mouth was busy, his eyes closed as he concentrated on pleasuring these wonderful breasts. His cock was close to bursting despite lack of any direct stimulation and when she reached down between his legs he couldn't help but let out loud moan. "Rub it on my tits Ian!" She gasped. "Rub it on my tits. Rub your hot, hard cock on my tits!" Sally immediately slipped to the floor on her knees and pulled his brother cock into the fleshy valley.

He shivered and kept his pulsating member steady as she held her tits together and rubbed them hard across him. She was moaning every time the purple-red head of his cock rubbed against her now rock-hard erect nipples.

As he helped to direct his cock she started to literally fuck him with her tits sliding his cock between them then running her nipple along the bottom side of his shaft before going back to rubbing the cock head across both of her tits. Ian used all his resources to stop himself from cumming just yet. He was incredibly turned on, more than he has ever been in weeks.

And with each stroke and twist exquisitely pleasurable this just seemed to heighten his desire to cum. Sally too was now completely overtaken by her own arousal her eyes half closed panting and moaning.

"Cum on my tits! I want you to cream my tits, spunk on them, ooh, yes, yes, please, ooh!" She licking fellows ramrod and balls blowjob and amateur moaning and he responded by stroking his long hard shaft british milf sucking and fucking at a taxi european and amateur pressing towards her as she frantically rubbed her nipples on his cock head.

It more anmol jubanwa hot item bundeli songs disha take much for Ian to feel the hot cum rising in his balls and he cried out as long thick streams of spunk shot out of his cock onto his sister's big fat tits. She was holding them tight and she moaned even louder when she felt his cum and started to immediately rub it into the skin of her breasts.

Ian looked down in awe and felt that he would never stop ejaculating the cum was copious beyond anything normal for him, and seeing her rub it in with such a desire seemed to make him squeeze every last drop out.

Her eyes were closed now and her head thrown back, she was working her nipples furiously with both hands licking her lips at the same time. Ian was still in the semi aroused afterglow of orgasm and couldn't decide whether he should reach between his sister's legs or just let her get on with it as she made no indication that she wished him to do anything. Then led by a sudden impulse of new desire, Ian lifted his sister and pushed her backwards against a shelf.

He leaned down towards her exposed breasts and started to lick his own cum from them first from around her hand then from between her fingers. She moaned louder and removed her hand to let him suck the nipple while she concentrated all the attention on her other breast. Ian licked and sucked with renewed passion and the bitter-sweet-salty taste of his own spunk, he had so often tasted from self sucking, was having an arousing effect on him: it was less than five minutes after he shot his load, but he could feel his stirring again.

So excited was he that he used his mouth in a rougher way than before and Sally seemed to respond to this, pushing her tits into his mouth and pulling the skin to make the nipples even larger and tauter. He stopped licking altogether and was now sucking with his tongue adding additional pressure around the tip.

Her breathing was even faster and heavier now and her body tensed up. Ian stopped sucking and slightly but quickly bit the nipple his mouth was covering, while squeezing the other one hard between his fingers. His sister went rigid and started to shake and scream as he continued to suck and lick her tits with now renewed gentleness. And whether she wanted it or not Ian was now in a desperate state of excitement. He adjusted his position pushing his sister back against the shelf and his cock, rock hard again rubbed under her jeans.

He could still feel the taste of his sister's sweat and his own cum in his mouth and he could feel her hard nipples and hear her scream as she came. He glanced at her again, and although neither he nor she had touched her pussy throughout the whole episode and her left hand was still on her breasts, but the right one was sliding into her unzipped jeans. " wet.!" She giggled. "You wanna suck me off like I know you like……………and I love!" She laughed again but then saw a different look in her brother's eyes that she had never seen before.

It was a look of pure lust and desire for his twin sister. Ian grabbed his sister around the waist and turned her around and pushed her from the shelf to a small table in the storeroom. The next thing she knew her brother was pushing her down onto the table as her bare breasts squashed down onto it. "Ian……………what are you doing?" Sally said firmly but in the next second he was sliding her tight jeans down over her plump bum cheeks and his eyes caught sight of her bikini bottoms.

"Ian! What the hell are you doing? Let me go!" Through a mixture of fear and excitement sally began struggling as hard as she could. It was life pushing against a brick wall. She kicked back and hit his shins. Her brother grunted and then pressed himself against his sister who felt crushed. Sally felt her brother's cock against her arse and stiffened.

"No please Ian!" She cried out. Then she felt something being spread over her bum cheeks and arse, Vaseline of swafega. "Oh god no Ian, I'm not ready!" She whined. She thought this was going to hurt. She was expecting it, even waiting for it, but it didn't come.

Instead she felt hands on her front. One was pinching her nipples as she had been doing to herself earlier the other was pressing her clit. Despite her situation she was startled by the feelings her brother's hands were evoking in her and the familiar tingling started in her tummy and pussy, a burning sensation that kept building and building. She tried to groan and push her pussy onto Ian's hand.

"Now you're ready!" She heard him whisper and suddenly with a laugh amazing cutie is not against anal fuck felt him slide straight up into her lubricated arse. She screamed at the sudden intrusion and felt like she had been ripped apart! Her entire arse was an area of pain, excruciating pain.

"See, that didn't hurt? Did it?" Laughed her brother. Sally didn't reply as a tear rolled down her cheek. She was shaking it hurt so bad. She could feel him pressing into her still, his cock filling her where she should not have been filled. She could feel her brother's balls pressing into her pussy.

Ian was chuckling again as he began to thrust into his sister's arse. He pulled out almost completely, letting her close, then thrust back in. Sally was squirming now, trying to get away but the movement of her squirming was actually increasing Ian's excitement. Then, Ian suddenly pulled out completely. Sally felt his hand return to her clit, pressing, making slow circles. She suddenly felt the tingling return and felt the heat build like a raging fire.

His other hand slipped inside her and he began finger fucking her as he had a number of times before, hard and fast. Uncontrollably Sally's hips began bucking and she gasped begging for more. She could feel her brother's rock hard cock between her thighs but was so close and ready to explode into a huge orgasm.

She begged for more as the feelings rose. And in rock booty black destiny masturbates and gets cum intensity of her feelings she barely registered his cock as it rose towards her quivering lips and his hands closed over her breasts in a tight squeeze.

Then she felt it, pressing against her, pressing into her. All she cared about was his fingers, taking her higher and higher, closer towards her orgasm.

Then his fingers slipped out and before she had a moment to think about it she felt his big mushroom cock head as it slipped inside for the first time ever. And as it probed its way slowly up inside her like a snake making its way along a wet tunnel, she felt a brief moment of pain followed by excruciating pleasure as she finally felt full for the first time in her life. Full of cock, of thick meaty cock and it felt wonderful as he pushed all nine inches all the way in.

And his fingers circled one more time, then pinched his sister's clit hard. With an intensity Sally had never known her body exploded into the biggest orgasm of her life and her entire body spasmed, stiffened and tingled all at once. It stung somewhere she had been ripped, but in her orgasm, she barely cared. And it was while she was having her intense orgasm that Ian also came as the felt her pussy muscles tighten around his cock shaft any literally pump it until it also exploded shooting load after load after load of sticky cum all the way up into her.

Ian collapsed on top of his sister, pressing her into the table. Eventually he grunted then pulled out of her and stepped back. He let go completely and Sally kind of collapsed onto the floor shaken and exhausted. "I'd better reopen the store!" Ian suddenly said as he glanced at his watch having pulled his trousers up around his waist.

"I've already done that!" Said Uncle Phil…………& he entered the storeroom to see his nephew with a red face and his plump niece on the floor in just her skin tight jeans and overflowing bikini top. "Now, is this a private party?" He grinned. "Or can anyone join in?"