Amateur webcam couple foot job doggystyle and cumshots

Amateur webcam couple foot job doggystyle and cumshots
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"Now we're really a family," she said. "I'm so happy. Wasn't that great! You have a great cock, dad," she said. Don just stared at her in bewilderment, trying to understand that this was his daughter who had just watched him fucking her mother, then she had sucked both his cock and her pussy!

What was happening to his world. "I have to agree with all of that," Alice pretty gals having lots of enjoyment masturbation smalltits. "I know I'm as hot as a cat on a hot tin roof. Do you mind if I borrow Don's tongue, Jane?" she asked. "Help yourself," Jane said, waving her hand at Alice.

"It really doesn't matter, does it?" "I've never thought so," Alice replied, smiling at her then sitting down next to her on the bunk. "You and I will be friends," she said, leaning forward and gently kissing her on the mouth. Then turning and leaning back against the bulkhead next to Jane, Alice drew her feet up and spread her knees, opening her pussy wide.

"Come on, Don," she said, "suck my pussy for me." Don just stared in bewilderment. What had happened to his life? Is this his punishment for fucking Alice? He looked at Jane, questioning her with his eyes. "Go right ahead," Jane said. "If you don't Susan might beat you to it from the looks of it." Don mia malkova crying pain hard fuck at Susan, seeing her licking her lips as she stared at Alice's pussy.

Looking at Alice himself, Don found that he agreed with Susan and dropped to his knees, burying his face in her pussy. Alice sighed as she felt his tongue begin to work. Turning her head towards Jane, Alice leaned over and again kissed her, this time gently probing into her mouth with her tongue seeking her tongue out. Very cautiously Jane allowed herself to respond to her. It was very strange being kissed by a woman, but not nearly as strange as it being the woman whose pussy Don was at that moment eating.

She could hear his tongue in Alice's pussy as they kissed, could feel Alice's kiss become more insistent as Don aroused her.

Then she felt as though Alice were sucking her very breath from her body as Don's tongue made her cum. She broke off the kiss and leaned forward to watch as Don sucked Alice's pussy. She could see his tongue darting in and out as he slurped at her juices. Finally Alice finished cumming and Don stopped sucking her pussy. As he sat back, his face smeared with Alice's cum, he realized that Susan was still kneeling there, had been silent the whole time.

He looked at her, saw nothing but adoration in her eyes as she returned his look. "You guys are just so cool," she said, shaking her head. "That was great. I can tell you really like pussy, don't you, dad?" "We have a pretty smart daughter, don't we?" Jane asked with a chuckle. "And she's just like her father, too," Alice added. "What do you mean?" Don asked, looking at her. "Susan sucks pussy with absolute passion," Alice said.

"Just like you." "Susan sucks." Don said. "And she has the sweetest little pussy I've ever tasted," she said. "You don't know what you're missing." "Oh, dad, would you?" Susan asked, quickly getting up off her knees and sitting on the bunk next to Alice. "Would you suck my pussy too?" she asked, drawing her knees up and apart and exposing herself.

Don could only stare at his daughter's hairless pussy spread open in front of him. He could see her clit swollen with desire and sticking out from between her pussy lips. He could see that she was already full of juices as they dribbled from her pussy and down to her tight pink asshole.

"If he won't, honey, I'll be happy to," Alice said, leaning over and kissing her. "Would you like that?" "Oh, yes," Susan said. "But I'd rather you do it, dad," she said, looking at him imploringly. "Don't you xxnxx sister and badruoom zabardasti com to suck my pussy?" "Oh course he does," Alice said, rolling off the bunk to kneel in front of Susan.

"But he doesn't know how to say it," she said, leaning forward and sliding her tongue right into Susan's pussy, up into her hole. Susan gasped when she felt Alice's tongue slide into her pussy.

She wished it were her father, but Alice sucked her so nicely. Don stood there in shock watching as Alice sucked his daughter's pussy. He could see every detail as her tongue snaked in and out of her hole. He could see when she Alice captured Susan's clit between her lips and sucked on it, teasing it with her tongue and lightly with her teeth. Don looked at Jane to see how she was reacting to this and was shocked to see that she was just watching, a lazy smile on her face as her fingers slowly played in her own pussy.

Don heard Susan's breathing suddenly increase and realized that his daughter was about to cum. He watched as Alice glued her mouth to Susan's hole and sucked, her tongue sluicing in and out of her pussy as her juices flowed.

Susan was almost crying out loud as she came, her orgasm so powerful as Alice sucked her pussy. Then she finished cumming and Alice sucked the last of her cum from her pussy before looking up, a satisfied smile on her cum-smeared face.

"Oh, Alice, that was so nice," Susan said, struggling to sit up. "I just love it when you suck my pussy.

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"Maybe you'll do it next time, dad," she said, smiling at his shocked face. Before Don could reply they heard Rob announcing the night dive. Giving a shout of glee, Susan jumped up, a big teen girls story ebony bhasa on her face.

"I love diving," she said. "There's always something to look forward to when you're done," she said, opening the door and stepping out into the hallway. "Are you coming?" she asked, turning to look at them. Alice laughed as she got to her feet, pulling Jane up from the bunk. "Well, this is a diving liveaboard," she said. "But they just didn't tell us about all the diving possibilities, did they?" she asked Jane. For some reason Jane found this extremely funny and was still laughing when they arrived on the dive deck.

They all quickly got into their equipment, moving down the steps to the dive platform and falling into the water. Susan was in heaven as she followed everyone else down to the bottom, only their dive lights illuminating the reef. She loved diving naked, the feeling of the water flowing over her entire body unencumbered. When her dive was over Susan slowly made her way back up to the ship. What a wonderful week this was turning into.

When she climbed out of the water she felt her nipples get hard, her whole body alive like it had never been before. As she sat down to remove her gear, Bunny came and sat down next to her. "Well, where have you been lately?" she asked. "I've been here," Susan answered with a laugh. "Why?" "Well, I missed you, that's all," Bunny replied. "We've got a couple of bottles of rum. You want to party with us up on the upper deck?" "Sure," Susan said. "Now?" "Well, sort of," Bunny answered.

"But we'll mostly wait until everyone else has gone below. That way we'll have the place to ourselves." "Great," Susan said. "Can I tell my brother?" "I already did," Bunny laughed. "It wouldn't be a party without him. Let's go get some supper now." "I'm hungry," Susan declared. "Really hungry." "Let's go eat some food then," Bunny said. "The rest will wait until later, won't it?" "It'll have to," Susan said with a laugh, going into the salon with Bunny. As she sat down Susan noticed that her parents were sitting with Alice and John, all of them laughing like old friends.

Susan just smiled at them as she went to sit with Bunny and her brothers. It was nice to see them finally relaxing. Dinner was great and everyone was excited about their day. The dives had been excellent and life aboard ship couldn't be more fun. As Susan finished eating and got up to throw her trash in the trash can, she saw Ed through the curtain down in the galley. He looked up at that moment and saw her, smiling. As she smiled back at him she saw him beckon with his head, indicating that she should come into the galley.

Casting a quick glance at her parents and seeing that they were still laughing with Alice and John, she quickly slipped down into the galley and followed Ed up the stairs to the wheelhouse. Once the curtain fell shut behind her, Susan felt her nipples get very hard and felt a tingle of excitement in her belly.

She only felt this way when she was around Ed, she realized. "Well, Susan, how have you been?" Ed asked. "I haven't seen much of you in big booty blonde amateur ashton anderson makes a sex tape lately." "Oh, I've been having a great time," she replied, smiling at him.

"This is a wonderful trip." "I see you managed to get your parents calmed down about each other," Ed observed. "They do seem happier now, don't they," Susan agreed nervously. "And more relaxed," Ed said. "Like you should be. What's the problem? Come here and give me a hug," he said, opening his arms. Shyly Susan stepped into his embrace, letting her arms go around his waist as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her close. She could feel his cock pressing against her belly and she knew her nipples were sticking into his chest.

"What are you going to do this evening?" Ed asked, letting a hand slide down to cup her ass, holding her tightly against him. "Oh, Bunny and her brothers have some rum and we're going to drink up on the sundeck," she replied. "Ah, that can be fun," Ed said, squeezing her ass. "Would you like to have a drink with me first?" he asked. "Well, sure," Susan replied, startled. "What do you have?" "Well, I thought I'd drink your pussy and you can suck my cock-tail," Ed said with a laugh, his fingers tickling her asshole.

"If you'd like, of course." "Really?" Susan asked, looking up at him. "You really want to suck my pussy?" "Of course I do," Ed replied. "I'm just waiting my turn." "Oh," Susan said, hiding her face in his chest as she blushed. "Have you been watching me?" she asked, indicating the blank monitor. "Whenever I she will always please him with massage find you," Ed answered.

"You seem to have the most desired pussy to eat on the ship from what I've seen." "Oh, you should taste Alice," Susan said, looking up at him. "I love the taste of Alice's pussy." "So I've seen," Ed said, his fingers pushing into her now wet pussy.

"Maybe I'll get lucky and taste Alice before the trip is over. But right now I'd like to taste you, if you want." "I'd like that," Susan said, pressing her hips into him. "Here, let's do it this way," Ed said, releasing her. "You just relax," he said, leaning down and picking her up, turning her upside down and bringing her pussy right up to his mouth. "Now we can do it at the same time," he said, sinking his tongue into her sweet honey pot.

Susan found herself upside down with Ed's cock sticking in her face. As she felt his tongue in her pussy she opened her mouth and began to suck on his cock. Very milf caught teens fucking in bathroom then she joins in she remembered how much she liked sucking his cock and everything vanished except his tongue in her pussy and his cock in her mouth.

Ed was in heaven as he sucked her virginal pussy, her thick sweet juices filling his mouth. He could feel her playing with his balls as she sucked him, his cock really disappearing further down her throat with each minute. Then he felt her legs clamp on his head as her pussy spasmed and she came, flooding his mouth with even more juices. As he slurped at her pussy, sucking like crazy, he felt his cock swell and explode in her mouth, cum shooting into her throat as she gulped, trying to swallow all of it as fast as she could.

Slowly they both stopped cumming, continuing to lick and suck gently on each other. Then Ed slowly righted Susan, letting her stand on her own two feet in front of him, her face flushed from sucking his cock and being upside down for so long. "You do have the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted," Impure one eyed monster saddling hardcore blowjob said.

"There's no doubt about it." "You think so?" Susan asked, feeling very pleased inside. "You bet I do," Ed said. "And when you're ready, I know my cock wants to visit your pussy." "Oh," Susan exclaimed, blushing because she had been thinking the exact same thing. "But you go be with your friends now," Ed said.

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"There's plenty of time for us yet." "Okay," Susan said. "Thank you. I really liked it." "It was all my pleasure, I assure you," Ed said with a laugh. "I'll suck your pussy whenever you'd like." "Okay," Susan said with a laugh.

"I'll remember that," she said, turning to go down the stairs.

"See you later." "See ya," Ed said, shaking his head at such loveliness. What a pussy! As Susan went through the galley into the salon she felt positively high. She had loved sucking Ed's cock while he ate her pussy. He had made her cum like crazy. Seeing nobody in the salon, Susan went out and up to the sundeck.

There were no lights but she could make out some people over in the far corner. Going over she realized that it was Bunny and her two brothers plus Jimmy.

But what was most amazing to her was the fact that Bunny was sucking Jimmy's cock while Billy fucked her from behind. Susan stood there and watched in amazement as Bunny fucked and sucked right there in the open on the sundeck. Susan turned and looked back the way she had come to see if anyone else could see what was going on but nobody was there.

Returning her attention to Bunny, Susan could tell she was really enjoying herself. "Should we join them?" Bob asked her shyly. "What? Here?" Susan asked, again looking around. "Sure," Bob replied. "Why not? They're doing it," he said, indicating Bunny and Billy and Charming sabrina banks gives head and rammed. As Susan looked she could see Billy's cock sluicing in and out of Bunny's pussy as she sucked Jimmy's cock.

She felt a sudden thrill at the thought that at any moment someone could just show up and catch them. Before she knew it she found herself laying back on a chaise lounge, her knees spread and Bob's tongue shooting up into her pussy. Susan almost laughed out loud when she thought of the scene it would be if they were caught, but she quickly succumbed to the wonderful feelings Bob's tongue was producing in her pussy as he ate her.

Then Susan heard Billy and Jimmy both groaning and realized that Bunny was getting filled from both ends as they came, Jimmy filling her mouth and Billy filling her pussy. She turned her head and watched as Bunny's cheeks billowed as she struggled to swallow all of Jimmy's cum as his balls emptied into her mouth.

She watched as Billy's gooey cock slid from Bunny's pussy, all covered with their combined juices. Bunny turned around and sucked Billy's cock into her mouth, sucking all of their juices from it before releasing him. Then she pushed to her feet, moving over to where Bob was sucking Susan's pussy and knelt down over her face, lowering her cum-filled pussy onto Susan's mouth.

Susan immediately grabbed Bunny and glued her mouth to her snatch, sucking at the cum cocktail that dribbled from her pussy. She sucked Bunny's pussy while Bob sucked hers, delighting in the open air freedom of this impromptu orgy. Susan was still sucking Bunny's pussy when she began to cum in Bob's mouth.

She bucked against his face as her pussy spasmed, her tongue all the way up inside Bunny's pussy. She came and came, finally stopping when Bob stopped sucking on her clit. When Bunny got up off of her face Susan saw to her surprise that Alice and John and Ed were all standing there watching her. "Oh, hi," Susan said, feeling her cheeks blush as she sat up.

"I didn't hear you." "No, I guess not," Alice said with a laugh. "You seemed to be enjoying yourself." "It's nice up here," Susan replied. "Don't you think it's about time you used a cock the way it was meant to be used?" Ed asked, smiling down at her. "What do you mean?" Susan asked, suddenly feeling uncomfortable with everyone looking at her. "Well, that sweet pussy of yours needs more than a tongue, I'd say," Ed replied. "And from what I see you've got five cocks here just waiting for the privilege to slide up into you.

If you're ready, that is." "Here? Now?" Susan asked, a sudden panic sweeping over her. "It doesn't matter where," Alice said. "What matters is are you ready? Only you can answer that question. But Ed's saying that you have your choice here if you're ready," she said, reaching out and taking Ed's and John's cocks into her hands at once, squeezing them. "It's a better offer than I've had yet," she said with a laugh.

"It'd be my pleasure," Ed said, smiling at her. "It's my job to see to your enjoyment. I like to think that we leave no stone unturned." "I think Susan should have first choice," Alice said, turning to Susan. "What do you say? Is this going to be your night?" "Oh, I want to," Susan said, holding her pussy with her hands. "Then what's stopping you?" Bunny asked. "Pick one and let's get to it." "How can I pick?" Susan said, staring at them. "Hold a finger up behind your back," Bunny said.

"Then all the boys will line up and whoever is in the position of the finger you have behind your back is it. That way you don't have to choose, it's just luck." "You think so?" Susan asked, her eyes brightening. "Why not?" Bunny said. "Go on, put a finger behind your back." "Okay," Susan said, sitting up straight. "I will," she said, putting her hands behind her back.

"Okay, you guys get in a line now," Bunny said, grabbing them by the arms and pushing them together. "Okay. We'll start here with Jimmy is one and Ed is five. Show us your finger," Bunny demanded. Taking a deep breath Susan slowly pulled her hands out from behind her back. Everyone could see that her thumb was up with her other four fingers curled into her palm.

"Five!" Bunny exclaimed. "It's Ed! Aren't you lucky," she said. "I hope I get a chance with that cock." "You will, I promise," Ed said, smiling at her. "But I think it's Susan's turn if she wants to," he said, turning to smile at her, his cock in his hand. "Yes," Susan said, nodding her head. "I do want to." "Well, you have to do it here with all of us," Bunny said. "Think how special it will be, under the stars with your friends around." "I don't mind," Susan said, d animation cutie hard poking from behind. "Really." "Well, why don't you suck on this for a bit and get it ready," Ed said, moving closer smitten by sweethearts hot cunt hardcore and blowjob letting his cock dangle in front of her face.

Smiling, Susan opened her mouth and let his cock slide in, her mouth stretched as wide as she could. She used her hands to hold his shaft and his balls as she began to suck Ed's cock. "This is making me very horny," Alice said as she watched Susan. charming sabrina banks gives head and rammed don't you suck my pussy for me," she said to Billy. "Sure," Billy said. "Great." So Billy dropped down on his knees and buried his face in Alice's pussy, driving his tongue up into her as he sucked her hole.

Bunny dropped to her knees and began to suck on John's cock. Susan was getting her face fucked by Ed as he slid his cock in and out of her mouth. Everyone was watching her as she sucked on Ed's huge cock. After a few minutes Ed pulled his cock from Susan's mouth. Her lips were a bit swollen and her eyes were bright with excitement. "You think that aubrey star loves pearl necklaces of yours is ready for this?" Ed asked, his cock in his hand.

"Yes," Susan nodded, "do it now." "Well, get on your hands and knees," Ed said. Everyone stopped what they were doing and watched as Susan turned around, her pussy and asshole pointing at them. "Jimmy, get your sister's pussy and asshole nice and wet for me," Ed said. As Jimmy hesitantly dropped to his knees in front of Susan's pussy and asshole, Bunny dropped to her knees and began to suck on Ed's cock.

But everyone else watched as Jimmy began to tongue Susan's pussy and asshole. Her pussy lips were spread open and her clit was sticking out and they could see Jimmy's tongue darting in and out.

Ed watched Bunny in admiration as she sucked his cock, able to take the whole thing deep into her throat as she sucked on him. "Okay," Ed said, gently pulling his cock from Bunny's mouth. "Susan, you ready for the captain to come aboard?" he asked, his cock in his hand.