Tricia oaks pussy humping storys

Tricia oaks pussy humping storys
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Shooter Bitch stories.

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I like this premise. Here is a story about another girl I know that was a Shooter Bitch and what happened to her. I know it is similar to my other story but as I say I enjoy this premise.

The only part that is exaggerated a bit is the sex. It is mostly true. Please enjoy. The names are changed. Sierra was a Shooter Bitch at a bar in the central United States for about four months.

The smoke and drinking lifestyle got to her and she had to quit. She was told to have a very specific outfit for being Shooter Bitch. It consisted of the shortest shorts you could make out of denim. They had a zipper but the top button was cut off to make a little wedge or opening above the zipper area.

The shorts were old and frayed and short. The shorter the better. They stopped just below the bottom bum. The top consisted of a checkered shirt tied up above the waist to show stomach. Underneath it you would wear a tight tank top, preferably white. I remember telling her that the way she dressed was making her asked to be attacked by horny drunk men. It was not right but alcohol and a sexy body like hers spelled TROUBLE.

A little straw cowboy hat and boots rounded out the outfit. The bar life was crazy. The Shooter Bitches job was to sell beer and go around giving out shots. On numerous occasions she would get manhandled and groped and sprayed with beer.

The majority of son mom oil massage sex people at the bar were guys and the bouncers had to keep an eye on the poor girls or they would be groped and fondled to death.

Sierra told stories of drunken guys especially around the end of the night pinning her against the walls and groping her to orgasm. Hands would grab anything, especially her tits. They were large tight and round. She got groped every shift.

Sometimes worse than others. She once had a guy reach up her shorts and stimulate her to orgasm. She was pressed against the bar and could not get away.

His buddies watched and cheered him as she got it. One such night it was crazy. There were only 2 bouncers working and the bar had border police penetrates a busty latina from behind 500 people in it.

Some of the girls that went to the bar did not like Sierra. She was the hottest Shooter Bitch around and their boyfriends constantly talked about her. The girls thought on this particular Thursday night they would teach her a lesson. They paid the bouncers off to go home sick. That way there would be no one around to protect the girls that worked there. The nastiest girl made up a sign that said any of the guys there could fuck Sierra for $100 a pop. They were allowed to do anything to her.

Sierra was grabbed by six angry and jelous girls and carried kicking and screaming over to a pool table. She was thrown down on it and had the wind knocked out of her. A line up of horny drunk men formed immediately. They paid the nasty bitch $100 each to have their way with Sierra. Sierra was pinned down by men on the pool table. A crowd gathered to watch and cheer. Men knelt around her stroking their beer enraged cocks. Sierras tanned lean legs hung off the edge of the table.

First her shirt was torn off. She was sprayed with beer and soaked. She wiggled and struggled to get off the table. Her hands her spread wide and knelt on by several cowboys who had their pants down and stroked their cocks over her protesting face. Her tanned skin and jet black hair looked hot being wet. Men took turns mounting her large breasts and tit fucking her. Warm cum pooled on her neck and upper chest area. Her tits were pinched clawed and squeezed.

Men sucked and bit them. Hands grabbed and massaged her entire body. Her mouth was used like and ashtray and she was face fucked probably twenty times. Load after load of warm cum was fucked down her throat. She just had to lay there and take it. She felt her legs being lifted and her slutty jean shorts being ripped off. She heard the zipper rip apart sissy neri si masturba con un lollipop per andrea dipregrave the worn out seems tearing.

She tried to keep her knees and legs pressed together.

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Hands pried her legs effortlessly apart. They spread her legs like an x. Her little white g-string was all that remained between numerous horny cocks and protecting her shaved tight pussy. It was snapped effortlessly off her also. It was wet. It was thrown into the cheering crowd. A male with at least a ten inch cock grabbed her hips and jammed his manhood into her shaved pussy.

He fucked her quivering orgasmic body like a piston in and out for what seemed like an eternity until she felt a dani daniyel with alli gazii gush inside her. He pumped at least a half cup of baby potent cum into her. She looked around and no one was going to help her. Instead they were going to help themselves to her. Man after man in the line took turns fucking her tight cunt. Some blew their loads immediately while others took five or ten minutes.

The crowd cheered them all on.

The nasty girls watched tied tchair and forced orgasm with vibrator satisfaction. She felt it drip and flow down the insides of her legs. Was someone going to impregnate her she wondered. They fucked her in pairs, triples and double penetration. The onslaught did not stop. She was bounced up and down as her pussy and asshole were violated at the same time.

The worst thing she remembered was when they put her on her knees and elbows on the pool tale. A male below her fucked her cunt and a male from behind entered her asshole. Two other cocks fought for space in her mouth. Many other wet cocks slapped and poked her sides and back. The pain and humiliation made her pass out.

She was flipped onto the pool table and had multiple cocks entering her cunt at the same time. People took pictures.

They just did not stop. Sierra blacked out several times from the onslaught. When she eventually awoke she lay on a cum covered pool table. Her boots on the floor and torn and tattered top beside her. She was full of bruises and hickies. Pregnant with god know whos baby. She would be an internet sensation.