Nurse and doctors bf xxx

Nurse and doctors bf xxx
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Time had slipped by rather fast for me. I was now fifteen years old. I still hadn't had any real pussy. I thought about Barbara, she was the one who had introduced me to the wonderful world of sex. Damn if she was still here I could have been fucking all this time. She had sucked my little cock, and had given me the first greatest feeling I had ever had.

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She always wanted me to give her what she called White stuff, but at the time I couldn't make any of that stuff.Times had changed thou since those cock had grown to close to seven inches and the peach fuzz that once covered it was now black hair and laying on my back I could shoot a load of cum clear over my head. I was ready to fuck something, but so far all I had done was fantasized about fucking my Mom and the closest I had come to that white booty for black cock interracial hardcore smelling the crotch of her dirty panties and jacking off.

Wow there was something about her perfume and pee pee smell on those panties that would make me shoot a load in a hurry, I'd try to hold back but that smell from the crotch of those panties would bust my balls bigtime. and fast .But it was so good thinking about blowing my load deep in Mom's pussy.I still slipped around and watched her and Dad fuck at college babe pounded at a crazy party, listening to her moan would turn my young cock on and I'd jackoff and pretend it was me giving her all that pleasure.

School was out for summer vacation, and I was sure glad, it had been a hard run, today I was going fishing, something I loved to do in the summer, After breakfast I told Mom I would be back with supper, and she laughed. I got my equiptment loaded on my motor bike and blasted off.

I always fished at the end of the road. It ended at the river, there had been a bridge there at one time years ago, but it had been gone long before I was around. Anyway the state or sombody had made a nice little area down there with some picnic tables, but it seemed like no body, but some of us locals ever fished there.

When I got there Idella, who was a neighboor of ours was sitting on a picnic table just watching the river go by. She was somewhere around my Moms age she had a nice looking body her face wasn't all that pretty but she had a nice smile. Her husband Fred had been in a bad accident and he was confined to a wheel chair he also was probable twenty or so years older then Idella.

I had always helped them some by mowing their yard or helping her in the garden. she was kind of like a second Mom.And they would always give me a little money for my efforts.

Come up here and set with me Billytell me how have you been, and how's your Mom doing.

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I replied fine, doing good .I said as I sit down on the table beside her. You sure are growing up fast she remarked. got a girlfriend ? I told her I didn't have a girlfriend. She responded, a nice looking guy like youand no girlfriend. I know you're joking me.she chuckled.I said, I had one along time ago but she moved to Ohio.

Her name was Barbara.Barbara, she said slowly. I'll tell you Billy, I'll be your girlfriend, she laughed as she reached over and ran her hand over my head like my Mom always did. Yeh Right! and What will Fred think about that.I don't know? she giggled .Have you ever had sex with anyone she asked . I replied well I never been in a real woman, but Naughty sarah fuck oxsana part1of4 and I use to play around some, you know feeling and kissing and she sucked on me one time and I had this great feeling but I never put it inside her.

Idella turned to me at this time and pulled my face to hers and our mouths met with one hell of a wet kiss I felt her tongue in my mouth and I shot my tongue back to meet hersmy arms went around her and I pulled her to me tightly holding on to this kiss that felt so good, my cock was growing and fast sticking out forming a large lump in the front of my pants Oh Billy, Idella spoke as we broke from the hottest kiss I had ever had.

I don't know what came over me, she said. I'm old enough to be your Mother. I could get in trouble over this you being a minor. I was so fucking hot for this lady now, I thought I was gonna cum in my shorts. Whose gonna tell I blurted out.She slowly slid off the table and stood up reached out her hands to me in a welcoming motion I took her hand and she begain to lead me up a little path that ran along the river we walked a short way into the wooded area until she found it foursome season and these swinger couples are ready for some group sex secluded place, she said lets set down here.

I set down beside her on the grass, and she said. I just couldn't help myself back there, you talking about Barbara sucking on you and it was making me hot. she begain pulling off her shorts and panties and talking at the same time if you tell anyone about this You can get me into a lot of trouble but if you can keep your mouth shut I promise you, I'll give you plenty of this and she pointed at that beautiful pussy Holy fuck today was my lucky day I was with a real woman.

I put my mouth to hers and she kissed back and it felt like fire flying I was nervosly getting out of my trowsers she layed back on the ground and opened her legs ,take it slowly she said you're young and you'll unload to quickly I placed the head of my cock against those hot soft lips of her pussy and slowly started moving into her, Holy fuck!!

my balls were churning and I couldn't hold back I shot my load into her and drove my cock deep into that beautiful pussy. I told you she said. I know about being young that's alright baby we can do it again later.

I never pulled it out of her it felt so good. she began kissing me and I could feel the fire cuming back into my balls I was growing rapidly inside her Oh she moaned as I began moving slowly back and forth my cock at full strenght now. All of that cum I had shot into her the first time was spilling out of her pussy on every back stroke of my cock. I started shoving it harder and faster just like I had watched my Dad fuck my Mom. Oh Billy it's good Fuck me baby fuck me good baby. I slowed down the pace now, and kept riding her high letting the top part of my cock put the friction on her clit I started sucking her nipples and licking all over her neck and our lips met again our tongues dancing with each other ooooOOOOH God Billy I'm cumming oh I.m cumming she was pushing her ass up to meet every stroke of my cock as I drove it into her with slow long deliberate strokes I'm cumming again she screamed Oh fuck me oh fuck me!!!!!

you Idella fucking son of a bitch! oh fuck, fuck me Billy Joe! ! I love you.I couldn't hold back any longer I started empting my load into this beautiful womans pussy, holding my cock deep inside her as the last of my jism squirted out of me and the greatest feeling I had ever had slowly subsided.

We lay there together my cock still buried into her wonderful ass and kissed each other flicking our tongues together I could feel her working magic with her pussy on my cock as she squeezed it with her cunt .She would tighten up on it and then release it God it was good.NO ONE, I MEAN NO ONE! DON'T YOU TELL A SOUL ABOUT THIS!

she made it plain .I promised her on my Mothers grave That this would be our secret . I got your cherry baby didn't I? she laughed I said yes you did.

You know what they say about that she asked arab girlfriend blows and rides cock in bedroom No what I replied You never forget the one that gets your cherry.I'll see you later boyfriend she laughed and walked up the path to where her car was park. The next day I awoke and got all of my chores done .

Mom was working in the kitchen putting up some kind of perserves she was beautiful to me .She had the nicest round ass and she kept those large tits of her's looking so nice in those low type cut house dresses she liked to wear fuck would I love to put my cock in her I'd been watching her fuck Dad for years and I knew every move that would turn her into a hot fucking momma.

oh well wishful thinking. I said Mom I'm gonna run down to Fred and Idella's for a while. She replied tell them hello for me I said I will. Fuck I wanted to be close to Idella, after all I was her boyfriend now anyway that's what she said When I got to there place Fred was sitting on the porch in his wheel chair.What you up to Billie Joe.

I answered not much Fred, and you. Oh just taking it easy like I always do. Idellas out in the garden he said .I said I'll go french big puffy pussy squirt if she needs some help. That would be nice of you Billy, Fred responded.I ran out to the garden and there she was in her short shorts picking green beans.Hi Boyfriend she laughed and kissed me hard on the mouthyou come over after some more of what I put on you yesterday baby she was teasing and laughing I said damn right.

Well help me pick these beans we need to talk anyway I said ok start talking.Did Fred say anything to you I said about what? He hasn't she said. Billy, Fred can't get a hard on since his accident so last night he suggusted to me that we ought to try and have a three way and maybe that would help him browny whites gets on it by chickpassnet hardcore and brunette. He can still have an orgasm his cock stays soft but I suck him off and he has an orgasm but he never blows a load.He thinks if he can see another man fucking me it might help to excite him and give him an erections.

So I agreed to it, but mentioned you as the third partner. What did he say, ? I spoke in a nervous tone. Well he mentioned the fact you were pretty young' but I said that would be ok we could train you and then she began laughing that teasing laugh she had.That way Billy we can fuck and have Freds blessings too.she sounded almost evil at that point. Go up there and sit on the porch with him.He'll approach you with his plan .

I said ok see you later girlfriend. I joined Fred on the porch I said Idella's about done pickin beans He said that's good she works hard in that damn garden.

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Then he begian rolling that wheel chair back and forth and I knew it was coming.Billy you ever fucked a woman.I replied, no sir but I sure would like too.I hated too lie to him like that. .How would you like to laundry day deepthroat with big tit neighbor my Idella ?

He had me nervous I didn't quite know what to say. or how to answer him.You can keep your mouth shut can't you boy . I said oh yes. Fred but why would you want me to fuck Idella. Well Billy and he went on to tell me everything Idella had told me in the garden.

I said Fred if you think that will help you, I'm willing to give it a try.Well Idella has always thought a lot of you and it won't be like some fucking stranger wacking her ass.But you got to keep quite about it.No problem Fred scouts honor.!.Ok then it's a deal he said and reached out his hand to seal the deal Be here tonight after supper he said.Oh hell just come for supper that will give you an excuse to come over.

I told my Folks I had been invited to Fred and Idellas for supper that night and said we're gonna play some cards too. I took a shower and put some good smelling stuff on and it seemed like time had come to a stop I wanted to get going, but that fucking clock seemed to be running backwards I finally got to there house and nervously knocked on the door. Idella answered it. Come on in Billy! she had a thin red colored neglegie on and it showed her beautiful baoy off great It was gonna be hard eating supper like this my eyes on her tits and my cock trying to tip over the table.

We all sat there and ate and when we were thru I helped Idella clear the table Fred rolled on into the and turned on the TV I told Idella I'm really nervous about all of this.Don't worry boyfriend We all are.We all joined Fred in the rec room and Idella turned the lites down. She perverted secretary nesty pussy plowed vigorously in pov over to Fred and leaned over and started kissing him on the mouth, she started working his zipper down on his trousers and called for me spanking an ultra miniature pussy hardcore blowjob help get his pants off I helped lift him to remove his trowsers Idella went down on his soft cock sucking it into her mouth rolling her tongue around the head of it oh fuck she was great and my cock was hard as a brick .About that time Fred spoke .go on boy get behind her fuck my Idella boy slow now boy fuck her slow she ain't had no cock in years make it good for her I moved in behind her she was so wet I placed the head of my cock against the opening of her cunt and slowly shoved my trembling member deep into her pussy Idella kept on sucking his cock and I was pumping my cock back and forth in her cunt she began moaning little soft gurgling sounds as she kept sucking that limp dick.

I could feel her shove back to meet me at each stroke of my cock.Then Fred began talking suck me Idella the feelings close and at that time I could see on his face he was climaxing.ooooh oh good gal Idella She raised up and kissed his lips still shoving back her ass at my stroking cock.Idella.

Idella Fred spoke softly to her take Billy into the bedroom and enjoy him We stood up and Idella lead me to there bedroom she crawled onto the bed and I sat down beside her.

She took my cock in her hand and began stroking it slowly then she moved over it and took it into her mouth and sucked and kissed it with such passion. I layed down with her in the sixty nine position and put my face into her cunt I ran my tongue deep inside her tasting all the love juice that was flowing from her cunt. she started moaning and I kept licking her clit harder and harder then her body just went into an orgasimic spasam.She was screaming oh ooooohhh god I'm cumming no more Billy no more I hung on and sucked her clit rolling my tongue around and around it and all the time she was screaming and I felt her finger nails tearing at my back she was climaxing again she was trembling all over Fuck me Billy fuck me Billy she was wanting my cock in her pussy.

we changed positionsshe rolled over on her back and spread her legs. I got between her legs and I jamed it into her hard and she screamed out again harder harder Oh Billy fuck me harder I was raming my cock as hard as I could driving it hard into that wonderful love mitten Oh fuck Idella I yeld!!!

I'm fixing to cum! Oh God I'm cumming Oh cum in Momma oh cum in Momma My Billy boy I love it I needed it Oh I love you Billy Joe.And she came again arching her hips up to meet my cock.we kissed a long kiss as we came down from our wonderful high.Fred wheeled in about that time and thanked me for fucking his Idella.

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he.said I was listening boy and you did my Idella good.You stay quite about this son, and we'll have a lot more parties like this.Idella gave me a sweet kiss and Fred shook my hand I headed home Life was good!!!!!!