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Chapter 7. A Newer Sister Next day, mom and we the kids worked all morning to cook a gala dinner in honor of Kate.

Mom was nearest to the door when Kate arrived before noon. She hugged her and she cried when she thanked Kate for saving my life, "Thank you, thank you!" Kate was so calm and she tried to behave modestly, but she was embarrassed. Becky joined mom in thanking her deed. My sister curtailed the high emotion, "Thank you for saving my brother's life! We can laugh at Eve and Bret, and I'm happy for your Prom Queen title." Kate laughed a little, "Bret and Eve sank in their own plan." Mom entered into the conversation with a surprising statement, "Kate and Ben, I'd like to apologize to you.

My son, I saw Kate loved you and I'm very happy your love won despite my jealousy. Thanks God!" I said, "Mom, I forgive you and I know Kate forgives you." Kate knew she had to say something, "Mrs. Paulson, I won't steal your son from you. He'll always be your son." We had a big lunch. During the lunch, we did not talk about the events redhead chick pink pussy close up and anal toying masturbation and masturbating the previous evening.

After lunch, we sat in the living room and Kate and I told everything from the beginning to the end. Mom and Becky did not object to hear the whole story again. I knew they were not going to get tired of our story. They laughed at my answer to the Principal and Kate's humorous words in the ballroom.

The whole night had become an interesting story instead of a nightmare. Kate and I were very good story tellers and we worked side by side to change this potentially terrible event to an interesting story. The crazy Jimmy Lang came into my mind, he would live behind bars for a long time. I thought about Jimmy's classmate, the tormentor Bret. Jimmy's humiliation from Bret was a large part of his madness.

But nobody could get a free pass to do mass massacre for sadness or pain. So Jimmy deserved his bitter fate and the punishment which would be a long time jail sentence. It may be that Kate also saved his life, because the guards or the policemen might have shot him fatally. After our common storytelling, Kate and Becky went to study together. It did not last too long, because a man and a woman pushed the buzzer.

Mom went to the entrance door and she let the visitors, who came from the local TV channel, enter our house. They asked for Kate and me to give an interview about the last evening's events. The woman was a reporter and the man was her cameraman. We knew her because only a woman and a man reporters were at our local TV channel.

I interrupted the study session and took Kate and Becky to meet the local TV staff. They introduced themselves to us and they told us they had interviews with the Sheriff at Jimmy's bed in the Hospital and with the Principal in his house. They praised Kate that she prevented Jimmy's massacre plan, and saved me and the Prom. The reporter woman told us they went to my dad's house and dad told them Kate was with us here.

She asked us to agree to a very short interview, which they would put into the Sunday evening local magazine and news program.

We agreed. The cameraman brought a frame with bright lamps and he connected its cable to the electric socket. He prepared the interview at the sofa in the living room. He asked Kate and me to sit on the sofa so we sat next to each other and the reporter sat on a chair. The cameraman sat on another chair under the frame. The reporter woman told us that, because Jimmy's plan did not cause any innocent victims, this was not a national sensation, only a local interesting news item.

Therefore, our interview would be as short as the Sheriff's and the Principal's interviews. First in the interview, the reporter woman congratulated us for the Queen of the Prom and the King of the Prom titles and for our triumph with 95% rate. I told her how happy I was that my girlfriend saved my life. Kate told her she suspected something strange in Jimmy's behavior when he came into the ballroom in a stuffed coat alone.

So she drifted from me to Jimmy and she was there in time to stop him from shooting me and others. Kate mentioned she had self-defense knowledge and this helped her to prevent his horrible plan.

The reporter woman and the cameraman stopped the interview and they told us the channel got a copy of the security camera video file and the two videos from our Prom. The first video file was our appearance with the Sheriff and the Principal at the beginning, and the second was the announcement of the results of the best pair competition.

They said the three interviews and the three copies of the video files would be in the magazine program at 7:00 pm on the local TV channel. They promised that the local channel would give us a copy of the magazine program. They gathered their gadgets and, after thanking us, left for the local TV channel studio to edit the interviews and the videos for the evening program. Kate and Becky went back to study and I phoned to my dad that they should watch the local TV channel at 7:00 pm because of our interview.

They promised they would watch it. When the common learning session was over, mom prepared a light dinner with homemade cookies and she was very kind seacsex storiesrink aphrodisiac massage japanese porn Kate. We went to watch TV in time for the show. They broadcast this at the beginning of the magazine program.

They showed the security camera video, then the Prom start, with our long time kiss, and the announcement of our triumph with our later, longer time kiss.

Becky and mom were very grateful to Kate to see how she could save my life and they laughed at our humorous behavior on the next two videos. After these, they broadcast the Principal's interview, where he told what a wise decision it was that he consented to accept the request of Kate's parents.

Kate was a private student and she only attended the High School for her examinations, so Kate's parents wanted to ask for him to allow Kate to join the Prom. Kate turned to us and explained that it was my dad's idea that she should go to the Prom with me.

Becky told Kate and me loudly, "Thanks Dad!" My mom kept silent and she had tears in her eyes. Mr. Kaminsky praised the guards who helped Kate quickly with Jimmy. He explained Jimmy's smooth entry entirely. The guard at the reception had got an urgent mobile message from the hospital where his wife began their first childbirth, when Jimmy entered. So he uniform teenager jerking tube porn not notice Jimmy's stuffed coat.

He promised two guards would be at the reception of the Prom next year. Then the Sheriff came on with his interview. Naturally, he praised Kate for preventing the massacre as had Mr. Kaminsky. Mr. Whiteside mentioned he asked for his colleagues to do extra work at the Prom evening, so his colleagues arrested Jimmy quickly. My mom said a sarcastic comment that when the High School where she taught held the Prom, the local Police did not organize any double work.

Kate and Becky laughed at this but I was silent, because Sam Whiteside was one of my best friends. At last, we watched the last interview with us.

At the end of the program, the anchor man and woman had a short discussion that the Police took Jimmy to the state prison hospital from our local hospital, and that minimal self-defense knowledge would be an important advantage for girls and women. Naturally, they praised Kate. Soon, the TV channel began an advertisement, then they broadcast another program.

So mom went to her own room, where she had her own TV and PC and she wept quietly. Kate he didnt make you cum youre gay I phoned my dad and Natalia. We discussed the TV program and the interviews. The most important was the Principal, the Sheriff and the TV personalities thanked Kate for the deed. We finished the phone conversation. We, the youth, stayed together in the living room. I sat beside Kate on the sofa and we put an arm around each other.

Becky sat facing us. We talked about the TV program and some other things when Becky changed the direction of our conversation. Becky was straight and she asked Kate, "You're very skillful. Why haven't you started a sport career?" I supported Becky, "Why not?" Kate sighed, "My mom's boyfriend was afraid of the media attention, so I only did a few sport activities at the amateur level.

Then we came to the States, and I had to get used to the American way of life here." Becky said enthusiastically, "You're a truly talented girl. You could even begin a lot of sports now." Kate drew herself, "Becky, I would like to prove myself only in my work and in my family.

If I chose for myself a professional sport activity, I'd lose one of my two main aims and I DON'T WANT TO LOSE BEN!" She looked at me to show us I was the most important thing in her whole life. I understood her totally, "Kate, I love you so much." Becky said, "You're a wonderful girl. Ben is a true lucky guy with you. I'm happy you're my brother's girlfriend." I thought myself, "Thank you Eve and Bret!" Kate and I kissed a lot and Becky smiled at us.

Soon everybody went to their own room, except for Kate who came to my room. We inaugurated my room with good sex and Kate woke up me with early morning sex, then we went to have breakfast after the morning routine. Mom prepared a big breakfast and Kate went home.

I took Becky to High School. When we arrived at the school, some school mates were at the gate and they greeted us with broad smiles. We went to our own classes. My friends were there in my class and they surrounded me. Sam told me he alerted our classmates to watch the local TV magazine program and almost every classmate watched the TV magazine.

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He said his dad was very grateful to Kate, because a massacre would not have been good for the local police. Frank exclaimed, "You've got a fantastic girlfriend!" My other two friends followed with a query, "Where did you find her?" I knew that I could not hide my connection to Kate, "My girlfriend is my stepsister." Sam said the common opinion, "You're a lucky bastard." Billy asked the most interesting thing, "Are you both virgin?" Instead of simple answer, I smiled at them.

They said, with a little envious voice, "You're a true lucky bastard." One month later, luckily, my three best friends also were no longer virgins. Some girls from my class came to me and they were thankful that Kate rescued me and the Prom. I promised I would give their thanks to her. They said they watched the local TV. Later, the teachers and students from other classes were also thankful that Kate rescued me and the event.

A lot of them watched the TV program. I met my sister and she told me she was the center of interest. Everybody questioned her about Kate and the love story of Kate and me. Becky began to cry and she admitted she was very happy to have Kate and me as her great siblings.

Before end of the school day, the Principal called me to his office. I went to his office and Mr. Kaminsky officially expressed their thanks that Kate saved my life and the event. Teen fucking hard and she is hornt week Kate and I got DVDs by courier with the TV program about the Prom event from the local TV channel, so the two families could watch the Prom event again.

The local newspaper wrote about Kate's rescuing action and the arrest of Jimmy, too, but the national media only mentioned our Prom event in a short news and didn't bother to deal with it more. It was only a one-day news item without victims.

I honestly felt that to be a one-day news item meant a successful and lucky end for me and for everybody in my city.

After some weeks, the wonder of the Prom blend into the daily routine in my High School. I was popular before, but I became more popular after the Prom.

After some weeks, I was no longer the center of interest. I was only a very popular student here. Later, I had some words with Eve. She congratulated me for Kate then she said Bret would go to different college than she. Their connection was a simple high school affair. I felt she wanted to say something more, perhaps an apology or something similar.

However, Frank came to me with some info and our conversation ended. I think the bad boy thing was what attracted Eve to Bret. Whereas Kate was my girlfriend. Her excuse was an unconvincing thing and I knew that she knew this. Bret's classmates told me that he became more serious and less of a jerk, because he felt he had been a little responsible for the craziness of Jimmy Lang. I hoped this sad event and our revenge were a good side effect to change him into a more responsible person.

Wet bawdy cleft is always the superlatively good and I were at my dad's house next weekend and I slept with Kate.

After two weeks Kate was at my mom's house and she slept with me. She slept with me, yes, but after a little sex exercise. We went to the swimming pool with Becky several times and Kate entertained us with her high dive skills there. My mom was honestly kind to Kate. Becky was very happy that Kate was with us all day and for whole weekends. Kate had a very pleasant personality which radiated to us and mainly to me.

Three weeks after the Prom, our weekend plan was that Becky and I would go to our dad's house. Dad's house was in mess when we arrived, and dad and Kate were running up and down when they let us enter the house.

We learned Natalia lost her amniotic fluid and we would have a newer sister soon and she would be born at home. We asked dad if we could help them. Dad took me to the basement and we brought up a huge round shaped blue plastic tub into the living room. Kate pulled out a long plastic tube from the lower bathroom. Dad young college rican upskirt tube porn a small stool in the big tub and Kate put the end of the pipe into the big tub.

Becky went into the lower bathroom to handle the hot and cold water taps. Kate directed Becky, who was in the bathroom to handle the cold and warm water taps to mix the best temperature water. Soon they filled the blue tub with pleasant warm water. When Kate shouted at Becky, "Enough!" Becky closed the taps. Natalia climbed by a ladder into the round shy aika in the park naked on her knees giving a blowjob blue tub, dad helped her well and she sat on the stool.

The big tub was with full of warm water and Natalia had her labor in the water. She did not shout at all. She was calm and she concentrated on pushing the baby out from her body. Dad and Kate were next to the big tub, ready to help if Natalia asked for something. Becky and I sat at the wall so as not to disturb Natalia and her helpers.

She was in the tub and my sister came out in less than thirty minutes and the placenta came out right away. Dad cut the umbilical cord with a sharp knife, which Kate sterilized with a gas flame.

Kate went to her mom with a small tube on a plastic syringe to suck the amnion fluid from the nostrils of the baby before my dad cut the umbilical cord.

The crying newborn was in Kate's hands first and she showed us how much she loved this baby. She said to me laughing, "I want two babies from you!" Then Natalia picked up her baby daughter again. The whole event was so quick and smooth. We sat there and could not help them more. But they did not need more help from us. Dad worked very much to help Natalia, but Kate was a living whirlwind to do everything as a trained midwife.

Becky and I were awed the whole event and mainly by Kate. Kate was running away to the bathroom for something when Becky said softly, "Ben, Kate is fantastic! I told you such girl as Kate you won't find at all!" Kate came back and she told Becky, "Soon I will help you with your studies," and she went to her mom. Becky smiled at me, "Kate is fantastic!" Natalia gave her baby to Kate who wiped her with a towel and she passed her to my dad who took his youngest kid to the nursery room where he measured her weight with a balance.

Dad shouted at everybody through the open door, "3.2 kg!" Dad came back and Natalia crawled out from the tub with dad's help. She wiped herself, with dad's help, with a big towel and put on a bathrobe and went to her baby into the nursery room. She moved without any difficulties or any fatigue. It was very interesting. But she turned to me before she entered the nursery, "Kate and you will have your babies at home just as I did and I'll help you there," and she smiled at me with a cheerful glance and disappeared into the nursery.

Kate hugged and kissed me, "You'll cut the umbilical cords then." Dad went to the nursery after Natalia and we remained with Kate and Becky. Kate explained the registrar, vaccination discussion would be on Monday and she took Becky to study in her room. I was alone in the living room and I admired the whole event.

After less than one hour after our arriving, Natalia took her baby, our newer sister, into the nursery. Everything was unbelievably quick and smooth. This was so quick and smooth that nobody talked about any name for my newest sister. I thought dad and Natalia had just discussed the name of their baby in the nursery.

I went to the phone and I called mom. I told her about my newest sister's birth and what a simple birth it was, and that dad and Kate were the main helpers, but Becky and I helped them a little, too. She praised us for helping my dad's new family. I praised Kate, she was almost a trained midwife and a tireless whirlwind and I told her that Kate had just learned with Becky.

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I told her they had not named my youngest sister and perhaps they had just discussed the name of my youngest sister. Mom had a crying voice when she tell me next, "Honey, I AM HONEST. I WISH MUCH HAPPINESS TO THE MOM OF MY SON'S LIFE SAVIOR TO HAVE HER NEWEST BABY! I WISH MUCH HAPPINESS TO YOUR DAD FOR HIS NEWEST DAUGHTER!

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Please pass on my best wishes to them!" She stopped a while because she wept. I heard the phone. I was quietly. She continued, "Honey, I AM GLAD YOUR DAD FOUND NATALIA AND HER OLDER DAUGHTER, BECAUSE KATE SAVED YOUR LIFE!

Ben, I AM HAPPY THAT KATE IS YOUR GIRLFRIEND." Mom's voice was lost in her crying. Soon we said goodbye. What an interesting situation! An ex-wife, my mom, wished happiness to her ex-husband and his new family. I knew she said her sincere best wishes to my dad's new family. I knew my dad became the happiest man now that everybody loved him in his immediate and extended family. But I was the same happy man with Kate! I recommend the hospital birth for human, the home birth is safe for fembots only!