Hot babe gets a good anal pounding

Hot babe gets a good anal pounding
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As they waited for the train, Holly turned to Jimmy and looked him in the eyes before placing her luscious lips against his. Their lips met and Holly opened her mouth pushing her tongue forward to meet Jimmy's tongue. Their tongues collided and teased each others burning desires. Holly, an experienced kisser, immediately observed how quickly Jimmy caught on. Even though Jimmy was 24, this was his first real kiss and he was really enjoying it.

Yes, Jimmy was a virgin. It wasn't that he was bad looking or stupid; he was just extremely shy around people, especially people of the opposite sex. It wasn't until the birth of the internet that gave him the opportunity to chat with woman and not be nervous. Holly was more experienced. She was 28 and since the time she lost her virginity in high school, she has had dozens of men. Even though she was overweight, she never had a problem finding a man to sleep with.

Fate brought these two together. Jimmy saw Holly as a teacher to show him the art of making love to a woman. Holly thought of Jimmy as a lost puppy that needed love. It really doesn't matter why they are together; the only thing that matters is that they had the passion for each others love. This was there second date, and they decided to spend the day in Philadelphia exploring the sites. They were now on their way home in the dark train to Harrisburg.

The entire time of the trip, they kissed. It was such a new experience for Jimmy that he couldn't get enough. Holly was melting in Jimmy's hand because it has been a long time since she felt that a man actually wanted to kiss her. In addition to exploring each others mouths, the couple started to explore each others body with their hands.

Jimmy rubbed the sides of Holly's plump breasts, as Holly squeezed and played with Jimmy's cock through his pants.

In no time Holly was dripping wet and Jimmy's cock ached to be shoved there. Luckily they just arrived at Harrisburg before they started to rip each others cloths off. The couple made it back to Jimmy's apartment giving each of them time to cool down. When they arrived at the apartment they sat on the couch together and started making out again.

It got really heavy as the tongues entwined and the hands roamed freely around each others body. Sane lanny xxx story com Jimmy moved away to get a breath of air, Holly reached down and pulled her sweater over her head. Jimmy just stared in delight as he looked at her bra covered breasts.

She turned allowing Jimmy to reach out and unclasp her bra. Her huge tits fell free as they embraced in another kiss. Jimmy reached and squeezed the soft flesh of her breasts. Holly loved her tits worshipped and she whispered into Jimmy's ear to kiss her breasts.

It must have been instinct but when Jimmy started kissing her tits, he went immediately to her erect nipples. He opened his mouth and started to suckle on her gorgeous breasts like a baby. She moaned and groaned as she enjoyed the pleasure his mouth was giving her. As Jimmy sucked her tits, he reached down and found the button to her jeans.

He undid her jeans and she lifted a huge black cock for this blonde slut hips allowing him to pull them to the floor.

There Jimmy stared at her white panties and the wet spot that formed between her legs. He asked to see her pussy and she had no problems exposing herself to him. Jimmy reached out and touched the soft flesh of her outer lips. There was a light amount of hair that matched her reddish-brown long hair on her head. She moaned at the sensation from the light touch.

Jimmy continued to rub her pussy until he started to feel her moisture between his fingers. He bent down to kiss her wet hole. She spread her legs wider allowing Jimmy to spread her lips completely open exposing her clit. When he saw her clit, Jimmy remembered from books that is what he needed to touch.

With her moisture as the lubricant, he rubbed her clit with his fingers. She bucked her hips meeting his touch and making herself wetter and more horny by the minute. Jimmy bent over and kissed brunette records herself masturbating for her husband clit. Remembering how much pleasure he gave her on her nipples, he thought he would do the same thing here.

Opening his mouth he placed his tongue directly on her love button. She moaned and screamed with pleasure as Jimmy flicked his tongue over the swollen clit. At the moment he started to suck it, Holly exploded in such an intense orgasm, she screamed with pleasure.

Jimmy new what he did and he continued giving the plump woman several intense orgasms in a row. Jimmy needed a break and stood up. Holly immediately grabbed at Jimmy's belt and pulled his pants down. His swollen cock bounced in front of the pretty girls face as she returned the favor.

Opening her mouth and grabbing his dick she inserted it in her mouth. She massaged his balls as her head bobbed up and down on his swollen shaft. In no time he felt him shooting globs of his come into her mouth as she lapped up ever last drop. His orgasm subsided and he pulled out of her mouth. Jimmy didn't go completely limp. He was so horny that his cock only went half placid.

She lunged forward to get his cock hard again. In no time he had another hard on which was ready to go. He wanted it between her thick legs. She wanted it there too. Jimmy dropped to his knees. Grapping her legs he spread them wide open and aimed his erect penis at her love hole. Holly helped Jimmy guide his throbbing cock into her dripping wet hole. He slid his tool in and out of the plump beauty as he massaged her tits.

She met him on every thrust and reached down to play with her own cunt. Jimmy loved the soft velvety feel of her wet cunt on his dick. It squeezed his cock tight as he slid it between her legs.

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He thought how better the sensation was than his hand or the few toys he used. In no time, the couple exploded in an intense orgasm at nearly the same time. Holly's vagina squeezed Jimmy's thick cock milking all his juices into her belly. Holly felt the pulsating cock deliver the load as she felt the waves of pleasure take over her body.

Jimmy went soft and fell out of Holly exhausted. He sat on the couch next to her and they talked about what happened. It was almost 1:00 AM and both people were exhausted. They headed into Jimmy's bedroom and they fell asleep in each others arms naked. It didn't take long for them to fall asleep. About 4:00AM, Jimmy woke feeling a raging hard on.

Holly's warm flesh snuggled tightly against his body turned him on again. He started to caress her body waking her up somewhat excited. Their lips met in a passionate kiss. Jimmy's caressing turned into him squeezing her body as tight as he could to his. She reached down and found Jimmy's throbbing cock.

Shifting their bodies, they moved allowing Jimmy to reach between her legs. He massaged her pussy as he kissed her lips and then moving to her breasts. In no time, she was panting for more.

She wanted him inside her again. She told Jimmy she wanted to ride him.

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Pushing him onto his back with his cock pointing straight into the air, Holly straddled him. Lowering her dripping wet pussy onto his throbbing dick, she finally came to a rest on her knees. Jimmy reached up to grab her plump breasts as she moved her hips allowing his cock to slide between her legs.

She rode him hard and it became harder as she felt her orgasm arrive. She bucked and grind her body against his shaft as the waves of pleasure took control of her body.

Moaning and screaming, she moved her body faster and faster. Jimmy felt the pressure build in his dick. Soon he was moaning and groaning in pleasure as his load shot deep into the bucking plumper on top of him. She rolled off Jimmy again exhausted. Cuddling against each other, they fell again into a deep sleep. By the next morning both Jimmy and Holly were feeling bad for what they did. Holly felt bad because of taking his virginity.

Jimmy felt bad because he didn't know if he really liked her. Years later Jimmy regretted ever letting Holly go and Holly, never found a man breasty playgirl is addicted to wild fuck good as Jimmy was to her.

Sometimes they wished they had the courage to find each other again.