In the bathroom faith leon kelly madison

In the bathroom faith leon kelly madison
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This story is much less of a story and more so of constant action. Tamani woke up slowly and comfortably. She smacked her puffy lips together, gazing around to see the sleeping bodies of various creatures and monsters.

The air was warm so her green skin was glistening with sweat, no wonder she couldn't keep herself from rubbing up against a passed out satyr. Her pixie style charcoal hair had line of pink hair, which looked cute against the tan fur of the sleeping satyr's stomach. Tami played with his limp dick, trying to wake it up in any way possible. After a bit of gentle caressing it slowly came to life, and the little goblin didn't hesitate to stuff her cheeks with it.

His semi-erect snake fit comfortably in her mouth, she then started rubbing it with the enormous stud in her tongue. Tami held her plump ass high in the air while she worked, and although she wore a couple pieces of cloth, they covered nothing, her swollen and repeatedly pierced puss was visible and open for literally anyone.

The beast she was sucking coughed and moaned so she opened her eyes revealing deep violet irises to see if the man was awake, but he remained motionless. She decided she was getting bored so she forced herself down on his swollen manhood, feeling the flared tip brushing through her neck. The chubby chick was an expert at fellatio, and nothing beat the sweet sensation of a man unloading himself down her throat. --End of Intro-- She washed down the sticky cum down with one of her love potions.

She was already preparing herself for the wild night she planned to have with the only other female she didn't consider a threat: Vixin.

The shy centaur was a complete introvert, who happens to be lesbian. Tami figured Vix had a crush on her, but they've known each other for so long that any romance was long gone. Until tonight. Vix made a bet that Tami couldn't make a love potion strong enough to convince the horse-girl to suck a dick, but Tami knows she can prove her wrong.

The chubby goblin knew her potion would be too strong for the little centaur girl so she had been drinking beforehand to be on the same level. They met up at a pub and took the new xtra strength lust potion together. Vixin was already nervous from going to a bar, and taking the lust potion just stressed her out even more.

She went to the bathroom to splash a bit of water on her face when she noticed how cute she looked in the mirror. Her short brown hair was in a perfect little "do" and her face was littered with plenty of freckles. Small milf bridgette b seduces teen melissa for a hot lesbian fuck sprouted through her hair and right next to them were fuzzy cattle ears.

She had big brown eyes and a pretty little smile, it was a shame there weren't other lesbian centaurs back at her farm. Actually, it was a shame there weren't other lesbian centaurs that looked like her back at the farm. Her mind wandered as she thought of all the things she would do if she met herself, all the dirty, perverted, sexual acts.

She moved closer to the mirror and started to practice her kissing, should the situation occur. Tami barged into the bathroom only to be shocked by the sight of Vix trying to tongue the mirror.

The horse girl snapped out of sara jay and amy anderssens first video ever trance, realizing the love potion made her fall in love with herself.

Vix blushed bright red and following her companion back to the bar. Tami started talking to a young looking monkey boy, while Vix looked around the bar and fell in love with every face she saw.

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The immense variety of people blew her mind, frog-morphs with hypnotic eyes, cat-morphs licking their soft fur and brushing their ears, and the scariest were the succubi; three of them were huddled in the corner talking among themselves, laughing and pointing at others, Vix felt drawn in to their invisible powers. But suddenly, a pair of fingers forced themselves in her tight virgin pussy, Vix cried out in shock, but it quickly turned to a low moan.

She turned around to see the culprit; it was a drunken raccoon hooligan who reeked of yesterday's trash. But instead of being hating the man, she looked into his dark black eyes and saw the person she wishes she were: unrestrained, wild, and free.

His imperfect teeth bared an unapologetic grin, he acted on impulse and clearly didn't regret it.

He dug his fingers in as deep as he could, but it only lasted an instant before the bartender grabbed him and threw him out the bar. Vix saw the raccoon man fall on the ground and desperately wanted to help the poor man, but Tami jumped in front of her.

The seductive goblin friend started scolding the centaur for chasing after rapists. The potion was clearly not hitting Tami yet, and Vix was rolling too hard. Luckily, Tamani was struck up a deal with the very young monkey boy who had a good reputation, Lakel was going to look after Tami and Vix and in return he gets to use Tami however he wants. The trio stepped outside and Tami immediately locked eyes with a horned beefcake who worked in an alchemy shop across the street. She rushed over to meet him while Lake and Vix followed behind.

The cuddly little goblin was hitting it off very sunny playgirl poses on webcam softcore amateur with the devil, but Lake and Vix got bored stepped out. As soon as the door closed they heard Tamani jump over the counter into the red-hot man's arms. Vix knew she would fall in love with the young monkey boy so she avoided his gaze at all costs, she could hardly trust herself anymore.

She tried her hardest to not look at anymore, but it was impossible to do in such a busy town on such a busy night. She felt the love potion hit harder now than ever, her head started to spin, anxiety was rising to a new high, all four legs were trembling from stress and fear, and the constant need to fight the urge to embrace her monkey buddy was causing her to feel physically ill. Then she felt a warm hand on her lower half's back accompanied by a soft voice, "Like, are you all right?" She instinctively looked up to see fuzzy face, home to a pair of sweet hazel eyes and an encouraging smile.

Vix muttered that she needed a friend and the stranger wrapped her arms the timid girl. The horse girl had never felt such a warm hug, her worries melted away and were replaced with a burning passion. She embraced the stranger, who had silky soft hair covering most of her body, as well as the mammoth sized breasts.

The passionate hug ended and Vix got to take a good look at the stranger. She was dumbstruck by the shear beauty of the golden haired creature. Mable was more human than dog, but the floppy ears, wet nose and wagging tail was a dead giveaway. She shared many similar features with the bashful centaur, from the brown eyes to the small mouth and even the freckles that muddied up her pretty face and ran down across her shoulders and breasts.

Unable to control herself, Vix slowly leaned forward, smelling the humid dog's breath, falling more and more madly in love. To her surprise, the dog-morph leaned in too and they met together for a wet kiss. British housewife is shared by her husband and he films was a passionate lover; her long red tongue invaded the willing centaur's mouth leaving the taste of dog in her mouth.

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The curvy woman finally broke off the kiss with a cute giggle. Tnss37 michiru sakura incest nakadashi mother and son turned to the side and saw Lake furiously masturbating at the lesbians. The busty dog-morph noticed the monkey kid and decided to pull her top off to give the little kid a better view of her massive pierced tits.

Vix's mind filled up with dirty thoughts, all of them involving Mable, and some of them involving the monkey. Luckily the doggy girl seemed to read her mind, she tenderly massaged the horse half and slowly moved down to lesbian's rear.

The bubbly dog bimbo had her face in Vixin's horse ass in no time, gliding her long hot tongue across both tight holes, wetting them down and turning on the drug-induced girl. Tami had finally finished with her hellish partner and had even managed to bring back a large assortment of magic potions. She had no problem finding her friends, she could smell Vixin's rut scent from a mile away. When she came onto the scene she was glad to see her shy girlfriend had made a new friend. Once Lake saw the tubby goblin girl he hopped over to get his reward He greeted her with a kiss and she returned by giving his face a big sloppy lick, she was clearly feeling the effects of the lust potion.

Tami gladly bent over to give the boy access to her loose cunt, still dripping with the devil man's sticky cum. Vixin heard the monkey boy scream so she looked over and smiled when she saw the familiar face of her best friend. But this time it was different. She always thought Tami was cute, but now she finds her, tasty. The centaur sees a fire in her friend's giant violet eyes, and a mouth-watering appetite between her pouty blue lips.

She wanted to feel the lusty goblin's smooth green skin, she wanted to bite down on the short girl's pouty lips, and most of all, she wanted her friend's puffy, sweet, creamy, gooey pussy on her face.

Just as the young monkey boy finishes inside of Tami, Vix gets behind Tami's raised ass and plunges her freckled face in the moist dark green honeypot. Tami's voice fails as she manages to orgasm for the first time in a long time, she can feel her horse friend drinking the various mix of several lover's cum.

--This chapter is finished!--