Blonde babe samantha rone takes on a heated anal penetration pornstars and big dick

Blonde babe samantha rone takes on a heated anal penetration pornstars and big dick
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My name is Kitana Young. My father is American, my mother Lebanese, and this is my story. Well, not the whole story, mind you… Just a facet of the hidden story most will never know. It's a story about a girl who finds meaning in being owned. It's a story about a girl who takes comfort in the wishes of her Master, dominant over submissive, and lives for the thrill of being punished. No one, not even my closest friends, know about the secret life I lead.

Sometimes I want to tell them, but how can I? How do you tell someone that you're a 'slave cunt,' a girl whose body is owned completely by her Master? Sometimes I'm punished and sometimes I feel cherished, like a prized jewel. Either way, Master makes me feel alive in a way no one else and nothing else can.

~********~ Kitana knew she was in deep, deep trouble. Not just trouble with a rebecca slut punishment with dap cumshots and creampie 'T,' but trouble in the same vicinity as 'the sky is falling.' Why?

Because she was late, and that was against Master's Rules. Master was her husband, of course. They were happily married for just over one year now. Master was an attorney for a powerful international organization. He was a man who didn't shrink away from conflict; he welcomed it. Aggression came naturally to him. Maleness came to him as naturally as any instinct possibly could. He hadn't hidden who he was when they had first met.

Sex xstorys turkey sex storys had been brutally honest about what he was seeking in a life-mate. "You'll be mine, Kitana, in every single way, body and soul. Every day I want to come home from work and find you naked, kneeling for me, looking up at me, waiting for my command." Initially, Kitana had been taken aback.

Frightened. Yet the more she had thought about it, the more she had listened to her inner, feminine voice…and the more she had realized that what she wanted matched his own desires.

All of which meant that Kitana was the slave, and the slave had to obey the Rules. Rule Number One: always be home by 6PM when the Master came home. And she'd failed. She'd texted Daren, but no answer. That wasn't a good sign either. Now, as the burnt-orange disc of the setting sun seemed to bleed an ominous red on the horizon, Kitana drove recklessly. Her Camry screeched to a halt in front of the manicured lawn.

She hurriedly opened the gate and ran up the front walk, unlocked the door, and slipped inside the mansion. The moment she closed the front door behind her, the girl frantically stripped out of all of her clothing and kneeled. Totally naked now, the girl looked stunning. Kitana was slender despite her larger than average hips. The girl's flawless bronze skin complemented the long, lustrous black hair which flowed down her back.

The 19-year-old had large breasts, the tips of blonde babe chloe gets creampied with big load of jizz smalltits pornstars nipples surrounded by wide, dark areolas. Kitana's adorable face featured expressive brown eyes in contrast to her finely chiseled nose and pronounced eyebrows. The area around her exposed pussy, which Master had her shave frequently, was as smooth as silk. All in all, she represented an ideal of feminine beauty, naked and ready for her Master, but would it be enough to soothe the anger of the dominant male?

Kitana felt a shiver of anticipation as she heard the heavy thuds of footsteps. Angry strides. The Master strode up to her now. He stood 6'3, with cropped raven-black hair not much longer than a buzz cut. His eyes were grayish-blue, his physique rippling with muscle. He wore slacks and a red buttoned-down shirt, the bottom of which was no longer tucked in. He had taken off his belt and his shoes as well. But instead of exuding relaxation and a sense of being content to be home, there was disappointment.

Anger. "Where were you, bitch?" "Please forgive this slave," Kitana said meekly. She didn't bother offering an excuse. It would only earn her more punishment. "Go into the living room." The girl did as her Master commanded. He watched her shapely ass sway and enjoyed the sight of her pink pussy beckoning to his cock as the girl crawled on all fours into the living room.

Then she knelt, waiting for his next command. Master walked up and placed a hand gently on her head. He stroked her hair with deceptive tenderness. She gulped as he pointed towards the basement door. Now she knew just how deep his displeasure ran. "Crawl down into the Dungeon, you disobedient cunt. It's punishment time." "Yes, Master." Kitana did as she was told. Soon she found herself on a carpeted floor in a windowless basement stretching 24 by 24 feet.

A tall, bright red phallus extended from asian school pretty girl acquires down on jock 'saddle' of sorts, set in the middle of the floor. The entire length of the cock had a ribbing to provide maximum stimulation.

At the base of the enormous cock, life-like testicles made from resin completed the picture. She stared at the cock with a mixture of anticipation and dread. "UH!" She gasped as Master seemed to appear out of nowhere, roughly cupping and squeezing her breasts with his hands before snapping her wrists together in front of her with a pair of dark leather handcuffs. "Mount the punishment cock," he said gruffly.

Kitana looked up at Master, searching for any signs of softness or mercy in those eyes. No…they were just hard, flinty orbs. With fear she straddled the awful 'saddle' and that tall, red prick. She felt her labia brush along the sides of its bulbous head.

Then she wet her fingers with her tongue, rubbing her clit to stoke a budding semblance of arousal. With the first gathering of fluids forming inside her sex, the girl plunged herself down on it, fucking herself. She began to grunt, humping that tall, red penis as the loud smacks of her body impaling itself rang out in the dungeon's stillness. "You call that fucking, whore?

You can do better than that!" Master didn't just watch. If he had just been merely watching, it wouldn't have been punishment. He picked up a riding crop - a cruel length of blackened leather with a flared head, a nub with a resin-hardened edge designed to bestow pain and torment.

He slammed it into her left breast. The next crushing blow came against the supple cone on the other side of her torso.

She shouted with each lash of the crop. He switched to her ass now, smacking her wiggling cheeks as hard as he could. "Ahhh!!! Please Sir, you're hurting me. Please, I'm fucking the punishment cock. I'm doing what you want!" Her vaginal lips gripped the shaft each time she engulfed it with her young pussy.

Despite the girl's protests, Master's crop slammed into her body again and again, striking her ass cheeks, then returning to her jiggling breasts even as she continued to fuck the red dildo as hard as she knew how.

"What do you say, bitch?" "I'm sorry, Master. Please forgive this worthless slave-cunt," Kitana wailed. He slammed the crop into her right breast exactly on top of the nipple. She squealed, her cunt instinctively arab whore and teen amateur bj lespatrons sons with mia khalifa the red phallus as it slammed up her pussy.

Meanwhile the ribbing along the red shaft sent ricochets of sensation through her soft folds. They were tantalizing, maddening teases of pleasure as the pain of the brutal crop distracted her from the ability to do anything with them. So instead, the busty girl continued to slam her shaved cunt down hard on the phallus, slowly coating it with her fluids, while the rhythmic SLAP and SMACK of the crop smote her tits again and again and again with unmatched savagery. "Please!

AHHH!!! Have mercy, Master. This slave begs your forgiveness, Sir!" Kitana wailed. In response, the Master leaned down. His hand fisted in her hair, yanking her face to meet his hard gaze. "Open your mouth, bitch." She opened, and he spit between her lips. "Now swallow." She obeyed. She felt the humiliation of it as Master leaned down, rubbing her clit as he watched her sex pump up and down, up and down, onto that cruel, hard cock.

"Why should I have mercy on a worthless cunt who can't follow simple rules? Hmm?" He rubbed her clit furiously as she sank onto the massive, tall red spear.

She gasped as a new surge of pleasure sent trickles of her cunt cream sliding down the shaft like tiny waterfalls. "Please…" she moaned, "this slave cunt doesn't deserve her Master's good will, but she will do whatever you wish to make it up to you. Please Master, let this cunt show you her devotion and how sorry she is to have displeased you!" Seeming to like her answer, he rubbed her clit more fervently, clearly relishing the sight of her nipples pebbled up with arousal, her cunt busting itself ruthlessly on that cock as she humped it so hard for Master's satisfaction.

Her breasts jiggled wildly as she fucked that dildo with lustful abandon, her cuffed hands braced in front of her. Her head dipped down. She felt the orgasm building. Oh god.

The girl felt as if she had reached the point of no return. "Are you going to CUM, little slut? Answer me!" His hand fisted in her hair once more. He shook her head and spit on her face right between the eyes. She felt her Master's saliva slide down to her nose as her eyelids fluttered…arousal building up like an unstoppable force in her veins and in her cunt.

Master's fingers kept stroking her joy nub in time to her hard plunges onto that tireless red shaft. She bit her lip, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of disobeying again or humiliating herself even further.

"I said answer me!" he repeated, shouting. "Ohhh…please Master. UHH!!" A sudden cry wrested from her unwilling lips as Master's fingers continued to ply her clitoris. Her clit was Master's property, just like the rest of her, and he knew it all too well. Now the sexy young woman couldn't hold back. "Ohhhh god!!!

Please may I CUM, Master? Ooohhhh!!!

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Please! Oh fuck!' she squealed, her cunt squeezing wildly around the enormous red dildo. The scent of her cunt cream pervaded the room. The teenager's glistening fluids dripped all the way to the base of the dildo, even pooling along the contours of the testicles which formed the dildo's base.

Although her eyes glazed over with sated pleasure, she soon realized her mistake. She had reached orgasm without Master's verbal permission. Oh no… When she looked up, there he was…looming fury…or was it implacable displeasure? He had stripped of all his clothing, leaving the trappings of civilization behind.

Now he reached down, pinching her nipples hard, and her scream echoed in the dungeon. "AAAYYY!!" He grabbed her hair, forcing her head up again. His cock prodded at her lips. It was fully engorged, hard as a slab of diamond. He would fuck her with that cock. She knew it with complete certainty. Her eyes were glued to the beautiful form of that male shaft - beautiful to her feminine instincts, anyway.

She knew 'beautiful' was an odd way to describe anything male, and yet to her submissive mindset Master's cock that very thing - beautiful. Master rubbed his cock along her nose and cheeks. His hand, fisted in her hair with his favorite grip, forced her lips forward even as she stubbornly kept them shut. "Did I say you could CUM, you disobedient whore?! Open up. I'll fuck your face as punishment now." When she refused, he reached down, pinching her nipples hard.

As she cried out, the cock slammed between her lips, changing her cry into more of a gurgle. She groaned, slurping on his cock as he pumped it into her mouth again and again. Meanwhile her cunt kept bottoming out on the red dildo. "Yes, little cunt…keep busting your pussy on the punishment cock. You've been a very bad slave.

You deserve to have double punishment, don't you? Don't you??" Through her muffled cock-sucking, Kitana moaned something which almost sounded like 'Yes Master.' Holding the back of her skull, he began plunging his manhood between her lips even more forcefully. He began to pick up the tempo. The sounds of her slurping and gurgling filled the basement. Soon she tasted pre-cum. He pulled out, and strings of jism connected his cock to her face in gooey riding a horny pecker hardcore and big butt. He slapped his hard cock against her cheek.

"What do you say, slut? Are you thankful for your Master's punishments?" When she didn't answer quickly enough, Master slapped her with his hand - not hard enough to hurt the girl, just to startle her. "Yes Master, this slave bitch is very thankful for Master's punishments," she moaned. Her pussy was so sore now, still riding the ribbed dildo. Would he let her rest soon?

Or was this just the beginning? Once Master got going, sometimes it was hard to get him to stop. He could be beyond brutal. As if sensing her pussy's soreness, the Master drew back and picked up the crop again. He slammed it into her pussy as she rode the red dildo.

He began a steady cadence of blows. With each swat, Kitana screamed. The worst part of it all was the rhythmic smacking each time the flared head of the crop hit her clitoris, juxtaposed against the pleasure of the dildo stimulating the walls of her cunt.

"Please Master, you're hurting me!" Kitana wailed. "That's the idea, cunt. This is not a reward, you stupid bitch, this is punishment.

Will you ever cum without my permission again?" The crop slammed into her clitoris, and she cried out, her breasts jiggling violently as pain wracked her beautiful body. "No Master, this slave cunt will never cum without young active gorgeous gal blows old weenie ever again!" she cried.

"Good!" Master growled. His arm stilled right before landing the next blow of the crop. Instead he leaned down, tenderly petting her sore, reddened clit.

"Shall we fuck now, my horny little girl? Would you like me to show you some love instead of punishment?" Kitana's eyes were shining with hope. She nodded. "Yes please, Master. Please fuck my pussy." Master grunted. "You'll have to earn it. Come here." He yanked her up by the hair.

His gaze lingered on the sight of the red dildo, now covered in Kitana's fluids. The entire length of that cock glistened in the dim light. "You nasty bitch, look what you did. You got my finger banging college pledges during wild hazing party tainted with your cunt cream. Get down there and clean it up!" Kitana did as he ordered. The naked girl knelt down over the dildo. She lapped up the remnants of her cunt juices on the testicles.

Then she slid her tongue along the shaft, lovingly cleaning up every trace of her orgasm. Master idly fondled the curves of her ass while he waited for her to finish. Finally, her task completed, he yanked her upright again and swiveled her around. He slapped her shapely ass with the palm of his hand. The sudden smack echoed loudly in the room, startling the girl.

"Not bad. It's a start." He pointed toward the corner of the Dungeon, where a queen-sized bed with satin sheets now beckoned. "You want to earn a proper fuck? Well, here's how you can earn it, whore.

Let's work on your cock-sucking skills a little more." He threw her down on the nearby mattress and straddled her face. His balls rested on her chin as he thrust his cock at her mouth. She opened for him, gasping as his cock slid deep towards the back of her throat. He began face-fucking her again, slamming his cock forward, his testicles flailing against her chin with the brutal flurry of his thrusts.

She slurped, choked, and felt her jaw ache as he fucked her throat raw for the next ten to fifteen minutes. "UHHH!! Show me how sorry you are, slut. Uhhh! Take this cock down your worthless throat! UGH!" he growled. Her tongue cradled his shaft as she sucked hard on the cock that was slamming between her lips without mercy. She tried not to gag, to just be a good slave and take him all inside her. "Now reach down and finger yourself, bitch. You like to cum so much? Well your Master is giving you permission to pleasure yourself, so take advantage of it!" The gorgeous girl dutifully reached down with her cuffed wrists, fingering her clit, stroking herself back to a heightened state of lust.

He sensed her pleasure, the way her body squirmed beneath him. He seemed to like that. "You nasty little cunt. You're just a horny, shameless little whore, aren't you?" Now he withdrew his cock, slimy with pre-cum drifting from the tip of his manhood all the way to the girl's lips.

His ball sac hovered over her face. Master looked down and saw Kitana's heavy-lidded gaze, libido coursing through her as she stroked her clit and began finger-fucking herself. "Answer me!" "Yes Master. I'm a nasty little cunt. I'm a whore," Kitana sighed. She moaned a little, then opened her mouth as Master's ball sac descended to her face.

"Suck on my balls." The girl obeyed. The girl's beautiful face fixated on those heavy, swelling testicles. She sucked one between her lips, taking a hard, fervent suck. Then she let it plop free of her lips, only to take the other bobbing testicle into her mouth, which she sucked just as lovingly. "Mmm. You're a good ball-sucker," Master growled appreciatively. He reached back, cupping both of her tits, stroking her nipples as she kept fervently sucking on his balls.

"Uhhh! You keep that up, you'll make me cum," he groaned. His cock leaked pre-cum onto her forehead. "Please let me suck your cock," she moaned as his long, hard shaft lay against her nose.

She tried to crane her neck forward, to resume sucking him off, but her muscular Master slammed her back onto the bed. "No more foreplay, bitch. You just earned a hard fucking. Be grateful." Now he was nudging her thighs wide. His gaze latched onto that exposed pink opening, her delicate labia framing a beautiful young pussy just begging to be fucked. He inserted his cock-head at the entrance to her shaved cunt and plunged forward with no further warning.

Kitana's eyes bulged as she felt that cock lance deep inside of her. Then he was fucking her, a furious, ruthless series of deep, hard penetrations. He was fucking her like a beast from hell, his powerful shaft flying through her softness with one grunt after the next. "Lie there and take cock, little bitch. Your horny cunt needs a cuntful of sperm from your Master. Uhh!!! I'll fuck you raw, little whore!

UHH!! Move those hips and fuck me back!" She did as he commanded. Kitana's huge breasts shook with the violence of his savage fucking. The girl's beautiful, naked body lay helpless underneath his powerful male form, his balls jostling madly in time to his deep, angry fucks.

She could do nothing but moan beneath him and feel the girth of his cock so deep inside her intimate, increasingly slippery heat. "Oh god. Please fuck me, Master. Fuck my worthless pussy. Oh please," she cooed. He cupped her pretty face. "Bitch! Shut up and kiss me." His tongue enveloped hers, his mouth and hers working together as she moaned into his mouth. The gorgeous girl felt Master's tongue invading her body at the same time as his unyielding cock speared deeper into her snatch.

Finally, at long last, she felt that cock straining inside her to the bursting point. Even as their tongues entwined, lips pressed to one another, she felt it about to explode inside of her slickened, aroused cunt. The moment of primal truth enveloped her like wildfire. Master groaned a plaintive, dying cry of release. The girl felt an explosion of heat swamp her insides, filling her up completely. Moist ass for a vehement fuck hardcore blowjob cum blasted through her womb like a gooey tsunami.

As his cock twitched inside her velvety-softness, her cuffed hands clenched uselessly against his muscled abdomen. "UGHHHH!!!" he sighed, the last spurts of cum wrung from his balls, deposited in her helpless young pussy.

He lay there now, on top of her, panting and spent…relishing the snug warmth of her tight cunt now drenched in his seed and still hugging his dick. His enormous bulk practically crushed her slender figure. His hard, muscular chest now crushed her supple cones beneath him.

He panted hard, pretty teen virgin sex and girls do porn obedient cleaning lady in her ear. "Your punishment isn't complete yet, my little vixen. Do you know what I am going to do next?" "No, Master," she sighed. "What are you going to do?" "Next I am going to fuck you in the ass." With a grunt, Master braced his hands on either side of Kitana and pulled out of her pussy.

He glanced down as cum dribbled out of her ruthlessly fucked sex to stain the satin sheets. The sudden sensation of emptiness made Kitana gasp, yearning for more cock. More drops of cum slid off of his cock, creating tiny wet splotches on the bed. He didn't seem to care. Kitana didn't either, because it was Master's manhood that retained her full attention.

Miraculously, Master's cock was already re-forming into something impressively rigid. The naked girl shivered, but from dread or pleasure? Kitana realized it was both. Her rational, prim and proper self now urged her that this was wrong…but the rest of her, the liberated part of herself, didn't care.

As he turned her over, her shapely ass spread before him, he retrieved a vial of lubricant and poured it over his cock. Then he poured more of it along her puckered hole.

Lining up his cock, he placed the bulbous head of his penis at her anal huge rack brunette milf on her knees and prepared to fuck his slave's tightest hole.

"Are you ready, slave? What do you say?" With a groan of resignation hiding the undercurrent of arousal surging through her loins, her nipples hardened with lust, Kitana said the thing she knew Master needed to hear. "Yes Master, please fuck my ass!" ~********~ The slender girl groaned as she felt just his cock-head nudge inside her anal crevice.

Master Daren stroked the skin of her lower back, pausing for a moment to let her acclimate. Kitana bit her lip. She hung her head. She looked down at the hardened nipples of her aching tits and felt a strange jolt of anticipation. Then he slowly thrust forward until there was that sensation of fullness. Her anal muscles surrendered to the invasion. She gasped, her hands clenching up on the sheets as his cock began to move inside her bottom more deeply.

Suddenly his cock began flying forward again and again, spearing into her anus like a hurled javelin. "Oh god.

OHHH!" she groaned plaintively. She couldn't believe he was fucking her ass so roughly now. Usually he was gentler than this… "What do you say, bitch?" He slapped her left ass cheek hard with the palm of his hand, making her yelp. "Please fuck my ass harder, Sir." She knew what to say. This had not been the sexy girl's first punishment, nor would it be her last.

Master slipped his hands to her hips, pulling her back to meet his fucks, her anal opening impaled on his shaft. The loud smacks of their bodies brutally joining, her tits swaying to his every fuck, her grunts and groans joining his muscular plunges, those were the only sounds that now filled the basement Dungeon.

"Oh god!! You're tearing my ass. Please be gentle!" she crooned. Nympho teen larisa iermilov squirts all over felt him moving inside her faster and faster, pounding away at her ass. His testicles hit against her ass cheeks as he fucked her butt with the force only a determined male could muster.

The sense of her ass bursting was almost too much at first…but it gradually receded. Now pleasure mingled, especially when Master reached underneath her torso.

His fingers found her clit and began to stroke her pussy even as he took her ass as violently as he could. "Oh god. Yes, Master. Please touch my pussy. Please&hellip.uhhh!" she moaned. Sensing her building arousal, he inserted two fingers into her cunt, fucking her with them even as his cock slammed into her ass with another powerful jolt.

A few minutes more of this and she was on the edge, ready to step off into free-fall. Her cunt fluids were dripping down Master's stabbing fingers. A squelchy-wet sound erupted with each new thrust of Master's fingers impaling her slickening pussy. Meanwhile the fullness of Master's cock created surprisingly delicious sensations that ran riot inside her anus, the sensations leaking into other parts of her body in ways she couldn't quite articulate.

Then it happened. Master rammed his slab of meat deep inside her, the girl's shapely ass cheeks framing his spearing shaft as he groaned in preparation for release. "Ahh!! Take it in your ass, bitch! UGH!" So much cum began to fountain from the tip of Master's cock as he held her ass snug against his pelvis.

His fingers were still rubbing furiously at her clit too. "Oh fuck! Master may I please CUM this time? Oh please have mercy on your worthless slave cunt. Please!" Kitana cooed. "Go ahead and cum, you little WHORE!" Master growled back, his cock still pumping more cum into her bottom even as he shuddered behind her. The cute girl squealed now as the climax took her completely, fueled in large part by the sticky warmth filling up her bowels, spurt after spurt of Master's cum emptied into her tight ass.

"YES! Oh god yes! Master, thank you, this slave is grateful. Oh fuck! OHHHHH!!!" She ground her buttocks back against the cock which was still pumping her anus full of jism, her nipples almost painfully hard, as she felt her cunt convulsing.

Her fluids spattered on the sheets as she clenched her fists with a white-knuckled intensity. Then she felt him fall on top of her, pushing her face-down on the bed. The big-breasted girl rode out the rest of her orgasm, panting as if she'd run up two mountains. Her cunt kept twitching as if yearning for a cock to squeeze.

At long last, with a sigh, Master pulled out. He just knelt behind her now, admiring the girl's gaping, sore anal hole leaking dribbles of cum that slid down her ass crack into her pussy. "You look sexy like that, bitch. Now…was that punishment enough? Do you deserve a little mercy?" Still breathless, Kitana half-moaned, "Please, Master, no more.

Please can we rest now?" With a thoughtful, mischief-tinged expression, Master shook his head. "Not quite. You can rest right here, bitch. I'll be back later." So saying, he un-cuffed her wrists just long enough to re-cuff both her hands to the headboard as she lay naked, face-down on the bed.

Then he left her there - for how long she couldn't quite say. Maybe an hour? Exhausted from her Master's punishments, the beautiful girl finally fell asleep. Later, she awoke with a sensation…no, many sensations.

Something was pounding hard into her pussy from behind. Something which felt like silken-steel, hard yet soft. She looked back to see Master fucking her from behind. "Ahh! Did you enjoy your nap, slut? I've come back for Round 2." "Ohhh Master, you feel so good inside me," Kitana moaned. With jerky movements, she gripped the headboard with her cuffed hands and lifted her ass to give Master a better angle to penetrate her.

As her breasts swayed with the force of his pulverizing fucks, her cunt gripped him greedily and began creaming up on his ramming shaft. "Oh god. Fuck me, Sir. Fuck my pussy. This pussy belongs to you!" she moaned, the squelchy-wet sounds of suction indicating just how eagerly her cunt was clamping up around his penis.

Then, from nowhere, there came a loud and sudden noise. The damned doorbell. Master stilled inside of his slave girl. The squeeze of her cunt around his shaft was exquisite to the point of unbearable.

"Who the hell is that?" he growled. "Oh god! Master, this slave is very sorry. She forgot that her parents were coming by for dinner." So it was that the mundane world collided with the forbidden pleasures of dominant and submissive slave. Daren Kowalski sighed, glaring at his young wife. "Are you serious? Damn it." He pulled out of Kitana's cunt and swiftly got dressed. "What are you going to do?" she asked. "Aren't you going to take off these cuffs?" With a dark glint in his eyes, Daren shook his head.

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"Not in a million years. I'm going to get rid of your parents first. I'll think of some excuse or other. I'll tell them you must have forgotten about making plans, and that you left for a night out with your girlfriends. Then your 'Master' will be returning to fuck your brains out. Got it, bitch?" With a smile and a twinge of lust lancing through her snatch, Kitana replied with the only thing she could. "Yes, Sir." ~********~ A SHORT TIME LATER… A couple strode hand-in-hand down the front walk back towards their car, a decrepit beige station wagon parked at the curb right in front of Daren Kowalski's house.

The Lebanese woman had her hair tied up in a neat bun, her complexion noticeably darker than her husband's. Aaron had a meticulously trimmed salt-and-pepper beard which complemented his serious gray eyes.

"Aleyna, I don't like it. This isn't like our daughter at all…" He made a sound of disgust. "How could she simply forget about us and go out with her friends?" The car's locks chirped as Aleyna unlocked the doors and slid in behind the wheel. Kitana's mother threw Kitana's father a reproving look. "Really, Aaron, do you always have to be so dramatic? Our daughter is young and wild.

She is only 19, for heaven's sake." As the middle-aged woman pulled onto the street and turned left at the intersection, Kitana's father grumbled. "I'm telling you, we should never have let her marry so young! To meet a man at 18, as a freshman in college, and then marry him six months later. It's insanity!" He folded his arms across his chest. His big nose flushed red, like it always did when he was displeased. Aleyna patted his arm. "You worry too much, love. Daren is good for our Kitana.

She's a wild spirit who needs a man who can tame her and keep her grounded. Daren is paying for her education, Aaron. Have you forgotten that he's already planning to help her get an advanced degree too? Besides, when I see how she looks at him, and Daren at her…Can you doubt that the mom and son porn room adore each other?

Can you?" she challenged, giving her husband a stern look. Aaron ran a hand through his hair with a grumpy huff. "That may be, honey, but I can't help feeling there's something not quite right about that boy." "He's 25, Aaron. He's a grown-ass man," the wife corrected. "All the more reason to be concerned," Aaron said with exasperation. "The age difference.

She's practically a child compared to him." The wife busty blonde andrea jaxxx gets a pussy fucked a loud 'Pfff' at that comment. "Six years, Aaron. Really, listen to yourself. When he is 30 and she amrapali dubey ka sex photbhojpuri 24, who will care about such a miniscule gap? Get a hold of yourself. You're conjuring up a tempest in a teapot, as they say. And anyway, why bring all this up now?

Why rehash all your concerns from last year? And don't tell me it's our daughter's thoughtless mistake tonight that brought all this swirling into focus. I don't buy it." The middle-aged man threw his hands up in a gesture of helpless frustration. "I don't know.

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Call it a gut feeling. Sometimes I feel like that caroline chojnacki and ashley schappert tube porn is lying to us…maybe not about big things, but about little things…important things. As if he is living some secret life we don't know about." Aleyna Jordan glanced at her husband with a look of exasperation which only a wife can manage.

"Now you're just being paranoid. Aaron Archibald Jordan, you will stop being the stereotypical in-law and give that young man the benefit of the doubt. That is an order." When Aaron looked away, grumbling under his breath and staring out the window, Aleyna couldn't resist adding her pointed recap, both crisp and clear. "Daren is a very nice young man." ~********~ The door to the Dungeon opened and Kitana, breathless with excitement, heard footsteps coming down the stairway.

Daren, no…'Master'…was stripping out of his clothes with a dark look in his eyes. "Are you ready for more punishment, bitch?" More punishment? Kitana shivered. "Master, what have I done now?" "Not telling your Master about unwanted visitors. That calls for punishment," he growled.

Now that he had stripped down, Daren's throbbing cock stood at full salute, its veins pulsing with need. She had never seen a cock harder than that.

It was long and stiff and ready to fuck her. Her eyes were glued to his organ as she looked over her shoulder.

"Let's get you flipped over first." He undid her cuffs, briefly freeing her hands from the headboard. Then he forced her on the bed spread-eagled, cuffing her wrists once more. Taking two lengths of rope, he tied her ankles wide apart, making the girl part her thighs so that her sex was fully exposed, the tantalizing pink opening and pouting cunt lips bare to his gaze.

That gaze was smoldering now as he gently traced her labia with his fingers, teasing her clit with the occasional stroke. His gaze roved over her beautiful naked body, her lush breasts, long legs, and exquisite face. The beauty's expressive brown eyes looked at him with an anticipation that only a good slave girl could manage.

He retrieved a candle, lit it, and moved back towards the bed. "Master, please don't," she whispered. "Repeat after me," Master growled. "'I have been a bad little whore.'" As the teenage girl watched Master poise the candle over her nakedness, she whispered, "I have been a bad little whore." Master frowned. "Not convincing enough, bitch." He poured some of the hot wax on her left breast. She screamed in surprise as the wax congealed on the inner curve of her supple cone.

Next he repeated the gesture on the girl's right side, the glob of wax landing right on beautiful young blonde girl with a toy nipple.

"AAAAYYY!!! Please, no more Master!" Now Master put the candle aside, making sure it wouldn't tip over. Then he retrieved a leather belt. He wrapped it around her neck, yanking her head forward. In his other hand, he held the riding crop again. She knew what was about to happen, and she was helpless to stop it. The crop slammed with a resounding SMACK against her cunt lips, and at the same time he yanked on the belt, choking her. "UGHKKK!! Please, Master!" she sputtered.

The feeling of being choked, her cunt lashed with the crop, triggered delicious rivers of pain that set off contradictory pulses of pleasure throughout her young body. She didn't know how or why this turned her on, made her libido soar, but it did. The girl's breasts trembled with each slap of the crop's tip against her helpless pussy as the lashing intensified. Her torso and legs squirmed uselessly under the assault.

Spread-eagled and helpless, cuffed and tied, her bronzed, satin-smooth skin was like a canvas her Master owned and could write on as he wished. Kitana's hands clenched as she made sputtering groans and half-formed cries, the belt squeezing around her neck like a dog collar pulled too tight. "From now on you will warn me if you make dinner plans, little slave bitch.

Do you understand?" "Ugghk!! Y-yes Master. This slave understands!" Kitana moaned, her legs trembling with each swat of the crop against her unprotected snatch. The punishment went on for maybe 15, 20 minutes before Master finally relented. He put the crop down now, admiring the sore redness of her pink pussy. He slid his fingers along the raw, sore lips, loving the way his girl now shivered at the slightest touch.

"Please…no more," she whimpered. Her lust was at a breaking point. She could only think of one thing - 'When is he going to fuck my brains out? I need his cock inside me!' With a dark and devilish grin, Master rubbed her clit. She moaned at the soreness, but also the pleasure, the exquisite, maddening pleasure as her joy nub felt the devoted attentions of her owner.

She moved her hips a little to meet his touch, which was about all she could do in her tied-up, spread-eagled position. Gradually, Master saw her glistening fluids start to run down his fingers. He slipped a finger inside her, tracing the velvety-softness of her inner walls.

"You're getting wet, you little SLUT. Do you like having your pussy beaten?" "Yes, Master," she panted. "Do you like being punished, little cunt? Do YOU?" She nodded, licking her lips. Master's finger moved deeper inside her pussy. "Yes Master." "Should I punish you with my cock now?

Hmm?" She nodded. "Beg for it, bitch. BEG for me to FUCK you," he shouted. Master suddenly withdrew his hand from her sex.

He cupped her breasts, squeezing them as she groaned. Then he slapped her in the face twice, three times, not hard enough to leave a mark, just enough to startle and stun. "What are you waiting for, bitch!?" "Please fuck me!" Kitana wailed. "Please put your cock inside me. I'm your slut. I'm your whore. Please fuck your whore," she pleaded. Kneeling between her long, shapely legs, Master Daren put the bulbous head of his cock at her sore opening.

His head slowly nestled between her labia, and he suddenly threw his hips forward with one violent thrust, his throbbing shaft impaling her to the hilt in one motion. Kitana's entire body lit up as if fireworks had been set off under her skin and inside every nerve ending.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me so hard! I love you, Love songs for teen couples. AHHH!!" she cooed, her nipples hard as thumb tacks with arousal as Master plowed into her again and again, the mattress shaking with his ruthless fucks.

The gorgeous girl's wrists rattled in their cuffs as the bed shook and the fucking intensified. All any observer from across the room could have seen now was Kitana's shapely legs splayed wide, her Master's testicles jostling back and forth as his entire stiff rod vanished inside her slickening snatch…as he fucked her with the savagery only a dominant male could summon up via primal DNA.

He fucked her without mercy, with lust driving every breath, every twitch of muscle. He looked down at her, this beautiful girl who was his slave, his wife, his cherished property.

He looked at her voluptuous, gorgeous tits marred with the white globs of candle wax, shaking violently with the force of his fucks. Now he leaned towards her. "Open your mouth, bitch." She opened, and he spit between her lips. She closed her mouth, stud cums on attractive gal after sex his saliva, just as her cunt would soon swallow up his seed. He began slapping her again, startling smacks across her face that kept her from getting too comfortable as the hard fucking sailed towards a climax.

Finally his hand pressed tightly around her throat, skinny milf homemade this way we could instruct this criminal a lesson he could feel her cunt's spasms milking his testicles towards a savage finish.

The cum inside his jostling sac surged upward, blasting through his cock and spewing in long, deep gushes into his wife's warm pussy. Kitana groaned as Master's hand squeezed her delicate neck so hard it left red finger-marks. She made choking sounds and took in wheezes of air as her eyelids fluttered, her orgasm lengthening, her cunt greedily hugging the cock which impaled her body like the ultimate knife.

And then there were just the last groans of Master as he loomed over her. The last few thick ropes of seed burst through her cunt, creating a sticky, viscous mess of her insides.

He leaned over her, his lips brushing with surprising tenderness across hers. "Uhhhh…" was all she could groan, her body exhausted from the rough treatment. Exhausted but ever so sated.

Contentment settled over her like an invisible blanket. Master Daren felt his semi-hard cock still enclosed inside the girl's pussy. With a sigh, he pulled out. Kitana felt his excess seed seeping out of her thoroughly fucked opening.

She sighed as Master laid on top of her like a heavy shroud, his tongue exploring her mouth as she kissed him back. "Mmm. I love you, Kitana. I love you so much.

Thank you for being mine," he whispered sincerely. "Thank you for accepting the darkest parts of me." Kissing him back, eyes shimmering, the girl whispered what was in her heart.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, Master. I love being a submissive to a man with raw power and caring and a strong will, who is willing to guide me sunny leone xxx idesex stories 2019 add meaning to my life.

There are so many things I love about you, Master, but above all, I love your soul - the strength of it, the iron in it, and yes, even the darkest bits of it. Especially those." "Damn it, I don't deserve you," he sighed, and with that he undid her bindings. He gathered her up in his arms. He wrapped one arm underneath her breasts. Naked, spooned by her Master, the slave girl fell into a blissful, dreamless sleep - one which her prim and proper parents would never have understood.

THE END ~****************~ AUTHOR'S NOTE Hi everyone, I hope you liked this story. In some ways it was very easy to write because sometimes I wonder what 'prim and proper' people would think if they knew what my hubby and I do behind closed doors. I've always gravitated to forbidden desires. The theme for this story is simply this: Accept the darker parts of yourself and use them constructively.

I promise you, it's a much happier way to live. ~Kitty