Teen blonde serving fat pecker for breakfast

Teen blonde serving fat pecker for breakfast
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I'm a 24-year old boy, and two years ago, I graduated and found a job. Time has passed very quick, as I was very hard working for my company who expected the best from its employees.

I was very tired and didn't had a very good way of living: working all day long, part of the night, eating young guy gets pleased by a friend, fast-food and stuff, falling asleep in my couch.

So I decided to make sport. I used to ride horse when I was young and enjoyed it, so I found a club not too far from my job. I managed to go there once a week. There were lessons every evening, from 18 to 21h, most of the people there were students or young workers like me.

I was a bit shy but always smiling, so I was quite appreciated but without real friends there. There were two girls I secretely liked at the club. Cathy was a teacher. She was petite, with long red hair and an athletic body. She had freckles and was, to me, very cute.

On the other hand, Emily was a brunette, taller than me (which is not really difficult :-s) and with very big boobs. That day had been especially hard and long at work. I went to the horse club after work. We were not much for the evening lesson. Cathy was there, with some other people we usually ride with. It was raining. At the end of the lesson, we all went back in the stables.

Each horse had its own "room" (don't know how to call this in english but anyway, you all know what I'm talking about!). 3 walls and a door in two parts, so that the horse can see what's happening outside. Because of the crappy weather, everyone was in a hurry, wanting to go back home.

But not me. I just wanted to relax after that freaking day. I was in my horse's room and started to take off the saddle. I removed all the accessories and started to brush the horse's back. I took all my time to clean him up. The horse I rode that day was a male, but he had been neutered. As I was finishing the cleaning, he started to have kind of a hard-on. I was amazed to see his big tool.

Wanting to leave him some "intimacy", I left the room and closed the door. Outside, nothing but the rain was making a sound. I guessed everyone as left. Then I heard a sound.

I checked carefully the other horses rooms. Every horse was calm, eating or half-sleeping. One of the doors was still cracked open.

I thought to myself that someone was still there. I looked inside the room and saw Cathy knelt next to her horse. The horse's cock was full and very hard, and Cathy was gently touching it.

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She thought she was alone in the club. She started throbbing the big dick. The sight of this beautiful girl masturbating a horse's cock aroused me. With one hand, Cathy was touching the cock while her other hand was running under her tshirt, touching her tits. She removed her tshirt and a black bra, revealing her beautiful boobs. Her tits were erected as she was pinching them between her fingers. To my great surprise, Cathy touched the cock with her tongue.

She licked the head and then started to suck it greedily. My own cock was now really hard. I slid my hand inside my pants and began to stroke while watching the beautiful redhair sucking the huge horse's penis.

She was caressing his balls while sucking. Then her hand went down to her pussy. I watched, mesmerized, as her hand was inside her panties. The blowjob had been lasting for 5 minutes now, Cathy stopped it and stood up. I tried to remain hidden. Fully unaware of my spying, Cathy took her pants and panties off. I could see her pussy. She was a real ginger! She lowered herself to suck police babe latina deepthroats on the border cock a little, her ass directly in front of me.

The view was unbelievable! Her pussy lips were pink, all wet from her touching, her finger still moving in and out of her hole and rubbing her clit. I watched just above to her asshole.

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It was pink, darker than her lips. It was so small! Mom and son boys jaoan seemed you couldn't even put a finger in it. This was to much for me. I entered the room. She turned around, shocked, scared.

I smiled to her and she saw that my cock was in my hand. She then relaxed. I came closer and she began to suck me while strocking the horse. Her mouth was very hot and she gave me a great blowjob. I didn't want to cum in her mouth, or at least not yet, so I made her stop and I knelt between her legs. She was devoring the horse's cock as I licked her pussy. She tasted sweet. I licked her clit and then, my hands placed on her ass, I plunged my tongue inside her vagina. She seemed to like it, so I continued.

My tongue went above to her thight asshole. I gave her a good lick. She was still sucking the horse.

I stood up and placed the head of my cock between her lips. I went inside her vagina very easily and fucked her good. She was moaning, the huge horsecock still in her mouth. While fucking her from behind, I touched her little hole. I eased my finger in her ass. It was so tight! She turned her head to me and looked at me with pure lust in her eyes, then she went back to the cock.

Her pussy juice was running on my shaft. I took it out of her vagina and huge boobed babe gets fucked pornstar and hardcore the head inside her ass.

I thrusted my cock in her ass in one. She screamed. I was fucking her very hard. The horse began to whin and he let out liters of white sperm in her mouth. The cum was running all over her tits.

This was too muxh for me. I took my cock out of her ass, she knelt in front of me and took me between her boobs. I came very hard, my cum mixed with the horse's cum. Cathy took my in her arms and said "this will be our little secret, right?". "Of course honey! As long as we can do it again some day!"