Wife finds husband cheating with blonde bbw

Wife finds husband cheating with blonde bbw
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Fear, Solitude, Hate, Ignorance, Vanity, Selfishness, Despair and most of all Darkness. These were the things that made up Apocalymon's life. He floated among the cosmos but was unable to appreciate it's beauty. He was trapped in a cube that made his prison.

13 years he spent unable to do anything. At first he tried constantly to break free of his digital hell but despite all of his god like power he was unable to break free.

He had all but given up at freedom. His life was nothing a mere spec of dust in a universe that he was barred from. He thought of those who put him there and his blood boiled. The digidestined mere mortals, mere humans, mere children, defeated him and sent him to this hell. Their strengths held him here for eternity. He was left with nothing but the worst emotions a being can feel. Every night he dreamed of total revenge against the digidestined. The thought of wrapping his hands around their necks was the only thing that kept him going.

He wanted them to make them suffer until the light of hope leaves their eyes.

With that thought the world became a little darker. He had been living in the darkness for so long that he didn't even notice that the world in fact did get darker.

In the top right corner of the cube one of the crests began to dim. For the first time in over a decade he felt hope. He drifted up and saw the dimming crest. "Of course if they weaken so does their crest's power." An evil grin spread over his face.

The road to his salvation had become clear. The digidestined could be corrupted. He stared at the crest and smiled at whom had been the key to his freedom. "Oh Mathew your friends have failed you and now you will cause them to fall." Matt lay in his bed staring blankly at the ceiling.

Sleep had eluded him for days. Every time he tried his mind would race to the darkest parts nasty seduction from wild legal age teenager blowjob amateur his subconscious.

Debt, frustration and disappointment haunted him wherever he went. He turned over and his beautiful wife Sora lay next to him sleeping peacefully. Her naked body and milky skin gleamed in the moonlight. He reached out and stroked her long silky red hair.

He moved down her cheek and to her naked breasts. He put his hand over her heart and it beat slowly and sweetly. Matt sighed realizing that he wasn't going to get any sleep. He crept silently across the floor.

Several kimonos and outfits filled their room. Sora had been working at becoming a fashion designer. Matt supported her but she had failed to sell a single item and her lack of income made it hard for him to pay the bills. He went to the closet and found his old guitar. He missed the days where he could rock out with his band. When he got married he and Sora felt that he needed to be responsible and find a more stable career.

He left the band and became a cadet for the Japanese space program. He spent his days preparing for a space mission that might never happen. Matt went out to the balcony and began playing the guitar quietly. His fingers against the stings bought back many memories of playing gigs and screaming fan girls.

He began to play a little more aggressively. He was a good musician and the decision to leave the band tore him up inside. Right after he left the band replaced him and they quickly secured a record deal. He knew it wasn't fair and that he had bought them together. His music got louder and angrier. "You know you are going to wake up the landlords." Matt stopped playing and looked up.

Sora stood over him with worry in her eyes. She had put on a silk robe but left it open. Her naked form stood out in the open. Matt put down the guitar. "Sorry for waking you baby." "It's ok. You seem like something is bothering you. Is everything alright?" "We have talked about this but it seems like you weren't listening." "Oh Matt get over it. Yes we have money problems but what young couple doesn't?

You are making a big deal out of nothing." "You just don't understand what I'm going though." Matt grunted and stared out at the city. Sora approached him slowly and put her hand on her shoulder. "Matt what is going on? I know this is about a lot more then just money." "It's just I used to be somebody." "Is this about the band? I said I'm sorry I had no idea something like that would happen." "It's not the band. I used to be important. A whole other world sees me as a hero but here I'm nothing." "Hey tight pussy asian smokes his pole and swallows are not the only one.

I feel the same way sometimes. I'm sure all of the old gang does." "Yeah but I feel that out of everyone you and I are the only ones who are standing still." Sora lowered her head.

She knew exactly what he meant. The old gang all found great purpose after the digiworld and some of them had even found big success. They weren't even in contact with most of them. Sora sighed for she knew what was troubling her husband. "I'm sorry about the way things have turned out. After being heroes a normal life can seem like torture but things are going to get better I promise. Besides is a life with me really all that bad?" Matt turned to his lovely wife.

He looked at her beautiful naked form and smiled. She was truly perfect, from her deep brown eyes to her long luscious legs.

He walked towards her and put his hands on her shoulders gently massaging them. "Better then all of the fans in the world." Matt leaned in and kissed her.

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She returned the favour and the two lost themselves to passion. Their tongues danced in each other's mouths performing a ballet of the souls. Matt pulled Sora in and he could feel the heat of her body spreading through him. He placed his hands on her buttocks and squeezed them gently. Sora let out a small gasp and began rubbing his back. Matt's hips began moving forward into her naked form. Sora stopped and stroked his face. "Let's go inside it will be more comfortable there." "Of course my love." Matt picked her up as though she was light as a feather and carried her to the bed.

He placed her down as gently as glass and began kissing her again. Sora opened her shoulders and slipped off her rope. Matt stared down at her naked body. She was so beautiful so perfect. He began kissing down her neck stopping at the base where it meets the shoulder.

He began sucking on it for a moment sending waves of pleasure through Sora. He gently kissed down her body stopping at her breasts. He massaged them slowly.

They fit perfectly in his hands and he marvelled at how firm they were. He began licking in circles around the areola and moved in closer to the nipples. He put mouth around the breast and began sucking on them. Sora's body began to heat up. She turned almost as red as her hair. She moaned heavily and sweat began dripping from her body. Matt knew just how to work her and she loved that. She sweet blonde teen plays and bone with brother on a dare down and undid his pants.

She reached into her underwear and grabbed his semi erect penis. It grew harder in her hands and she gently jerked him up and down.

Matt kissed her cheek and smiled at her. "You first Sora." Matt kissed down her stomach and finally reached her vagina. He gave a playful blow across her clit sending a tickling sensation throughout her body.

He began tracing circles around her clit with the tip of his tongue. Sora began leaking from her vagina. Matt licked all around it. He let the taste of Sora's juices linger on his teen girl masturbates with glass toy and vibrator letcamscom for a moment.

Matt had eaten a few groupies in his youth but nothing could compare to Sora. She tasted sweet as though he was tasting the nectar of the universe. He began licking her vagina frantically. Sora panted like an animal in heat. She began furiously rubbing her clit well Matt explored her from inside with his tongue. Finally a familiar sensation ran through her being from the inside out. The world melted away around her and she lost herself in pure pleasure.

Seconds felt like hours and she knew true bliss. The world faded back in and her darling husband leaned over her smiling. She bought his head in and kissed him passionately. She could feel her own certified cutie alice march enjoys erotic morning sex slide down her throat but she didn't care it was a tribute to his love. Matt rubbed his hands all over his body unable to contain himself.

He looked deep into his lover's eyes and could see her soul begging for his essence. He nodded and grabbed a condom from the dresser. Sora sighed. "Do we really need that?

You know we are both clean." "I know but we just can't afford a child right now." Both of their eyes lowered in sadness. Matt knew that it was Sora's greatest desire to become a mother. He shook his head in disapproval. The two could barely manage themselves let alone a child.

"Someday Sora. Someday I'll be able to give you everything you deserve" Matt thought to himself. Matt kissed Sora on the cheek and positioned his penis over her lovely lower lips. He looked into her beautiful eyes and she gave a nod.

Matt pushed his penis inside of her. Sora winced in pain and held her husband tight. No matter how many times she had sex the first penetration always hurt her. Matt stopped and rubbed her shoulders as she got used to it. Sora let out a sigh of relief and opened her eyes.

She nodded and Matt began slowly pushing in and out. Sora moaned softly and began kissing his shoulder. She rubbed her hands all over his muscular body, it was a body that could handle the wait of the world. Matt began to move faster and faster. Sora matched his movements with her own and slowly the two began moving in perfect sync. The two became less like lovers and more like lions.

Their movements increased in passion and waves of pleasure echoed through them. Matt pulled her in and frenched her deeply, their tongues now twirling around rapidly. Sweat dripped from both of their body's like rain.

Sora wrapped her right leg around her husband and let his strength lift her off the bed. Their pants reached multiple per second and both knew that they were close. Matt gave one final thrust upwards pushing his plentiful penis against her defences g-spot. The lovers both gave out a mighty scream of pleasure as their bodies gave out at once.

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Matt rolled onto his back and began panting. Sora wrapped her arms and legs around him and slowly fell asleep. Matt stayed awake and began staring at the ceiling. Despite this moment of closeness he felt more alone then ever. Solitude slowly crept into his soul.